Peppermint Patty


"I'm not even recovered from Thanksgiving, and now I'm going to have to work out even more to get rid of all the fat from Christmas."

"Fat?" I laughed. I could see damn near every inch of her, and had seen even more the evening before. "You're imagining things."

She grinned, making my heart leap. "You're sweet."

I opened my mouth to banter some more, but she stopped me cold. She whipped the towel over her head and started drying her hair. Her tits were bouncing all over the place. My eyes followed every little jiggle, while my mouth hung open. I barely snapped it shut when she pulled the towel off her head and shook out her strawberry-blonde locks.

Patty walked over to the bed and grabbed clothes she'd laid out, while I tried not to stare and drool. She headed for the bathroom, and my eyes locked on her bikini-clad butt cheeks swaying back and forth — rising and falling with her steps.

Expecting her to get in the shower, I was surprised when I never heard the water kick on. Then she came out only a couple of minutes later. I'd flipped on the television, but I glanced over when the bathroom door opened, and my breath caught in my chest. She was wearing a nightshirt that barely reached mid-thigh, and her nipples were poking at the cotton.

I pretended to watch television, even though she was sitting on the edge of the bed brushing her hair and making her tits jiggle again. When she put down the brush, I could feel her eyes on me for a moment. I heard her blow a little puff of air out her nose, and saw movement in my peripheral vision. I glanced at her, and my eyes widened beyond any ability to control.

Patty was licking the candy cane she'd stuffed in her pussy the night before.

A crooked grin on her face, she tilted the candy toward me and asked, "You want a lick?"

Fuck yes! Somehow, my mouth formed a far different word than the ones echoing in my mind. "Nah."

She gave the peppermint stick one last lick and said, "Suit yourself."

I turned off the television, positive that my heart was going to leap out of my chest and I was going to explode in my pants if I looked at her any longer. "Think I'm going to crash."

Patty shrugged and put her candy cane down on the nightstand. "Sweet dreams," she said as she pulled back her covers.

I got the overhead light this time, and she turned off the lamp as soon as I was in bed. Feeling overheated already, I pulled off my shirt. I had at least been smart enough to put on a pair of sweats this time, so my dick wasn't straining against a zipper. I knew that I wasn't going to get to sleep any time soon.

I lay down, wondering if I shouldn't just go to the bathroom and let off the pressure. It might help put me to sleep, but I was worried about Patty realizing what I was doing. After a while of staring at the inside of my eyelids, I glanced toward her bed.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, so I could see her bathed in the red light of the alarm clock. She rolled over to face away from me at almost the exact moment I opened my eyes. I couldn't help but remember the last time I'd looked at her in that crimson glow, and it set me to throbbing again.

She seemed a little restless, wriggling beneath the covers. After a little while, she pushed back the comforter. Her nightshirt had ridden up as she moved, and I could see the small of her back. There was something just so hot and sexy about that little bit of skin, hinting at what I couldn't see. Masked by the cover of darkness, I could take it all in and enjoy it.

Even though I was still hard as a rock, I drifted off a little as I stared at my sister's back bathed in the red light across the way. At some point when my eyes closed for a second... A minute? I'm not sure. Anyway, when my eyes focused on her again, the comforter had slipped even lower, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties.

The red glow on her butt turned it the color of the heart it resembled. My eyes roved slowly over every curve, fixing it in my memory. I reached down and grabbed my cock, squeezing it before the silent screams for attention drove me crazy.

I didn't have long to enjoy it, because Patty started to roll over, and I snapped my eyes shut. I slowed my breathing, counting out an agonizing minute before opening my eyes a slit. She was facing me, and neither the comforter nor her shirt had moved.

There was a tiny little tuft of hair above her pussy — an arrow pointing at the smooth shaven treasure below. I risked a glance up at her face to see that her eyes were closed, and then looked back down. I couldn't see more than a short, narrow valley below that tuft at first, because of the shadows and the way her legs were pressed together. She moved, and I once again shut my eyes tight.

When I opened my eyes, as if in response to my silent wish, she'd bent her far knee, resting her foot on the mattress. I squeezed my cock and stroked my thumb over the head as I beheld my sister's pussy for the first time between her parted legs. The shadows and the red tint of the light didn't provide a perfect view, but it was more than enough for me.

From between her somewhat puffy outer lips, thin petals peeked out. I imagined that they were probably pale pink because of the difference in color I could see. It had worked to get me a better look, so I wished that she would touch herself again. I knew it would be pure torture, but I wanted it anyway. I was staring so intently that I didn't close my eyes as quickly when she moved again.

A soft call reached me from across the room. "Nick."

My heart pounded as I tried not to panic. Breathe slowly. In. Out. In. Out. Don't move a muscle.

Patty's bed creaked a little, and I could hear her sliding across the sheet. I kept up the carefully measured breathing, fighting the urge to peek and trying to ignore the throbbing of my dick, which my hand was still wrapped around.

"Nick. Nick, I know you're awake."

Fuck! Don't move. It's dark on this side of the room. She couldn't have seen anything clearly.

It wasn't dark for long. My racing heart nearly stopped when the lamp blinked on. I took advantage of what I assumed would be my natural reaction to groan and cover my eyes. It also gave me an opportunity to pull my hand away from the compromising position between my legs.

"God, you're stubborn." A second later, she sat down next to me on the bed. "Nick, look at me."

In what was becoming a common rush of warring emotions, I was both relieved and disappointed to see that her nightshirt covered her again — if only barely.

"Sis, what are..."

Patty shook her head and cut me off with a finger pressed against my lips. Before my brain could begin to process anything more, she leaned in and her lips replaced the finger.

Though soft and brief, that first kiss overwhelmed my senses. I could smell the fruity shampoo she used, along with the scent of her perfume and peppermint. I could taste the peppermint on her lips. My whole body broke out into goose bumps. Her quiet moan was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard.

"Please stop avoiding me, Nick. You're breaking my heart," she whispered with her lips still only centimeters away from mine. Then she kissed me again — harder this time. Her tongue slipped out to tickle my lips.

I kissed back, reaching up to cup her cheek in my hand. Her moan this time was louder, and I felt her shiver. She giggled when our lips parted.

"Whew. I was beginning to think I was imagining things. You are so oblivious. I've been dropping hints for so long, and I was getting desperate."


"Mmm hmm." Another kiss. "Did you really think I didn't notice you looking at me? That I didn't think you might see me last night? You were watching, weren't you?"


"Mmm!" Her tongue slipped between my lips as she kissed me.

Our hands started roaming, though I was still nervous and avoiding all the places I really wanted to touch. That changed when I slid my hand down to the small of her back and she pushed it lower. I groaned as I squeezed my sister's bottom.

She pulled away from the hungry kiss with a gasp, bit her lower lip, and held up a finger. Then, she climbed over my legs and out of the bed. My mouth dropped open as she pulled the nightshirt over her head and I beheld her butt close up in full light for the first time. She grabbed her candy cane from the nightstand and turned around, giving the candy a lick.

Her nipples were pink gumdrops in the center of a darker circle. Tear-drop breasts quivering with her steps, she walked back over to my bed, grinning as I looked her up and down, reveling in every smooth curve and movement.

She climbed onto the foot of the bed, where she reclined and parted her legs wide. My guess about the color of her pale pink folds was dead on, and I could even see a glint of moisture between them. I kicked the covers off my legs.

Patty parted her pussy lips wide and took aim with the candy cane, looking up at me and smiling all the while. I sucked in a deep breath as the rod slid inside her and she moaned. She stroked it slowly in and out as I watched in aroused fascination.

She buried it a little deeper, until her fingers pressed against her. "Now do you want a lick?"

I pulled my knees under me and leaned forward into the V of her legs. The hot, musky scent of her arousal mingling with mint was intoxicating. It made me light headed as I fumbled to find a good angle around Patty's hand pumping the peppermint rod into her. She laid one bent leg down flat on the bed, tugging on my shoulder to guide me that way. As soon as I lay down over her leg, I knew I could reach her.

I didn't waste another moment before diving into my sister's peppermint pussy.

"Oh, Nick," she breathed as my tongue washed over her clit.

It was pretty much impossible not to lick the candy cane as well as her pussy, so I didn't even bother to try. The peppermint rod was coated in her juices anyway. In my limited experience, I'd always had to work a little to see a girl's clit, but my sister was different. Hers was big, swollen, sticking out from beneath the hood, and begging for attention. I could feel it twitch under my tongue every time I lapped it. She whimpered and moaned, stroking the candy cane into her a little faster.

Drunk on her minty juices, I licked my sister's pussy like a starving man. The way she wriggled and twitched constantly encouraged me to even greater efforts. Her sounds of pleasure grew louder — though not alarmingly so — and I felt a swell of pride from knowing how good I was making her feel.

The candy cane dived deeper — faster. I could hear the wet sounds of it sliding in and out, and her hand slapping against her skin. When I looked up for a second, she was squeezing her right breast and her head was leaned back. She let out a yelp when I returned to my treat with a long, hard stroke of my tongue.

"Yes, just like that. Don't stop!"

As if.

I lapped directly over her clit — hard and fast. Her hand bumped into my cheek and chin every once in a while as she pounded the candy cane home.

"Oh! Oh! Oh yeah!" She sucked in a breath, making a high-pitched mixture of a squeak and a squeal. She let the breath out in a long, tight-throated cry that started with, "Ohh," but changed into something that I think was several words all bunched up on top of each other, and completely inarticulate.

Patty let out a squeal, buried the candy cane inside her, and lurched beneath me as she came.

The weight of my body on her leg prevented her bucking hips from pushing me away, though I could feel every powerful contraction of her muscles trying to snap her legs together. She whimpered and groaned, erratically pumping the candy cane while I continued to lick her clit. Her other hand was curled into a claw, trembling as it scratched at the bedclothes.

Long before I was ready, she pushed me away from her sweet pussy and squeaked, "Too much. Wait."

I had barely shifted my weight when she pulled her leg out from under me and clenched her legs around her hand, still holding the candy cane deep inside her. I watched, squeezing my aching dick through my sweats as she quivered and moaned through the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Once she settled down and her eyes fluttered open, Patty chuckled and beckoned me with a crooked finger. As I moved closer, she let me know what she wanted by puckering her lips. I had no problem with that.

Our lips actually stuck together for a fraction of a second when I pulled away due to the mixture of her juices and peppermint that coated them. We both chuckled at that before she pulled me back to her lips again. Just before they touched, she whispered, "I taste good on your lips."

Man, that made me throb.

Patty finally slipped the candy cane from inside her after that kiss, revealing that it was much smaller and the stripes were completely gone below where she'd held it in her hand. She shuddered as it slipped free of her embrace.

My excitement must have shown as she brought it toward her lips. It was still glistening in the light with her juices, and she lapped one side of it with a broad stroke of her tongue, moaning all the while. I was transfixed as she first licked, then sucked the candy cane — so much so that I didn't notice her other hand moving until it settled in my lap.

Her eyes widened as she closed her hand around my erection and I grunted. She pulled the candy cane from between her lips and said, "I thought you were supposed to be my little brother?"

I must have turned bright red, because she giggled and said, "You're so cute." She sat up and said, "Lie down."

While I was moving toward the pillow, she quickly put what was left of the candy cane on my nightstand. My heart beat fast as she ran her fingertips down my chest, ending by tracing the top of my sweats from one hip to the other. Then she slipped her fingers beneath the elastic and pulled until my cock popped free.

"Mmm, it's bigger than I thought."

Of course that made me smile.

Patty continued to tug at my sweats until she pulled them off. Once she dropped them over the edge of the bed, she grabbed my ankles and pushed until I bent my knees. She moved forward as she pushed, getting ever closer, until she darted in without warning.

I gasped as my sister's tongue wiggled its way up my shaft. She moved it back and forth, slowly heading toward the tip, and looking up into my eyes the whole time. When she reached the head, she swirled her tongue over it, and then wrapped her fingers around the root, standing me up.

The grin on her face as she kissed the head and a drop of pre-cum welled up was deliciously mischievous.

I groaned and my eyes pinched shut when her lips wrapped around the head a moment later. Her tongue tickled the slit, gathering up the clear droplet, and she moaned around me. I could feel just a hint of warm mint sensation from where she'd sucked her candy cane clean. I forced my eyes back open to watch her give me head. She sucked and tongued me, the feeling of the ridge popping in and out of her lips making me grunt.

"Feel good?" she asked, her eyes telling me that she already knew the answer.

"Oh yeah."

She chuckled and took me back in. This time, she didn't stop at the head. I watched in aroused fascination as my cock vanished in her mouth, all the way down to her hand. When her lips slid back to the tip again, my shaft was glistening with her saliva in the lamplight.

Her head bobbed up and down, hair bouncing as she sucked my dick like nothing I'd ever felt before. She sucked in her cheeks concave, and her tongue undulated against my shaft. Her hand worked in twisting motions, adding to the sensation. Her other hand crept between my legs and cupped my balls.

"Fuck, Sis," I groaned.

Patty's lips slid back up my shaft with agonizing slowness until she released the head with a wet pop. "Good idea."

She crawled over me, bending down to let her stiff nipples drag across my chest. Then she rose up on one hand and reached between our bodies. Knowing what she was planning to do, a throb of my cock bounced it right up into her hand.

A moan escaped her as she rubbed my cockhead over her folds. Wet, just a little sticky, and having far more of the warm mint sensation than her mouth, it felt incredible. It was nothing compared to when her hips moved backward, engulfing me in my sister's tight, hot pussy.

Patty sat up over my hips and gave a wiggle of hers. "Mmm, that feels so good. It's so hard."

"Ah, you're tight."

She grinned and squeezed her intimate muscles, making me gasp and sit up a little. After a giggle at my expression, she moaned and started rocking her hips back and forth. One hand remained braced on her knee while she reached up with the other to squeeze her tits.

Incredibly turned on by the sight — never mind how good she felt — I said, "Yeah. Do it."

Her hips moved a little faster, tugging at the root. "Yeah?"


She let out a growl, switching to a swiveling motion with her hips. "I got myself off so many times imagining this. I've been going crazy not seeing you."

"Me too," I had to admit.

"Not seeing me, or getting yourself off?"

My ears burned, but I answered, "Both."

"You're going to have to do that for me some time. But not now."

With that she reached between her legs to rub her clit and really started to grind on my cock. Her lips parted, letting out a steady stream of soft sounds. Her perfect breasts quivered. I was in heaven, but I didn't feel a sense of urgency. Every so often, her walls would caress me with a brief stroke, but mostly, she stirred her depths with my cock at an ever-increasing pace.

"Not hurting you?" she gasped out in a high-pitched voice after a blissful minute or so.

I shook my head. "Love it."

"Tell me if I do. Don't think I can hold back much longer."

"Then don't." The thought of her getting off on my cock made me swell inside her.

"Ooo! I like that!"

I purposely contracted my muscles, making it twitch again.

"Mmm hmm!" Her hips moved farther back and forth, and her fingers moved faster on her clit. She panted, her head sometimes drooping forward to let her hair hang in front of her face in the most eye-catching way.

Nowhere near coming myself, I could enjoy the entire sexy scene of my sister impaled on my cock, riding it for all she was worth. Her juices dripped down my balls, and she was rubbing her clit so hard that I could feel the vibrations through her pussy walls.

"Oh! Oh god, I'm gonna come!"

"Yeah, do it," I said in a rush as I watched her face flush red.

"Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! Yes!"

She suddenly froze in place, her mouth dropping wide open. She remained that way for a few seconds, her walls contracted tight around me and her jaw trembling. Then she let out a yelp and dropped forward onto one hand.

"Are you coming?"

"Oh god yes!" she squealed, her body lurching back and forth atop me.

I gave a few pumps of my hips, every one making her yelp, squeal, or gasp. She looked like she was possessed, the way she wriggled and quaked. I reached up to grab her breasts, squeezing them while I kept humping up into her clenching pussy.

Patty sucked in a ragged gasp and fell forward. I could hear the wet slurp as my cock popped out of her, and the slap of it hitting my body. Her tits tight against my chest, she forced her arms beneath my back and squeezed me, shaking and panting for air.

I freed my hands and wrapped my arms around her. It felt just as good as her riding my cock. I kissed the top of her head, stroking her soft skin as she spiraled down from her orgasm.

"Oh, Nick. That was so good," she said in a languid whisper after a while, the sound further muted because her lips were almost touching my chest.

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