tagGroup SexPenny's Night Out

Penny's Night Out


Penny was horny. And when Penny is horny, Penny gets laid. And since Penny is always horny, Penny gets laid quite a bit.

The problem this evening, was that Penny was alone at home. She had tried calling some of her men friends, but nobody seemed to be around. "Good grief," she thought to herself, "this just won't do!"

Penny had been sitting on the couch, probing her pussy with the big black dildo that she keeps handy, but it just wasn't the same as a flesh-and-blood cock moving in-and-out of her.

The evening was being frittered away and she was being tortured by her insatiable desire to have sex.

Suddenly, a thought came to Penny that made her stop mid-stroke with her dildo. "I'm gonna find a bar and pick up one or two guys and bring them back here and fuck their brains out!" she exclaimed out loud to herself.

Penny went into her room and picked out her shortest skirt and a short that left her belly button exposed. She never wore panties or a bra. They just got in the way. When she found somebody she wanted to fuck, she didn't want to have to worry about pulling down her panties first. Besides, she loved to flash strangers, and was constantly sitting in ways that gave men a good look at her pussy.

Penny was sex personified. Pure and simple. And she could entice the pope into bed with her if she put her mind, and body, and pussy to it.

Penny walked the few blocks to the business section near her neighborhood. There were a couple of bars along the street and she went into the first one she encountered. She stopped after entering and perused the scene. It was about 11:30 at night and the bar contained about 15 to 20 guys scattered along the bar and at the tables. A couple of the guys had women with them but most were alone or with other guys.

She hopped up onto a bar stool and order a beer from the bartender. She noticed that he never looked at her face while taking the order, but kept his eyes riveted to her chest. Her nipples, always hard, were pressed against the fabric of her shirt. Penny loved to have men look at her. The more they looked at her, the hornier she got. And, of course, Penny's horniness was off the chart this evening.

Penny took her beer and turned on the stool to face the room. Her feet were on the rungs of the stool and her legs were apart. Her skirt was so short that anyone who cared to look in her direction could see her pussy exposed. And there were plenty of eyes on her now. All conversation practically stopped as she sat there, gently swaying her legs, together, then apart, together, and then a little farther apart.

Her pussy was on fire now, knowing that she had caught the attention of everyone in the room. She could feel it moisten with excitement. Penny knew she was going to get laid tonight. Royally. And soon.

A couple of men approached her.

"Hey, sweet thing, you're looking mighty hot tonight!" said one of the men, a man in his thirties. He was a little drunk. His friend was a little older.

"I'm always hot," Penny purred back at them. "The question is -- What are you going to do about it?"

This response surprised the man. He probably never had such immediate success with a woman before.

"Well, honey, I've something here that can make you scream," he said as he grabbed his crotch.

Penny looked down at where the man's hand was. She reached over and felt the stiffness in his pants. "Mmmm. Not bad, big boy. So you think you're man enough for me?"

"Well, if I'm not, I'm sure that me and my friend here can give you all you need." His friend sheepishly nodded his agreement.

Penny looked them both over and then leaned back against the bar. She pulled her skirt up, totally exposing her glistening pussy. "Well, go ahead, big guy. Whip it out and let's see what you can do."

All eyes in the place were intently on them now. All ears listening to this exchange. The bartender had a nervous look on his face. He glanced around the room looking for help, for some idea of how he should handle this.

The man looked back at the room. He looked at Penny. At her luscious pussy just sitting there ready to be taken. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. "Here it comes, baby, " he said as he took a step forward and placed the head of his cock to the lips of Penny's pussy. With one thrust, he slid quickly into her. Her cunt was so wet that it took the entire shaft with no trouble. Penny's eyes rolled back in their sockets and she reveled in the ecstasy of that stroke. The man lasted only four or five strokes before he shot his wad of cum into her pussy.

Penny looked at him, disappointed. "You call that a fuck? Mister I need more than that to satisfy my needs!"

She turned to his friend. "How about you, bud?"

As the second man unzipped his pants and pushed his friend aside, the bartender moved quickly to the door and locked it. He put the "Closed" sign in the window. He had a feeling that this was going to turn out to be a wild night.

Penny was out of her head with lust. She called out the rest of the room, "Any of you assholes out there that think you're man enough to satisfy me, get your sorry asses up here!"

A few of the men made a move toward her. The rest sat there stunned by the events unfolding before them.

The second man began fucking Penny furiously. A couple of the other men came over and started grabbing her tits and fondled them. Soon there were about five men groping her. They began pulling at her shirt and skirt, trying to get at her tits and ass. The fabric started to rip as the men became frantic!

The others in the room had now formed a circle around them, including the couple of women that were there.

The man in her pussy came in a spasm and staggered back from her. One of the other men grabbed her and turned her naked body over the bar stool, stomach on the stool, and began finger her ass. Another guy moved before her and stuck his hard cock right in her face.

Penny's juices were really flowing now. She had cum and pussy juice dripping down her legs. She grabbed the cock in front of her and began sucking it feverishly. The man on her ass rammed his cock into her asshole. She could see that the men nearest to her all had their cocks out and were jacking them earnestly. The crowd was getting it into. The men with the woman had begun groping them as well, but most of the attention was on Penny.

Penny was in ecstasy. She loved the feel of cock, whether in her mouth, pussy or ass. The sight of so many cocks out ready for her drove her heights she didn't think possible. On the floor her skirt and shirt lay in tatters.

The man in her ass pulled out just in time for a stream of hot cum to coat her back. Shortly after that the cock in her mouth erupted and Penny eagerly gulped down the cum, although some of it oozed out and began dripping down her chin.

Those men were pushed away by the others and Penny was pulled down to the floor on top of a guy, who quickly inserted his cock into her soaking cunt. The others surrounding them continued stroking their cocks. One guy knelt down behind Penny and began fucking her in the ass. Another straddled the man on the floor and offered his throbbing cock to Penny's mouth. She began sucking him, getting into a strange rhythm of three cocks pounding into her.

Penny's pussy was in an almost constant state of orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed over her. As soon as one eruption ended another began. As soon as one cock deflated, another hard one was there to replace it. One-by-one the men came, shooting cum into her every orifice, and onto every part of her body, and the floor.

The women on the edge of the circle were getting fucked by one or two men. Men were jacking off all around her. And that is how the evening proceeded for hours. Penny was fucked by virtually every man in the bar, most more than once. A couple of the women even came over so Penny could lick the cum out of their pussies.

At about 3 o'clock in the morning, the fucking stopped. All the men were worn out. Penny cried out, "You guys aren't done, are you?" She was tired but could still keep going if only there was a stiff cock left to satisfy her.

A couple of the men began using her clothes to soak up the cum and pussy juice that covered her. They began ripping the clothes into smaller pieces. "How about some souvenirs of this night, boys?" they said and began handing out the fragments, each piece of fabric soaked with Penny's cunt juice and cum.

The bartender opened the door and told everyone that they had better go. And they started to file out, most telling Penny that she could come back any time she wanted.

Penny left, too, and began walking naked to her house. It was very late and there was almost no traffic. She thought that she could probably make it back without the cops sighting her, and the thrill of doing it nude turned her on again.

Suddenly a big black car pulled up beside her and stopped. The door was pushed open invitingly. "Want to go to a party?" came a voice from inside the car. Penny looked the car over and then walked over and got in.

But that's another story.

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