Peppermint Patty's Daughter


"Please, please,don't stop NAVI, fuck me, fuck me" and then she screamed... "Oh My God, Oh My God" as she squeezed her eyes shut and I pumped a gallon of my hot lava into her pussy!

My cock fired off like a cannon and all I could do was groan "uuhh, uuhh, uuhh" with every pump of my load. We collapsed in a sweaty beautiful pile of lust. I looked up at her and she had the biggest smile on her face and I knew I had done good, my dick did good! We hurried up to get dressed and organized and got ready for the girls, it was close to lunch time.

I was getting the pussy now and it was awesome. Some days she'd want her ass fucked and other her pussy. One time I did both...we were really high and I even came twice which never happened before. The season was getting close to finishing and we only had one game left and I was starting to get depressed because I loved being on the road and our girls would be going to college!

Oh yea, and I loved to fuck my "PEPPERMINT PATTY"!

The last game was going to be in California and that was going to be a long journey. We had to leave three days prior to make it on time for the two day event. I was devastated, Patty called and said she couldn't go! I asked her if her daughter Kat could go with us so she wouldn't miss the game. She said she was just about to ask me if she could go so she said "YES"!

Of course my daughter was all excited. Then Patty went on to explain that her husband had a big event at his job and she had to go. I told her not to worry and Kat would be no problem and a few days later we were off. I was devastated...I guess the fun was going to have to end sometime, what a drag.

We hit the road a few days later and the girls climbed into the back seat of my truck and chattered all the way. I kind of liked the chatter it kept my mind off of Patty. After a few days we got to the fields and as usual set up camp. It went a lot faster having an extra set of hands. That afternoon I told the girls we were going to build a bonfire and roast marshmallows after dinner and my daughter said, "Hey, let's make some smores"!

We always had the fixings for smores which my daughter loved. After the fire started too die down, the girls went inside to get their pajamas on so we could we hit the sack. The girls were so excited about this tournament and couldn't sleep right away so they decided to watch TV for a while. Once I was undressed and in my underwear, I climbed into my bed and closed the sliding curtain on them for some privacy.

I was exhausted from the two and a half day drive and crashed out. Around midnight I felt the camper moving like someone was bouncing on a bed and rolled over to listen to see what it was. I thought I could hear some faint whimpering or moaning coming from the bathroom and half asleep I started to imagine what it was. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Patty in the bathroom with her finger in her ass waiting for me to go fuck her.

If only that was true...I'm going to miss her this trip I thought. I couldn't hear anything anymore and eventually fell back asleep. About an hour later I felt someone climbing into my bed, it has to be my daughter I thought having a nightmare. "OH MY GOD,IT WAS KAT"!

She climbed into my bed and whispered as she grabbed my COCK which was usually HARD AS STONE around this time,"my mom said if I had a hard time getting to sleep to come and visit you"! I almost came in my underwear right then and there!

I couldn't believe this was happening and slowly turned around towards the voice. "OH MY GOD", it was that luscious teenager wanting me to fuck her. I was going mad and at the same time wanted to rip her cloth off. I knew my daughter was just 15 feet way from us and didn't want her to hear us.

I looked in her ocean blue eyes, slid my hand under her waist, pulled her really close and whispered "what did your mom say I could do for you in a trembling voice"? As she parted her sexy pink lips, she whispered, "my mom said for me to ask you if you could do what you do to her so I can feel relaxed and fall asleep"!

"OH MY GOD", did she just say that?

My mind was in two places at in jail and one here holding Patty's daughter in my arms listening to her tell me she wanted me to fuck her! I knew that instant I should have jumped out of bed, sent her to her bed and went back to sleep, NOT!! Yes, this was dangerous and if I got caught I was gonna be at the end of her dads fists, he was big dude.

That thought of kicking her out of my bed was only for a millisecond. I was going to fulfill a subconscious dream I had since she blossomed into this little sex kitten. She never took her hand off my COCK and I reached a hand between her legs and stretched out one finger to test the lava cave and my finger slide into her tight, tight pussy like it was full of hot melted butter.

WOW, it was fucking soaking wet and she whimpered "mmmm" exactly the sound I heard was so innocent, so cute and I wanted to hear more of it. I told her we had to be very quiet so Savannah didn't hear us and I asked her if she understood. She nodded her head yes and whimpered, "yes, yes" with her wet lips and he hot breath on my face. My cock was like a steel rod and was throbbing harder then it had ever throbbed in her hand.

I asked her if she was a virgin and she said "No, MY boyfriend fucked me once in my own bed but I didn't cum"!

I wasn't too surprised, knowing how horny her mom was. I was still trying to comprehend her mom telling her to ask me to fuck her daughter! I was flattered but still scared to death but pushing forward. I rolled her onto her back and slide my hand to either side of her pajama bottoms and slid them off. She was already out of her panties!

I could not believe this was happening to me. One of those prayers you know will never come true, but it was! I lifted her butt up a little and eased them off. As her legs went into the air I grabbed one of her legs and licked her leg for a second then sucked her delicious toes for a few seconds. I loved girls feet and toes but I could smell her nectar, as sweet as honey and couldn't wait to taste her.

I eased down the bed so I could get my shoulder between her thighs. She had the most beautiful golden peach fuzz on those thighs when she played soccer in the sun and I could feel every one of those little hairs on my shoulders and sides of my face. I died and went to heaven I thought to my self as I inched my way down. She was very fit and her legs were muscular for her age but she tasted sweet!

"Oh My God", sweeet was an understatement. It was an elixir from heaven... The second my tongue touched her pussy she arched her hips up in the air and squeezed my shoulder with her knees and I knew I was doing the right thing to her as she purred like a little kitten. I eased the tip of my finger into her pussy and continued to lick her outer pussy lips. As I licked my way up to her BUD it was sticking out at least a quarter inch!!

It was hard like a little penis and I flicked it several times with my hot tongue and she would twitch every time I sucked on it and she would let out a little whimpers, "mmm, mmm". My finger slide in so easily and she loved it and I could feel her sugar walls inside her trying to crush my finger as it slid in. I was licking a once fucked virgin; it was like entering heavens gates. A place you only enter once but I'd probably never see the real ones now!

I felt like I was under the gun, under pressure, her mom expected me to fuck her little kitten like I did her and I wanted to do it slow and good just like I would do her monmmy. I wanted her to go back and tell her mommy I did a good job. Would her mom be jealous I thought for a few seconds and was back to work. I could have eaten that sweet pussy all night but I had to get my rocket into this pussy and blast off before I woke up from this dream.

My tongue slipped out of her cunt bumping her little engorged clit on the way out. I kissed my way up to her tummy and I could feel her flex her tummy muscles as my now blazing hot tongue licked my way up to her gorgeous tangerine size breast. I kept telling myself don't hurt her. Be gentle as I licked her breast and sucked her little nipple into my mouth. I could feel her two hand on the back of my head pulling me into her breast like a little pro. She would run her fingers through my hair and purr like a little kitten.

Her breasts were perfect,they completely fit in my mouth and I could suck the whole breast with one mouth full. I was going crazy and my cock was already dripping precum onto her belly. I wanted to stuff my meat into her mouth so bad but I had better not blow it and continued to kiss her neck and licked her ears. Once I was up on my hands, and my arms extended straight, she grabbed my forearms.

She looked at me in the dark and whispered, your tongue is so hot," I love it on my naked body" can I suck it?

I closed my eyes and pressed my mouth to hers and she sucked my tongue so good. My mind went numb as she kissed me with so much passion. My body quivered in excitement and she was saying the right things to set me on fire. I had to push forward. I could feel the head of my cock at her entrance and I gently inched forward. She spread her legs wide for me with her knees in the air and my cock slid in half way.

I groaned with pleasure "uuuuhhhh", as her walls grabbed my cock and it felt like her pussy was like her wet mouth sucking me in.

Her pussy was on fire! I could feel her boiling juices all around my cock shaft and I looked into her eyes and whispered, "do you want more my love"? Without a word she reached between my arms and grabbed my ass and gently pulled me in to the hilt! I could feel her bud on my pelvis bone and it felt like it was buzzing like a little vibrator.

I pressed into her and grinded my hips into her pelvis so she could feel all of my meat inside her as she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles. She surprised me again when I felt her feet on my ass; she was pulling me in with her feet, just like her mom did me a few times when I was fucking her. I was amazed how mom and daughter fucked so much alike.

"Oh My God" I was going to cum and fill this young pussy up any second. I know she could feel my cock pulsing as she dug her nails into my ass and rammed me home as she began to fell the surge of her first real orgasm and my cock pulse in her virgin hairless cunt.

We both looked into each other's eyes as our faces contoured with gestures of our pleasure as she whimpered a whisper in my ear "I want your big dick buried in me" as she pulled me in harder. I could not hold back any longer and blasted a load that I could feel oozing out of her pussy before I had even gone soft.

She squeezed her eyes tight shut holding her screams and whimpers even biting her own lip so her friend, my daughter, wouldn't hear us. We both thrashed and held on to each other till the pulsing and surging orgasms we had together started to subside.

I was not going to let this night end just yet and as soon as I slid out I dove straight down into her love tunnel and kissed and licked her erect hard engorged button! It was hot and on fire and I even slurped my own cum out of that sweet pussy just so she could enjoy the feeling as long as possible!

Once I saw she was way too sensitive down there and was nearly jumping off the bed every time I would flick her engorged clit, I grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over...she was in for a surprise. After I had flipped her over I grabbed a pillow and slid it under her hips so her ass would be in the air.

She looked back a little concerned I thought, until she said, "my mom said you like to lick her ass hole, and she loves it, I hope you're going to do that to me too, my asshole has never been fucked?" I guess Patty didn't hold any secrets from her daughter about us; I didn't care at that moment. I just knew I was going to definitely be licking and fucking some virgin sweet ass.

I opened her little butt cheeks up and slurped my tongue in her little butt slit and I had hit the glory hole. She had a gallon of her pussy juices and my cum mixed in her butt slit and it was delicious. I kept a steady slurping action going but was really worried I was going to be too big for her virgin butt hole. I reached up and slide one finger in to test the waters and she gasped for air as I slide it in slowly then as deep as I could.

I wanted to be sure it wasn't going to hurt her and asked her if she wanted to try it? She looked at me with the same begging eyes as her mother and said "she had to have a cock in her ass tonight", and she wanted it to be mine. I figured I better get this hole really wet so I soaked her little pink eye with my tongue for a good ten minutes. I could tell by her tugs on my arms and hair she was ready.

I slid up on her thighs licking her back and shoulders nibbling on her smooth butt cheeks as she pushed back and I eased the head into her virgin ass hole. I heard her moan,"Oh My God, Oh My God" as I just trembled in that position for a few seconds, I didn't want to hurt her. She started to push back again and I inched in a little at a time until I was in to the hilt.

"Oh My God", she accommodated my cock just like her mom, but I could tell she was way, way tighter. It didn't take but a few strokes in her virgin ass and I was pumping the little bit of cum my cock could muster.

As my cock started to ease out of her wet little bung hole, she twisted her body around with me still in her a little ways and kissed me with her sweet mouth and said in a low voice, "you were way better then my mom said"! I looked into her blue eyes and said, "please tell your mom I said thank you" and we both giggled getting her pajamas back on.

As she started to slide off the bed, I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me and said, "I hope we can always be friends" and I kissed her on the tip of her cute button nose and she blew me a kiss and winked at me as she climbed into her bunk bed. I knew it would not be the last I'd see of "PEPPERMINT PATTY'S DAUGHTER"!

Navi Sorab

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