tagLoving WivesPerfect Wife, Perfect Maid

Perfect Wife, Perfect Maid


This is not about love or romance; this is about fucking, dirty, nasty no holes off limits, ATM, pissing...you name it. I sure hope this works in "loving wives". I wrote this as a stroke story and little more...recreational smut.


"So that's all there was to it? You just wanted to fuck me?"

Sam carefully perused the young blonde's exquisite form before answering. God she was a walking wet dream! That tight little body...those amazing tits...that hot little mouth. It didn't help that today she was dressed to fuck. He'd already noted the shorts with the snaps at the crotch. That amazingly tight little pussy was right there and he was damned sure she was wearing either no panties or the crotch-less ones he had given her.

He'd never been a big boob fan but hers were astounding; today they were well displayed. He loved fucking those tits; the little bimbo had cleavage that was made for cock. Donna had the most astounding bubble butt he had ever seen, touched or fucked. He had arranged his posture to hide his boner; this little bitch got him hard so damn easily!

"Look, Donna, I told you not to, 'hang your hat on me'. Just like you, I was messed up after a nasty divorce. We had fun together. I've been very generous with you. I've enjoyed our time together but..."

"You're going to marry her? Is she better than I am? Better...you know what I mean."

"No, she's not. Frankly, in spite of that hot little body of yours you were a lousy fuck at first. You got better...a lot better. I love fucking you. But face it, we don't have shit in common. Nadia and I do; we go way back. I've been in love with her for years. I thought I'd lost her. I found her again and I'm in love with her. I never was in love with you; I liked you---most of the time---but it was never meant to be."

"You want to fuck me right now, don't you? You're hard."

"I always want to fuck you Donna. That hot little blonde pussy of yours is almost as tight as your rear---and you know how much I like fucking you up the ass. You have become the best little cock sucker I've ever met. From the demure little divorcee I met a few months ago you have grown into a delightfully nasty little piece of tail. You love it---admit it---any time, any place and any way. You are the first woman I've ever met who gets off on doing ATM; when you work that stiff little tongue of yours up my ass it drives me nuts!."

"You made me do things...things I'd never done before."

"Donna, I'm pretty damned sure we've done it all. Bluntly, you have become a delightfully pleasing little slut. I'll never forget the first time I boned you up the ass in the shower...you were scared...it hurt...and in no time at all you were fucking my cock with that tight little rectum of yours. The first time I jerked off all over your face...you looked so damned cute with a face full of cum! The first night you tongue fucked my ass hole...your first girl on girl with that little bitch you work with...your first three-way. You know you enjoyed it, didn't you? Mike's big cock in your mouth and mine up your rear. And then you came more times than I could count with his cock in your ass and mine in your cunt. Hell, the last time we were together, when I face fucked you in the hall way. You knew what was coming and you went down on your knees as pretty as you please...you gagged and whimpered, but you took every fucking inch down your throat. If it was just about sex, hell yes, I'd marry you in a minute! You have become the horniest little girl I've ever known! You want it---need it---morning, noon and night! Admit it."

"I'd always thought sex was overrated; you changed my perspective."

"You want some cock right now, don't you Donna?"


"Where do you want it, bitch!"

"Don't call me that..."

"Okay, never mind, get out of here."

"I want it...anywhere...everywhere..."

"Take off your fucking clothes...now!"

Donna complied; Sam had been right, she was wearing no panties.

"You're already wet, aren't you?"


"Sit down there in the chair and show me your pussy...show me how wet you are...open it for me...that's right...suck your own tit! Now work those fingers inside...three fingers...I want to watch you fuck yourself...make yourself cum."

"But, I thought..."

"Cum for me, little cunt! Don't try to fake it, you know that I'll know. That's right, work your clit...God you're dripping cunt juice all over my sofa! That's okay, come on now, you know you're close, do it!"

"Oh, fuck yesssssss!"

"That was hot, very nice."

"Are you going to get undressed and..."

"And what?"

"Fuck me?"

"Not yet, you're not done with the show yet."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Open the drawer next to you. There are some things you will recognize."

"Which one do you want me to use?"

"One of the anal probes...the big red one. There's a bottle of Probe in there. Lube it up...no pull your legs up and push that baby up your ass."

"I don't remember this one...it's big..."

"Shove it up your ass...come on, now, you can do it...all the way in. Now fuck yourself with it...fuck your tight little shit hole with that big toy!"

Sam knew it was time to join in on the festivities; he quickly disrobed, and walked over to the sofa.

"Ready for a nice face fuck?" Donna nodded tentatively. "I love fucking that hot, wet little mouth of yours. You've gotten so good at taking my cock all the way to the back of your throat! I'm going to fuck your skull hard and fast, this time...open that pretty little mouth."

Sam wanted to get off; he also wanted to treat her just badly enough that she'd realize that there was no future and he was just using her as a fuck toy. After some healthy use and abuse maybe she'd get the message. He jammed his raging hard on to the back of her throat in a single stroke. She whimpered and her eyes watered. He began an almost brutal and relentless assault on Donna's tender little oral cavity as he grabbed her short blonde hair for leverage. In short order he felt his first load of cum welling up inside his nuts. He pulled his cock out of Donna's mouth and began to jerk his meat.

"I'm going to shoot all over your face...open your mouth, Donna...here it comes!"

He had not had sex in a couple of days; in a matter of seconds, Donna's pudgy little cheeks were covered in goo. He'd even managed to get some on her eyelids and up her nose. It was a legacy load of cum and as usual, she looked damned cute with a face full of cum. He knew as soon as he got through cumming that he needed to pee. What the fuck, it was an old sofa anyway. To Donna's surprise he started to piss on her. They'd played piss games in the shower but this was very different. This will send her packing, he thought to himself as he let go an amber stream all over her tits saving just a little for her sweet young face. She'll be dressed and out of here in a flash after that, he mused.

"Oh, yeah...that's nasty..."

She was getting off on it! He looked down and saw that she was furiously finishing herself off with her fingers. He slapped her face with his still rigid organ; she grinned. He stooped down and pushed her massive tits together, sliding his slippery cock up and down in that heavenly cleft as he pinched her hard little nipples. She came with a scream.

She still had the big red anal probe up her sweet little rear. Sam picked her up roughly with his hands under her arms and literally threw her down over the end of the sofa, face down. Oh, that fucking ass...no man could resist it. Her legs didn't quite reach the floor. He spread her legs wide and stepped between them. Both of her delightfully tight little holes were available and beautifully displayed. He slapped her ample butt cheeks, playfully at first and then hard. She wiggled, writhed and whimpered. He reddened her full globes in earnest. Ass or cunt, he thought to himself? Both, inevitably, but with that big butt plug up her tail her little cunt would be even tighter than normal...if that was possible. He was balls deep in her female orifice in a single thrust.

"Take that cock, you little cunt! You know it's more cock than any other man has ever been able to give you! You need a lot of cock to keep you in line, don't you fuck slut?"

"Yes...your cock...the best I've ever had...so fucking deep...my pussy is so full...jam me...do me...nail me, mother-fucker!"

"You are a great piece of ass...made for cock...made to be fucked...tight little pussy..."

He slowed down to enjoy the fuck and began fucking her tight little back door with the anal penetrator. She was moving and talking like a pure slut. She had been a silent, "lay there" fuck the first few times but she had gotten so much more responsive. He knew he wanted---needed---to cum in her pussy but he also knew he'd be hard again within fifteen minutes and had no intention of letting her leave until he popped her ass. She'd get him hard again in no time...that little tongue knew all the tricks.

It was a long and increasingly hard fuck...possibly the longest he had ever given her but soon the inevitable occurred and he dumped a load of slime in her sweet little snatch. He picked her up roughly and placed her on her back with her head hanging off the end of the sofa. He shoved his cock to the back of her throat for the obligatory cleaning. Then he turned around, spread his ass cheeks and lowered his butt to the target. When that little tongue touched his ass hole he knew he would be ready to complete the trifecta in no time.

"That's it, Donna, do what you were born to do, tongue fuck a man's ass! I know you fuckin' love it and you're so damned good at it! Work that tongue, cunt, work it up in there! That's good, fuck my dirty ass hole with that sweet little tongue."

Donna was too occupied orally to respond but her coos and whimpers said all there was to say. In no time at all, Sam was again ready to perform. This would be a long one, he thought to himself...the little bitch is going to have a sore butt for a few days...something to remember him by.

"That good, baby, I'm fuckin' bone hard again...stand up!"

Sam dragged Donna around to the back of the sofa and pushed her head down. There it was again...that amazing fucking ass. He removed the probe and delighted in the gape up her tight little brown eye. He slathered a healthy load of Probe on his cock. He shoved the end of the bottle up her butt for good measure and squeezed hard. Placing the bulbous head of his fuck tool at the desired target he started to tease her with short strokes before finally giving in to his lust and plunging to the very depths of her tender young bowels.

"Oh, yes, baby! You were the first one in my ass...took my anal cherry...made me love it, want it, need it...it's a sin...sodomy...you're sodomizing me...I'm taking your fat cock up my ass...so deep...so damn full...splitting me in two..."

After cumming twice, Sam abused Donna's tender little rear for close to half an hour. As much as he knew she'd come to love taking a dick in her tail, he knew this one would leave vivid memories. Finally, as his own physical stamina waned, he shot his final, almost painful load of juice up her butt. He collapsed in the chair across from the sofa in exhaustion. Donna went to the bathroom, then returned and stated to retrieve her clothes.

"That was it, wasn't it? You really don't want to see me anymore, do you."

"I'm sorry if I was a little rough."

"I didn't mind the rough stuff at all...it turned me on. But I knew what you were doing, hoping that I'd, 'get the message' and leave you alone. I got it. I'll miss you...no tears...I'll miss the sex most of all. You treated me decently; you were very generous. You helped me get a much better job and find a nicer place to live. I owe you for that. The sex was amazing...like nothing I could ever have imagined."

"I'm sorry the way things turned out. No hard feelings?"

"No hard feelings. If you ever change your mind---not about marrying me---about fucking me, you know where I live." Donna kissed him softly and was out the door.



"Yes dear."

"Look, with both of us working now, we need to get a maid. We certainly make enough money to afford it. Even though you do all of your office work out of the home office you don't have time to do house cleaning and I'm gone all day. We need a maid."

"I'll ask around. I know Jess down the street has been through several mediocre ones and seems quite happy with the one she has now. I'll catch up with her in the morning and get the name and see if her maid can fit us in."


*** "Jess, sorry to bother you but Nadia and I are looking for a maid. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Sam, I've finally found a fantastic one! She only does it part time; I think we're her only customers. She's coming by this morning. I'll ask her to stop by your house. You're working at home today, aren't you?"


Sam went to answer the door bell a little after noon.

"Hi, your neighbor....oh dear!"

"Donna? What happened to your other job?"

"I still have it. I'm just doing this on my days off, trying to make a little extra money for Christmas and such."

"I don't know if this is going to work out."

"I've got a regular boy friend now...we're engaged. What you and I had is over and it would be great if I could do two houses on the same street. I get a hundred bucks---cash---for a house of this size and I do good work. I actually enjoy it; it's good exercise and it's a relief from the pressures of my office job. I'm only going to do your house and Jess's."

"Okay, you come with stellar references from Jess and I don't want to go through a phase of maid testing. I know you and know you're honest, so I won't worry about always having to be here when you clean. Let's give it a try."

Donna was an exceptional house cleaner; by the time she finished up around five, the place was immaculate. Sam had observed her on more than one occasion as she was cleaning on her hands and knees. That astounding backside of hers brought back old memories and made his cock twitch. His new wife would probably never be the sublime fuck machine that Donna had been...but then again she was improving.

She was just loading up her stuff in her car when Nadia drove in to the drive way, home early from work. Sam noted the two women introducing themselves. After finishing up a customer phone call, he walked out to join them.

"I see you two have already met."

"I was just telling your wife, Nadia, what a beautiful house you have. Well, I need to run, same time next week?"

"That'll work." Sam said, handing Donna a stack of crisp twenties with an extra one for a tip.

"How'd she do?" Nadia asked.

"Take a look around and judge for yourself." Sam replied.

Nadia took a quick tour of the house. "Wow! What a find! The house is spotless. She seems like a nice girl...young...probably not unattractive when she's cleaned up."

"I hadn't really noticed but, sure, she's kind of cute if you like that type."


"You know, short blondes with big tits and breeder hips."

"That never was your type, was it?"

"Not really."

"Are you going to be able to work at home when she comes next week?"

"I'll try to do so for a few weeks but Jess says she is as honest as the day is long and the dogs warmed up to her quickly. If it seems to be working out maybe I'll give her a key."

"Sounds like a good plan."

Sam took his new bride in his arms and kissed her; his hand quickly fell to her delightfully hard little butt. He pulled her skirt up and worked his strong hands under her panties and over her soft cleft. Nadia's hand fell to his crotch and began to unzip his fly.

"I'd always thought sex was overrated; you changed my perspective."

"You want some cock right now, don't you Nadia?"


"Where do you want it?"

"I want it...anywhere...everywhere..."

"You're already wet, aren't you?"


"Show me your pussy...show me how wet you are...open it for me...

"Oh, fuck yesssssss!"

"Take me right here...in the living room...get out of those clothes."

"Where do you want it, cunt?"

"I'm your cunt and only yours. In my ass."

"But I thought you didn't like..."

"I want your cock in my ass, are you going to turn that down? I know you've wanted to take me back there...now I'm ready for it...I've been practicing...just be careful. Oh fuck, bend me over the sofa and fuck my ass...don't forget the lube...lots of it!"

"Oh damn! That's big! Slow, easy now. Okay, I'm getting used to it. That's not so bad. Okay you can speed up now...go all the way in...oh fuck....oh shit...bone my skinny little ass baby...shoot that sweet cream inside me...yes....yess...yessssss!"


"Much better than I thought it was going to be. I'm glad I did a little practice with that probe you bought. The burning passed quickly...the fullness went from uncomfortable to, well...hot! I still prefer it in my pussy but I guess you can tap my ass every now and then. What turned me on the most was how hot you were when you were fucking my ass. Damn! You're as hard as a rock already! What do you want baby, pussy or..."

"Your choice."

"I need to suck some cock."

"That'll work."

"I've been practicing; I think you'll be pleased."

Sam was more than pleased, he was astounded at what an exceptional cock sucker the love of his life had become. He was even more amazed when Nadia slipped her tongue under his sack after taking his load in her mouth and began to tongue his ass hole.


"Look, I love it when you do this to me, so turn about is fair play."

"I'm not going to protest."

"I want your cock hard again; I need it in my pussy before dinner."

Nadia got exactly what she wanted in short order.

*** "Nadia, I'm going to have to go see a customer when the maid comes tomorrow. Is there any chance you could stay home this time?"

"Not a problem...I can work from home tomorrow afternoon."

"Great! You're a doll!"

* * * "Hi, Donna, come on in. Sam had to go see a customer. I stayed home to be here."

"The house looks spotless, Nadia, are you sure you really need me to clean today?"

Nadia moved in quickly and kissed Donna, mouth open and tongue probing. Donna whimpered and responded. Clothing was soon strewn around the floor. An hour later the two very satisfied women, still naked were enjoying a glass of wine together in the master bedroom's king size bed. Donna spoke first.

"I had no idea that you liked..."

"Girls? Until Sam came along, I preferred them. He's pretty much changed all that but every once in a while for old time's sake..."

"I'd never done it with a girl until I met Sam." Donna replied, then added. "He still doesn't know we know each other?"

"No, but he will pretty soon. Look, what you did was pretty classy and it took a lot of balls. I knew he had been seeing---fucking---someone after his divorce. I didn't care, I hadn't been chaste for all those years. When you came to see me before the wedding I was worried; I didn't know what to expect. But you let me know in no uncertain terms that I had nothing to worry about from you. On another note, I can't thank you enough for the tips on Sam's sexual proclivities. When I saw you that day as you were leaving Jess's I was genuinely glad to see you again. He never had a clue when you showed up that you weren't really surprised. What was it like being alone with him in the house that first day?"

"He checked out my ass a couple of times but he loves you to death and just doesn't seem like the cheating kind. Where are we going with this, Nadia?"

"Well, first, you are the second best pussy eater I've known---after Sam. If you're up for it, I'd like to see you now and again for some hot girl sex."

"Okay, I could get into that. You were only my second girl...but you're very hot. What about Sam?"

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