tagNonConsent/ReluctancePenance Ch. 02

Penance Ch. 02


[Please note that this story involves scenes of non-consensual sexual activity, AKA coerced, forced, or rape. It also involves themes of shame/guilt, humiliation, and bondage. If you are offended by such scenes or consider them a turn-off, please close this window and select a different story. You may enjoy one of my other stories, as most of them involve only willing & enthusiastic participants.]


As Karen walked tearfully upstairs toward the bathroom, she tried to wipe away the faceful of Mike's cum that was stinging her eyes. If it wasn't for her tears, it would probably be worse.

He had just burst into her apartment behind her when she came back from the gym. He just couldn't let go of what happened last year and kept rubbing her face in it, often literally like today. He'd made her strip off her sports bra, kneel down, and blow him right there in her entryway; he didn't even let her swallow, instead further humiliating her by blasting his load all over her face and hair. Now he'd sent her upstairs to shower. She hoped he be satisfied and just leave.

Karen tried not to think about that as she closed the bathroom door and started the shower. She wiped her face mostly clean with an old washcloth, glad that she had one nearby that she didn't mind throwing away later. Maybe burning it...

The room started to steam up and she stripped off her gym shorts, panties, and sweatsocks. It would feel good to wash all this grime off, to wash away the last couple hours. She stepped into the stream of the shower and stretched, letting the hot water flow over her skin and begin relieving her sore muscles. Reaching back, she grabbed the shampoo and started rubbing a large quantity into her hair – one big squirt of goo to remove another. While vigorously scrubbing her hair and using the shampoo to wash her face, Karen began to hum loudly as she often did while washing her hair.

Suddenly she heard the door open and the shower curtain whisked aside.

"Oh good, just how I expected to find you. You can't wash away what happened that easily – we've still got plenty of fun left for tonight!"

Karen recoiled into the corner of the shower, squinting through the soap and trying to cover herself as it burned her eyes. She started to wipe the worst away so she could see to push him away, but strong hands grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the wall.

"No-no! You don't deserve to see how good I look naked. You just keep your eyes closed, bitch. This is my playtime."

She could feel Mike's body pressed against hers, his semi-hard cock growing as it rubbed across her smooth, soapy thigh. He slid down her and started suck on her tits, sucking them and biting her nipples hard enough to make her yelp.

"I know you like that, don't you?" he taunted between bites, "You like it rough. Feelings don't matter to you, just a good, hard fuck!"

"No, please..." she whimpered, "not like this. I don't, I didn't-"

"Shut up!" he yelled, "I don't care anymore. I don't wanna hear it; I just wanna hear you squeal."

Releasing her hands, Mike yanked up on her knee and started guiding his cock between her legs. Karen was knocked so far off-balance, she could only flail out her arms, catching the showerhead with one hand and bracing against the wall with the other. She gasped as Mike plowed his hard cock all the way into her pussy with just one thrust and her eyes popped open in shock. Almost immediately she had to squeeze them shut against the burning soap and the intensity of Mike's thrusts slamming her back against the tile. His lustful grunts matched the timing of her plaintive squeals as she simply tried to avoid falling in the ceramic tub.

"Bitch, you been getting some, haven't you? Your pussy's all loose like a whore. Is that what you're doing now? I wouldn't be surprised if you were, that's what you did to me, isn't it?"

"No, I-" Again her protest was cut off by Mike grabbing her ass and using his powerful legs to plow her hard against the wall. It took all her effort to stay upright and not crack her head on the tile.

"Oh yeah," he said, clenching his hand on her ass, "You been working out, huh? Getting in shape for your whoring? I think I wanna find out how big a slut you turned into. Your ass is sure firm," He paused his thrusting long enough to spank her hard, "now let's see how tight it is!"

Karen's eyes blinked open once in fear, then closed again in burning pain. Mike grabbed her ass and pulled her around until she faced the showerhead in front of him. He pulled her head back by the hair as he pushed her over at the waist.

"You better hope your wet slut pussy lubed my big cock, 'cause you're about to get it!"

She knew the shower had washed some of the soap down her back, into the crack of her ass, and she hoped it was enough and she grasped desperately onto the faucet for balance. Her back arched and she keened loudly as she felt Mike's swollen dick push hard against her anus. It hurt as her ass stretched open to accept him; she was actually glad he'd fucked her first and let the soap run down – she could tell this could have been a lot worse. Mike groaned as he pressed deeper into her, then sighed with a shudder when he bottomed out.

"Daaaaaamn... I guess maybe you're not quite a total whore, are you? Still got a nice, tight asshole for me to fuck. Good girl. This'll be good for both of us. I'll even help you out."

She could feel him rubbing more soap on her ass as he slowly started fucking her. The soap DID help as it ran down between them, coating his cock with each stroke. Soon he was sliding smoothly in and out of her back door, and despite herself Karen could tell it was starting to feel good for her too. She hated him for doing this to her, hated herself for letting him, and hated herself even more for actually liking it. Her body betrayed her by getting so turned on by the feel of his hard cock filling her up. Back when they'd been dating similar scenes had been common pleasures – she'd loved the feel of him fucking her, even and sometimes especially in the ass.

But not anymore. This was a kind of torture, both physically and emotionally. Karen was crying, yelps of pain cutting through her tears, and worse, the occasional lustful moan overcoming everything else. Please just stop, she thought, just finish, go away, be done...

He wasn't, though. Mike continued to drive his dick deep inside her, grunting and growling. She could hear him chuckle and thrust harder each time she moaned. Her squeezed her ass hard – she was sure she'd have bruises – and spanked her intermittently. Finally, he went into overdrive, pounding her with short, fast strokes.

"Ungh! Yeah, oh yeah! Take it! Take my big cock! Fuck – fuck – fuck! You love it; I hear you moan – You. Love. My. Cock. Fuck. Ing. Your. Slut. ASS!"

With that he slammed into her so hard that her arms collapsed and she fell against the wall. She could feel his cock spasming and his hot cum jetting up inside her. His loud groan echoed within the shower as he pulled their hips tightly together. When he stopped twitching, Mike leaned over her, bit down on the base of her neck, and then whispered in her ear –

"You're such a good little slut. I knew you loved a hard ass-fucking."

He then stepped back quickly, pushing her hips away, so that his still-hard cock ripped out of her with a painful *pop*. As Karen slowly slid, whimpering, down the wall to her knees, she could hear him chuckling. Her sphincter burned from the rough treatment, and she could feel his thick cum leaking out of her. This had to be the end, right? He was done; he'd leave? She turned slowly and looked up at him...

"Ohhh yeahhh," Mike grinned menacingly, "You look juuuuust fine like that. Hair all in your face, full of my cum, on your knees in front of me... Yeah, come over here and clean me off. Suck my cock 'til it's nice and squeaky clean. That'll be a perfect end to a fun afternoon."

Karen recoiled. Suck his cock right after he'd been inside her ass?!? This was worse than anything he'd ever wanted before. No way; she had to draw the line somewhere. But then she saw the cruel, angry glare in his face at her hesitation. That could be dangerous. Besides, he'd said this was the last thing, right? All she had to do was get through this and it would be over. It might not be too bad – they were in the shower after all. She could wash him clean with soap first, and if she was licking his balls, which she knew he enjoyed, he might not notice that she wasn't sucking his cock right away. OK, she'd do it.

She leaned forward just as Mike took a step toward her, reaching out angrily to grab her. They collided, and Karen essentially head-butted his hip. On the slippery shower floor, Mike's foot slid out from under him, and he fell backward, cracking his head on the edge of the tub. The sound was loud, and when he didn't curse or immediately stand up, Karen both hoped and worried for a moment that he might be dead. Then she saw his chest rising and falling and realized that he was just knocked out.

This was her chance – she could call the police and have him arrested, right here in her tub. Her grin fell almost as quickly as it rose. That would mean hearings, a trial... she would be further humiliated by him having to repeatedly tell everyone what all had happened. A wicked new idea struck her. She rolled him out of the tub, finished showering, and then stepped over him to dry off. It was payback time...


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