PenPal Ch. 06


Aaron was crying. He couldn’t help it, but he was bawling like a baby. Paul wanted to attend his final hearing! In four days’ time, he would get to finally lay his eyes on this man, this remarkable man who had made him feel like a bride on a wedding day. His heart was so light, so filled. He never would have believed that in three weeks’ time, he could have fallen in love. But it had happened. He was deeply in love with Paul and there was nothing he could do about it.

My love,

I find myself strangely bereft of words. I can’t find words to express how I feel. No word could do my feelings justice. To say that I am blessed is without doubt. What did I do to deserve you? To deserve your love? I don’t know but I am willing to spend the rest of my life proving it to you. Your first letter had me crying by the time I finished it. To know that you would want to come to my hearing was overwhelming. The thought of seeing you has been keeping me awake nights. Just thinking that I’ll be close enough to see the shape of your lips and the color of your eyes … the thought of you haunts my sleeping and waking dreams!

And what do I dream about? Fulfilling your fantasies. While I admit that tying you down sounds so delicious that I’m drooling, I liked your second fantasy better. I’m a big guy but I’m a softie. I’ve never wanted to be a player. I’ve always wanted to be tied down to one person, to give my heart to someone who could give theirs in return. But what you describe in your fantasy is making love. Looking into your eyes and seeing them flood with pleasure before seeking my own is making love. Falling asleep with you comfortably in my arms, our fingers intertwined as you sleep under my care is making love. This is what I want. This is where I want to go. This is where I want you to take me.

Yes, my sweet love, we can make it happen.

This letter will reach you before the hearing and I won’t expect one from you until after. I have put you on the list. No doubt, you will receive instruction when you reach the facility. Don’t bring anything other than your identification. You will be searched and anything extraneous will be stored until you leave.

I can’t wait to see you, Paul. To know that you’re mine. To dream about the day when walking out of here into your arms will cease to be a fantasy and instead, become reality. To share my body with you and to enjoy yours. To swallow that thick cock and taste your sweet cum. To suck your tongue into my mouth when I slide into your ass. To hear you cry my name when you cum. This is what I want. This is where I want to go. This is where I want you to take me.

Yes, my sweet love, we can make it happen. We will make it happen.

Your Aaron

Aaron sealed the letter and sent it off, pressing his lips to the flap and hoping that Paul could feel the love he’d willed into it. Four days had never passed as slowly as they did and finally, it was the day, the hour of his hearing. His lawyer came up to visit, just a technicality, he explained and gave Aaron an envelope. Inside was a short letter from Paul and a pressed rose.

My Aaron,

Today is our day, my love. One final step before our dreams come true. My heart and this rose are yours.

Your Paul

The door opened and Aaron strode into the room. There were three long benches on either side of the walkway and at the end was a long table, where the hearing panel was seated. His lawyer was seated on the left side at the counsel table and directly behind him … Paul! His eyes met and a thrill shot through him like a bolt of adrenalin. Hazel eyes and blond-brown hair. Broad shoulders and large hands. His lips formed two words: love you. Tears blurred his eyes as he took his seat next to the lawyer. He didn’t remember much of the hearing. It wasn’t lengthy and he was only required to speak a few words.

When it was over, he turned in his chair and reached out to touch Paul’s hands. The touch was electric, sending shivers down both men’s arms. Paul longed to reach out and touch Aaron’s cheek.

“My love.”

“Paul.” Aaron felt lightheaded, the warmth of Paul’s hands seeping into him.

“A few more weeks, love. Then you come home to me.”

A deputy interrupted them, escorting Aaron back to his cell but no one could get Aaron’s feet back to Earth. He loves me. He really loves me!

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