Pen Pals


"I would love to, Derek." As she selected her videos for the next week, and set them on the counter, Derek refused to let her pay for them. "No. Please let me pay for them. I would hate the thought of you losing your job over a few dollars."

Derek chuckled a little. "Dear lady, I am the proprietor of the store. While sacking myself is something I would love to do one of these days, the management won't let me. I shall collect you at eight, and delight in every moment I shall have in your wonderful company."

With a wicked smile, Rose had a thought that made her blush a little more. "OK, how about this? Since you won't let me pay for the movies, how about I pay for pizza, and we dine in tonight... at my place?"

He considered the deal for a moment. "What's for dessert?"

She paused only a moment before saying with a sexy smile, "Me."

"It's a deal! I'll be there at eight. Or maybe seven fifty-five." He gave her a cheeky wink as she picked up the bag of videos.

Never had either of them dreamed that such a thing could come of being pen pals. Even though the relationship lasted the rest of their lives as man and wife, they never stopped writing letters, always watching the post for pink and blue envelopes that reaffirmed their passion and love for one another.

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