I simply can't help it... I just need to keep finding new ways to satisfy my need for eroticism. It's not about finding new ways to shag so that I can expand my own version of the Kama Sutra though. What I need is to find new ways of entertaining myself. I love pushing boundaries and I really get off on finding out what I can get away with and at the same time going about my normal business. I guess it's one reason I often lose my underwear and I love wearing my labia cuff with its dangly bits.

I was thinking about this as I settled into my seat on the late night train to Manchester. My Dad had paid my upgrade so I found myself in a lovely, comfortable first class seat in an almost empty carriage as we pulled out of Euston. No sooner had we started moving than a couple stumbled down the aisle, struggling with their luggage and clearly having caught the train by the skin of their teeth. I noticed the girl right away; tall and elegant in a New-age-Gothic kind of way; long dark hair, eyes like vanishing pools and a soft and clingy ankle length skirt. The skirt was gorgeous... I was mesmerized as she reached up to put her case on the rack and the fine, gray fabric molded itself to the contours of the backs of her legs and over the swell of her bottom. I knew I was staring but there was no way I could break my gaze... and then she stumbled back against me.

It was instinct to put up my hands, but I felt almost detached from them as I felt them slide up the back of her thighs, feeling the firmness of her curves through the soft skirt... then I realised my right hand was pressing firmly against her womanhood and I could feel far more than could possibly be proper. As her companion caught and steadied her, I mumbled an apology and felt myself blushing from my toes to the tip of my nose.

"No, please, I should apologise", she said, "I'm Penny, by the way."

"Claudia", I replied... and I found myself gazing into those deep, deep eyes, a silly grin on my face.

"Paul" said the man.

Oh, I had forgotten he was there... but the spell was broken for the moment, so I shook his hand and said "Hi."

Paul and Penny sat a row in front of me and across the aisle. Penny was facing me reading a book and I couldn't take my eyes off her... except when she caught me looking. Paul curled up in the corner with his music and soon his eyes were shut.

Virgin Trains hospitality in First Class was a real treat. By the time the steward poured my second tumbler (yes, tumbler) of Chardonnay I was feeling mellow but also frisky and less and less inhibited. Penny caught my eye as her glass was topped up, winking at me and smiling impishly... then without breaking eye contact, she began slowly drawing her skirt up to her knees, stretching her bare legs under the table. I really wasn't sure whether she realised she was being provocative or whether it was simply me, randy as usual, reading the most erotic connotations into it. So I reached for the hem of my skirt and drew it over my knees and half way up my thighs. Penny smiled... a lovely, free, open smile and I saw her cheeks blush before she turned her eyes determinedly back to her book. But she kept peeking over the top of it, all the time rocking her gorgeous, muscular, tanned leg from side to side.

Feeling more sure of myself now, I eased my skirt a little higher, knowing Penny would be able to see most of my bare thighs as I stroked them slowly, tracing from my knee upwards with the tips of my fingers as far as the now bunched-up hem of my skirt; knowing too that my knees had parted a just little giving a promise of something more. She looked around, then placed one finger to her lips in a 'shhhhh' gesture. My heart was in my mouth as I watched Penny open her bag and take out a small velvet pouch from which she took a little enameled ball which she licked with her tongue. And then, to my delight but utter amazement, she opened her legs resting one foot on the seat and almost too quickly to see popped the ball inside her obviously bare sex. I gasped, realising my mouth was open in that most unattractive way and at the same time feeling the tingle run through me... a piece of elastic between my nipples and that sensitive place between my legs. My hands found the inside of my now parted thighs and I felt the delicious dampness of my swollen lips against the back of my thumbs as they stroked smooth, baby-soft skin.

Penny looked at me and raised one eyebrow, an expectant expression on her face, as she pressed her hand between her legs. Well, what could I do? With the biggest, most wicked grin on my face I slowly parted my knees revealing my own nakedness and that I had waxed earlier too. I had been pretty sure she was bare under her skirt when she stumbled into me, but I didn't think she had realised that I was bare too. I traced my finger through my wetness and shuddered, closing my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them, Penny was standing beside me her hand reaching for mine.

I could hold a party in the accessible toilets on a Pendolino, but this party was for two. As the door swooshed closed we were kissing... deeply; my tongue exploring hers, my hands caressing the swell of her bare bottom beneath her skirt. I felt my skirt being lifted, catching at the top of my thighs, and I wished I had worn something loser; shorter. I wiggled my bottom to help, at the same time finding Penny's wetness and feeling the slick smoothness of something hard and round inside.

As Penny's fingers found the prize between my legs, a gasp escaped from my throat and I began to melt. She collapsed against me, nibbling my ear then moaning as my fingers moved the ball against the front of her. I felt her harden under my thumb and her juices seep between my fingers and over my hand. I found her rhythm in tune with mine and the world began to slide and shrink deep beneath my tummy. I heard obscenities whispered in my ear and I bit Penny's neck, bringing forth a guttural, almost primal groan. Her hips bucked against my hand and I felt my own waves begin and grow, rolling upwards from that special place behind what makes me a woman.

"Fuck me, Babe... Fuck me; Oh God... Fuck me!", Penny's desperate, urgent, agonised plea, shouted between gritted teeth, brought my own climax rushing closer; almost close enough to touch... almost.

Penny's muscles gripped my fingers tight as she pressed down into my hand, raised her head back and screamed. To my horror there was a click... then that all too familiar noise as the automatic door slowly began to open again. Through the haze of arousal and panic, as time slowed almost to a standstill, I registered the darkness of the red light by the lock button. I was almost there... aching; reaching for those waves of satisfaction. The green light was on (the green light can't be on)... I felt Penny's throbbing, convulsing deep inside, shuddering, and something hard and round shooting into my hand.

And at that moment, all cares left me as I gazed, utterly, utterly calm into the startled eyes outside the door. We were caught... and it tipped me over the edge. The surf of my orgasm flowed freely over me, breaking again and again and again and again and again. The world was warm and soft as my sex throbbed in Technicolor, but only the woman in my arms was real as we sank to the floor, lost in each other's ecstasy, and the door closed once more, restoring our privacy and leaving us to our intimacy.

As we made our way back to our seats an indecent time later, I could feel the small enameled ball moving inside me, sending gentle tingles through me. I knew then that whenever I wear it, I shall remember sharing a train with Penny late one night on my way home from London. Sharing a train, and sharing so much more...

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