tagLesbian SexPenny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 01

Penny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 01


Author's note: I was recently asked by a reader to write a fantasy for her. I decided that everyone should have at least one of their fantasies on paper, so with Penny's permission I tried to put into words what she sees in her mind. These stories will have minor details between husband and wife, but the focus will be on Penny's relationship with Carol and later Carol's friends.I hope you enjoy this first part of Penny's Passion and Pleasure, and later, two more stories will finish off her new short series.

Once again, thank you to gotwood49 for his editing services.


"She's pretty," Carol whispered to her friend Megan. Megan looked over to where her friend had pointed, and noticed the cute woman looking at the silky thongs. "Yes, she is."

Carol nodded her agreement, and let her eyes roam over the stranger's body. She thought that the lovely lady would look exquisite in one of her designs, and she began to imagine the dark haired beauty modeling one of her creations. As if reading her thoughts, Megan leaned in, letting her breast press against Carol's arm. "She'd look sexy in that little red number you created; the one with the various circles. The one that exposes just the right amount of skin, to make your mouth water."

"I do have that party next week. I think I'll give her one of my cards, introduce myself, see what happens." Carol moved off towards the woman as she heard Megan's, "Good Luck."

Carol put on her best smile and proceeded to weave her way over to the woman. Noticing how her dark black hair fell in waves, she was curious as to what it would feel like between her fingers. Tapping her shoulder, she smiled brightly at the face that turned to look at her. She noticed the pretty eyes and the full lips. "Hi," she said. "I'm Carol."

"Hello." Penny shook the woman's hand and returned her smile. She waited patiently as Carol explained to her about her independent business. Taking in every word, she could feel herself getting excited. "Model one of your designs? Me?" she asked.

Carol nodded yes and continued. "I'm having a get-together at my home. When I have a selection of lingerie completed, I throw a party and invite some close friends; we try on the designs and then hang out, just having a nice time."

"I'm flattered." Penny felt her face light up and heard herself agreeing to the offer. "I'd love to. It sounds like fun, and a nice way to meet some new people. My husband and I just recently moved to the area, so I don't have any female friends yet."

"Great, let me give you my card." Digging in her purse, Carol fished out a business card and handed it over to Penny. "Before we meet for the party, would it be ok for us to get together so I could get your measurements?" Carol pulled out a small notepad, and wrote down the time and address for a mid-week meeting with Penny. "Wonderful. I'll see you Wednesday at your place for the measurements, and then the following Friday will be my party."

Shaking her hand, Penny watched the woman move back through the store, and meet up with another woman. The other lady glanced over at Penny and waved, then gave her a thumbs up and a wink. Penny smiled at the blonde and waved back, before continuing her search through the thongs, looking for the perfect one for the evening with Mark.


Carol and Megan sat at a table outside of the little cafe, sharing a large cup of expresso. "So, when are you meeting her for the measurements?" Megan asked, her eyes alight with humor. "I know how much I enjoyed my measurements being taken." She winked and slid her leg up Carol's calf muscle, and back down again.

"Mmm.. careful sweetie. Seeing the new girl in the shop today got me a little excited," Carol whispered. "You'll have your hands full, if you don't watch out." Carol smiled over at Megan and opened her legs wider, urging her friend's foot to travel at will.

Megan's skin tingled as she thought of how wet her friend was, and let her toes slide further up. She paused to look around and make sure the coast was clear, before she stretched her leg out fully. Her green eyes darkened as she watched Carol shift in her seat and her hand slip under the table, lifting her skirt. Megan touched Carol's wet pussy with her stocking-covered toes, and pushed against it gently. Moaning softly, Carol closed her eyes, and pushed her cunt deeper against the firm digits.

Seeing the waiter begin to make his way towards them, Megan slipped her foot away and nodded hello to him. Accepting the bill, she laid the money on the table and left the mall with her friend.

Both women got into the car, and Megan knew that her attention in the cafe and the sexy number in the shop had gotten Carol wet and horny. Scooting over to the middle seat, she wasted no time in sliding her finger into the wet hole and stroking the slick, fleshy walls of Carol's pussy. Carol's moan urged Megan on, and soon her sweet cum was covering her finger and gathering in her palm.

"Oh fuck, baby. I needed that," Carol said, seconds before she slid her tongue deep into Megan's mouth. Their mouths sucked and pulled at each other, and when Megan brought her sex covered hand up to their mouths, both women licked and sucked it clean, before sliding their tongues together and kissing again.

Carol slipped her hand to Megan's breast and squeezed the firm globe, "God, I can't wait until Rob gets home tonight!"

Megan sighed and pressed a quick kiss to her friend's lips, then scooted back to her side of the seat. "I don't know why you two made that silly rule! I mean, Rob has known about us for years, and suddenly he doesn't want you and I fucking when he's out of town! What's up with that, anyway?"

Carol shrugged her shoulders and explained for the hundredth time, "Meg, he asked me not to, and I agreed. He just wants to know what's going on. He hasn't restricted my activities, really. Hell, he's usually with us anyway, so holding off isn't hurting you or me. Accept it. Okay?"

Megan nodded her head and kept her thoughts to herself, thinking that if her husband Tim ever told her not to fuck while he was gone, she'd probably do it more, just to piss him off. Rounding the corner, Megan saw her house, and as Carol put the car in park, she leaned over and kissed her friend, tasting her tongue before sliding out of the car and saying goodbye.

Carol pulled out and headed towards her home, hoping that her husband would be there to help ease some of the frustration that Penny and Megan had caused. Running her finger against her slit, she felt the juice from her body, and ached to give over to the need to have it filled. Licking her finger clean, she pulled up into the garage and shut off her car.


Penny arrived home and placed her packages on the kitchen counter. She headed off to the bedroom and noticed Roger sleeping. Bending down, she kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear that she was headed to the tub to take a nice hot bath. He sighed against her cheek and told her he loved her, before returning to his slumber.

Moving into the master bathroom, she tossed in a couple of capfuls of bubble bath, stripped down, and climbed into the tub. The hot water surrounded her body, and the bubbles hid her sex and most of her breasts as she slipped down, submerging herself deeper into the hot foam. Penny closed her eyes and thought back over the day.

The beginning was a little rough. The car had a flat, and she had to round up a couple of neighborhood boys to loosen the lug nuts from the tire. But, when they offered to change it for her, she was more than thrilled, and watched them work at helping her out. Her day actually went even better, as she had shopped for Mark's birthday gift, and then met the nice woman at the lingerie shop.

"Wow," she said out loud, her voice echoing across the walls of the room. "I can't believe how lucky my day has been." She closed her eyes and pictured the friendly woman that was at the store. It had been a long time since she had a woman to call friend, and even longer since she had ever attended a party with a group of women. Penny reached over and grabbed her book from the table she had sitting near the tub. The candles gave off a lilac smell, and she settled into reading her book.

As Penny read the novel, not really caring what it was about, she was somewhat surprised that her thoughts turned to the woman in the store. She kept thinking of how she and the other lady had left together. "They seemed awful close, more like lovers than friends," she remarked to herself. Penny put the novel away, admitting to herself that she was just too distracted to give it the attention it deserved. She closed her eyes and imagined the two ladies, and wondered if perhaps the other woman would be at the party. "Maybe I can make another friend," she thought. She hated being alone in a new neighborhood, and really wanted to have some girl-friends, to just hang with.

She heard her husband stirring in the other room, and imagined him waking up and joining her in the tub. As she slipped her hand into the water, she closed her eyes and felt the soft, wet hairs of her sex. Letting her fingers slide over it, caressing it slowly and tenderly, she picked at the small hairs and twirled her finger around them. Soon she had worked a few tingles along her skin, as she slowly stimulated herself. Slipping a finger inside the lips of her pussy, she worked it in and out, stroking it slowly as her hips lifted a bit higher in the water.

Penny imagined her husband's mouth on her skin, sliding over her neck and down to her breast. She worked her finger faster, and soon slid another inside. The hot water from the tub surrounding her, she used her other hand to pull and tug on her right nipple. Soon her mind had her husband's mouth sucking hard on her breast, while looking up at her. She could almost feel his teeth, tugging and biting. Using her nails, she pinched the hard nub, and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Penny could feel the hot walls of her sex, and pushed against them.

Soon she felt that her body would respond faster if she pictured her husband sliding down her and burying his head in her cunt. Her head fell back, and her hips drove against her fingers. "Yes," she called out, hearing the desperation and hunger in her own voice. Her mind suddenly shifted from her husband's features to the face of the woman at the shop. Shocked, but too close to cumming to worry about it, Penny held the image in her head and felt the sweet release, as she whispered Carol's name. Pumping her fingers over and over, letting the nectar of her body cover her fingers, her orgasm intensity increased, as she imagined Carol and her friend sucking and teasing her body.

Penny relaxed in her tub, her mind questioning herself, even as her body slowly ebbed itself of her released passion. Wondering why she would suddenly imagine the two ladies in the store, just as she had begun to orgasm, she let other thoughts take shape. She remembered times in her life that seemed odd, and yet she never truly questioned them, till now. She thought back on the moment her and her best friend and neighbor, Rhonda, had begun to develop into women.

Rhonda had come over for a visit, and as usual, the girls had decided to go swimming. They each changed clothes, and Rhonda suddenly stared at Penny. Penny easily recalled the conversation, and how eventually each girl had poked the other's breast, and even pinched them. Rhonda even went as far as suggesting they touch each other further down, but Penny was worried they would get caught, so she had said no. She knew now, as an adult, that she had been more curious than anything, as to why she enjoyed the sensation of her friend touching her breasts.

As Penny moved out of her tub, pulling the plug on her way, she continued to dwell on the past. Little things began to make her question if she hadn't always been curious about women. Once, in college, on a dare, she and another roommate had kissed. It had been some ridiculous game of chance and she had lost, so the other girls, most everyone inebriated at the time, had started getting risky with each other. Penny had done well up to that point, and only had to hold hands with one girl for five minutes, and help another take off her blouse. Time and fate, or the loss of her luck, eventually caught up with her, and she and the other woman had to kiss. At first, she leaned over and kissed her quickly, but from the boo's and moans of the group she knew she had to do more. The girl shrugged her shoulders, and Penny went in for the kiss.

She remembered now, as if it were yesterday, the butterfly feeling in her stomach, and how the girl had tasted of peppermint schnapps. Their tongues had touched, and Penny heard a soft moan escaping the woman's mouth, and for fun, decided to deepen the kiss. She placed her hand on the back of her neck and angled her head. Thrusting her tongue along the walls of her partner's, she stroked and caressed it. Surprised at how much she was enjoying it, she took her hand and slid it down to the young woman's breast, and tweaked the nipple. Her friends gasped and giggled, and Penny pulled away. She could feel her sex throbbing, and her eyes stared transfixed on the blue ones looking back at her. As the game continued, Penny felt herself becoming more aroused as the drinks flowed freely and steadily. Finally, feeling as if the drinks were why she did what she did, she excused herself from the group and slept the booze off.

As Penny powdered her body, enjoying the soft scent, she excused her thoughts, and decided that she was making more out of this than was necessary. Even now, she was willing to admit that the porn DVD's she and Mark watched, turned her on when women were pleasuring each other. Shrugging her shoulders, she decided that her feelings were probably normal for many women, and as long as she didn't act on them, she saw nothing wrong in imagining them. Slipping on her robe, she moved back to the bedroom.

"Hello sweetheart," she whispered to her husband, her hands sliding around his waist. "Did you enjoy your nap?"

Mark turned and kissed her gently, his tongue easing inside her lips. "Yes, I did. I didn't realize how tired I was, until I got home and saw that bed, just calling to me." Looking into her eyes, he asked, "Who's Carol? I heard you whisper her name."

Penny's face reddened, and she knew that she must have been louder in her release than she had thought. "You heard?" She felt the blushing of her face as she looked down. "I met her today at the lingerie store." She explained how this woman had approached her, and how she had invited her to a lingerie party. "I'd like to go, if that's all right?"

"Of course it is." Mark touched her cheek. "It wasn't that you were loud. I was approaching the bathroom when I heard your moaning, and I knew you were close, so I just wanted to allow you your time." He looked deeply into her eyes as he spoke to her, trying to set her skittishness and embarrassment at ease. "I had to fight myself not to join you. I didn't want to interrupt what you were doing, so I waited outside the door, enjoying the sound of your voice. But honey, it wasn't the usual name I hear from you, when you sound like that." He smiled down at her and held her close, running his fingers along her back. "What were you thinking about?"" he paused. "Or better yet, who?"

Penny loved her husband, and there was no doubt in her mind about telling him what had transpired. They had always been honest with each other. She had told him years ago about her experiences with her friends, and he had never judged her. Taking his hand is hers, Penny led her husband to the bed. "Let's talk," she said. Together they sat and faced each other, and Penny relayed everything to Mark. She told him of her chance meeting with the woman, and the closeness she seemed to have when she left with the other lady. She told him about how she felt when the woman seemed to notice her beauty, and perhaps her body. Penny watched her husband and his expression as she told him what had occurred in the bath, and how she had been picturing him, when suddenly Carol, and then the other woman, had emerged in her mind.

Mark took Penny's chin and tilted her head up to his. Kissing her lips softly, he whispered, "There is nothing wrong, sweetheart. If this is something you think you need to explore, then I want you to. I want you to experience things that make you feel wonderful. If it is another woman, then don't let fear stop you." Running his hand through her hair, he pressed her gently to the bed, kissing her tenderly. Mark then made love to his wife, and throughout the experience he whispered to her that it was Carol who was touching her, and stroking her. Later, cuddled together, they both admitted it was one of the most erotic times they had ever had together.

Holding her husband, Penny glanced up, "Would you ever want to make love with another woman and myself?"

"Honey, were you with me during that orgasm?" Mark rolled Penny over on her back and straddled her, his cock once again hard. "I'd make love to you. I'd have sex with her." Bending down, he kissed the most beautiful woman in the world, and with his body he showed her that.


The next two days seemed to fly by, as Penny and Carol each waited for their 1:00 Wednesday afternoon meeting. Both women had discussed some of their personal life over the phone. Penny now knew that Carol was married, and began to question her assumptions concerning the other woman at the mall. Hearing the doorbell shrill, Penny opened the door and invited her new friend into her home.

"Hi, Carol. Nice to see you again," Penny said, as she greeted her friend, assisting Carol with her jacket. Penny placed it in the closet as Carol slipped her shoes off, leaving them by the front door.

"Hi. It's nice to see you, also." Carol smiled at Penny, and once again, was taken in by her eyes and happy smile. Penny led her guest into the dining room. "I've got us some coffee and a few finger foods to enjoy before we get started," she said. The two women sat across from each other, and began enjoying the light refreshments.

As each woman contributed to the conversation, Penny learned that Carol had started her design business a few years ago. Carol had found that her true talent had been in lingerie design. Penny shared with her friend that she worked part-time as a substitute Teacher, and enjoyed painting in her spare time. Carol moved around the room, admiring some of the paintings that Penny had done, and now kept framed and displayed in her home. "These are really good. Perhaps someday, you'd paint a picture of me?"

"I'd love to," Penny happily agreed. As Carol had been enjoying the small finger foods, Penny had started to notice little things about her. At first, she thought she was being silly. After all, Carol was married, so surely, what Penny thought may have been sexual signals, were in fact just signs of affection between friends. She thought she had noticed Carol glancing a few times down her blouse, as she would reach over to refill the coffee cups. Penny also would have sworn that when their fingers touched, Carol had sighed softly. She herself, was also beginning to notice her own body's reaction to the things that Carol seemed to have been doing.

Penny had caught herself a few times trying to show more cleavage to her new friend, as well as letting her foot purposely slide against Carol's leg. She had apologized immediately, just to be sure that Carol wouldn't think less of her. All Carol had said was, "Don't worry, babe." Penny wasn't worried, but she was curious about what Carol might have been thinking, or feeling.

After they finished eating, Carol helped Penny clear the table. They moved into the living room and sat on the sofa. Carol dug out her portfolio and slid closer to Penny on the couch. She pressed her thigh against Penny's and laid the book over their laps. Penny enjoyed the soft skin against her thighs, and was barely able to concentrate at the pages of lingerie that Carol was pointing out to her.

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