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So the crickets on, you're bored, and I'm not paying enough attention to you. I have a beer in front of me and you want to do something, but you know you're going to get shot down in favor of what you consider is one of the most boring spectator sports on earth.

Here's what you do.

While I'm sitting on the couch watching TV, Sit down next to me, resting your head on my shoulder. After a few seconds, not minutes, lean in and kiss me on the cheek and neck. If I turn in to respond, turn my head back and concentrate on the side of my head so I can continue to watch TV. While kissing, guide your hand down my chest to my pants. Lightly trace over the growing bulge in my pants and down my leg a bit, but then go straight back up and play with the bulge a bit till it feels like the start of an erection.

Then grab a pillow, put it on the ground in front of me and pass me the drink that's on the coffee table. Make sure the remote's in reach and then get straight down on your knees on the pillow. Undo my pants gently, but not slowly. Work them down and when there is enough room to get to my cock, stop. Look me in the eye and say "Relax". Then lean forward out of the way of the TV so I can still see it.

Run your teeth and lips over the outline of my cock through the boxers, and push your hands up into hem from the bottom. Lightly play with my balls and the base of my cock as you try to get the tip in your mouth with the boxers covering it and fail. Glance up at me, frown, then smile and wink. Pull your hands out of the shorts and pull the boxers down, without raising your head. Remember, the cricket's on.

Kiss the tip, then all the way down to the base without touching it. Then lick the sides, then the middle, from the bottom up, following the vein that runs up it, slowly. If it jumps and hits you in the nose or face, giggle, and try to make it do it again. This can be a reflex action, but it is also something I can make it do, so if you're doing a good job, you will get hit with it again. Note, if you're not, you won't, but you will feel my hand on the back of your head, guiding you to what I really want.

If you do, when it jumps again, giggle again, play with it, but work closer to the tip. When it stops, slowly run your tongue from the base towards the top, slipping your hand under it, and pull it up. When your tongue hits the head, slowly put as much of the penis in your mouth as you can, keeping your lips tight and your teeth well out of the way.

(Note: Nothing ruins a good blowjob quicker than feeling teeth!)

Slowly pull back up, squeezing the penis with your lips as you go. When you get to the tip, gently pull off, take a deep breath and repeat. After the second descent, slowly start your sucking, keeping your head moving slowly and your lips tight around the shaft. Run your tongue around the head every now and then, but for the deeper descents, press it to the shaft. The more contact the better.

At this point, lean back and take your top and your bra off. Don't show me your tits, I don't want you to parade them for me, I would rather you continue, but it will at least give me a little visual stimulation and hint at the fact you are enjoying this too. If I reach out to feel them, let me, but put my cock straight back in your mouth.

Then start varying what you are doing. Speed up and then slow down. Try some short bobs on the tip, sucking hard, then take the cock as far into your mouth as you can. If you feel it hit the back of your throat and you can't get it past, vary the angle of your neck, and try a swallowing action or another throat movement until you do. If that doesn't work, pull up, taking the penis out of your mouth, look me in the eye and say "I'm sorry, I'm trying really hard but I can't. Can I go on anyway?" When I say yes, continue with what you were doing before, but still try it again every now and then.

If you do get it into your throat, that's not the end of the exercise. Clamp your lips around the base and slowly pull up. Then descend again, and hold. Then suck, as much as you possibly can, till you start to choke. When you can't hold it any more pull up quick. If you have to cough, do so away from me, then say "Sorry, can you still see the cricket?" and wait for my response. Then go back down onto my cock and continue sucking.

Keep varying your techniques but it is important to remember not to take my cock out of your mouth unless you absolutely have to. It is a blowjob, not a hand job, so don't cop out!

Once you feel the buildup to my orgasm, slowly increase the tempo and the pressure of your sucking. As the orgasm hits, draw up to the tip of the penis slowly, but don't stop there. Catch the semen with your tongue and swallow what you can, but at the same time very slowly descend onto it again, just a short way. Continue the sucking, getting the rest of the semen and swallow all of it. Then place your hand at the base of the penis and press your thumb into the large vein. Gently but firmly run your thumb up the vein with your mouth on the tip as you suck, so as to get all the residual semen out of the shaft.

Once you have gotten the last of it, lick it a few more times so as to clean it up, ensuring there is no leftover semen anywhere around the shaft, and pull the boxers back up. Hop back up on the couch and lay down, resting your head on my lap. Look up at me and say "Thank you." Kiss my cock through the boxers and roll over.

Then ask me what the score is, who's in and give it 5 minutes. After that, ask nicely if we can go out somewhere for a while. I guarantee the answer will be yes!

I will also be yours for eternity!

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