Penis Envy


Sabrina was home alone tonight. Morgan was gone for the weekend, partying in New York, Milo was at a science convention, and Roxy was out on a date. So she was just enjoying the night on the couch, reading another hot romance novel. She was supposed to be studying the male anatomy for an exam tomorrow, but she found this a better way to do so.

This was an exceptionally steamy novel, and she was getting warm already. As she got warmer, she felt her crotch heating up. And because she was a witch, when her pussy got warm, it showed. When the steam started coming up from bellow, she looked around to make sure she was alone, and slid her hand into her pajama bottoms. She wasn't wearing any panties, and she was still bald down there from her blue moon experience, so she had free access.

She was about to dip two fingers inside, when the front door opened. Startled, Sabrina jumped up from the couch, pulling her hand out of her pajamas. "Roxy, what are you doing here?" She quickly asked to hide her actions.

"I live here." Roxy entered the house and closed the door behind her.

"I mean, weren't you supposed to be on a date?"

"He was a jerk. All guys are jerks." She flopped down on the couch, and Sabrina sat back down next to her.

"What's the problem this time?" Sabrina asked as Roxy put her feet up on her lap.

"Jeff, the guy I was with, is a psychology student. Well, apparently his class was talking about penis envy today, and he decided to bring this up. Right before he whipped out his tiny dick."

"Oh my god." Sabrina giggled into her hands.

Roxy punched her shoulder. "Don't laugh. His dick must have been four inches long and pencil thin, but he thought it was a sausage. Well, I started laughing, and he got mad and went on about how all women are jealous of his 'massive' dick. Then he kicked me out of his car and left me to walk back alone."

"What is with guys and their cocks?" Sabrina asked.

"I know. It's like all that they think about." She got back up and went to the kitchen for a drink. Sabrina used this time to go into their bedroom. She was going to look for a spell to help Roxie.

Opening her magic laptop, Sabrina was going to do a spell search, but she realized that she didn't know what to search for.

"What's the problem little lady."

She turned to the window and saw a black cat. "It's Roxy. She's been having trouble with guys again."

"Ah, can't help you there." The cat replied.

"Say, Salem, you're a guy."

"Way to put that college education to work." Salem said.

"Shut up. What I mean is, what's the big deal with a dick. All you guys seem to think of is your dick."

"Well, as a cat I don't think of it that much, but if you really want to know, check your computer for 'penis envy.'"

Sabrina did a search for this and found a spell.

"I don't know about this."

"Do it. Dooo it!" Salem commanded.

After reading the spell, Sabrina still did not understand guy's dicks. Then she read the asterisk's "May take a few minutes to work. Some side affects may occur."

"Side affects?" she looked to Salem.

"Don't worry about them. There's only a five percent chance that it will happen."

"What will happen?"

She suddenly heard a scream from outside the bedroom. "Roxy!" She ran out and saw the brunette standing horrified. "What?"

"Those side effects." Salem said before leaving. He didn't want Sabrina to blame him again.

"I've got a…" she pointed down.

"Got a what?"

"This!" She pulled her skirt up. Her panty was pointing straight out, like a pop-up tent.

"Oh my god." Sabrina shouted, than gave out a small gasp as she felt a bit of pressure down bellow too. Suddenly her pajama bottoms extended outward. Looking down them, Sabrina noticed that she now had a huge, erect penis. "Salem!" She shouted.

"What's your cat got to do with this?"

"Um, never mind. What are you doing?"

Roxy looked down and gasped when she saw her left hand rubbing her erect member. She pulled her hand out of her panty and let her skirt drop back down. "What's that smell?" Roxy brought her hand up to her nose and took a whiff. "Woe, that stinks. Do all guys dicks stink like that?"

Sabrina could also smell Roxy's penis, and felt hers get harder from it. "Why not, our cunts smell like tuna."

"What do we do now? Do we go to a hospital?"

"No, I'm sure they're not permanent. At least I hope not." Another thought occurred to her. "Oh no." She stuck her hand back down her pajama and went past her dick, though not before teasing it first. "Oh thank god." She said as she still found her cunt there. "The dick didn't replace it."

"We're hermaphrodites." Roxy said, understanding.

"You know, this could be fun." Sabrina said, her hand now stroking her own dick. "Hey, this feels really good." She started pumping harder.

Roxy followed her lead, sticking her hand under her skirt. "Your right. No wonder guys always do this."

"Betcha mine's bigger."

Roxy grinned. "I'll take that bet."

"What are the stakes?"

"Who ever has the biggest dick gets a blowjob from the looser." She then pulled off her skirt and let her panties drop, as Sabrina quickly took off her pajama bottoms. Roxy's tight top didn't fall past her tits, but Sabrina's top went down past her hips, so she also took that off, exposing her medium tits. Not one to be out done, Roxy took her top off as well, and now both girls stood completely naked, breasts heaving and huge dicks standing straight over bald pussies.

"Well, I can see their already larger then normal." Roxy stated.

"And here's a ruler to see just how much bigger." Sabrina zapped in a ruler behind her back. She measured her own first. "Thirteen inches long and two inches thick."

She past it to Roxy, who measured her own. "Only twelve inches long, but three inches thick. Guess it's a tie."

"So what do we do now?" She placed a hand on a hip and curved erotically.

"This." Roxy walked over to her, and knelt down. Then she took Sabrina's huge member in her hands and started rubbing it.

"Oh my god." Sabrina moaned. Roxy didn't keep this up for long before she took the penis head between her red lips. It just kept getting better. "Hmm, it even tastes real." When Roxy swallowed the entire length, Sabrina almost swooned. And even worse, she almost came, but Roxy stopped and let her relax. That's when they noticed the two meat sacks hanging bellow their dicks.

"Holy shit, we got nut sacks too. And their full." Roxy spent a minute looking over Sabrina's nuts. She palmed them and suck them. "This is just too weird, but fun." She took Sabrina's dick back in her mouth, letting the long member slide down her throat.

"Oh god." Sabrina did fall this time, landing on the couch, with Roxy still sucking her cock. She could feel her dick building up with cum, but also her pussy dripping. "Oh yes, yes, yesss!" Sabrina cried as she felt an orgasm shudder through her. "But it was a tie, so it's not fair of me to have all the fun."

Understanding what she meant, Roxy slowly let Sabrina's dick slide out of her mouth as she turned around, her ass pressing against Sabrina's face, while her dick found its way into the red head's open mouth. Sabrina lay back on the couch, and let Roxy get comfortable as she went back to her tasty snack.

With her nose up Roxy's cunt, Sabrina slowly swallowed the twelve inch member. She had never done this before, not even for Harvey, so she was hesitant at first, taking only a few inches in. But when her raven haired vixen roommate deepthroated her again, Sabrina's mouth formed a wide O and Roxy shoved her dick further down.

The young, and inexperienced red head was not prepared for the sensation. She had simulated this experience before, with numerous bananas and even once a twelve inch kabasa covered in whip cream, but nothing could compare to this. For one, she could feel Roxy's veins throbbing on the dick as blood was pumped to its head. There was also the dickhead itself. The mushroom cap piece of flesh tickled her throat, almost causing her to gag.

She moved her head up and down over the dick simply because she didn't know what else to do. But Roxy did know, and she was having fun teaching Sabrina some new tricks; like how she could use her tongue. Though her mouth was stuffed, Roxy was able to twist her tongue around Sabrina's length. And she would swivel her hips to get her dick deeper down Sabrina's throat. She even managed to get one of her balls between Sabrina's lips.

This was getting to be to much for Sabrina as she felt herself getting hotter. Not able to hold back anymore, her pussy gushed forth a powerful orgasm that shook her entire frame. She tried to spit out Roxy's dick so she could scream, but Roxy forced her to keep it in, so instead she just bit down on the meat.

Roxy cringed in pain."That's not where I want it from bitch." She said, taking a pause from her snack. She swallowed the dick again and grabbed onto her two balls with a vice-like grip.

It was Sabrina's turn to cringe in pain, but she felt a new sensation inside. It was similar to what she usually felt during an orgasm, but different. It was more intense, more powerful. She felt her hips rise, forcing her huge dick further down Roxy's throat. She started growling like a wild animal.

This time Roxy didn't slow down or stop but increased her sucking pace. She wanted to taste Sabrina's man-cum slide down her throat and into her stomach. Sabrina couldn't hold it in any longer, her balls where aching from Roxy's grip, as well as from holding in her semen. With a loud growl, her entire body shaking, she shot a thick, white load into Roxy's mouth, and down her throat. Roxy swallowed every drop of the precious fluid, but she didn't want to be greedy, so she released her own orgasm. But she was more practiced in this (at least with her original parts), so she was able to orgasm both from her cunt, which sprayed down on Sabrina's face, and her dick, which slid thickly down Sabrina's throat. Roxy had to left her head and release Sabrina's dick as she screamed her multiple orgasms, and because of this, she got the rest of Sabrina's powerful load of cum all over her face and hair. But Sabrina wasn't allowed this luxury, and Roxy squashed her lower portions into Sabrina's face, muffling her cries.

When Sabrina was done, she leaned back into the couch and sighed. The orgasm hadn't lasted long, only about fifteen seconds, but it was incredible. Her body still quivered in pleasure. When Roxy had finished, she got up and leaned over Sabrina. "You were incredible." Sabrina's dick was still long and hard, but it was getting softer now from lack of attention and energy.

Sabrina smiled, her sense of pride ballooning. "So where you." Part of her just wanted to lie down and fall asleep now (this feeling coming from her new cock), but seeing the cum dripping from Roxy's lips got her pussy tingling. Her two halves argued about what to do now, but when Roxy kissed Sabrina fully on her mouth, both their lips open and tongues entwining, and she could taste her own cum on Roxy's lips, her dick shot straight up again. She could feel it rubbing against Roxy's cunt lips. It was like it had a mind of its own.

Roxy also felt this new attention, and her own dick also acting in a similar fashion, looking around for Sabrina's cunt. Both girls broke their kiss and looked down, fascinated with what they saw. With a wicked grin, Sabrina used her hands to better position her own dick to match up with Roxy's cunt, teasing her lips with its head. Roxy purred in pleasure, and then moved her own to match Sabrina's pussy. They looked each other in the eyes and both grinned with growing arousal. Dare they go this far?

Sabrina started to hesitate. She had almost forgotten something important. "Um, Roxy, before we go this far, you should know that … I'm still a virgin." She blushed and lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

Roxy's eyes twinkled at this exclamation and her smile turned from a grin of wicked pleasure, to one of romantic notions. "That's so sweet." She said. She kissed Sabrina again. "I had figured that, you were always acting too innocent, but I'm happy to be the one to help you blossom to full womanhood."

They kissed again and then, fearing that their hesitation might cost them this great experience, the two girls counted down.

"Three." Sabrina started.

"Two." Roxy added. Their dick heads pushed their way between their cunt lips. Their hands now free, they wrapped each other in a hug, giving each other the courage to continue.

"One!" They both cried simultaneously, and plunged in. They both cried out in surprised agony but also great pleasure. Roxy may have been "experienced" in sex, but she had never had a dick this big inside her before. The biggest she had ever had was less than seven inches (which is why she was always in a bitchy mood). Even her fist couldn't compare to this huge dick stabbing her cunt. And Sabrina cried out because her virgin seal had just been crushed beneath a huge battering ram in one blow.

The two girls held each other in a tight embrace, grinding their pelvises together. Their arms were wrapped around each other, they're small breasts crushing into each other. Roxy moved her hands down to Sabrina's pale ass and grabbed them tightly, pushing Sabrina's hips harder into her own, thus pushing her dick further in, penetrating her womb. Since this felt so good, Roxy also pushed hers into Sabrina's.

Sabrina called out in pleasure. "God yes. Never have I ... felt so good. If I had known sex was this good, I would have had it long before."

"I'm … I'm glad you … waited … so I could … be your first." Roxy said between pants.

"Shouldn't we be using … condoms now." Sabrina said.

"Too late … to stop … now."

"Oohkay. Shit, oh yes! Harder."

Roxy leaned back, riding Sabrina's cock like a horse, her own cock bending painfully, but this just added to her pleasure.

They continued like this until Sabrina's body started shaking and she cried out. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Her cunt started dripping, but also her dick swelled and started shooting loads of cum into Roxy's womb.

When Roxy felt this, her eyes opened wide in ecstasy, and her mouth formed a huge O. She could feel her on cunt dripping, but also her huge dick swelling even larger. Sabrina gasped in pain, as the three inch wide dick grew to four inches and then an impossible five inches, just before it unloaded. She felt the warm liquid explode deep within, filling her virgin womb.

The two girls kept grinding into each other. Even once their balls where emptied, their cunts kept gushing, and the orgasms kept hitting them. When these finished, Roxy pulled out of Sabrina. "That was great." She purred.

"You're not finished yet, are you?" Sabrina leaned forward and pushed Roxy down on the floor. Then she wrapped her two lips around Roxy's softening cock and started cleaning it off, while using her left hand to finger Roxy's cunt. Roxy purred from the minute of attention. She wasn't loaded enough to cum, but Sabrina wasn't looking for that. When Roxy was cleaned up, Sabrina pulled her onto her hands and knees, and crawled behind her. Then, grabbing her own dick, with Roxy looking around her shoulder, Sabrina shoved herself into Roxy's tight asshole.

Roxy shot straight like an arrow, her head held high and howling like a wolf. "Yeah baby, ride me like a pony."

Sabrina grabbed hold of Roxy's long dark hair, and pulled it like the reins of a horse. "Yee haw!" Sabrina cried, her free hand waving around in the air as Roxy bucked in pain. "Your ass is so tight."

"And your cock is still so powerful." Roxy groaned. "Push it further in."

Sabrina did as she was told and shoved it in until her roommate's ass cheeks where crushing her own balls. She was moving at a slower pace now, grinding her cock into the tight ass, while Roxy continued to groan in pleasure.

While her cock was rock hard, Roxy's cunt was dripping again. She wanted to play with them both, but she could only use one hand, so she used it to stroke her dick. Within a minute, her hand was covered in sticky cream as her dick exploded. She wasn't able to hold it in any longer when she felt Sabrina splurge inside her anus.

As Sabrina finished unloading inside of her roommate, she fell forward, leaning over Roxy's back. Both girls were panting heavily now, and Roxy turned her head around so they could kiss. They stayed like this for a few minutes, their tongues wrestling between their mouths, before Sabrina finally stood up. When she did, she purred as she felt her dick slowly slide out, and Roxy gave off a little gasp when she felt the head of the dick squeeze out of her little hole.

"That was … incredible," the dark-haired girl said.

"I know." Sabrina moved her hand down to stroke her dick, but she only grasped air. Looking down in surprise, she saw that her huge member was gone. She was suddenly worried about how to explain this to Roxy, but when she looked up, she saw that the naked girl was asleep.

Not wanting to disturb her, Sabrina used her magic to put Roxy back in their room. When she would wake up tomorrow, she would not remember anything. Sabrina was a bit disappointed about this, but it was probably for the best.

But Sabrina still had her own and she was still feeling ancy. Sitting back down on the couch, she subconsciously grabbed her dick with her right hand and started stroking it, and with her left, she started fingering her pussy. As her cunt continued dripping, her dick became rock hard and foot-long again. "This feels great, but it's not satisfying me," she complained. Then she got a wicked idea.

Sliding her back down the couch, she angled her hips upwards, spreading her pussy. She then started bending her dick painfully backwards. "Owe, owe, owe." She cried out as her dick bent its way into her pussy, and suddenly she was fucking herself: very painfully fucking herself, but it felt great. She had to hold onto her dick with one hand to keep it in, but she used her free hand to massage her tits. "Yes, yes, YES!!!!" She cried out. She kept crying out, but she wanted more. Her pussy was cumming like crazy, but her balls wouldn't unload. But what else could she do?

She then noticed that her asshole was puckered over the splits in the couch cushions. She felt it open and close with her breaths. She suddenly needed something inside it. Not seeing anything on hand, she quickly zapped in a little toy. What she got instead was a black rubber dildo, about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick, studded with rubbery spikes. "This is … going to … hurt." She panted. "Oh … who cares." Taking the dildo in hand, she slipped it under her ass and placed it between the cushions, so that it was standing up. Then she slid her hole over it and slowly lowered herself down. But when it touched the entrance to her hole, her pussy suddenly convulsed widely, and she fell down on it. The dildo was shoved up her virgin anus with ripping force, and she screamed in both pain and pleasure. Luckily, Roxy was in an enchanted sleep and didn't wake.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," she panted as she slid her ass up and down the studded toy, while her dick became rock hard and pushed further into her cunt. "Salem will never believe this."

What Sabrina didn't know was that the cat would believe her, because he was secretly taking pictures of this from the stairs. "Hustler, get ready for these."

By now Sabrina had been fucking her two holes for over ten minutes, and she felt her balls starting to hurt. They felt like Roxy was squeezing them again. "This must be what blueballs means," she whimpered. She had to relieve them before they exploded. Using her magic, she turned the rubber dildo into a vibrator and turned it up to max. Now she was cooking. She continuously cried out as her ass went to the extreme. And like a nuclear bomb going off, her dick exploded inside her, filling her womb with white creamy cum and slithering sperms. Her pussy also gushed again, but the cum was mixed in with the stuff from her cock. After two minutes, she still wasn't done, but she wasn't complaining. She let her dick pop out, and let it spray her body. Cum flew over her belly, tits and even onto her face. She opened her mouth wide to catch it, and swallowed every drop that flew into her mouth.

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