tagLoving WivesPenny Ch. 02

Penny Ch. 02

byJust Plain Bob©

Following that night our sex life went into overdrive. As Penny said to me the morning after I ate her cum filled pussy for the first time:

"I know your buttons now baby and I know just which ones to push and how to push them."

And push them she did. At least once a week Penny would pull me into the bedroom and the chair would all ready be setting beside the bed. She would practically tear my clothes off me while keeping up a running line of dialog:

"Hurry lover, hurry. My husband can't wait to see you shove your big meaty cock into me. He loves to watch other men fuck me, make me scream and then shoot their cum in me. He gets off on watching hard cocks slide into my sexy body. He wants to hear me scream for you to fuck me harder, to beg you to go faster and to shoot your cream deep inside me. Look at him sitting over there in that chair playing with himself while you fuck his woman."

I had no idea what level in my mind that her talking reached, but it never failed to fire me up and keep me hard long after I would have normally faded away. As she urged me on I saw her in my mind as she lay spread out on Don's couch while he fucked her and his roomies watched. I saw her bucking her hips up at the roommate who sucked Don's cum out of her pussy as she screamed out:

"Oh yes, oh God yes, please don't stop, please, please don't stop."

When I was finally exhausted she would put her hand on my head and gently nudge me down to her cunt while crooning:

"Come on baby, taste my lover. Lick up his cream baby; clean your whore wife out. Make me feel good baby, suck up his cream and make me scream. Eat me until I cum baby, eat me until I cum."


I am not a stupid man so I guess I should have seen it coming. One night as I lay there exhausted, looking up at the ceiling and trying hard to catch my breath while Penny worked on my cock in a vain attempt to get it up again she asked:

"Are you ready yet baby?"

"Ready for what?"

"Ready to do it for real. It is what you want baby and you know it. It turns you on so much and you know you want to experience it for real. Come on baby, tell me what you are thinking?"

"Not about doing it for real."

"Are you sure?"

"What is this Penny? Are you trying to tell me that you want another man?"

"Don't be silly baby, you are all the man I need. I wouldn't mind doing another guy while you watched, but I'd be doing it for you, not me."

"Bullshit. You all ready told me what a fabulous turn on it was for you when Don's roommates watched."

"It was baby, but I was single then and I could do things like that. I'm married now and I can't. Would it turn me on to do it in front of you? Hell yes, but only if it was what you wanted. I love you baby and I'll do anything for you, but it will have to be something that we do together."

"Well I'm not interested in doing it for real."

"Okay baby, I'm not trying to push you into anything."


That evening's conversation went to work on me. Since finding out about Steve and Marsha and then about Penny, her ex-boyfriend and his roommates I constantly fantasized about seeing Penny with someone else between her legs. It was only a fantasy and that is all it would ever be because my wife couldn't possibly do anything like that, right? Suddenly I have her telling me that it would be no problem for her at all if I wanted her to do it. I thought about it all week and I was still thinking about it when I got home from work Thursday.

After dinner I helped Penny with the dinner dishes and then she said:

"I have something new for you tonight."

"And what would that be?"

"You get to watch me with my lover. He's upstairs waiting for us."

A cold hand clutched my heart and squeezed. Penny saw the change come over me and she took my hand and started leading me to the bedroom:

"It will be okay baby, trust me, you will love this."

In the bedroom the chair was already in position next to the bed and Penny pulled me over to it and pushed me down on it.

"Just sit her baby while I go and get him."

She left the room and I just sat there trying to decide if I should get up and leave or just stand up and be ready to deck the bastard when he walked into the room. I had just decided on the latter when a naked Penny walked back into the room with a brown paper bag in her hand.

"Isn't he sexy looking baby? I picked him up on the other side of town this afternoon."

She reached into the bag and brought out a huge dildo. It had to be all of ten inches long and she said, "Doesn't he have a nice big cock baby? He says he likes fucking a man's wife while the man watches. Think his huge cock will fit inside little Penny? I've never had one this big before baby. Don's was big, but not this big."

She reached in the bag and brought out a bottle of something and then got on the bed and spread her legs. She opened the bottle and squirted some of what was in it on the dildo, put some on her fingers and worked her fingers in and out of her pussy a couple of times.

"Are you ready baby? He's going to fuck me now. Your sweet little innocent wife is going to give your pussy to another man. Watch baby, watch as he puts his big cock in your wife's pussy."

Penny started working the fake cock at her pussy lips and slowly she pushed it inside of her.

"Oh god baby, he feels so good. Can you see his cock disappearing in me baby? Can you see it slide into me inch by inch? Are you happy baby? Are you getting off on watching your sweet, young innocent wife being a slut for a stranger? I don't even know his name baby, but I knew as soon as I saw him that he wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he would and he said yes so I brought him home with me. Are you turned on baby?"

She looked over at the tented trousers that her dialog had given me and giggled.

"Take it out baby. Take your cock out and play with it while this big dicked stranger fucks me and you watch."

I did it. I unzipped, took out my cock and started stroking it while she reamed herself with the dildo.

"He's all the way in baby, your little wife took that monster, all of it, and I've never felt so full baby. He's fucking me baby, he's fucking your wife. So good, so good, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard and make me cum."

She was really pounding the dildo into herself hard and I could hear the little sounds she makes when she is ready to cum. Her eyes were closed and she moaned, "Don't you cum baby, don't you cum. I want it baby, I want your cum."

I took my hand off my cock and watched as Penny had her orgasm and when she had settled down she reached for the bottle on the bedside stand and squirted some of it into her pussy. She turned to me and spread her legs wide: "Come here baby and see what he left for you. Come here baby and I'll suck your cock while you suck him out of me."

I climbed up on the bed, moved into a sixty-nine position with Penny and felt her hot mouth close on my cock as I buried my face in her cunt. It only took her thirty seconds to get me off and then she fucked my brains out until I couldn't get it up again.


The night with the dildo did it. I thought about it all day at work and by the time I got in the car to drive home I wanted to see it for real. Well, I was pretty sure I did, but by the time I walked in the front door I was already having second thoughts. I wanted to do it, but then I didn't. Besides, I didn't know how. The mechanics of it were simple enough, 'put hard dick in pussy and move it back and forth' but how did you go about finding the hard dick and keeping it quiet? How did you keep the people in town from learning your business and then pointing fingers at you and calling you degenerate perverts? I didn't want the guys at work talking about me and Penny the way they talked about Steve and Marsha. Besides talking among themselves who else did they talk to about it and who did those people talk to and so on.

"Not a problem" Penny said. "We can go out to one of those hotels at the airport, take a room, find a business man passing through and invite him to the room. When it's over he flies away and we never see him again."

"You sure that you can do this?"

"I'm more worried about you honey, I've done it before and you haven't. I admit that I've wanted to do it since the night I told you about Don and his roommates. It was such a fantastic turn on for me and I'd like to experience it again, but not - repeat not - if you aren't really sure that you can handle it. I really want to do it baby, but not at the cost of losing you and destroying my marriage. It has to be something that we both want with no reservations. So tell me baby, are you sure?"

"I'm sure I want to, but how can we tell if I can handle it until we actually do it?"

"Easy honey, we do a couple of test runs."


She looked hotter than hell. Low cut blouse with no bra, short skirt with an almost nothing thong beneath it and four inch heels. When I pulled up in front of the airport lounge she leaned over and kissed me.

"Remember baby, anytime you think you can't handle it just get up and leave. That's my signal to break away and follow you."

She got out and went inside while I went and parked the car. I waited for about five minutes and then I followed her in. She was sitting at a table in the back and the waitress was taking her drink order as I took a seat at the bar where I could keep an eye on her. We had picked that particular lounge because they had live music and a dance floor. She was half way through her drink when two men approached her and I assumed that they were asking her to take turns dancing with them. Penny said something and I saw her shake her head no. They talked some more and I saw her agree to something and both men returned to their table, got their drinks and then went back and joined Penny at her table. They settled in and then Penny got up and moved out onto the dance floor with one of the men.

For the next two hours I watched as the two men bought Penny drinks and took turns dancing with her. After the first hour of dancing the men started letting their hands stray. It started with them letting their hands drift from her waist down to her ass and when she didn't protest they pulled her closer so she could feel their hard cocks pressing into her legs and lower belly. Then her tits were felt up from the outside and when that met no resistance a hand worked under her blouse and cupped a breast and she gave a little jerk when a nipple was tweaked.

Next, one of the guys pulled her in close and I saw his hand snake down inside her skirt from the top and a moment later when her legs moved apart I knew that Penny had just given the man access to her cunt. I was beside myself with lust and it was all I could do to keep from getting up and leaving, not because I couldn't handle it, but because I wanted Penny to follow me out so I could fuck her on our back seat.

On the dance floor Penny and the man she was dancing with looked like they were molded together and they swayed to the music as the man finger fucked my wife. I saw her glance over at me, smile and then bury her head in the man's shoulder. The music stopped and the bandleader announced that they were taking a short break and Penny and her partner went back and joined the other man at the table. They sat talking for a minute and then the man who had been finger fucking her looked around, said something and then the three of them got up and moved to a circular booth against the back wall.

They slid into the booth with Penny in the middle and after the waitress brought fresh drinks and moved away I saw each man put a hand under the table. Penny closed her eyes and slid down a little on the seat and while I couldn't see the men's hands I could see Penny's feet and I saw her move them wide apart. I would have bet my next paycheck that both men were playing with her pussy. Penny leaned back her head against the back of the booth and the man on her right kissed her. It was a long kiss and when he broke it and moved his head away the man on the left kissed her. For the next ten minutes the two men finger fucked Penny and took turns kissing her and as I watched Penny's feet moved farther and farther apart and then they left the floor altogether and she had her right leg over the man on her right and her left over the man on her left. She was as wide open for their hands as she could get.

Then I noticed something else. I had been so into watching the kissing and the way her feet were spreading that I hadn't noticed the arm movement - not theirs, hers! Both of Penny's hands were under the table and I could tell from her arm movement that she was jacking both of the men off and I had my first disquieting thought. My wife was behaving like an absolute slut! This was a side of Penny that I had never known existed. Everything she was doing seem to come so natural to her. There was no hesitation, no awkwardness, and not even a minimal protest. I guess that when she said she wanted to do it she really meant it.

My next thought was "What now?" The two men obviously meant to fuck Penny and from everything I'd seen so far she wasn't going to try and stop them. Her head rolled from left to right on the booths back cushion as the two men took turns french kissing her while she jacked them off. I had to break things up and get Penny out of there. I finished the drink I had in front of me, got up and headed for the bathrooms. I moved slow to give Penny a chance to notice me and then when I passed by the booth I gave a slight nod of my head to indicate that I wanted her to follow me.

I went into the men's and used the urinal and then stepped back outside into the hallway. Penny wasn't there so I assumed that she was in the ladies room and I waited for her to come out. After almost five minutes she hadn't come out and no one else had gone in so I opened the door and stuck my head in and called for her. I got no answer so I pushed the door open, looked in and saw that the room was empty. I went back into the lounge and looked around, but Penny and the two men were gone. I spent ten minutes looking for her and didn't find her so I went out and waited in the car. After fifteen minutes with no sign of her I started up the car and drove on home.


It was eleven when I got home and I sat on the couch in the living room with the lights off and stared at the wall. I thought about what had been happening since I told Penny about Steve and Marsha and the more time I spent thinking about it the clearer it became that Penny had been steering things so that something like that night would happen. She was the one who asked the question, "Could you do something like that?" She was the one who initiated the role-playing and she was the one who asked me if I was ready to try the 'real' thing. "No problem" she said when I wondered how to go about it and she had a plan all ready to give me.

All my thinking just brought up more questions and more things to think about. Did I really know my wife? Obviously not or I would not have been so surprised at the ease with which she became a slut for those two men. Had she been cheating on me all along and saw the Steve and Marsha thing as a way to involve me? If I were involved then I wouldn't start wondering if she were cheating and with me involved she wouldn't have to cheat. Hell, she wouldn't even have to go out looking, I'd bring the men home to her.

One of the last things to cross my mind was that nights "see if you can handle it" test run. Penny picked the place so was the evening pre-planned? Did I know that she didn't already know those two men? Was that why she was so at ease with what they were doing? I just could not get that ease out of my mind. It was an ease that shouted out "This is natural, this is what I do."

A car door slamming interrupted my thoughts and I got up and walked to the window and looked out just in time to see Penny coming up the walk and a cab pulling away. I looked at my watch and saw that it was ten after four. I went back and sat down on the couch. Penny came into a dark house through the front door and probably thought that I was in bed. She set her purse on the table just inside the door and then went up to our bedroom. Two minutes later she came back down and turned on the living room lights and looked at me sitting on the couch.

"Why didn't you say you were in here when I came in?"

"Because you would have come in here and I'm in no mood to talk right now."

"I don't understand. What's wrong?"

"You know damned well what is wrong Penny. Where did you go when I signaled you to follow me to the bathrooms? You sure didn't follow me like you were supposed to and where the fuck have you been and what have you been doing for the last five fucking hours?"

"In the first place I didn't know that you were signaling me to follow you. I thought that your nod meant that I should go ahead."

"Go ahead and what?"

"Go to the next step with those two guys."

"The next step?"

"Well yeah, you watched everything we did and you didn't get up and leave. We agreed that would be the signal for me to break things up and to follow you out. Come on honey, what was I supposed to think. My legs couldn't have been spread any farther apart so you know they both had their fingers in me. You saw that I was stroking their cocks and you watched as they shoved their tongues down my throat. All that was left for them to do was put me on the table and do me and when you didn't do anything to stop it I thought it was what you wanted. When you walked by the table and nodded I thought you were telling me to go for it."

"Bullshit Penny! This whole thing was about the two of us, you and me, not just you. Tonight was supposed to be a test to see if I could handle watching you with another man. Did I get to watch you get laid tonight Penny? Was I sitting there watching when you fucked those two? And what the hell was the deal there? When was getting you gangbanged ever discussed between us? And one more thing while we are on the subject. You were entirely too comfortable with what you were doing. It was all so easy for you. No jitters or the nervousness one would expect from a woman who has been a faithful wife for the last ten years. It was like you were still doing it with Don and there hadn't been any break in the action. What it looked like Penny, is that you have been doing it all along."

"I guess there isn't much sense in trying to talk to you if your head is that fucked up. I'm going to bed" and she got up and left the room.

I sat there for about five minutes and then I went upstairs. Penny was sitting on the toilet using her douche bang when I went into the room and got my pillow off the bed. Penny saw me and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to sleep on the couch."

I stood there watching her douche and she said:

"What? I'm supposed to leave their junk in me? I brought it home so you could see if you liked sloppy seconds or not. Given the way you are talking now I'm not going to leave it in me one more second." I stood there watching and not saying anything and so she said, "Just leave okay? We can work out the details of the separation when you get home from work tomorrow."

I was about to say "Separation, what separation?" but decided to keep my mouth shut before I made things any worse.

To be continued.

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