tagLoving WivesPeg's Trial Run

Peg's Trial Run


Peg and Peter had been married for 4 years and it had always been a very happy relationship! They had met while in college and had dated until they had married. Peter was now in a very stable job and so was Peg although her job was a secretary to the manager of a large manufacturing company. She loved her work and those she worked with. Peter, on the other hand, was a lawyer and was a junior partner in the law firm.

Neither Peter nor Peg had fucked anyone else! Peg had been a virgin when she met Peter and although they had petted rather deeply at the time they were dating, they refrained from fucking until just before the scheduled wedding. Peg was quite surprised to learn Peter was a virgin too – she had expected him to have had a lot more experience than herself. Peter had been very involved with his study of law and, apart from Peg, didn't have time for girls!

Fortunately they found they were very compatible and their sex life had been wonderful right from the start. They had bought a couple of books on the subject of sex and had had a lot of fun following the instructions listed therein. Peg had always held a dread of sex before they were married, thinking she wouldn't like anyone pushing their cock into her private place. Once she and Peter had experimented with a few different positions and had tried out a few of the more outlandish suggestions in their books, they both agreed they loved sex!

Peg would get very hot at her work if she started thinking about Peter fucking her as soon she got home from work! She would want to hurry home and ask him to fuck her straight away. It was amazing the number of times they would arrive home at the same time and both want to fuck before eating! They would start undressing one another as they climbed the stairs to their bedroom and by the time they reach it, they would be completely naked! They would climb onto the bed and, with Peg in her usual position underneath, she would spread her legs and Peter, already erect, would enter her and they would fuck until they had both reached their climaxes! They would lie on the bed until they were rested and then go downstairs to prepare their evening meal together. Sometimes, if they were feeling particularly randy, they would both be naked in the kitchen and feeling and touching one another certainly got priority over preparing the meal. When they would be ready for bed it was almost a certainty they would fuck again! Their sex lives were wonderful!

Just before their fourth wedding anniversary when they were lying in bed, naked, after a very torrid sex session, Peter asked Peg how she would feel if he asked her to fuck another man! Peg was aghast at the thought and told Peter all about it! She demanded to know what was wrong with her and their sex life as she was completely contented with what they were doing and didn't want to change!

Peter quickly reassured her there was nothing at all wrong with them as a couple, but he had heard the men at his office talking about swinging and threesomes and wanted to know how she would feel about it! Peg was quite disappointed to think Peter would be discussing sex when he was at work and she pointed out that she didn't want to be included in any extra-marital sex! Over the next couple of weeks Peter continued to ask her why she wouldn't fuck another man and it would seem he was eventually wearing her down. After weeks of questioning, she agreed to think about it and would tell him in a couple of days.

Peg was smart enough to realize Peter might try to have sex with some other woman if she refused to participate and, although she had absolutely no desire to have sex with another man, she might have to agree to keep Peter to herself. She realized the folly of that statement when she thought about it! If she had sex with another man, he would want to have sex with another woman so how could she keep him to herself?

When Peter finally demanded an answer to his request, Peg said she had thought about it quite a lot and if it was what he really wanted then she would have to agree! She told him she would have some conditions attached if she was to agree and some of these were that she had the right to refuse to fuck any man she didn't want! She also had the right to refuse Peter to fuck any woman she detested (she could imagine him wanting to only fuck the most attractive women) and she might have to fuck an objectionable man!

Peter quickly agreed to those and the rest of her conditions and told her he would start to arrange for a session with some others. Now the die was cast and Peg regretted having given in. Now the doubts arose and she wondered if she would be able to go through with fucking another man in front of her husband. What if she couldn't go on - would the man rape her? Would her husband force her to fuck the man? All of these were terrible doubts in her mind.

Peg made up her mind whilst she was at work one day! Of course she had been thinking about this swapping all the time and was frantically thinking of a way out of it! At last she determined a plan of action! She knew Peter would probably use one of his partners and his wife as the swap party. Because Peter would know the man and possibly the woman through his work, she would be at a disadvantage as the outsider! This was what she would do. After all she had to know if she could fuck another man and she would have to find out before the swap session!

Peg decided she would tell Peter she would have to work late one Friday evening and because she had done this before when it was necessary, she was sure Peter would not be suspicious. She would take a change of clothes with her to work and, after she finished she would change into something much more suitable for an evening out. She would then go to a club across town where she wouldn't be known and try to pick up a man! She would see if she would be attracted to him and, if she felt she was she would try to get the man to go to a motel room and fuck her! That was the plan – all she had to do now was carry it out!

The first step was to convince Peter she had to work and that part was easy! The next step was to find a reason for Peter to not ring her at work while she was supposed to be working – that could be a problem. Finally she agreed to ring him twice during the evening so he would not be worried about her and she had told him part of the reason he couldn't ring was that she would be working in a conference area where phone calls would not be appreciated. The next thing would be to go to a pharmacy and buy some condoms!

She was on the pill but would want to have additional protection. Her main reason, however, was that she didn't want any semen in her cunt when she got home which Peter might find. Getting her evening clothes was easy as she managed to sneak bits and pieces into the car over several days! She had convinced Peter it would be best for her to take her car so that she could come home when she was finished work and not have to wait for public transport. She would need some cash and her credit card in case she had to pay for the motel room – she thought the man should pay but he may refuse and she didn't want that to happen after all of the preparation! At last she was ready – everything was in place!

She finished her work at 5.30 p.m. on the Friday evening and went to the ladies room to change into her evening clothes. She carefully placed her work uniform in a carry bag separate from her evening purse. She had on a very smart black dress which was quite short, well above her knees, and it had thin spaghetti straps holding it up. It was quite snug fitting and she wasn't wearing a bra. She had debated about wearing panties and finally she decided to leave them off but she would take them in her evening bag just in case of emergency. Her evening bag was quite small and she found she should at least take some of the condoms out of the package to save bulk if she was to fit her small panties in the bag. She had lipstick and other makeup and several tissues, her credit card and some money and the purse was full!

She took her uniform back to her car so she could change back into them before she reached home so her husband wouldn't be suspicious. She locked the bag safely in the trunk. She had made up her face to look as attractive as possible and had applied her most expensive lipstick to make her lips stand out. She had also rubbed some of the lipstick on to her nipples and, when she had admired herself in the mirror in the ladies room, she was startled how attractive she looked for a 25 year old.

Everything was ready, now to drive to the club and see what happened next. She parked and locked her car in the parking lot and then, with a few last minute adjustments, she headed towards the club. First she remembered she had to ring Peter so she used her cell phone to call him. He was pleased she had rung and told her he would await her next call before she was heading home. She was very self-conscious because she wasn't wearing her bra – her breasts were a lovely shape and size but they had just a slight bounce as she walked and she thought this would attract attention.

Peg also realized that was the reason she was going to the club. She was also worried about not wearing her panties and could feel the cool air on her cunt lips. She had debated about shaving her pubic hair and had decided against doing that because Peter would surely want to know why she had done that. She had quite a bushy black clump of pubic hair and it covered a large area. She had hair between her legs and some grew down the inside of her thighs but she thought it was attractive having hair there and wouldn't shave it. Peter liked it as it was so it would remain there. She also had a very thin line of fine hair stretching from her pubic bush to her navel where there were a few extra hairs growing around the hollow.

Peg strode into the club and headed for the bar. She soon attracted the attention of the barman who provided her with her choice of drinks. She decided to remain at the bar and see what happened next. She was sipping her drink slowly – she certainly didn't want to get intoxicated too soon – and it took about 15 minutes before the first man moved next to her and began talking. She was just not interested in this man and, although he was pleasant enough, she thought he wasn't the sort of man she wanted to fuck her!

Several other men tried but she wasn't interested in them either. She began to think the mission would be a failure and contemplated leaving the club when the friendly barman asked her if she was looking for anyone in particular because he had seen her talking to a number of men without keeping one! This startled her because she realized she was being watched. She decided to ask the barman for some help. She asked him if he knew any men who would be interested in a careful fling with her. His eyebrows lifted when she said that and he said he would see what he could do. It wasn't long before a rather handsome man came along with the barman and she was definitely attracted to this man.

She smiled at the barman and nodded her thanks. The man, Tim, bought her another drink and chatted pleasantly with her for about 20 minutes before he asked her what she wanted to do next. She felt a little relaxed with Tim but suddenly she realized this was test time and she felt giddy but recovered enough to ask if Tim would like to take her somewhere quieter. Tim was a man of the world and immediately knew what she wanted. He told her he knew a nice place to go and so they left the club, first waving to the barman who had an envious look on his face.

Tim took her to his flat which was only a very short distance away from the club. Once inside he made her welcome and offered her another drink. She felt she needed some fortification and so she accepted his offered drink. She couldn't relax at all and hoped Tim would make the first move. Tim was smart enough not to hurry Peg and, when he felt she was ready, he asked her if she would like to use the bathroom before they moved into the bedroom. Peg was most grateful because she was sure she couldn't have asked him to fuck her!

When he heard her close the bathroom door after her, Tim called her from the bedroom and, when she walked in, he was lying naked on the bed with a huge erection pointing to the ceiling! Peg was looking at the only other cock she had ever seen as her husband's cock was the first. This one was longer and wider than Peter's but not too much bigger. She was terribly tense but moved to the edge of the bed and just stood there.

Tim reached over and took her hand in his and told her not to worry – everything would be O.K. He then leapt up off he bed and stood in front of her. His cock was sticking out obscenely and Peg could hardly take her eyes off it! She moved her hand towards his cock and he moved slightly until his cock was touching her hand. She then opened her hand and grasped his cock. He quickly kissed her and hugged her and kept reassuring her everything would be right. He then carefully slipped the spaghetti straps down off her shoulders and her lovely dress slid slowly to the floor exposing her nakedness to him!

She had never been totally naked in front of anyone except Peter before, not even her doctor, and she was quite embarrassed. Tim hugged her and kissed her deeply and caressed her body, slowly moving his hands all over her. When he reached her breasts, he squeezed them gently and caressed her nipples which made her all the more excited. He then pulled her over to the bed and resumed his position lying on his back with his cock sticking straight up. Peg realized this was now or never and so she moved her body so that she was lying alongside him and turned slightly towards his body. He continued to caress her and she was becoming more and more aroused as he stroked her body. She was playing with his cock while she was kissing him and she was enjoying the experience.

Tim pulled Peg over his body and asked her to straddle his upper legs. When she was in place, she continued to play with his cock and he caressed her breasts and stroked her belly right down to her pubic hair. Peg realized this man was looking at her pubic hair, he was looking at her exposed breasts and her nipples, and she was very conscious that she was allowing him to see all of her naked body. She was also conscious her cunt was spread widely and fully open for him.

He asked her if she was ready and when she nodded, he lifted her slightly and held her so that her cunt was just above his cock. He lowered her gently and to her surprise his cock began to slowly enter her cunt! Peg was terribly wet! She was about to be fucked by another man for the first time! Down she slid until he was embedded deeply into her body and she could feel his cock slowly moving inside her. Strangely this felt the same as it did when she was sitting on Peter's cock but this was very exciting because of the knowledge that this was totally wrong for her!

Tim began to caress her breasts and to pull on her nipples! Now she was so aroused she didn't know what to do with her hands so she placed them on his chest and squeezed them as if he had breasts. This gave her the necessary balance to allow her to ride up and down on his cock creating the wonderful sensations which were coursing through her body. Peg could feel the beginning of her orgasm coming. She wondered for a couple of second whether she should just jump off and go home, but the sensations were too strong and she allowed her body to build in excitement. Tim had his head resting on the pillow and because his head was tipped forward he was able to watch as his strong cock was entering and exiting her cunt. He couldn't see everything because of the lovely black bush which was obscuring some of his view but he could imagine just what it looked like. He could also look upwards and see her magnificent breasts with their long pointed nipples sticking out proudly over his body.

Peg still had visions of Peter walking through the door and catching them, but she found she couldn't even concentrate on these thoughts while the hard cock was pounding into her cunt. Tim was a real gentleman and kept asking her if she was O.K. and she kept gasping that it was wonderful. As her climax started to build into a frenzy she began grunting and Tim saw she was cumming.

He told her he was cumming too and grasped her breasts tighter. Just as they reached their climax Peg suddenly realized she was fucking Tim without the condom she had so carefully planned for him to be wearing. It was too late, Tim's bucking body told her he was cumming at the same time and he was shooting his cum deep into her body! She kept on bouncing on her body and the sensations spread over her whole body until she could do so no longer and she collapsed on to Tim's chest, his cock still inside her!

They rested in this position for some time, steadily kissing and caressing one another until his cock plopped out of her cunt. She then moved to lie alongside Tim and they continued to kiss and caress each other. Peg had a million thoughts speeding through her mind as they lay there. Now she had been fucked by another man and she had absolutely enjoyed it all. Although she had been dreadfully embarrassed at the start she now felt quite comfortable lying in Tim's strong arms with his hands stroking her body. She still held his cock in her hand and her stroking was making it hard again.

Strangely Peg felt guilty for using Tim because her had been so gentle with her and had treated her so well. She decided to be honest with him and told him why she had allowed him to pick her up and eventually fuck her! He expressed surprise that any man would want to watch such a lovely woman get fucked by another man and told her Peter must be an idiot. They both laughed and held one another closely. Peg told Tim she would have to leave soon because she was expected home and Peter would be waiting up for her.

By now Tim's cock was rock hard and he gently moved Peg so that she was lying on her back. He parted her legs and gently began to caress her cunt and clit. Peg became very excited and loved his caresses. He moved his finger inside her and played gently with her love tube. Peg could feel another climax coming and began to prepare for it. Tim moved his body until he was between her legs and bent down until his tongue was licking her clit. Tremendous sensations spread through her body and she came suddenly! Tim continued to lick her clit and she could feel more orgasms building.

She suddenly said, "Tim darling, please fuck me!" She never thought she would hear herself say that to anyone, hardly even to Peter! Tim moved his body until his cock was again at her cunt and gently pushed it into her body. He needed no urging and began to fuck her gradually building up his speed until he was really pounding his cock into her. She was cumming and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. They came together again! Peg had thought of making Tim wear a condom but gave up the thought once he had his cock in her body. Tim pumped his second load of cum into Peg's cunt.

Tim was lying on top of her body and they were hugging tightly and kissing each other. Eventually, once his cock had shrunk and had fallen out of her, she reluctantly told Tim she would have to go. She moved to his bathroom and decided against a shower because Peter would see that she had been recently wet no matter how much she dried herself.

She contented herself with washing her body as best she could with a small towel Tim provided and she tried to remove as much semen from her cunt as possible. Of course she had two deposits in her and there was not much chance of removing it all. She then slipped the tiny dress over her body and kissed and hugged Tim and thanked him for the experience she had enjoyed so much. She then left his flat and walked to her car which was parked nearby.

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