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Perfect Penis


Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR

Synopsis: A good witch grants man a perfect, magical penis

Note: Adult erotic fiction. If it is illegal or immoral for you, stop now. Fiction, as in not real in any way. Can be posted, in its entirety, to free sites.


Perfect Penis

By Paladin


God, I love my penis. Its big, beautifully shaped, and perfect in every way I can think of. That's not just me talking- that is the professional opinion of the witch I saved.

Yeah, about the witch. I was driving home on a recent bitterly cold Friday night (I would have called it 'colder than a witch's tits', but I have since learned better.) I was passing the lagoon in the park when I saw a commotion on the frozen lake and pulled over to see what was going on. It looked like someone was in trouble in the frigid water.

I pulled my car up as close as I could then jumped out to see someone about twenty feet out thrashing and screaming. I got a rope out of the trunk, tied it to the car and crawled to the drowning person. I tossed the rope across the broken ice so it fell over the unfortunate person and shouted at them to grab it. I pulled the poor soul towards the shore then helped her slide/crawl out of the water. I managed to wrestle the older woman to my car where I got my spare blanket over and cranked the heat. I was about to pull away when she managed to chatter out that she needed her cane and cat. I saw the cane not too far from the car, but the cat was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed the cane and was startled by a black streak that jumped in the car to settle on her lap. Dang near gave me a heart attack.

I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital, but she just wanted to go back to her nearby home. The short drive let me catch my breath. As an overweight middle-aged guy, this had been more physical activity than I was used to. I helped her to her door, then into a bedroom. I prepared a warm bath, then went off to help in other ways. I tossed the smelly wet clothes in the washer, and made a tray of hot tea and cookies without quite worrying about how I knew to do all this.

When I returned with the tea, the big claw-foot tub was filled with warm, steamy suds that smelled like herbs, strawberry, and heaven. I was surprised to see that she was not as old as I had thought, maybe thirty rather than my initial thought of sixty-ish. How odd. I set the tray on a handy stand and we chatted as she served me tea graciously, managing to keep herself well-hidden in the tub. I asked her how she came to be in that situation and she told me she was trying to get her wayward cat, who had enough sense to leap away as the ice cracked.

She asked me about myself and I found myself freely talking about my moderately lonely life.

Overweight, nerdy, awkward around women, some dating but nothing too serious. Here I was, almost fifty, in a dead end tech job and close enough to a virgin that it wasn't funny. I sipped some pleasantly spicy tea as she looked at me thoughtfully, seeming to make a decision.

She swept out of the tub, stunning me. She was as tall as I was and very curvy. I had no idea she had breasts like the proud fruit on her chest, or such a magnificent ass- I would have sworn she was rather scrawny when I drug her out of the water. She gently took my hand and led me to the now toasty bedroom, delightfully naked but for a golden necklace. She pulled me to the edge of her big four-poster bed where I found her somehow warm, dry, and smelling wonderfully.

She pulled my unresisting face to hers and kissed me deeply- tongue and all. I felt so strange, like our thoughts were one, like it was all a dream. She slipped my clothes off with a little mindless help from me and we fell into her thick mattress.

Oh god, I lost myself kissing her delicious body. I caressed her heavy breasts and stroked her curved sides. I ran my rough hand on her smooth belly to feel it twitch in response. She moaned and stretched beneath me, gliding a long finger along my sides, purring deep in her throat and murmuring softly. My cock hardened to its rather embarrassing six inches, sorta, as she guided me into her warm, wet body. I was amazed that I did not come right away, barely managing to hold on as she began to undulate beneath me, like some sort of snake queen goddess.

She wrapped her arms around me and began to chant softly. Her tight pussy grew hotter as the chants grew more intense. Her musky smell grew heavier as she got hotter and hotter around me. I was feeling kind of scared and tried to pull out but she held me tighter and wrapped her long legs around me. She was chanting louder and louder as I began to scream. It was getting so hot, I felt like my cock was being squeezed and cooked. She opened her glowing eyes and stared at me as she chanted with great power, driving me somehow to buck and thrust. It felt like I was being possessed. All I could stare at was the necklace, some sort of tree, pentagram and letter M thing. It was nice enough, but I could not tear my eyes from it as she chanted.

Something took me over as I began pounding into her savagely, growling as I fucked her like a demon. I felt strong and lusty and I was going to fuck my woman until I filled her with my spunk. I pounded my cock deep in her as the sounds of our bodies slapping together mixing with our mutual screams.

My breath caught and balls tightened as I had never felt before. I tensed up and exploded inside her, triggering her own volcanic release. My ragged breathing calmed and my mind returned. I was in awe of what we had done and had to wait for my heart to slow. She lay beneath me, covered in sweat, with a bemused but satisfied smile, deep blue eyes still gazing into my soul. After a long moment, I started to say 'Thank you' and laughed when she started to say the same thing at the same time. I started to roll off her, and she held me for a moment, giving me one last wiggle... which felt... odd.

I pulled out of her, and pulled, and pulled. What the hell? Usually, my limp dick slipped out with a quick slurp, but now I was still at least semi-hard and had a good eight inches showing and was still slipping out. I jerked back and off the bed to see about a foot of cock bouncing at my crotch. I was gathering breath to scream when she asked me to calm down. So, I calmly sat back on the bed and looked at her.

"This is my reward to you for saving my life. I am giving you a new life in return." When I expressed confusion, she elaborated. She explained that she was a rather talented witch and had unleashed on me a spell she had been working on over decades, a variation of the spell she used to make herself young and beautiful. She blushed prettily when I told her how well that worked, and continued telling me what she had done.

When she was done, I was stunned. This thing was part guardian angel, part magic wand, and fully the perfect fuckstick. Before I asked her for another chance to use it, she stopped me and explained that the magics gathering in my balls even as we spoke would enslave her. She said she would do this if I wanted, but she would prefer that I left her free. I thought about just taking her, and sensed that she would not really resist too much, but held back. We spent a little more time together talking before I reluctantly went home with her calling a blessing upon me as I left.

When I got home, I could not help myself. I got a mirror and undressed so I could look at it better. It was not really a foot long, but it was big- designed to be big enough that every woman would feel very, very 'full' but not be hurt by it. It was slightly curved with a network of veins around it. It rose proudly from two plum-sized balls. I stroked it and felt the power in it tremble. The sensitivity was amazing, but so was my control- I knew it would not cum unless I wanted it to. It was so nice to look at, especially since I had not seen my old, small cock past my gut very often.

Control over my orgasm was just one of the many powers it carried. It controlled my hormones and such to help me become healthier and stronger overall. She had told me that in a few months time I would barely recognize myself. I knew that my semen would taste delicious and carried its own magic- healing whoever took it in them. I could even change the recipients to some degree-mentally and physically. I knew my sweat would now smell attractive to women, a living 'Axe' commercial- and more. Dang, it was like finding all of the features of a cool new toy! I could not wait to try it out and felt a surge of confidence- another new power to play with. I decided to take it for a spin.

My limited wardrobe and meager bank account were just sufficient to outfit me for a trial run at one of the few nice clubs in town. It was just after midnight by now, but I had to give this a spin. The guy at the door was going to turn me back for being too old, big, square, etc., but then a smile broke out on his face and he treated me like an old buddy, letting me in without even asking the cover charge. I tipped him and he thanked me effusively. The inside was loud, dark, crowded and very warm. I began to notice that I could somehow sense the presence of women. For example, I knew that there was a group of three of them unaccompanied just over... there. Snaking my way through the throbbing crowd, I came upon a table of three women in a slightly quieter part of the room.

"Excuse me, but I was wondering if I could join you?" I asked politely, 'thinking' my charms heavily at them. The three were at first annoyed by my sheer existence, much less by my feeble and unwanted efforts, but then the nearest, a brunette smiled at me.

"Sure." Said the one nearest me. "I'm Darlene, and this is Angela, and that is Gwen over there. Who are you?"

"My name is Jeff, Jeffery Barker. I hope I am not intruding. Are you waiting for anyone else?" I asked, somehow already knowing that there were no boyfriends or anything involved. That sort of broke the ice so we got to chatting. We talked about our jobs, the upcoming holidays and other stuff for a bit, but I mostly just let the friends chat while I watched.

Darlene was nearest to me and is probably best described as the 'mom' of the group, even though she was their same age. Rather petite and dark haired, her skin looked pale and clear and she had wonderfully expressive big green eyes. She was dressed in a nice blue dress that hugged pert 'handful' breasts and let a hint of nipple show through. Every time she turned to me, I got lost in her eyes and expressive sparkly lips. Darlene seems to have been affected first, and was spending more and more time talking to me.

Angela was, as her name almost promised, a blonde with long shimmering hair. She was taller and thinner than Darlene but had a bit more cleavage exposed by her shining white dress. She had a pleasantly pretty face with bright blue eyes and a very cute mouth. Earrings sparkled all along her ears and she sparkled subtly from strategically placed glitter. Angela seemed to be warming to me slowly, smiling and looking at me more often. Darlene was touching my arm and her knee was touching mine, but Angela was starting to reach across the table and lean forward, sharing her cleavage with me.

Gwen was an Irish cutie with a slightly wide face, dark auburn hair, and a generous creamy chest liberally freckled. She was kind of far from me and seemed a bit bewildered by the others attention to me, so I scooted my chair around so I was closer to her. It was kind of fun to watch her slowly morph from somewhat hostile, to neutral, to curious, to smiling and flirting along with the other two.

They were all about 22-24ish or so. None were gorgeous, but all were cute. Angela leaned towards being boney while Gwen was a bit chunky. A perfectly normal set of young women friends, but outside my usual league, both in terms of age and attractiveness. Yesterday I would not have even tried to talk to any of them.

Someone was playing footsie with me under the table. I thought it was Darlene, but it may have been Angela who was looking at me more dreamily. Gwen had scooted her chair a bit closer and was stroking my leg as we all shared a round of drinks. Gwen suddenly stood up and asked me to dance with bright, shiny eyes. How could I refuse?

I was a disgrace on the dance floor, just sort of moving, shaking, and shrugging some with my arms around her, but she acted like she was having a good time and snuggled up tight. Her large breasts felt so nice on my chest that I grabbed her soft bottom to pull her tighter. She burrowed her face in my chest, moaning softly. She seemed to have forgotten we were supposed to be dancing as she rubbed against me in a sexily distracted way. She gave me a long, wet, dreamy kiss and was sliding a hand down my front to my belt when Darlene cut in. Gwen seemed to wake up with a jolt. She smiled at Darlene and me, saying she had to use the little girl's room anyway.

Darlene stayed out of my arms and seemed to delight in rubbing parts of her on me as she danced around me. We chatted a bit about her obvious dance skills just before she managed to rub her tight bottom against my crotch. She squeaked when she felt its size and replaced her bottom with her hand. "Oh, Jeffery!" She cooed as she grabbed my neck with her free hand and stared at me with her deep green eyes. "We need to party privately, don't we?" I asked if the invitation included her friends. "Ummm, if you think we need them, I'll ask them, but I plan to try hard to wear you out all by my self." We danced for a bit longer as she kept brushing my groin.

Darlene turned when someone tapped her shoulder. "My turn." Angela purred. Darlene relinquished me with a grin as Angela put her hands on my shoulders. She was wagging her hips and chest side to side in a slow rhythm as she promised to rock my world and began what looked like a hands-on double striptease with no clothes coming off. She used me like a brass pole and partner both even though I could barely keep up. Her nipples traced all over my body, her hands were everywhere, and she was kissing me randomly from my waist up. I was getting pretty heated, so I pulled her in for a long kiss before I took her back to the table.

I was afraid that my absence might cool them off, but they were chatting excitedly amongst themselves. "Jeffrey," Darlene started. "How would you like to go to my house for a bit so we can party more privately?" I asked if the other two were also invited and they smiled reassuringly. So far, I would have to say that the experiment was a success even if nothing else happened tonight.

We went in one car and quickly made it to Darlene's nice house. I had been in the front passenger seat, but each of the girls managed to touch or kiss me on the short ride so I was ready for action as we entered her home. With an almost practiced teamwork, Angela got some music going, Gwen lit up the room with a nice combination of accent lights and candles, and the Darlene was getting some drinks and snacks ready. Angela joined Darlene were in the kitchen so Gwen took it upon herself to dance with me in the living room.

Soft, slow music and low lighting made it warm, erotic, and romantic as we pulled each other together and swayed to the music. Long, slow kisses and a gentle grinding action were pushing me to a slow boil. Gwen tasted and smelled so wonderful, I was getting lost in her sensations.

The dream-like aspect got even warmer as another set of arms joined us. Angela had apparently joined in and now the three of us were standing in the middle of the room, swaying slowly, arms and lips roaming mindlessly. Angela also tasted and smelled wonderful, but so different- cool and refreshing compared to Gwen's warm earthiness- glaciers and heather, cool wind and warm sun.

Another pair of hands and lips added to the mix as Darlene finally joined us. She was like vanilla and cream, the warm safe kitchen in the heather in the cool wind. It was about this time that I noticed that clothing was starting to disappear. I guess it started with the girls kicking of their shoes, but a blouse soon slipped off one, then a dress vanished from another, then one was taking off the last's dress as another was divesting me of my short and undoing my belt. Within a few minutes, barely noticing the transition, we were all in our undies. Gwen in her dark green bra struggling to hold her pillowy treasures, Angela in pale icy blue thong and underbra with her nipples proudly displayed, Darlene in a lacy black set that looked wonderful on her creamy skin, and me in my navy boxers.

Darlene shepherded us to her large bedroom. I undid her bra and kissed her perky tits and tight little nipples. I pushed her back onto the bed then pulled off her wispy panties and began to kiss her lower tummy, delighting in how it twitched against my touch. I moved to her little well-trimmed pussy and gently licked the length of it. It grew wetter as fragrant nectar filled it. Angela lay beside Darlene, kissing her and fondling her breasts while Gwen was watching and absently stroking my cock. A delicious orgasm flooded my tongue and Darlene fell limp with a sigh.

Angela begged me to do her next, so I looked at Gwen for permission. She was already ducking down to lick my cock, so I kissed Angela and fondled her nipples for a moment before pushing her gently back. I made a line of kisses down her now naked breasts and stomach, tasting the glitter she used on her chest. She was leaning back on her arms with her legs spread wide for me by the time I got to her mons. She was lightly furred with a pale softness that was pleasant on my tongue. Her clit was more protrusive so I gently licked and tapped it with my lips before I began to lick the alphabet on her juicy lips. She must have been pretty worked up because it only took her a few minutes to grind her way through a loud orgasm accompanied by a little squirt of fluid. She was panting softly when I turned my attention to Gwen.

Gwen seemed to be having fun sitting and sliding her thick lips on my big cock. Her eyes were closed as she seemed to be off in her own little fantasy. I stroked her cheek and hair and she moaned around me, nipples crinkling a bit tighter. She burst into action and began to jack me off with her mouth as she played with my enhanced balls. I grabbed her head and warned her I was about to come. She moaned and went faster so I rewarded her with a rich blast of my essence. If I understood everything correctly, this was going to bring about some changes in her.

Gwen looked at me in adoration- one of the side effects of my sperm was to create a strong connection between me and the other person. not quite love, and not quite slavery- but close to both, and I could adjust the intensity. I had hit Gwen with a medium-power load that I had also willed into carrying as much of the body-modifying material as I could will into it to help her lose weight. I was also now able to share her thoughts a little and was embarrassed at some of what I saw in there. In her eyes, I was larger, older, and less appealing than I thought of myself, but she now saw me as a warm, wonderful guy that she really, really liked. I also saw a desire in her to get fucked royally by me. Luckily that was part of my plan all along!

I turned back to Darlene and kissed her hard. She wrapped her arms around me and I lined my new cock up as best I could. I felt Gwen helpfully moving me to position so I pressed it into Darlene nice and slowly, working the thick head into her warm silky lips. I wriggled my hips a bit as she did hers and I slid in another inch. I backed off a bit and slid in further with the next stroke. She grunted and I felt her internal muscles grab at me. I pulled back and kissed her hard again as I pushed hard into her, muffling her exclamation with my lips. I was in a playful mood so I started to blow raspberries on her neck, chest, and boobies. She was laughing and writhing so I picked up the pace and began to pump her hard and fast. My new cock seems to have imbued me with great stamina since I was not getting at all winded as I pumped the poor girl to within an inch of her life, her laughing every second of it.

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