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Penis Enlargement Trickery


6:44 AM.

I stared at the digital clock, eyes wide open. I was awake a minute before my alarm was due to set off. I sat up excitedly. Today was the day!

A week ago I had received an email and later a phone call inviting me for a trial run for a breakthrough procedure in penis enlargement. Measuring at 5 and a 1/2 inches with a decent girth, I was skeptical but also intrigued. I saw no harm in giving it a shot, especially since it was non-surgical, almost instant results and free of charge.

I jumped into the shower and by 7:15 AM I was in my car and headed to the address stated in the email.

Two to four inches growth! This would be a such a boost to my confidence with the girls.

I arrived at the address; a double story shop lot building with a black tinted glass door. This was it. The email said I was to look out for a black tinted glass door.

I parked my car directly in front of the building, got out and made my way to the entrance.

There was no bell so I just pushed open the glass door. A gentle cool breeze blew past me and I was now standing in front of a counter. Greeting me from behind was a familiar face. Tasha. She was in the same classes at college with me and I was secretly infatuated with her.

Dressed in a low cut, short and tight white dress, her black bra and an outline of her black lace panties were clearly visible. Five feet four, wavy shoulder length hair, brown eyes, lips reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, 32 C cup sized breasts and round supple buttocks; Tasha was without a doubt, a sex bomb.

"Welcome! I know you! We attend the same classes. Are you here for the trial procedure? I'm here part-time." She spoke excitedly and with a huge smile.

I nodded.

"Just fill in this form and we can begin the procedure!" She handed me a single piece of paper and I quickly scribbled the required information.

I handed it back to her and she motioned me to follow her.

We walked down a hallway until we reached the first door on our left. She opened it and I followed her in.

The room had an examination bed with a pillow on one end. The lights were dimmed low and soft music played in the background. Inside the room was another girl. She was slight shorter than Tasha, chubbier and dressed in a similar white dress.

Tasha spoke. "This is Tania. She and I will both be preparing you for the procedure. We'll conduct a couple of tests before the actual procedure."

Tania giggled and said, "Hello. You're in good hands. The whole process is extremely ... pleasant." She giggled again.

"Please undress and lie on the bed. We will begin shortly," instructed Tania.

I sheepishly got undressed and lay on the bed. It is not easy undressing in front of attractive girls and keeping my cool. I could feel the sensations of an erection forming. I stared at the ceiling trying to keep myself distracted.

"To ensure a smooth procedure, we will be strapping you to the bed by your hands, across you chest and ankles. There will be no pain involved. Please don't look so worried," Tasha explained reassuringly.

Tania strapped a vest across my chest and both my hands to the bed. Tasha strapped my ankles. I tried moving but was limited to wriggling only a couple of inches.

"We will now begin," Tasha announced.

"Tania, penis inspection. Go ahead." Tasha motioned to Tania.

"Ummm, okay." She replied shyly.

Tania stroked my thighs and a moment later I felt her warm, small hand stroke my penis. My penis erected beyond my control. The feeling of being touched like that was so good.

"Thick, an average size of 5.5 inches, very strong erection," stated Tania.

"Taste?" Tasha asked. Wait, what? Did Tasha just say 'taste'. I must have misheard.

Tania leaned down and gave my penis a lick. Then she did it again. After a few more licks she placed my penis in her mouth and was sucking it like a lollipop.

I let out a soft moan but didn't resist. This was pure ecstasy.

"Taste is absolutely delicious! Try for yourself!" Tania invited Tasha cheekily.

Tasha grabbed my penis, bent over and started sucking me slowly. Tania watched for a bit before joining Tasha. They each took one side and started licking from my balls to my scrotum.

This cannot really be happening. What kind of procedure is this? I didn't really care. This was amazing.

"Okay, it's time for the last test. Don't want to over excite him," said Tasha as she stood up.

Tania stood up and I could make her out removing her panties. She lifted the hem of her dress and I could see her bare legs and shaved pussy.

What now? I still didn't really care.

Tania climbed on top of the bed with her legs spread. She positioned herself over my erect penis and with her hands, started rubbing it against her already wet pussy.

"What are you guys doing? Is this some kind of joke?" I blurted out. I had to say something.

Tania continued rubbing her pussy with my penis. The pleasure was unbearable.

Tasha looked at me. "Yes, unfortunately there is no wonderful procedure to enlarge your penis. April Fool's!" At that moment, Tania sat down on my penis and started riding up and down, again and again.

I was speechless and completely immobilised with pleasure.

"You see, Tania is a good girl and has never been touched by a man. Her only experience is a dildo."

Tania rode me faster, her hands pressed on my chest.

"You're the smartest boy in class. Tania thinks you'd give her the perfect sperm to have babies."

"Wait, what? What babies? Couldn't we have tried dating first?" I struggled to ask.

"I'm going to cum. Tania please get off! I'm going to blow!: I pleaded.

Tania rode ferociously then sat firmly down on my penis as wave after wave of semen shot out into her pussy.

I had been tricked. Albeit an extremely pleasurable and satisfying one but still, tricked.

They unstrapped me and I quickly got dressed. I didn't bother say bye. They kept smiling with glee.

I exited the building and got into my car. I removed the hidden camera that captured everything from one of my shirt buttons.

Well, at least I have it recorded. I smiled and drove off. I should mention too that I am infertile.

Happy April Fool's.

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