PenPal Ch. 07


It was time to make a decision. Paul knew it and so did Lawrence Alcanth. His precious materials binders had safely been removed from his office and locked away in his home office and most of the items in his office had been either reclaimed by Marilyn or thrown away. Of course, Paul had known that would happen. That kind of stuff always happened when a vital employee was about to leave a firm. Alcanth tried to ignore it as long as he could but when he heard about the Morristown account, he buzzed him, requesting an immediate meeting.

"When were you planning on telling me?"

"When it was a done deal."

"So why are you leaving the firm?"

"Because I want my freedom!" Alcanth couldn't understand why Paul would want to start his own firm but the Morristown account was a good first step. Paul left the office at lunch time and never went back.

My love,

As I sit writing this to you, I have just finished cleaning the entire house, especially the spare bedroom, for you. I know you just read 'spare bedroom' and wondered why I said that. As much as I want this, I also have to be realistic. What happens if we are not compatible? What happens if you snore? What happens if you can't keep your hands off of me? I want you to have a space that you can call your own. I know how important that can be sometimes and I want you to know that I will respect your wishes if you want that.

I was so happy to see you at the hearing. The photo on the website and the one you gave me do nothing to accurately show how beautiful you are. Your sapphire eyes … your silky hair … I just want to run my fingers through it and feel it on my face. I'd love for you to drape it over my body and touch me with that black silk from head to toe. Mmm, my cock is hardening, just thinking about that!

I've been reading your last letter over and over. You are everything I've ever wanted, Aaron. I've always wanted to be a one-man man. I've never wanted to date around or go 'trolling'. I want and still want to go to work every day and come home to someone who completely cares for me. Someone who has my heart and will support me through rough times.

And making love … don't get me wrong. I love to be fucked but I always think that lovemaking and fucking go together. It makes me so hard just thinking about you grinding that big-headed prick of yours into my ass and making me scream your name. God, I am so ready to be yours! Just a few short weeks and you can make me yours.

I'll be waiting.

Your Paul

Across town, in the prison, Aaron was writing his letter to Paul. Two weeks now and he would be free. Two weeks and he would be with Paul. Just thinking about the love in his eyes at the hearing made butterflies jump in his stomach.

Paul, my love,

I am still shaking from touching you at the hearing. To see you was exciting but to touch you … it made me think about what I want to do to you when I have the chance to touch you at will. I intend to run my hands over every inch of you and I intend to follow with my tongue. My God, you're cute! And yes, dimples and all. I never imagined that you'd be so gorgeous! And your mouth, ye Gods! I'll give you fair warning now. I hope you have some vacation time to take off of work because you're going to be a very tired puppy when I'm finished with you.

Oh, Paul! I just want to hold you, touch you and kiss you until you're shaking like I am. I've been wondering what makes you tremble. I'll tell you what makes me tremble. You licking the head of my cock before I get into the tub. My underwear was so wet with pre-cum after reading that that I had to change. Fingers running through my hair and massaging my scalp and having my fingers sucked on also makes me tremble.

And so, what makes you tremble? Having your nipples licked? Having your ears nibbled on? Having your cock sucked? How about we start with my hot breath on the back of your neck and my lips on your throat?

Two more weeks, my love. Two more weeks and my dream comes true.

I love you,


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