Peppermint Patty


"Uh huh."

She moaned, snuggling against me. "I love the way you hold me. Do you remember the first time? When Randy cheated on me?"

How could I forget? "Yeah."

"I wanted to kiss you so bad it hurt that night, but I was afraid. Afraid of what I was feeling — of what you would think."

"Me too."

Another quiver rippled through her body. "I've never come that hard. I'm still shaking."

I couldn't resist letting my hand slip down to her butt.

She let out a sharp moan and asked, "Did you?"


She kissed my chest. "I want you to."

I let my hands slide down her side as she pushed up on trembling arms. She moved forward enough to kiss me — softly at first, but turning hungry after the first sweet touch of our lips.

"I want it. Give it to me," she whispered, her lips still touching mine. Then she lifted a knee and crossed it over my body.

I moved as she did, letting her lie down on the bed. She bent her knees, parted them wide, and pleaded, "Give it to me, Nick," as I scooted in between her legs.

I sank balls deep into my sister's pussy with one quick push and a groan. The peppermint mixed juices made my balls stick to her for a second when I pulled back to thrust again.

"Uhng!" She grunted as my cock pounded home. "Your cock feels so good."

"Ah, I love your pussy."

"Fill it up. I want your cum," she said as two fingers went to work on her clit.

I held on tight to her thighs, driving my cock home hard and fast. I'd waited too long, and I couldn't hold back. Her breasts bounced from the power of my thrusts, and claps sounded every time our bodies came together.

"Harder. Faster. Fuck me."

I growled, turned on even more by her dirty talk. My hot sister was begging for my cock — begging for my cum. I felt the itch building in the head of my cock.

Patty's fingers blurred over her clit as the shockwaves from my thrusts rippled through her body. Her face flushed again, and this time, the color went deeper, moving down to her neck and chest. Her whimpers and yelps grew louder, but I was beyond the point of worrying about who might hear us.

"Don't stop. Like that. Gonna... Gonna make me come again!"

I could see it in the tightening of her expression and feel it in the squeeze of her pussy. She really was getting close, but so was I. I clenched my teeth, grunting with every thrust as I held back the urge to come with every ounce of willpower I had. I wanted her to come again before I unloaded year's worth of pent-up cum inside her.

"S-so close," she whimpered, sounding almost in tears. "Oh please."

I was losing the battle. The whole length of my shaft was tingling. "Gonna come."

"G-g-give it t-to m-m-me!" she cried out, and the last word turned into a scream. She curled up, her head lifting from the pillow and her fingers pressed hard into her clit. Her walls clamped down on my cock like a satiny vise, and I was done.

With a grunting growl, I buried my cock inside her and blasted jet after jet of hot cum deep into my sister's pussy.

"Uh huh! Yeah, Nick," she cried out, and then yelped, both of her hands slapping to the mattress to claw at the bedclothes.

My chin dropped to my chest after the last fitful spurt pooled in her depths. She kept rhythmically contracting around me, making me growl from the squeeze on my sensitive cock. Patty tugged on my hand, and with tremendous effort, I fell forward to kiss her. Her rapidly rising and falling breasts tickled my chest as we both panted for breath after the kiss.

She hooked her feet behind my back, and wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me inside her.

The thought popped in my head, and almost as quickly tumbled from my lips. "Didn't think I was going to stop."

"Mmm, I know. I could feel it. That's the first time I've ever actually felt a squirt. You came hard. So did I."

"So good."

"Mmm hmm."

My weak arms felt as if they would collapse any moment. "I need to move."

She let out a sad moan, but nodded her head.

After a few deep breaths, I pulled free and collapsed face first onto the bed. I heard her giggle, and then she snuggled up with me, but not for long.

"I think I'd better go tinkle. You really filled me up."

"'K," I mumbled.

I'd dozed off into a post-come coma by the time she returned. A little cajoling encouraged me to move so she could push the comforter off the bed, since it had a rather large wet, sticky spot. I sat up next to her and accepted a glass of water she'd brought for me.

"It's after midnight," she said once I put down the glass. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," I agreed, and then we kissed.

"Best Christmas present ever," she said, and then reached down to run a finger over my softened cock.

To both of our amazement, it twitched and started to swell.

"And it's the gift that keeps giving," she said in a sultry whisper before bending down into my lap.

It was anything but a Silent Night, with many more to come.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/22/18

Warning! Fantasy Only!

This is a playful fantasy, but a dangerous thing to try in real life. Actual candy in the vulva or vagina can lead to yeast infections, which and painful and inconvenient. Peppermint on either female ormore...

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by Turtle195212/11/17

I really enjoyed reading this

a very good description of their lovemaking and the emotions tied to that. Please keep going.

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by Anonymous12/09/17

Need more

Need more chapters it could be longer

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