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Penis Flytrap


Copyright Neonurotic, April 2014

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author's Note: Thank you 4degrees for your help. I hope you're pleased with what I did with it in the end.


The bio-dome, where the new 'back-to-nature' resort was located in the middle of Mojave Desert was a lush green jewel surrounded by sand and more sand did nothing for me. The bio-dome was green and self-sufficient with solar power. Gardens provided food for five hundred inhabitants of the bio-dome. Water was recycled and purified from the gardens, originating from the ocean in massive tanks buried underground. The supply of sea water was enough for twenty years and replenished through pipelines from Baja.

Earth Day this year was the five year anniversary of the grand opening of the dome. The celebration ended with a fancy vegetarian dinner tonight costing five hundred dollars per couple. Dancing followed an auction for a suite at the dome for life, all expenses paid for a family of four. Every tree hugger and doomsayer world over wanted that one, willing to dish out the bucks for a skimpy meal meant for birds. My girl's work paid for the rooms—lazy bastards wanted to win the auction, but didn't want to do the time. Unfortunately, I found I had to pay for the food two hours into the drive to the dome.

I wasn't impressed. Maybe the reason I wasn't impressed was that I didn't want to be here in the first place. I allowed myself to be dragged off to this hot-as-hell forsaken land because the new girl I was dating carried my blue balls in her purse. My nuts rested right next to the stiletto-like fingernail file she amused herself with, stabbing, slashing my ego to ribbons. Yes, like the pussy-starved moron that I am, I went smiling, agreeing that the overnighter was the best Earth Day celebration ever. She really was into that, gone green with her electric car, recycling everything, even used toilet paper. Yuck. I smiled when she asked to me to go, although she heavily hinted she'd give it up at last.

At last, at last. Right. I could see she was full of it once we entered the lobby of the dome and assigned to our rooms—rooms, separate, but adjoining ones. It was initially another hard strike to my ego, having separate room, but I did well to keep my mouth shut for now, with the hopes that my efforts would have me filling hers later. Filling her mouth with my cock, that is.

Together we took the long path to our rooms, and I kept a slight smile on my face as she commented on the foliage that grew lushly on either side of the pathway. Whenever she'd turn her eyes my way, I would quickly nod in agreement with whatever she was saying, and say an overly enthused "Oh, I know. Yes, no kidding!" After the third time or so I saw her roll her eyes and snort, as if to say how full of shit my responses were.

"Listen", she said as we finally stood in front of the door to her private room, "I appreciate you trying to appease me, going along with what I want and so forth, but I'm afraid you're not very convincing. We both know why you're here, Billy, so don't think that I'm going to fall for your feigned appreciation of this place. If, for one minute you could stop being such a horny trog, maybe, just maybe you could open your eyes and see how incredibly gorgeous this place really is."

I smiled sheepishly at her, with no attempt to deny how she was reading me like a book. Like a children's book, no less. I nodded again, this time saying that yes, I would try to keep my mind out of the bedroom and enjoy the scenery during our stay.

She slid the keycard through the lock and pushed her door open, and pointed further down the path saying, "I'm sure your room is down there, Billy. Now, go on, let me get settled in and change, and you'll come pick me up, and we'll have dinner in the Chlorophyll Room in two hours. Ok?"

As I obediently nodded again, she leaned in and gave me a quick peck, almost on my mouth, but not quite. At just the feel of her warm mouth on my face, I felt a twitch down below. I watched her turn and go inside, and then started down the path to my own room.

At the door, I slid my own key-card into the lock and entered the room. It was an utter nightmare. An interior designer had puked up a palette of greens all over the floors and walls. Every square inch carried the jungle fever theme all the way into the bathroom. I dropped my duffle bag on the floor and hung my suit in the closet. I flopped on top of the fern-crazy bedspread and stared at the ceiling, seeing that the decorator didn’t forget to add his brilliance there either. A black jaguar with yellow eyes, glared back it me.

“Bet’cha ya seen a lot of fuck action in your day, haven’t you?” I asked, giving the black cat a dark look of envy. I glanced around the room and spied the adjoining door, the door that led directly to the cock-teaser’s room. “Ah-ha.”

Maybe get my balls back sooner then she plans, I thought dirtily as I got off the bed and tried the door. It was locked. Of course it was, but not my side, her side. She was quick to snap the deadbolt in place once she got into her own room. “Figures.” She was right, I was a ‘horny trog’. I wasn’t going to wait two hours, be miserable wanting to get some of her pink. Nothing doing—I still had a little bit of dignity left, damn it.

I left the suite, explored a few exhibits and found the bio-dome was actually interesting. It had many bizarre plants and flowers I’d never seen before, for instance, a rare species named ‘Bleeding Heart’ really did look like a heart on a green stem. It pumped out bright red blood from its center, oozed back into its pot and bled some more. Another plant, the biggest, most vile smelling thing was the ‘Corpse Lily’, which its stench did resemble a pile of rotting animal carcasses. I gagged and left that room in hurry. With a quick glance at my wristwatch, I saw it was nearly time to pickup the girlfriend to go to dinner.

On the way back, I noticed a room I hadn’t seen before and like the procrastinating nosey bastard that I am, I went in. The little room had dozen species of a flower I recognized as the carnivorous, Venus Flytrap. Why were there so many different kinds? One liked to eat organic trash, the other ate plastic. Weird, but I could see how it fit the theme of the dome. Scientists had too much time on their hands.

I played with the familiar, ordinary Venus Flytrap as I had one when I was a boy. I fed bits of flies, grasshopper legs and bees’ wings—teased the girls in my grade school class that they liked to eat their pigtails too. I found myself grinning, sticking my little finger between its faux toothy clutches and watched it slowly curl around my pinky.

To the left of the Venus version, I saw Penis, Penis Flytrap. "Whhhaat?"

Perveted scientests really did have too much time on their hands, wanking to creations like pussy plant. I jerked out of Venus, nearly ripping its flower head off and without thinking, stuck a finger in the other. It looked exactly like a pussy, albeit a green, it still was a freshly shaved one with puffy labia and a little erect clit at the top.

It felt like one too, “Sweet, jeezus,” it did.

I slipped in and out of it, added another finger. The more I frigged the flower, the wetter it got, dripping pussy juice, a frothy intoxicating sex scent emitted from it. My aching dick pounded behind its zipper, wanting me to give it some funky green leaf, velvety snatch. I would’ve too—right then and there in that little room, but noticed I was late picking up my girlfriend. She’d never let me hear the end of it. Reluctantly, I pulled my finger out the flower, hurried to my room and washed the smell off me. My fingers were bright red. Any nose would detect that and I wasn’t about to give my cockteaser an excuse to continue to torture me by withholding sex if she caught whiff of pussy on me, plant variety or not.

After washing off my hands with some scented liquid soap, I went back into the bedroom and unzipped my bag. I pulled out a fresh shirt, some hair gel and my trusty, trendy AZZ bodyspray. I whisked off my shirt and tossed it onto the ferny bed, generously sprayed my chest and pits with the spicy scent. As the popular TV commercials claimed, this stuff had seemed to work for me when my charm and great looks weren't quite enough. But so far, not with this girl. She was defining 'ice queen' very well. But the challenge of it all made me more determined to have my way with her, even if it meant being in this bio-dome all weekend. A small price to pay for some of that pedigree pussy, I thought to myself as I buttoned a clean shirt and slipped on the suit I had hanging in the closet. I'd forgot the tie, but this dinner I could forgo it. I ran a wad of the gel through my hair.

I looked in the mirror and gave a sideways smile to myself. Yeah, I definitely had it. Once again, I was assured that the lack of sex wasn't due to me. Matter of fact, I was baffled at how she'd held out this long! I stepped backwards out of the bathroom still looking at that handsome devil in the mirror when I heard a knock at my door.

Quickly I turned and as I put my hand on the doorknob, I heard her voice on the other side saying, "You must really be trying to impress me, making me come get you for dinner." I rolled my eyes before pulling the door open, replacing my expression of irritation with a sly smile and gave a quick apology.

Together we walked without so much as our shoulders touching to one of several fancy dining rooms that the dome promoted. I quietly listened to her catty complaints about this that or the other, but namely, about the male gender—probably mainly about me. I let it all go in one ear and out the other—I wasn't going to let her ignorance or insecurities phase me. After she finally found herself in the sack with me then I'd pumped her full of my dick until she was too sore to walk, I knew she'd possess a whole new attitude.

Trying to be cordial, I interjected a few times during dinner with some choice complimentary clichés that didn't seem to have the desired effect on her cynical, stony demeanor. Shit, I just wanted to have some fun. If she couldn't see that, and realize that was what overnight date was all about, I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with her. But, so far from the looks of it all, her idea of what this weekend was about was to prick tease me to a point of physical pain.

As we sipped Bailey's and coffee after our meal, my mind began having visions once more of that wet pussy plant. I would rather be fucking this pageant blonde, but I was quickly reaching a point of not really giving a shit about the physical attributes of my would-be lover. As long as it wasn't my own hand that I'd be forced to find relief in, I'd be happy.

I couldn’t get over how real the green-leaf snatch felt when I stuck my fingers it. Wet and slick, hot, very hot. Curiously, my fingers stung, but I ignored them. Under the dinner table, I absently-mindedly stroked the hard lump that formed beneath my zipper while the prick tease, continued her monotonous blah-blah-blah. I wondered if I could get away with sneaking it back to my room? The thought never occurred to me if it was physically possible to fuck the plant—regardless if it were, I’d rip its pussy petals apart because I was that horny and desperate by now.

“What are you thinking?” She cooed, interrupting my thoughts. “Right now, what are you thinking? You have the silliest grin on your face, Billy.”

Staring blankly at her, confused by the genuine warmth in her voice, I replied, “Nothing, really.”

I wondered if she had a little too much liqueur in her after dinner coffee. Maybe, just maybe I could convince her to let me in her panties if I fed her more and forgo the herbaceous variety of pussy for the real deal.

“Want another one of those?” I nodded to her empty drink.

Flashing her what I hoped was a sexy smile, I mentally tallied the tab, thinking of how great the blowjob I earned would be for forking over the dough for the ultra-chic, skimpy vegetarian dinner. She nodded, giving me a flirty eye, actually batting her long lashes at me. I flagged a waiter, ordered another coffee for her and a scotch for myself then she requested a scotch on top of the Bailey's. Fine with me, the quicker she was liquored up the sooner I got my dick wet.

The auction went on as we had our drinks. Bad luck on her boss not wining the prize, which would sting since he had paid several thousand dollars worth of tickets. But I would get mine—the pageant blonde was tipsy as I took her in my arms and whirled her around the floor for a waltz, dancing into the next before she stopped me wanting to leave.

I felt almost giddy as she tucked her hand in my dinner coat pocket and stroked my cock through two layers of wool blend silk. I hadn't worn shorts and the smooth material wrapped around me had my cock oozing a slick lube. We made it to her door just in time for her to fumble with the card key. She managed fine as it clicked open where I found she was faster slipping through door and closing it in my face.

"What the fuck!" I seethed into the door jamb.

Although she giggled on the other side, it turned to loud retching, I heard her throwing up. Fucking gross. Damn it all. This was it. I had enough of her cock teasing. What now though? For sure she and I were through, but I really did need her. The pain in my crotch matched the sudden raging headache I had.

Then brilliance striking both head and cock, I made my way to the Flytrap room. I was getting some pussy one way the other. The room was empty. I saw the Penis Flytrap looked rather hot and lonely, nothing guarding it—which wasn't the smartest move of the officials of the dome have ever made. If there is a will there was a way some guy was going to fuck that flower and it was going to be me as soon as I could slip my dick into it. I contemplated doing the deed right there in the open, I really was that horny. Raging and horny too, bad combination for the delicate pussy flower.

I snatched it up and tucked it under my jacket, nearly ran to my room. I was afraid I was going to get caught, but I never saw a person in the hall. Good thing too, I knew I looked like a fool with a huge hardon, petting my jacket as I went to my room. The card key gave me a little bit of trouble, playing that infuriating game of red light, green light before it would open for me.

Once in the room, I set the Penis Flytrap on the dresser and stripped off my clothes, not caring about wrinkling my expensive suit that I wasted to impress that bitch to get into her panties. Nope! Didn't matter though, I'd get fuck something other than my hand tonight.

My fingers I used earlier on the flower felt raw, but I thrust them inside of it. Right away, it's juicy petals glistened, made itself slippery. I wondered if I needed to give it foreplay or could fuck it right away? I didn't wonder long as the Penis Flytrap emitted a fresh and intoxicating pussy fragrance that had me pulling my stinging fingers out of it. I held my cock to its petals, pass the tooth-like fringe and slipped inside. How it ever managed to take my girth, it did fully. It took me all the way, with balls resting against the large pot, which I grasped on each side to get leverage and began to fuck the green pussy.

What I had imagined with the ice queen, I took out on the Penis Flytrap. I thrust in and out of it. It was velvety tight sleeve, seeming sucking at me as I fucked. Grunting, I stroked harder and faster. The flower trembled, but didn't rip apart. It was strong, hot, sexy and wet. My breath came quick, labored as my balls burned, rising, but my cock felt hotter. If my pump action could make smoke, it would happen with how flaming the pussy flower was. I groaned, emptying a nut, but only going half flaccid, I pulled out and fell on my back onto the bed.

My heart rate turned to normal as I caught my breath. I felt a prickling sensation in my crotch, although not painful, I ignored it and made to the bathroom to take a leak. It burned when I did. I looked normal down there. No redness or swelling other then my cock semi-hard. I took a fast cold shower, letting the icy water hit my dick like needles to cool off, but the more I did the hotter and hornier I got.

By the time I got done with my shower, I was ready for another go at the Penis Flytrap. I fingered, noticing I some blisters on my fingers but felt soothed as stroked the flower. I missed a woman's moans and feeling some soft tits, but frigging the green pussy was better than jerking off by far. I had my cock in the Penis Flytrap, fucking away at it before I knew it and coming quicker than I did the first time, however, instead of a semi erection, I had full hardon. It was a bizarre sensation, but didn't care as long as I got more of that hot flower snatch.

On the fifth time I came, my dick really felt like it was on fire. My fingers I frigged the plant with were beyond blistered, turning black. My brain was too fried with lust to care as I found myself sticking it the pussy flower again. The smell the flower emitted was a drug—I knew it for sure and was addicted to it like meth, wanting more of the plant.

I fucked the pussy flower nearly all night, but sheer exhaustion won out and I fell into bed. I had nearly gone to sleep when I heard the pageant blonde's door unlock and my door open. She tip-toed to my bed and slipped between the sheets with me then rubbed her naked body against my back.

"Billy, I'm sorry about last night. Really. God, I want you bad right now. I'm so horny."

"Sorry darling. I have no desire and no dick for you."

I was quite literal about that as I reached down to adjust the little melted pinky sized dink to the side as I rolled over onto my stomach and fell asleep.

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