tagLetters & TranscriptsPen Pal Letters Ch. 03

Pen Pal Letters Ch. 03


Dear David,

I did it! For months, I've been harbouring an idea. It was an exciting fantasy that I always intended to go through with at least once. Finally, I did it.

I got my girlfriend, Jessica, to help with it. She's a long-time friend who doesn't run screaming when I do crazy things like this.

We checked into a large, upscale hotel for six nights. For the first few days, we explored the place. We figured out which corridors went where. We tracked the maid service to the basement laundry. We we made lists of schedules, work shifts, security patrols and surveillance cameras. We had picked this particular hotel specifically because it had no cameras in the elevator.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., Jessica and I went down to the swimming pool. We wore our swimsuits and robes and carried towels in a small duffel. The pool was in the basement, and it was open 24 hours. It wasn't part of our original plan, but it made things so much easier. We played around in the water for awhile, splashing each other and making a lot of noise. We were a little keyed up.

At about 1:00, Jessica said that if I was going to go through with it, I'd better get started. She thought I'd lose my nerve if I waited too long. I disagreed, but I followed her advice anyway.

In the deep end of the pool, I slipped out of my suit and let the pieces sink to the bottom. Naked, I pulled myself up the ladder and climbed out. Jessica had stowed a few extra things underneath the towels in the bag, and she got those out now.

Standing naked in the hotel basement, I was blindfolded and led down the hallway. Jessica led me into the elevator car. She tied my hands behind my back. She tied me to the handrail at the back of the car.

I heard Jessica pressing the elevator's buttons, all of them. The hotel had seventeen floors and I was absolutely helpless. It was going to be a long ride. Jessica whispered "Good luck" to me and then left the car. I heard the doors close.

I felt the lurch in my stomach as it started to rise. My face was red and hot and goosebumps covered my arms and legs. My wet hair was dripping down my back.

The elevator stopped and I heard the doors open. I could hear the sounds of an ice machine and a soda machine. I could feel the cold, dry air conditioned air of the hotel corridor. I waited anxiously for a voice or a touch or a whisper. I was breathing hard and there was a pulsing between my legs. Then the doors closed.

At every floor, the excitement only increased. I couldn't stand the tension and excitement. I needed to get loose. I needed to get myself off. But I had no choice. I had committed myself.

I knew that Jessica was pushing the elevator call button to make sure I returned to the basement and I kept picturing her in my mind each time the doors opened. Each time, it was an agony and an ecstasy. Each time, I dreaded hearing a voice. Each time, I wanted to hear it. I tried to count the floors, but for some reason, my mind was not very clear and I couldn't keep track.

Finally, it happened. The bell dinged and the doors opened and a middle-aged female voice said, "Oh my God! She's naked. Are you all right, girl?"

I'm not sure what I told her. I think I said that I'd lost a bet. I know that I said I was fine at least five or six times. When the doors closed, my heart was pounding hard. I felt like I was about to lose consciousness.

That was, thankfully, the last stop. The elevator started its descent. It was like floating in darkness.

Finally, I heard Jessica's voice. She sounded as excited as I was. She loosed my hands and pulled off the blindfold. I came out of the car.

I couldn't wait any longer. Right there, I started to play with myself. I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy until I came. I was leaning against the wall, groaning and panting as Jessica watched in amusement. I was embarrassed to play with myself in front of her, but I always am. Sometimes, I just can't wait.

Afterwards, I put my robe back on and we went back to the room. I left my swimsuit pieces at the bottom of the pool for someone to find later. I hoped they would inspire someone else's fantasies.

Jessica is now telling me that we need to try it again at noon. I don't know if I'm up for that or ever will be.

Gotta go now, buddy. Good luck with your pool party. I hope you succeed in getting those girls naked.

Love, Helen

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