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Peppermint Soap


I was enjoying a nice, hot, leisurely shower, slowly soaping my body, rubbing a new bar of peppermint oil infused soap I'd been given as a gift all over my body. It gave my skin a delicious little tingle everywhere the bar touched. I ran it up my legs, across my belly, and was taking time to concentrate on my nipples. The cool sensation from the soap had them in hard little points, almost painfully aroused. I ran the bar up my neck, around to the back of my neck, to where it is most sensitive. I shivered at the tingles that shot through my body.

It was like all my nerve endings were standing on end, and the peppermint oil in the soap made it feel as if ice were being drug across my hyper-sensitive flesh. As the lather began to slowly drip down my body, it took the tingle with it.

All of a sudden, I felt a very sharp, very acute cold tingle as the lather descended abruptly on my clit, then slid farther into my pussy. The feeling was surprising, and at first slightly uncomfortable. I immediately cupped my fingers around my clit, meaning to ease the cold sensation, which of course, only intensified it as my fingers were covered in the lather. As the shock wore off, I began to realize that a hyper-sensitive clit could be a very good thing. I shivered as I ran my finger slowly around the little nub, making tighter and tighter circles. I slowly parted my pussy lips with my other hand, and just as slowly pushed one, then two fingers inside of myself. The peppermint oil had the same effect inside of me as it had on the rest of my body. My body jerked as the tingles radiated from within, and the pleasure I was bringing myself very quickly spiraled towards a climax.

In my head, I remember the pleasure he gave me, the feel of his body above mine, my legs wrapped around his hips, hanging on with the meager strength I had left in my well fucked body. I recall pushing my hips up to meet each thrust, my nails digging into the sheets, the incoherent thought that I wanted nothing more in that moment than release. The desire to please him as effortlessly as he pleased me, the knowledge that it just was not possible. With this image swirling through my brain, remembering how well he filled me, how well he used my body to bring me pleasure, how the feel of his warm body pressed against mine made me shiver with excitement, I let myself live in that moment again as I continued seeking an orgasm I knew would pale in comparison to any he given me just a few days previous.

The circles I was drawing around my clit soon were too much for me, and I began rubbing a little harder, and much faster across the tip. Soon, I was fucking myself hard and fast, leaning against the shower wall for support. My head was thrown back, my leg propped up on a ledge as I enjoyed every single motion of my quick fingers. I could feel the orgasm build deep within me, and I considered for the briefest of moments to draw it out, to tease myself, but I wanted the satisfaction.

I've never been a patient sort of girl. I wanted to cum, hard, fast, and immediately. So I let myself go, and screamed as stars exploded inside my head. My breath came in quick pants, trying to keep up with the rhythm my heart was beating. I reached for the top of the shower to anchor myself so that I wouldn't fall in or out of the shower.

As I slowly came back to reality, I shivered one last time from the effects of the orgasm that had left my skin flushed, and me panting. I rinsed the remnants of the soap off of my body, and grabbing a towel, stumbled out of the shower. I soon realized the unexpected bonus of my fun in the shower. The tingle from the soap didn't appear to be going away. It still felt as if someone still held an ice cube against my clit. Every step I took was all that much more enjoyable for the little tingle that shot through my pussy. I dropped the towel and climbed across my bed reaching for my vibrator. I intended to enjoy this as long as I could.

I made a special point to thank my dear friend who gave me the little bar of soap, and ask her where she got it so I could get more myself. As I saw the twinkle in her eyes, I knew she too knew the extra benefits of the peppermint soap. It's amazing how quickly that soap disappeared, and how much longer it has taken me to shower every morning. What it did to the creases below my ass couldn't be put into words. What it did to my ass nearly brought me to my knees.

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