tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeg's Midnight Marauder

Peg's Midnight Marauder



Peg sat upright in bed from a dead sleep. What was that noise? Had Peg only dreamed it? Pooch lay at the end of the bed and did not stir.

She rose from the bed and went to the bathroom to pee. She washed herself again, straightened her crotchless panties, checked the mirror to adjust the top of her sheer baby doll pajamas, and then rinsed her mouth with Scope.

On the way back to bed, Peg made sure the door to the basement was unlocked. Yep. Waiting.

Pooch still did not stir at the foot of the bed and snored. Peg propped herself on the pillows and listened to the wind. The large tree outside her window and just above her head brushed harshly against the glass, and Peg jumped.

"Ohhhh," she said, "this is a creepy night."

Then...yes, there it was again. Noise. Someone clicking keys to set a car alarm. The outside basement door opened slowly and Peg heard soft footsteps walking across the concrete floor downstairs. He was really here -- her Midnight Marauder -- just as he promised.

But she was supposed to be sound asleep! It was, after all, her greatest fantasy: that he would come to her house as she slept, and -- with a deftness, skill, and finesse like she had never known -- undress and slip quietly into her bed, to ply her with the passion and ardor of her greatest dreams... yet, not awaken her.

And it was, after all, his greatest fantasy: the thrill of taking a strange woman in her sleep, without getting caught. He could stroke, touch, suck, lick, kiss, and have Peg all to himself -- a woman who was not his to take. And the more skillfully and quietly he plied her, the more certain he would be able to return again and again, whenever he chose...as long as he did not awaken her. Did he need her to be awake? No. He just wanted what he wanted -- and he wanted as much of Peg as possible.

As she heard his footsteps up the back red stairs, Peg's swollen titties ached. Her nipples grew large and hard. She felt the wetness between her legs. Could she fake being asleep? She didn't know. She did not want to ruin her fantasy...and she definitely did not want to spoil his chances of returning. Wetter still, she wondered, "Can I keep from participating? Should I even try to resist? Oh, how I wish I was asleep!

"Exhale, Peg. Slowly, Sweetie. That's it. Slowly exhale."

Peg scooted across the bed and lay on her side, flipping the covers off her rear. She wanted her beautiful alabaster ass, encased in those delicious black lace crotchless panties, to be the first thing he saw as he stepped into her room with a flashlight in his hand.

The doorknob turned...

Peg lay in bed, slowly and quietly exhaled. Her Midnight Marauder stood in the doorway, shaking in his boots and thinking to himself:

Oh, my God! That bare ass is all mine tonight. What an unspeakable pleasure to sexually violate you and worship your cunt while you are asleep.

I know exactly what you need - you want to be taken and made a woman by a man who wants you so incredibly badly he's willing to commit rape to satisfy his lust -- a quiet, gentle raping that no one must ever learn about. A man who doesn't want to be caught using a sleeping woman like a sex toy, but cannot resist his desires. A man who sees a gorgeous, fully developed, hot woman and can't control his natural instincts to pull down her panties and view her young cunt and then feast on the very essence of her. Feeling her juices slicking the sides of my face. Licking and sucking up and down between her spread legs like an animal in heat -- rimming her beautiful red rosebud, and then sucking her clit to orgasm while finger-fucking her virgin asshole. I know if I can get you to release your womanhood and empty your nectar into my mouth, I will possess a vital part of you.

I am that man who needs to mark his turf, yet realize I cannot be caught. No one must ever know the filthy things I do to this beautiful piece of fuck when she's all alone at night sleeping. She must never know while I am here that I spread her legs and violated her repeatedly during the night, doing things to her that she would never allow if she were awake...satisfying some dark, sick, primal need of mine. A need that can be fed only by taking her body.

After using and using you until my balls are sore and empty, I gently clean your crotch from front to back, while taking special care to remove as much of my seed as possible from your sweet, swollen cunt and the rim of your yummy little asshole. Finally licking your reddened rim and swollen cunt lips after the last wipe, to leave a taste of you in my mouth.

Slowly and quietly I stand beside the bed and push my cum-drenched meat into your mouth ...and, oh, yes! You really do automatically begin sucking in your sleep...the silent sucking of a my new little fuck, dreaming her special dreams while tasting her own cum mixed with that of her nocturnal, sexual predator.

My cock tightens and hardens again, and I begin gently fucking your pretty mouth, knowing this is the same mouth that will smile that stunning smile to all your friends in the morning. This realization excites me beyond words and my jizz erupts down your throat. Tomorrow no one will know that I used your mouth as a receptacle for my ejaculate.

I finally come down from the high of this sexual frenzy, and suddenly feel lightheaded -- and slightly sickened by my filthy activities. Pulling out, I cannot resist smearing the last of my cum along your top lip, ensuring that you will smell me the rest of the night in your sleep.

Stealthily I bring the covers back over your luscious ass and perfect titties, and dress my wearied body. Shame and guilt wash over me...still I cannot help myself, and I know I will be back for more -- many, many more times. There is no way to escape this dirty secret. I am overwhelmed with the need for more of you, and next time more kinky than this night... until I finally possess you. All of you. I need you to belong to only me.

I place the box on the night stand and leave, wondering if you will wear the necklace I leave behind. Will I return tomorrow night...or next week...and see this gold chain around your neck, the word "Taken" dangling from the middle and glowing in the moonlight?

The doorknob turns...

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