tagLoving WivesPenny's 40th Birthday Gift

Penny's 40th Birthday Gift


Penny puts the phone down after booking a date with the spa for the birthday present her husband gave her, it was a voucher for a "special all senses sensual steam Thai aromatherapy massage." A pretty long title for a massage at the local spa. Penny had a feeling it must be a cheap sale offer as he had never bought her anything like it in the past, his usual style was to buy her a new Hoover cleaner or something similar, like all women really want for their 40th birthday; well that's how she thinks Steve thinks.

The due day arrives and she drives to the spa, it's a good 2 hours drive and in rush hour traffic, by the time she gets there she is so stressed, she really needs a massage. Couldn't he have just paid for a massage at the local spa, its only 15 minute drive and has a really good reputation, it also has a reputation for been quite expensive, cheapskate she thinks to herself.

Penny checks in at the desk, there are a number of pretty, young, slim Thai girls around in white or blue uniforms. Penny looks at them and thinks they look very professional, then thinks probably professional little Thai whores on the side, then rebukes herself, not like her to be racist, and they really do look beautiful, oh to be young and slim again. Penny remembers how she looked in her early 20's, she had plenty of admirers back then. To be fair she still has a great figure, most 30 year olds would be jealous and never guess she is 40.

Penny gets herself ready in the changing room and is shown to a steam room with a hot coal hearth at one side upon which water and essential oils are put, they evaporate leaving the room full of steam and smelling great, she wonders what the oils are and thinks she will ask the therapist.

In the middle of the room is a massage table with a hole to rest her face, she removes her dressing gown and lays face down on the table, wearing only her panties. The relaxing music is very calming and the oil scented steam fills her lungs encouraging her to draw deep breaths.

She is soon so relaxed that when the therapist enters she doesn't even look up. Neither of them speak. Warm oil is poured on her neck and down her back, strong soft hands begin to massage it in, starting with her neck and slowly working down to her knicker line.

Her panties are gently rearranged and tugged down just an inch or 2, and she lifts her hips to allow it, they are left about half way down her bottom.

When she is throughly massaged from the neck to where her panties lie, drawing a line across her pert buttocks. The therapist moves down at starts at her feet, slowly working up. Penny is almost asleep it feels so good.

On reaching her upper thigh her panties are pulled down and off, in her relaxed state she hardly even notices, she just thinks it must be normal. Penny has never had a full massage before and she just thinks her little Thai masseuse is the expert. Certainly from the feelings she is getting from the massage the masseuses must be an expert in the craft.

Warm Oil is then poured across her bottom and some of it runs down the valley and tickles as it runs over her pussy. It is massaged into her bottom checks. The therapist uses both thumbs in the join of her leg and butt, while simultaneously using the palm of the hands in circular movements which cause Penny's pussy lips to open and close slightly, the oil making a slight sucking sound as it does so. It feels like her own pussy lips are gently massaging her clitoris.

Well now she knows why it's called a sensual massage. Penny is surprised when the thumb traces down the crack of her butt and over her bum hole, not stopping, going down and directly between her pussy lips, it feels; oh so nice. She is even more surprised when she feels something small inserted into her butt, then another, she thinks it feels like a small ball and guesses it is a string of small pearls on a string, like a necklace.

Another larger version is inserted in her pussy. More oil is poured on her from neck to toe. Penny is massaged all over a second time, again from head bottom, then toe to belly button. This time the massage is stronger and deeper. With every stroke causing her body to move under the pressure. Every movement causes the pearls inside her to stimulate her insides, in the walls of her pussy and rectum.

Penny is really not sure about what is happening, but god it feels nice.

Penny is told to turn over, the voice is a shock, not the little Thai girls voice she had expected but a deep booming commanding voice with a base that would not be out of place in a disco. Penny turns over and sees her therapist for the first time. It is not only a man, but a very large muscular guy with a barrel chest, shoulders and arms to match, and he is totally black. Penny has always had a secret fantasy about strong black men.

Penny lay's on her back now, eyes wide watching the rippling muscles as she is massaged with strong heavy hands, causing the pearls inside her to constantly massage her internally. He pours oil down the front of her body making sure plenty of oil drips between her legs, then he starts massaging from her neck to the thighs, then her toes to tummy, as before but now on her front; all the time every stroke causing her body to move and the movements causing the incredible feelings inside her.

Penny had never even told her husband of her secret fantasy to be fucked by a big black guy, Steve liked to fuck her with a big black dildo and he would sometimes ask her if she would like it to be a real big black cock. She always said no but she always gave her self away by how turned on she became. It was the only time she ever pleaded to be fucked harder and got very loud and vocal.

Penny can't take her eyes off him, he is wearing only a pair of white shorts and his strong chest ripples as he massages her, the black and white contrast of his massive hands running across her entire body, causing the pearls inside her to add unbelievable sensations. His hands on her body, rubbing every inch of her small white body. The smell of the oil, the steam heat, the sight of his skin on hers, black on white.

And always the pearls inside moving around and driving her mad. Penny is now so horny that she feels like screaming and begging for release, she feels like the only thing in the world now is the urge to cum.

He massages her in long strokes from head to toe, every time his hands pass over her thighs his hands touch the string of pearls and she lets out a small involuntary cry. She wants to say please stop I am a married woman, but the words come out different, she begs him to make her cum. It's like the words come from somewhere else and she hardly recognises the voice, it is so full of lust.

Please she says, please, please, oh god please I need to cum, make me cum please. She has no restraint left and pleads with him to fuck her. He spins Penny round and pulls her towards him till her sex is touching him. He bends her knees upwards until her legs are on her chest and holding them there he reaches down and takes hold of the strings of pearls.

He pulls the strings slowly, each time a pearl pops out penny has an orgasm. First one, then another and another, she is now beside herself and totally lost in a world few women ever reach. when the last pearl is out, he lifts her legs till they are pointing straight up to the ceiling, his hands on her calfs, then he opens them like the hands of a clock at 9:15.

With a flick of his hand his shorts drop, and so do her eyes to his massive jet black cock, he is circumcised and the end seems almost to glow purple, his chest looks massive and strong but her eyes are fixed lower down to his monster cock. It looks just as massive and strong, it's already hard and covered in lube oil.

Her pussy touching his belly and his cock is laying along her belly from her cunt and reaching almost to her tits. It looks so long and thick and she wonders how it could possibly fit inside her without first removing her insides. He adjusts him self lining the tip of his cock with her pussy.

Gradually she watches mesmerised as his cock disappears inside her tight pussy, stretched to the max, she feel so full of cock, like never before. gently he starts fucking her, more and more of his cock disappears in her. She wants to close her eyes but is transfixed on where is cock enters her, her belly seems bloated as her insides are moved out of the way to make room inside for his cock.

It takes a good while before his balls finally reach her and he is fully inside her. He starts thrusting, gentle at first to allow her time to adjust to his size, getting harder and harder. She opens her mouth but nothing comes out, she want to say stop it's too big but it comes out as fuck me, fuck me fuck me harder, please don't ever stop.

He had no intention of stopping, not until she was delirious, not until time stopped for her, not until the meaning of life became clear to her, to be full of his big black cock. Even then he carried on fuelled by viagra. Finally sweating and exhausted he could last no longer.

Only then did she feel him erupting inside her, she was totally knackered but still she came so hard she thought her pussy would bite his big black cock clean off and she would have to live the rest of her life with it stuck deep inside. Total Bliss.

Penny lay back and in seconds she fell asleep. Totally relaxed and totally fucked.

The masseuse looked down at her sleeping and thought to himself that he had really earned the extra large tip her husband had given him earlier. He looked towards the 2 way mirror, smiled and put his thumb up. He couldn't see through the glass but he knew penny's husband was on the other side filming the whole thing, and guessed rightly wanking himself silly.

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by Anonymous

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by cropduster68905/19/18

Great story

There is nothing better than being able to give your wife her fantasy fuck while you watch her. And I have my own videos of my wife to enjoy later

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by Anonymous05/15/18

This was very erotic

I contacted a gentleman once who advertised erotic massages and after meeting him I set up one for my wife. It was very similar to what you described but he didn’t have the pearls nor was he black. Hemore...

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by AnnetteBishop05/13/18

I love a great masseur

Massages are the best relaxation I can think of. xoxoxoxo Annette

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by Anonymous05/12/18

Great story

Fantastic story. Would love to watch my wife get a sensual massage

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by Anonymous05/12/18

"Forget all the anonymous story police"

Notice that this moron posted this ... anonymously.

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