Peggy's New Job


"That's it." He exclaimed just before his big hands jumped to the back of my head.

I didn't protest his touch knowing it might actually force him deeper in my oral cavity.

Nicks hands pressed down on my head wedging his pear against the back of my throat.

He groaned harshly then exclaimed. "Cumming!"

I felt the gush of sweet juice surge along his urethra pressing the throbbing flesh into my tongue. In an instant his cock unloaded. A gusher of a cum shot filling my mouth with the sweetest thickest cum I'd ever tasted.

His firm grip on my scalp held me impaled orally on his fat cock as over and over he pumped sweet nectar into my mouth overflowing from the corners and puddling around the base.

I swallowed what I could and held the rest in my mouth bathing his quivering cock with hot sweet cum. His hands fell away and I immediately lifted off him the wad I held in my mouth running down his still hard shaft. I sucked and licked the final oozing drops of sweet cum from his cock the collected the last of my treat from his balls and curly pubic hair.

With one long slow sexy lick along his fat cock I looked up into his smiling face. "How was that?" I asked a smile coming to my cum coated smeared red lips.

Nick reached to the table and picked up the form he'd so carefully completed earlier. Tearing it in half he smiled then said "Paid in full."

I smiled knowing I'd just earned my first tip. A tip I wouldn't have to share with Daddy.

I stood up and buttoned just one button in the middle of the row down the front of my dress letting Nick admire my lush firm tits while he tucked his fat cock in his pants.

His eyes lusted for my tits his mouth for the soft moist folds between my legs.

With a huge smile on his lips he reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a business card. "If you ever need servicing don't hesitate to call me." He said.

I smiled knowing I'd most likely never need his service again but said. "I may just do that. I'd love to feel your fat cock here." I slipped my delicate fingers between my big tits showing him where I'd love to feel his cock.

"I can't wait." He said reaching out and giving one luscious pleasure orb a gentle squeeze.

"I have an appointment I need to get ready for." I said escorting him toward the door.

He smiled as I opened the door and said. "Call me anytime day or night."

I just smiled as I closed the door.

I leaned against the door and thought. "This sex for cash wasn't so bad. I'd just made, or in this case saved three hundred fifty dollars with my special oral talents."

As I headed upstairs to shower I giggled and thought. "With this specialty I'd be rich in no time."

While slipping out of my clothes I glanced at my reflection in the vanity mirror. My auburn hair looked shabby and the bright red lip stick that Mandy had so skillfully applied was smeared over the edges of my lips. The mascara that had made my eyes appear even darker then they are had run a bit the effect of cock sucking moisture overflowing from my tear ducts.

Running my fingernails through my hair I decided that in time I'd let it grow long and once it cascaded onto my soft sexy shoulders I'd change the color to blond and have a wavy Harlow style perm.

After a quick shower I slipped into my favorite sweats and a baggy tee shirt then headed to the kitchen. Popping the left over Chinese into the microwave I opened my laptop to check my mail.

That friendly familiar voice announced. "You've got mail." An announcement I hoped I'd hear often from now on.

The microwave beeped several times and I sat down at the table with my dinner and clicked on the in box.

I had two emails. One from Shutter Bug with an attachment which I knew was my photos the the receptionist had told me she would send and the other from Daddy. I clicked on the mail from my boss with the subject line "Photos."

It read. "Angel as usual Craig did a wonderful job with your pictures. His talent always amazes me. I especially like the one hinting at your specialty. Judging from the photos your wardrobe advance was well spent the backless cocktail dress will be an instant hit with many clients. Speaking of clients since you're availability has greatly increased recently I took the liberty of contacting several who I suspected would be interested in an appointment with you even before I could send them photos. I'm happy to tell you that Mickey a long time client has scheduled an appointment sight unseen. I've scheduled a luncheon meeting with him tomorrow at twelve thirty. Please meet him at Off The Avenue Cafe which is at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Green Street. Mickey has arranged for a two hour appointment and expects you to be prompt. Keep in mind that we are Elegant Escorts in choosing your outfit for this appointment. Good Luck Angel and please email me after your appointment to let me know how it went."

I smiled as I closed the email without deleting so I could reply after my appointment with Micky tomorrow. Now I had the final part of how Daddy runs the business. It would be first names only which suited me just fine and apparently at first Daddy wanted me to let him know if any problems arose during my appointments.

I opened my calendar program and made an entry detailing the scheduled appointment with Micky then finished the Chinese which was nearly cold by the time I got to it.

Tossing the empty styrofoam container in the trash can I turned out the lights and headed for my bed room. I wanted to be rested and fresh for my appointment so after laying out a tailored business suit with a very sexy stove pipe skirt for tomorrow I turned in. Sleep didn't come easily as the anticipation and to be honest the anxiety of my first appointment began to build.

Eventually my eyes closed and I fell into a restful sleep knowing I'd have the morning to dash my feelings of anxiety.

Too be continued......

From this part forward follow Margaret's exploits in the series "Diary of a High Priced Escort"

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