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Perfect Punishment


This is my first attempt at writing a story for Literotica. Hope you enjoy it. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidence. A special thanks to NyklDormir for editing.

He stared in fearful anticipation of what was to come, knowing that the look his Mistress was giving him meant he'd done it again. He frantically thought through the rules She'd given him and couldn't figure out which one he'd broken. The list wasn't very long, so it didn't take him long to go through all of them. Well, She'd tell him soon enough, and punish him for it too. That much he was positive about.

"Why do you insist on disobeying me? And why so early in the mornings?" Mistress asked, still groggy from just waking up. Maybe that was it. Maybe he'd woken Her up, a sure-fire way to make Her angry with him.

"I'm sorry Mistress," he said, turning his eyes down in a way that hopefully would get him out of trouble.

"Not yet you aren't," She replied, and he knew that trick wasn't going to work this time. "Now, strip and go make me some coffee while I decide what your punishment will be." He blushed, and almost protested. She raised her eyebrows and he kept his mouth shut. Both of them knew that the kitchen had a lot of windows, and that anyone could see him naked in there, but that was what She wanted.

"Yes Mistress," he said meekly, and took off his boxer shorts.

"You're learning," She said approvingly, and closed the door to Her room. He blushed even harder, remembering the last time She'd told him to go make Her coffee naked. He'd protested and... well he considered the French maid costume much worse then nothing at all. At least naked he could pretend he was wearing boxers, as the windows only showed from his bellybutton up.

It didn't help the fact that he knew he was naked though, and he could feel his cheeks burning as he poured coffee grounds into the machine, added water, and turned it on. It seemed to take forever, giving him plenty of time to think about what his punishment might be. He fingered the leather collar he wore nervously, mind going through all the possibilities. Would She flog him? He'd done something to deserve that once before, and could still remember the strangely erotic sensation of the whip hitting his bare ass, both in a whisper caress, and a sharp stinging stripe. The combination of sharp pain and intense pleasure had made him beg Her for more, which She gave happily. He'd had trouble sitting the next day, but it had been worth it.

Or maybe She'd put that vibrating cock ring on him. It was new, and he was as curious as he was nervous about it. She'd once mentioned wanting to see how many times She could make him come before he was really begging to stop. The thought of so much stimulation made him shiver, weather in delight or nerves, he wasn't sure. Either way, he was fairly sure he didn't want Her to use that one the first time as a punishment. He'd picked that one out because a regular cock ring wouldn't do anything but keep him hard longer for Her, while this one would be as pleasing for Her as it was for him.

Maybe She'd just tie him to Her bed, blind fold him, and leave the room. That was the punishment that most concerned him, both because he would be afraid being alone like that and because it would mean he'd really made Her angry, a thought that made the bottom of his stomach drop out. He didn't want to make Her mad, didn't like disappointing Her, and if She chose that punishment, then he'd be beside himself trying to apologize. The other two punishments were as much for Her enjoyment as to teach him to behave better, but leaving him alone would (he hoped) be as hard for Her as it would be for him.

If only he could figure out what he'd done! Then he could apologize for it profusely and maybe even convince Her that he was truly sorry. He carefully pulled the finished coffee from the coffee maker and went to the refrigerator, having forgotten for the moment his clothing-less state. When he turned back with the milk and sugar, he noticed the little old lady next door sitting in her back yard with a pair of binoculars trained on him, making him blush and hurry back to the relative safety of hiding behind the table. There, he carefully mixed the coffee the way his Mistress liked best before carrying the cup back to her bedroom.

He paused before knocking, thinking that it was a good time to put some of the manners She'd been drilling into him into practice. Maybe then She wouldn't be as angry. He dropped to his knees, sitting on his heals, careful to be out of the way of the door, and set the coffee down gently. Then he leaned forward and knocked on the door, quickly picking the coffee up again and holding it up like an offering, dropping his eyes to his knees as She'd told him to do when serving a visiting Domme.

He had no idea how long it took Her to answer the door, but when She did She was dripping wet. He kept his eyes on his knees, thought it was hard. He figured that if She wanted him to see, She'd tell him to look. She made a pleased sound in the back of Her throat, though, that told him he'd dome the right thing. Wet fingers ran through his hair briefly, and he nearly followed the touch, before remembering that he hadn't been given permission to move.

"So you do pay attention to what I say occasionally," She said, before taking the coffee out of his hands and closing the door. That made him think. When had he not paid attention to what She'd said? He went over yesterday, knowing that She'd have punished him sooner if it had been before that. He'd made her coffee when She woke him to do so, had done all his chores while She was at work, had been kneeling by the door when She came home, had gone shopping at the local adult toy store (where he'd bought the cock ring and a few other things) and ... wait what exactly had She sent him to buy? Cock ring, new flogger, lube... that was it right? Then it hit him. He was supposed to find a strap-on for Her, but had been too embarrassed to go anywhere near them.

That wasn't a good thing. He was almost in a panic when the door opened and his Mistress pulled him up by the collar. He looked at Her, startled, then dropped his eyes again. She laughed.

"Figured it out yet, Pet?" She asked, and he nodded, not taking his eyes off the toes of her high-heeled shoes. "Good," She said, releasing his collar. "Go get dressed now."

"Yes Mistress," he whispered, thinking that it wasn't a good sign that She wanted clothes on him. Usually She preferred him in nothing at all, though boxers were permitted for the sake of his "delicate modesty." He only ever wore clothes when they were going to somewhere, and he desperately didn't want to be punished in public. It was bad enough that he was in trouble at all, but to have others witness it? That made him even more nervous.

His wardrobe consisted of only the things Mistress liked seeing him in, so She didn't designate a certain outfit for the outing. It was too early for them to be going to a club though, so he slid on a tight pair of jeans, sandals, and an equally tight shirt that showed off his collar and the little silver tag on it, and rejoined his Mistress near the front door. She nodded approval of his choice, and waited for him to open the door for Her. He held it open and locked it behind them, knowing that She would expect it of him, then jogged to the passenger side of the car.

He got more and more nervous as he sat quietly, wondering where She was taking him. That question was answered quickly when they pulled up outside the adult toy store he'd been sent to yesterday, and he wondered what She was going to do. Surely She wasn't going to punish him here?

Thankfully the store was empty except for the cashier, who greeted his Mistress by name and asked what they were doing back so soon. Mistress replied, "My little pet forgot something that I sent him for yesterday, so we're going to pick it up now." He would have almost preferred being ignored then being forced to pick out a strap-on that his Mistress would then use on him.

"Since you didn't want to choose, Pet, I'm going to make the decision for you," Mistress told him as She walked with a crisp click from Her heels towards the assortment of dildos that were displayed. He followed, nervous and embarrassed, but (as usual) so turned on he thought he'd explode. One well placed word and he might too he mused, remembering the time She'd done that. They'd been in a restaurant at the time, before he'd moved in with Her, and She'd taken great pleasure in watching him squirm and try to muffle his moans as he'd emptied himself.

Mistress was picking up various dildos and examining them, testing the width and length in Her hand much the same as She'd measured him. He stayed silent, knowing that now was a bad time to interrupt. She would pick one and then She would most likely take him home and use it on him, a thought that his mind balked at while his body seemed to want nothing more. He wanted to be Her bitch, Her pet, and if this was what it took to prove that to Her, he was going to try it at least. He could always use his safe-word (if he could remember it) if things got too intense for him.

Mistress chose three from the assortment on the wall, each progressively bigger then the last, though he thought even the smallest was way too big for him. Mistress then drifted over to the butt plugs and began examining those. He followed, trailing after Her like the pet She called him, not quite sure what She was going to choose next. He hesitated when She grabbed a box set of plugs, each progressively larger like the dildos, and one package that read "Vibrato-Max! The vibrating butt plug that will keep going as long as you do!" He wasn't sure he liked where Her thoughts were heading with that one.

"Now, Pet, I want you to take these to the check out line and pay for them while I look at the new corsets," Mistress told him, handing him the goodies She'd gathered. He blushed, but took them, knowing that this was part of his punishment.

"Looks like you're in for quite a day," said the woman behind the cash register with a sinister grin on her face. He knew her from one of the clubs he and Mistress frequented, and knew that she was also a submissive, though a much better behaved one.

"I suspect the day will be boring, but tonight? That's when it's going to get interesting," he replied, and the girl grinned.

"Too true," she replied, ringing everything up. She hesitated at the sight of the Vibrato-Max, hand stilling before scanning it and dropping it into the bag. He noticed instantly.

"What?" he asked anxiously.

"Let's just say those things really will keep going as long as your Mistress wants them to," said the girl, blushing a little.

"Oh joy," he said sarcastically, though he could feel his stomach flip flop in unmistakable anticipation.

"Joy is right," said the girl, quite seriously. "Though you should only wear it for two hours at a time. A friend of mine had a bad reaction to wearing one longer."

"Thanks for the warning," he said, thinking that his Mistress couldn't possibly want him to wear something like that for two whole hours. Could She? The other girl laughed.

"I know that look," she said. "You did something bad again, didn't you?" He blushed.

"When haven't I done something bad?" he asked, teasingly. The girl rolled her eyes and told him the total. He paid for it and took the bag with him to stand next to Mistress while she studied the newest corsets.

"All ready Pet?" She asked, a teasing smile on her lips.

"It's all paid for at least," he replied, gulping a little. "Mistress, I don't think..." She put a finger to his lips, a gentle gesture to be silent.

"That's right, Pet, you don't think. That's my job," She said. She replaced Her finger with Her lips, and he responded instantly. "Let's get home," She whispered, and he knew that he'd do anything She wanted, anything to make Her happy. And if that meant letting Her use that new toy She'd picked up, he would do so, would beg for it.

The car ride home was full of sexual tension, as he fought to stay still and She chuckled at him when his squirming got to be too noticeable. That was the one drawback to the clothes She'd chosen for him. She liked them tight, and that didn't leave much room when he got aroused like this. His cock was pulsing in time to the loud beating of his heart, making him hyper-aware of his Mistress, but not paying attention to much else. She was the center of his world, after all.

They got out of the car, and he unlocked and held the door open for Her to enter before him, nerves coming back a little. "Strip," She commanded once the door was closed, and he was glad She'd waited that long.

"Now pay very close attention, Pet," Mistress said to him quietly, grabbing his collar and forcing him to look at Her. "I want you to go into my bedroom, work some lube into that sweet ass of yours, put on that new cock ring, and lay on the floor, on your stomach. You should probably put a towel under you, because if you cum on my carpet, I'm going to make you clean it up with your tongue. And I've got much better uses for that tongue. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied, jitters back full force. He'd committed to it, now would he actually be able to do it? Mistress appeared to be wondering the same thing, because She said, "What's your safe word, Pet? You remember it?"

"I can't remember if it's still Red Light, or if we changed it," he admitted, and Mistress sighed.

"Well at least I got one safe word beaten into you," she said. "We had changed it, but Red Light will be fine. Now go get ready for me." She pointed towards the bedroom, and he hurried to do as She had asked.

He grabbed a towel on his way into the bedroom, a place where he spent a surprising amount of time for a pet. It was a privilege to be aloud to sleep on the Mistress's bed with Her, but he had his own, trundle bed off to one side of the room. Mistress had a huge bed with a wrought iron headboard and footboard that was perfect for trying someone up in any number of interesting ways. And in the month he'd lived with Her, he'd been in most of them. He ignored the bed for the moment though, going instead to the closet and to box where Mistress kept Her toys. He was grateful She hadn't told him to get a flogger or paddle out of the toy box too, though he knew She had other things in store for his ass tonight.

The flexible jelly cock ring slid over his erection, which swelled even more. He let out a soft pant, but his Mistress's warning was firmly in his mind. He didn't want to have to clean up Her carpet when there were much more exciting things he could be doing with his tongue. Quickly, before he could have second thoughts, he spread out the brightly colored beach towel that Mistress liked best and laid down on it. He squirted some of the cold lube onto shaking fingers, then gently applied it to the tight pucker of his ass.

An involuntary moan escaped him, both at the wash of pleasure the touch caused and at the sight of the shoes Mistress was wearing. She was standing in the doorway, watching him prepare himself for Her, and it turned him on even more. He fought the urge to squirm, which he knew from past experience would only make it worse. That much stimulation and sweet friction, and he'd go over in no time. He continued the gentile rimming motion of his lube-coated finger, then decided to be brave and slip the very tip of his finger inside.

He nearly came apart at the soft pant Mistress gave at this. She liked it, liked it enough to forget her usual control for a moment. Very gently, he continued to ease the finger into himself until he reached the knuckles, hips thrusting forward a little at the sudden stop. God that felt good! He pulled the finger out almost all the way, and thrust it back in again, this time a little faster, a little harder, until he was fucking himself almost frantically.

"That's enough of that, Pet," Mistress said, now striding into the room, the click of her heals muffled in the thick carpet. "You should know better then to get that close to cumming without my permission."

"Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress," he panted, and started to pull the finger out.

"No, leave it there," Mistress murmured. "I want to see you there, finger shoved as far up your ass as it will go my little slut."

He slid the finger back in all the way and shook with the need to move, to thrust, to do something, but his Mistress's word held him as firmly as any bindings could. He watched as first the shirt, then the flirty little skirt, then she sat on the edge of the bed and removed the heels. She paused, halfway through taking off the second shoe.

"Very good," She purred. "You may remove the finger and sit up." He did so immediately, and found himself missing the full feeling of having something inside him. It hadn't hurt, something he was sure he'd experience later that night, but right then he was paying more attention to the scrap of blue lace that covered paradise. Mistress noticed.

"Be a good pet and help me out of these?" Mistress asked with teasing smile on Her lips. "They're all wet." This required no answer, and he couldn't have formed one if he'd tried. He crawled over to the edge of the bed, and (grinning because Mistress hadn't told him he couldn't) took the edge of the thong in his teeth, gently scraping Her skin in the process. She smiled down at him and stood, letting him drag the thong all the way down Her beautiful, mile long legs until She stepped out of it. She left it in his mouth, though, and pulled the elastic over his head, creating a makeshift gag and teasing him with the scent and taste of her arousal. She left Her matching demi-bra on, though, a sure sign that they were in for some real fun. He moaned softly, and nuzzled Her thigh.

"Now go lay back down, and get that ass nice and relaxed for me," She purred, planting a kiss on his lips, running her tongue along the lace of the gag. "I've got a few more preparations to make before our fun."

He was so hard that he seriously considered cumming once just to take off the edge, but the thought of his punishment should he do that stopped him. He had no wish to clean up the floor with his tongue, and he knew that Mistress would be disappointed. That would be the worst of it. He hated knowing that he'd upset Her. So he lay back down carefully, reapplied the lube (though he found there was still a considerable amount on and in his ass already) and shoved his finger back inside with one fast, hard thrust. When he met no resistance to that, he carefully inserted a second finger, and thrust with both for a while. He knew how to loosen up an ass, thanks to all the things his Mistress had read to him, making sure he enjoyed it by keeping his tongue firmly employed in cleaning up the arousal that such stories always produced.

He didn't hear Mistress's return, but he felt Her hand on his wrist, encouraging him to thrust faster and harder. He moaned, following her lead happily. Then he felt the buzz of the cock ring humming to life, and groaned, thrusting his hips back and grinding his cock against the towel covered carpet.

"Ask me for it," whispered the Mistress, forcing his hand to continue it's work, Her other hand removing the gag. "Beg me for it. Tell me what I want to hear."

"Please, please, please Mistress, let me cum," he pleaded. "I want to cum soooooo badly."

"Not yet, Pet," Mistress whispered. "Not yet, but soon."

"Oh please Mistress," he begged, shamelessly squirming against the floor in an attempt to push himself over the edge. A sharp smack on the ass stilled him instantly.

"I said not yet," Mistress said, making sure the two fingers were thrust in as far as they could again before letting go and stepping back. There was the sound of a package opening, and he was too aroused to be nervous any more. The more Mistress pushed him, the more he responded, letting Her push him as far as She was willing to go.

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