tagLoving WivesPenny's Promiscuity Ch. 20: Movie

Penny's Promiscuity Ch. 20: Movie


It was Saturday afternoon; the day of the Plan and I was nervous.

Pete was playing golf -- reluctantly for the first time in his life - with instructions not to come home until five o'clock at the earliest. I was emptying the bath having prepared myself with the same degree of care with which I had just prepared the bedroom.

My arms and legs had been shaved, my hair washed, my skin exfoliated, my finger and toenails filed and varnished. In honour of my impending return to the Hotwife-Cuckold lifestyle, my pubic hair had been completely removed and my special Pandora bracelet was on my wrist, its glass charms twinkling in the afternoon sunlight.

I sat at my dressing table in my tiniest, sexiest bra and silk knickers beneath my lightest, most diaphanous robe. To my eye, the swelling in my lower belly caused by Darren's growing baby was huge and obvious but my husband had reassured me this was just paranoia; that in fact the bump was hardly visible at all.

As I dried my hair and looked out over the garden, my tummy was alive with butterflies.

Had I done everything? Was the bedroom really ready for its soon-to-be occupants?

I checked the room carefully for the umpteenth time before going downstairs and pouring myself a small glass of wine.

Being pregnant I knew I shouldn't be using alcohol at all but my previous three pregnancies had been long before total abstinence was recommended and besides, given what I was about to do, I needed a drink.

As I sat in the kitchen sipping the Sauvignon Blanc and watching the clock, I went over the last few days in my mind, trying to reassure myself I had overlooked nothing. After all, our whole future might depend on getting the next few hours right.

The purchases I had made online had arrived and were in place, concealed from casual view. I had tested both their location and function and knew exactly where the best places were to take advantage of them. I had been less successful with what needed to be done afterwards but expected to have time to learn at my own pace -- if it became necessary.

I was as ready as I could be. All I had to do was hold my nerve and see the plan through.

The fact that I expected the ordeal to involve a considerable amount of physical pleasure did not ease my nerves much; it was to be a performance as well as an enjoyable experience and I was not used to having an audience, however remote.

I looked up at the clock again; Will was late.

Why did that surprise me? The younger generation seemed to have no concept of time... Stop it Penny! You're showing your age again. Besides, your own behaviour hardly stands up to much scrutiny.

In a short time you'll be no better than your misguided daughter.

I thought about Izzy for a moment. Still badly upset by the abrupt end of her most recent relationship, she and I had had two long, involved, emotional telephone conversations over the last two days. Newly single and coming to terms with a freshly acquired and not entirely undeserved reputation as a slut, she was trying hard to put her feelings to one side and concentrate on her upcoming examinations.

In this she was being only partially successful.

Although she was primarily the author of her own misfortune, I did have some sympathy with my daughter. If my own indiscretions ever became as public as hers, the effect on my own life would be even more profound.

For that reason, the afternoon's plans could not be allowed to fail!


The sound of the bell ringing made me jump and my heart raced.

He was here! It all had to start now.

Downing the last of my wine, I sprang to my feet and pressed the remote to open the front gates and let in my guest. I watched through the bedroom window as they swung slowly inwards; a small blue car passed through, rolled along the driveway and came to a halt outside the house.

Please God may my nerves not fail me!

I descended the stairs quickly, slipped on a pair of my highest heels and was in the hallway just as the front door bell rang. My heart in my mouth and my tummy full of butterflies, I took a deep breath, turned the lock, opened the door tentatively, stepped back and let in my young lover.


Will's first and entirely instinctive reaction was a good start. The moment the boy caught sight of me he actually took a step back in surprise.

"Wow!" he repeated. "Mrs. Barker! You look amazing!"

"Come in quickly," I smiled, standing back to let him enter the hallway, checking no neighbours could see me before closing and locking the door.

Once inside the house, for a moment my young lover-come-blackmailer seemed awestruck by his surroundings. I suppose our house is quite large and might intimidate a young man. I was pleased for any psychological advantage I could gain but Will quickly adjusted to the situation and some of his conference returned.

"Come this way, will," I smiled, encouraged, leading him through to the lounge.

"This is an amazing house," he said, clearly impressed as he surveyed his surroundings.

I felt acutely aware that the lounge was the room in which my first act of infidelity had taken place; indeed Pete still liked to believe that a small dark mark on the carpet had been caused by my lover's semen and my own juices when he had first fucked me in my own house.

"Fancy a drink?" I asked, tottering over to the sideboard, swaying my bony hips as sexily as I could. ""I'm having a glass of wine. Can I get you something? Wine? Beer?"

"A cold beer would be great."

I began to open a bottle.

"Got to keep rehydrated if I'm exerting myself," he added cheekily.

"And you reckon you've got a workout ahead of you?" I replied, joining the innuendo.

"I've been training hard," he grinned. "Very hard."

"We'll see," I smiled, crossing the room slowly, my own wine in one hand, Will's beer in the other.

My high heels made slow movement a necessity but also helped me maintain what I believed to be a sexy walk. I handed him the cold misty glass.


"To the sexist MILF in the city," Will saluted me as he took his first long sip.

It was corny but it helped calm my nerves a little more.

"How's your day been?" I asked, leaning against the back of the sofa.

"It's going to be busy..." he began.

As the boy explained the intricacies of his working weekend and the difficulty he had had in finding time to drag himself away from his duties to fuck me, my attention wandered from his words to his body.

Will had arrived dressed in his club uniform, presumably intending to go directly from my bed to his work. This wasn't a problem. As I have explained before, sports club uniforms are designed to show off the wearers' bodies to best effect and perhaps help them overlook the poor salaries they are usually paid.

As he spoke, I could see that Will was indeed not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he certainly had one of the best-kept bodies I had ever seen on a young man.

His hair was fashionably short, his face handsome with just the right amount of stubble on his chin. His shoulders were broad and his chest powerful, an asset displayed well by his tight green polo shirt and I knew there was a six pack below his impressive pectorals muscles.

Today he was wearing matching shorts instead of the long green trousers I had previously seen. Though by no means tight, they were close-fitting enough to show off his muscular legs and tight buttocks in a way that brought back vivid memories of the way his reflection had looked as he had fucked me hard from behind, making me cum several times in the club's changing room.

My body remembered that incredible fuck only too well, and as for the look on his face when he came inside me...

"Penny? Are you listening?"

Will's slightly hurt voice brought me back to the present.

"Of course," I said hurriedly. "I was just remembering our last time together."

This seemed to pacify him immediately as a broad smile crossed his face.

"I've thought about that a lot too," he said softly. "It's a shame I don't have more time today."

Thank goodness! That gave me a clue as to what he had been saying.

"I'm sorry about that too," I smiled though it was not really true. "Should we get down to business then?"

Will looked taken aback.

"You mean you want me to...?"

"Fuck me right away? Yes of course! That's what we're here for isn't it?"

"But I thought..."

"Will this isn't an affair or a romance, remember. We're both in relationships. We both have other halves we want to keep this secret from. I don't need seducing; I'm a sure thing. You are going to fuck me!"


I moved closer to him, my finger prodding him playfully in the chest to emphasis my words.

"You're here to add another MILF to your list of conquests," I said, my eyes fixed on his. "I'm here to enjoy helping you do that, right?"

He looked stunned as I stared up into his face.

"If you put it like that..." he said.

"I do!"

My arms rose around his neck, his hands fell to my waist and his mouth descended onto mine. I raised my lips to his and we kissed, for a moment tentatively but quickly becoming hot and passionate. Will's tongue entered my mouth as his hands found my buttocks, pulling me hard onto the already-firm bulge in his shorts.

He tasted of beer and once again, tobacco. It should have revolted me but perversely it made him seem even more crudely masculine and made me want his body in mine even more.

Will's left leg moved a little forward; instinctively I began to grind myself against it, feeling his bare hairy skin against my silk-covered, freshly-shaved mound. His hands began to knead my buttocks, pressing me even harder against his thigh as our mouths melted into one another.

My hand left fell from his neck and to his groin where I began to massage the bulge in his shorts. It felt hard and large but I knew it would soon be even harder and even larger. I slipped my hand inside the waistband and gripped his firming shaft in my fist, squeezing it.

"Big enough for you?" he growled, breaking our kiss.

"Not yet," I grinned back, squeezing it in my fingers. "But it has promise."

"Why don't you suck it and see?"

"Not here," I whispered. "Come with me."

I took his hand in mine, led him out of the lounge and up the stairs to our marital bedroom tottering on my heels with very step. Once inside I closed the door firmly behind us.

"In here?" Will gasped in surprise. "But this is..."

"Our room, yes," I finished his sentence for him. "Pete and my bedroom; I want you to fuck me right here."

Will looked more than a little nervous and for a moment I worried that he would insist on using another room. That couldn't be allowed to happen; my plans would be ruined.

"I get really turned on at the idea of someone as fit as you fucking me in my own bed," I purred in what I hoped was a seductive manner but which probably sounded more like a nineteen-fifties' B movie. "I want you to make me cum right where my husband sleeps."

Corny and amateur it might have been but it did the trick; Will's anxiety evaporated in a cloud of male ego.

"Well, I will try not to disappoint you," he smiled leeringly, placing his hands on my shoulders and turning me towards him.

I raised my face to his, my tummy alive with butterflies, my groin already warm and damp.

"I'm sure you won't," I whispered, stroking his muscular arms. "But remember you're so much stronger than me; please be gentle."

It was the corniest of all lines but again it did its job. Will lifted my chin with his finger and leaned towards me. With my heart thumping in my chest, I leaned towards him too...

And it all started in earnest as our two mouths melted into one another in the heat and passion of our kiss. Teeth clashed awkwardly and our tongues writhed over and around each other as our hands leapt to each other's bodies as if we were teenage school kids all over again.

In contrast with beer and tobacco on his breath, Will's body smelled cleanly of soap and his hair of sandalwood as he held me firmly against him. The heady, sensual cocktail of his masculine presence made my chest and belly tighten with delight and incredible arousal.

It was going to be okay! No, it was going to be good!

After what seemed an age, our lips parted and we both gasped for breath, giggling like school kids. My lips already felt a little numb. How many years had it been since that had happened? I leaned back in his arms, his body still closely pressed against mine.

The erection in his pants as it pressed firmly into my lower belly was very obvious.

"Where's your husband?" Will whispered.

"Don't worry about him," I smiled. "We won't be disturbed."

Will grinned and kissed me on the mouth once again; we melted together in a second passionate embrace. I felt his hands slipping boldly deep inside my bathrobe then snaking around my waist. A moment later his fingers were exploring the soft smooth sensitive skin of my back as they slid both up and down my spine from the silky smooth waistband of my panties to the tightly fastened clasp of my bra.

I felt his confident, probing fingers kneading my buttocks through the silk of my panties and pressed myself back against his palm, then forwards against his so-hard cock once again.

"You really want this don't you, Mrs Barker?" Will said with an air of triumph. "You're gagging for a good fucking."

I said nothing, but slipped my arms around his neck as his fingers danced over my tingling skin. Will's hands were kneading my buttocks; his fingernails were running down my sides; his hands were on my stomach, the gentle roundness of my baby bump apparently unnoticed, then on my small, silk-encased boobs.

"You like older women?" I asked in a voice rather more aroused than I had expected.

"I like some older women," he smiled back leeringly, pressing his erection crudely against my belly.

"What makes us special?"

"Experience. Confidence. I love women who know what they want and how to enjoy it."

"I'm not your first MILF then?" I teased.

Will blushed and a worried frown crossed his handsome face.

"Don't worry; I'm not the jealous type," I grinned.

Our lips met again. Will's tongue reached deep between my teeth, entwining with my own, our mouths open wide as if trying to consume each other entirely. I ground my bony pelvis against his erection, guiding my lover bodily into the position I had selected as best for this part of the process.

We broke for breath once again, both of us giggling in relieved arousal. It was time to move on. I released his neck and, stepping away from him far enough to give a good view, let my robe fall to the ground.

Will's eyes opened wide in delight.

I had chosen my most expensive, white silk underwear; loose fitting, lace-trimmed, almost transparent French knickers and a matching bra designed to present my small breasts in the best way possible. Even so, I was nervous, my eyes reluctant to meet his.

"Wow!" he exclaimed, unable to stifle a childish gasp.

I felt relieved and encouraged.

"You like it?" I whispered. "I don't let anyone but my husband see me like this."

That was a lie and after hearing me in bed with his housemate Darren Will knew this but it didn't matter.

He took my fingers in his and kissed them, then returned to kiss my lips once more, his hands around my back playing dextrously with the clasp on my bra. It gave way almost immediately, the garment falling forwards over my shoulders.

Will's hands were on my bared flesh in an instant, the bra was cast aside then to my surprise he dropped to his knees in front of me with his face close to my boobs. I could feel his hot breath on my firming breasts and felt my nipples hardening quickly. I stroked his short hair as Will slowly drew each of my teats in turn into his mouth, lightly flicking his tongue over its tip and nipping it very lightly with his teeth.

His hands kneaded the soft round globes on which they sat, sensitised to a high degree by my pregnancy.

"Mmmmm! Be gentle with them," I moaned.

Will obediently released his grip and instead cupped my tender boobs, his palms warm and delicate on my inflamed flesh. It felt wonderful; this time it was my turn to moan with pleasure. Then, as his teeth and tongue continued to toy with my teats, his hands returned to my buttocks where he cupped my bony cheeks through their silk shroud.

It felt incredible; my lower belly was alive with arousal. This was going to be so much better than the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am fuck in the club's changing room. Though to be honest, that had been amazing enough!

"Shall I close the curtains?" he asked, nodding towards the bedroom's windows.

For a moment this took me by surprise; I most certainly did not want the room to be in darkness.

"I love the sunlight," I said. "Leave them open."

"A women who likes to see what's happening to her," he smiled excitedly, his eyes sparkling.

He released my boobs, rose to his feet and began to undress. A surge of lust welled up inside me as Will's trained, athletic body was slowly revealed; first his flat, six-pack tummy, then his powerful shoulders and arms as he peeled off his polo shirt.

Naked from the waist up, he paused and posed. The boy actually posed! It should have made me giggle but instead it made me admire his body even more. Bare breasted, I moved closer, stroking his bared chest with my fingertips, trying hard to keep my eyes on the prize but my resolve was fragile to say the least.

"Want to help?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

"If you need it," I smiled.

"I'd like it," he grinned, placing his hands on my shoulders and pressing downwards until I had dropped to my knees in front of him, my face level with his navel.

"Strip me, Mrs. Barker," he commanded jokily.

"Your wish is my command, Sir," I replied.

Looking up into his eyes, I slowly unfastened the waistband of his trousers, pulled down the zipper then and lowered them to the floor. The bulge in the tight-fitting shorts beneath was as impressive as I remembered and my chest went tight with anticipation.

Slowly and carefully I eased the back of the elasticated waist over his taut, firm buttocks then carefully forwards until his erection broke free, slapping eagerly upwards against his lower belly with an energy and firmness only found in the young.

I stared at the pole of muscle before me, the prettiest I had seen, my body remembering how it had felt to have it fully inside me. I could feel the familiar and growing warmth between my legs that promised copious lubrication as I took that long, thick shaft in my hand then, making as much eye contact as I could, opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of its smooth, rounded head.

It felt warm and soft and was already oozing precum. I licked it again then kissed it and ran my tongue along its underside.

"Mmmm. Penny!"

The response from above was good. I looked up into Will's youthful face again then opened my mouth wider and took the whole of his swollen head between my lips.

It felt big but not too big; I could still work my tongue around the intruding presence which I did for all I was worth, running its flat surface over and around Will's smooth glans then along the sensitive ridge and valley where it joined his hardening shaft.


Again the sounds from above my head were promising. Still relatively inexperienced in sucking cock despite my age, I tried as hard as I could to remember what had worked with my few previous lovers and what I had seen on the many cuckold videos I had watched.

Taking the base of his shaft in my right hand, I began to run it up and down Will's pole, my mouth following as if I was fucking him with my face. I felt his fingers in my hair and his hips began to sway in time with my movements.

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