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Penelope's Naughty Daddy


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Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a dentist, I found it profoundly fascinating how good oral hygiene contributed to good overall health. It was my mantra.

I met my wife, Alice, in my second year of dentistry good. She and her girlfriends frequented a pub that my buddies and I did. She was drop dead gorgeous at 5' 8", long platinum blonde hair, long sexy legs, a good rack and a tiny waist. I had wet dreams about her. It took me a good six months to get the nerve to ask her out. She said yes, of course. We married four years later and had our first child, Mason, within the year. By the end of the second year of marriage Penelope was born. One boy, one girl. It was a perfect family.

Fast-forward 20 years. I still did general dentistry, but about 10 years ago I started cosmetic dentistry as it was extremely lucrative here in Chicago. I am now a 42 year old, middle-aged man, still physically fit due to my daily running group and annual marathon races. I wasn't one of those muscle-bound guys because I never liked the slow pace of weight-lifting, but give me a start line and a group of people and I have yet to come in second place.

Alice kept physically active, too, but she spent much of her time now with her church friends. It wasn't something I signed up for. When we met it was decided that as educated people, there was no room for some mystical supernatural being. However, somewhere between when Mason left for Brown and Penelope leaving the year later for UCLA, she fell into a depression from which I could not break her. She started meeting up with a group of ladies who ran some "auxiliary" for those finding God. Our sex life began to dwindle within the year and now it had been a whole year since we've actually fucked.

I needed it badly. I was constantly horny. It didn't help that my secretary and two hygienists were both young, twenty-something knock-outs. With may have been why I hired them. It was also a shame that my ample endowment was never used. I was truly blessed with a nice, thick ten inch prick. The kind you can't get your hand around. Alice had always raved about it. Now, nothing.

I was home alone one evening when Penelope called. "Hi, daddy," she chirped into the phone, "How are you?" She explained that she was planning on coming home for the spring break, tomorrow, since her boyfriend, Trevor, was going on a guys only trip with his father and brother.

"Sure, hun, I will book your ticket tonight then." We booked her flight over the phone and continued chatting. "I really wish you could have met Trevor, he's so amazing, daddy." She went on and on about this guy and I couldn't help but feel protective.

"That's okay, hun, maybe next time. Your mom and I could come down after your exams and we could meet him then?" I was a sound tentative plan.

I hung up the phone and poured myself a glass of whiskey then sat with the novel I was reading. My wife came home about an hour later with Betty, one of her new girl friends.

"Good evening, Ken," Betty greeted me. I greeted her back then offered her something to drink, but she declined as she and Alive had already picked up from tea on the way home. I noticed their bibles clutched under their arms and had the sense that I was interrupting conversation so I left to prepare for bed.

I laid in bed completely naked and started thinking about the great sex that my wife and I used to have. She was a kinky girl, she loved my giant cock in every one of her holes. Those were the days. My cock was completely hard so I started jerking it up and down. I paused for a moment until I heard the voices coming from downstairs still, then I opened my bottom night stand drawer to withdraw my favourite new purchase. It was a clear Fleshlight and it felt amazing, almost like the real thing. My favourite part was that I could see my big cock while I fucked it. I lubed up my dick then slide it down my fat cock. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Alice, but it changed to Angela, one of my hygienists. She looked fresh and tight.

"Fuck, Angie, take my big cock," I moved the Fleshlight up and down my tool trying to cum quickly in case my wife finished up with her friend. "You like your boss' big, long, fat cock stretching you open. Say you like it, you slut." I fucked for all I was worth then I felt the familiar tingling sensation. I withdrew my cock then jerked it hard with my hand until jets of cum shot everywhere. "Fuck, that was hot."

Sad, I know.

I saw Angie the next day at work and the sight of her firm breasts pushing against her white blouse made me immediately hard. I could just imagine what she looked like naked. I began to entertain the idea of an extramarital affair. Would Angie be up for it? I spent the entire day with a hard-on and I was very thankful for my white overcoat.

I made it home around 5:30 and immediately made my way to my bedroom to jerk off. I was stripped naked, fully hard but when I opened my drawer to reach for my Fleshlight and lube there were none. "What the fuck?" I immediately knew that Alice was behind the disappearance and of course she wasn't home. I looked in her night stand, then threw a robe on and went through the trash. It had been garbage day today, though, and everything was empty. "You fucking bitch, I am this close to divorcing you." I was so livid that I was couldn't wait for her to come home from work; only I knew she wouldn't, she would be stopping off at Betty's again.

I stormed back up to my bedroom, deciding to jack off in the shower, when I heard the shower coming from the second bathroom. Curious, I went to investigate. I opened the door fully just in time to see my completely nude daughter climbing into the shower. My cock sprang up again and I hesitated then closed the door. How did I forget that she was coming home today? I am an awful father.

In my own shower I was taking my time whacking off. I was so fucking horny now; I wanted it to last as. My mind kept flashing back to my daughter's naked form. I caught a good glimpse of her profile: a tit, her shaved pussy and her long, sexy legs. She reminded me of old Alice.

"You want daddy's big cock, little girl?" my cock got twice as hard. "You want your daddy to fuck her with his big cock? You want your daddy to nail you good?" The fantasy played itself out until I shot a huge load all over the shower glass. I let the hot warm wash over me before finishing up and dressed in some sweat pants and a t-shirt.

Downstairs I found Penelope in the kitchen eating cereal, my cock got hard again. "I wouldn't eat that hun. I don't know how old that is."

She smiled, "Hi daddy," she jumped up and hugged me. Her thigh brushed against my straining cock and I was pretty sure she noticed.

"How was the flight? How is school going?" I asked.

Sitting down with her bowl again, she responded "The fight was great, quick in fact. School is also going well. I had all of my midterms this past week. I am fairly confident that I did well on them."

I fried myself an egg and a fixed a protein shake and sat next to Penelope who was now clutching a mug of coffee having already washed her bowl up.

"Where's mom?" she asked me.

I breathed deeply then opened my mouth.

"She's with that group again? I don't know what's with her. If she's gone all born-again, should she be an obedient house wife and home when there is dinner to be made or some shit like that?"

I shook my head, I was more taken aback by this observation and comment.

"It is awful. You must be lonely if it is just you all the time." Tell me about it, I thought. My dick was hardening again. "Well, if you ever want to talk about it. I tried talking to her once about it around Christmas but she turned it into a conversion discussion and told me that I was a whore for having sex with my boyfriend. We used to talk about girl stuff all the time."

My mind was stuck on the sex part.

"TMI, daddy?" "What? Oh, no. I was just remembering how fun she used to be," I lied. Sex. Sex. Sex.

We put away the dishes then settled on the couch to watch television. The entire time I was thinking about how great it would feel to fuck my daughter. About how velvety and soft she'd be. Then I decided that I'd do it. Not blatantly, but I was a dentist and I did have access to some strong sleeping aids. It was settled, I'd do it tomorrow. I couldn't wait.

I went to bed before my wife came home.

The next day, Saturday, I ran to my office where I grabbed the portable sleeping gas and a fresh mask. Then my moment of shear brilliance, I booked a horseback ride for two for around 6:00 p.m. I was aware that my cock was big and thick and if I actually went through with fucking my daughter's tight pussy, hopefully she'd think the horseback ride was the cause. This sounded good to me anyway.

When I returned to the house I found Alice and Penelope making small talk in the kitchen over tea. There was some tension in the air then I noticed some "Come Live with God" flyers torn in two and tossed to the side. I gathered that Alice had tried to pass it off to her daughter and Penelope showed what she thought of it.

The three of us visited my parents for lunch followed by lawn darts and a good swim in their outdoor pool. Part of my sexual frustration and mid-life crisis involved me buying a pair of black square-cut Speedo which I was now sporting. It turned me on to know that they left little to the imagination and showing off my giant goods to my parents and daughter was enough to keep me in a semi-hard state the entire time. I caught both Penelope and my own mother staring. I was going to have to whack off soon.

On the way back I through on my jeans, which showed a good bulge too and I caught Penelope staring a number of times, especially while I was driving. She rode shotgun while my wife slept in the back seat. I was so fucking horny.

"So, P, how would you like to go horseback riding with your old man? I picked up some tickets for the two of us this morning." She eagerly agreed, "Horseback riding? Awesome, I has always wanted to go."

We dropped my wife off at Betty's for another meeting, then we our way to some stables about an hour from the City.

"I am so excited," Penelope exclaimed when we were selecting our horses, two Mustangs. We were shown how to mount and demount the horse, how to slow it and speed it up. Then we were on our way. The track was 75 minutes and my groin was amply sore from the heavy trotting before we even made it back to the stables. I imagined Penelope was the same.

"Feels like my boys took a beating," I joked and she glanced at my decent bulge then laughed, "Yeah, I am going to be sore tomorrow for sure."

She slept most of the drive home, which was a shame because I was pretty sure she was still ogling her old man's family jewels which made me insanely horny. It was around 10 p.m. when we got home and Penelope gave me a quick kiss then went upstairs to get ready for bed. I noticed that Alice, too, had already turned in for the night so I went to my car and grabbed the tank of sleeping gas. I was rock hard again; I couldn't believe that I was going to go through with this.

I tucked the small tank in the linen closet outside of Penelope's room then I poured myself a glass of whiskey. This was going to be fucking amazing. It was going to work out so perfectly. They were both the world's heaviest sleepers, but for good measure, I wanted my daughter completely out while I have my way with her.

Thirty minutes passed by before I crept into Penelope's room, "P, you are still awake?" I heard her light snores. The plan was in motion. I quietly carried the tank into her room then cranked the nozzle to full. I let her have a few deep breaths before turning it down to a sustaining dose.

I was fucking rock hard.

There was my sexy daughter. Blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy skin. I pulled the sheets off her, she was sleeping in just a pair of panties. My cock nearly exploded. I pulled off my shirt then undid my jeans and yanked them down so my monster cock slapped me in the stomach. I pulled my socks off then crawled onto the bed.

My cock was leaking cum in anticipation of how amazing this was going to be.

I hooked my thumbs around Penelope's panties then moved them down and off her sleeping body. She was fucking amazing. Her tits were fit and pert and her shaved pussy was just beckoning her daddy's fat, long cock. I spread her legs enough to tuck a towel under her ass; I had a feeling that this was going to be messy. Then I crawled between and put my lips on her sex so my tongue explored her folds for a couple minutes before moving up. My cock was now at the entrance to her pussy, I had so much pre-cum that it coated my cock.

I aimed and pushed against her. The head of my dick moved slowly inside. With a steady pressure the whole head disappeared. Fuck it was amazing. She was hot and as velvety smooth as I imagined. I pushed more and more and more. When I was 8 inches inside her I came. My cock jerked and kicked my spunk inside my daughter's pussy. Nice, I thought, and then I shoved all the way inside. All ten of my inches were now buried inside my sexy daughter's hot fucking pussy. Best of all, I was still rock solid. I could cum a million times tonight.

With my cock buried completely inside and my big daddy balls hanging between her legs, it left my hands and mouth free to explore my sleeping beauty. I massaged her tits before sucking each nipple into my mouth. Then I placed my hands on either side of my daughter's face, moving the mask briefly, I kissed her full on the mouth. My cock got twice as hard. I replaced the mask then pushed myself up on my arms and started sawing in and out of this most wonderful pussy ever. I fucked her slowly at first then picked up the pace. I was getting a kick out of how her tits bounced as I thrust inside of her.

"Fuck yeah, daddy's fucking his little girl. His little baby girl. Do you like it baby? Do you like having your daddy's big, fat, long cock inside you? I bet you do, you fucking slut." I was pounding her full tilt now. "You fucking little whore, letting daddy fuck you like this. Daddy is so much better than Trevor. I saw you staring at my package. I know you wanted it. I know you wanted to feel what it felt like to have you daddy's monster cock plough you."

My balls were bouncing between us then I felt my orgasm surge through me. At the same time Penelope started whimpering and her pussy clamped down hard on my expanding cock. "Daddy's gonna cum in you. He's gonna fill you up. I'm gonna fill up my sweet, little baby girl." We were climaxing at the same time. It was brilliant. My daddy dick filled his little girl's pussy up with his spunk.

I stayed on top of her for a moment then slide my cock out, releasing a torrent of cum. I used the towel to sop up most of the mess then returned with sanitizer wipes and cleaned her good before sliding her panties back on and covering her up. I removed the sleeping mask, checked for her breath then returned the tank to my car before making to my bed and passing out.

The next morning she didn't seem to expect a thing. "Oh, man, I told you that I'd feel it the next day. I feel completely bruised down there. How are you?" I coyly stated.

She checked out my package. I wasn't wearing underwear, just sweat pants and you could make out the shape of my long dick swaying side to side. Then she laughed, "Yeah, I'm kinda sore. I am going to take a long, hot bath."

The following night I was lying in bed with my snoring wife and a raging hard-on and decided to pay my daughter a visit again. I pushed the door open slowly and listened for her faint snore. She was fast asleep. I grabbed the sleeping gas from my car then made my way to my daughter's room once again, this time I brought my video camera with me.

"Daddy's sleeping beauty is about to get daddy's big monster cock again." I whispered to the camera. I turned on the gas and fixed the mask over her face again. "There, she won't feel a thing." I pulled the sheets off and found her in a t-shirt and panties. "Mmmm, daddy can't wait."

I held the camera at a distance to film my bulging cock in my boxer briefs, then I pulled my underwear down to reveal my huge cock and balls. "Probably the biggest you'll ever have, hun, and you'll never know. But I see the way you look at daddy's package. I know you want it."

I filmed my daughter's sleeping body as removed her panties then spread her legs. I placed another towel under her ass. The camera screen was filled with my leaking big cock as I rubbed it against my daughter's pussy lips. I smeared my pre-cum all over then pushed inside. "Fuck, you're tight." I pushed ever so slowly, filming the entire thing. I bottomed out after a couple minutes then felt her pussy muscles contract over my invading member. She was cumming on her daddy's cock. "Oh yeah, fuck, my big daddy dick is making you cum."

I started plunging in and out of my daughter's twat at a decent pace while played with her tits with one hand and filmed my fucking with the other. "Fucking tight, baby." I felt her cumming again which trigger my own orgasm. "Yeah, fuck, cum with daddy. Daddy's gonna fill you up good," my balls, which were slapping against her ass, started jumping as my cock expanded. "Uh, uh, yeah. Fuck!" My cum exploded from my swollen prick. I tried my best to film me filling up her 20 year old puss.

I fell on top of her, cock still lodged inside. The camera caught my heavy breathing. "Shit, that was amazing. I've got to fuck you again tonight and tomorrow and every fucking night you are here."

My cock was rock hard about 20 minutes later, still sheathed well inside my precious baby girl. "Here daddy goes again." I was essentially bear hugging her as I moved my ass up and down, sawing in and out of my sleeping daughter. I did this for 5 minutes before I pushed myself up with one hand, focusing the camera on our sexes. My cock was swollen and red with use.

I picked up speed, "Fuck, baby girl, you treat daddy's cock so good." I fucked her for a half an hour before my balls lurched and my fat cock spat another load of thick daddy cum deep inside my unaware daughter.

The camera zoomed in as pulled my pick out of her sleeping pussy for the first time in over an hour. "Look at that, fucking amazing." As my semi-hard cock popped out and a torrent of mixed orgasm bubbled out. I filmed it. "Hot," I commented, "Daddy's cum is pouring out of his baby girl's pussy. Look at the that, amazing."

I cleaned her up, slid her panties back on and tucked her in. I then tip-toed out of her room with the tank and underwear.

In the morning she didn't mention anything as we ate breakfast before I headed out to work. I had two dental reconstructions from sporting accidents and one referral from a modelling agency. When I made it home that night I found dinner waiting. My daughter had been busy. After conceding to my wife's insistence that we say grace, the three of us sat at the dinner table for the first time in years and attempted small talk.

"How was your day, hun," I attempted to engage my stand-offish wife.

She shrugged, "Nothing special. I have a lady's meeting at 8:00 though." Of course she did.

"What about you, P?" I directed the question to my daughter who was sipping a glass of wine.

She lowered her glass and smiled. The candle light reflected off her hair and sparkling eyes. She looked so beautiful. My cock swelled in my tight dress pants.

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