tagErotic HorrorPerfection in the World of the Dead Ch. 02

Perfection in the World of the Dead Ch. 02


The cold breeze of winters chill was beginning to lift, dark skies were now dispersing and the icy-grasp of freezing winter was melting. Crystalline icicles formed dancing patterns and gleamed a cold silvery-blue. The landscape was covered in a small blanket of now- melting snow, which illuminated the horizon. Mornings arrived earlier, and the entrance of the Sun was met with a chorus of finches and Blue birds. For once in an age, the woods started to grow the odd leaf or two. Flowers which had remained dead and in a state of decay had half blossomed to give the world a sign of a new dawn.

Perched atop a reviving oak, I observed my surroundings, absorbing every detail and spec of information. The world was looking better after a harsh winter. Thoughts flooded back to me of 'the good days' when I played with mum, when I was very little or causing mayhem with siblings while annoying the neighbours. Those were the stories that stayed with me, that meant something, even though I had no clue why.

My thoughts faded and I came back in the real world. Being on look-out duty was a long and easy job, especially in winter. The infected were beginning to starve; they were being weakened with lack of food and habitable conditions. Few were ever sighted now, the numbers of infected had decreased greatly throughout the winter.

I was having a spot or two of target practice, every now and then a couple of infected would attempt an attack. Each one was shot in the head, only to leave a rotting body and a greeny-blue puss puddle. After being on look out duty for six hours, I grew cold and weary. Darkness was creeping back into the shadows of the world. Winter was still clinging on, but it had almost perished.

I dismounted the old oak with a jump and a thud only to hear a disgruntled moan. Looking around, I found it came from a lying body, still alive. The body was severed in to two pieces, legs, and the lower torso. The infected body dragged its hands to haul its body towards me. Before he engaged to touch me I sliced his head to leave a still corpse oozing with the liquids of hell. I set off to then find the arrows I had fired, each one covered in a decaying filth of puss and ooze.

Entering the bunker, I saw Maria; she was now a trained fighter and killer. Over the winter we had established a number of training exercises and routines and now she was nothing short deadly. Her blade skills had improved dramatically, but most of all, it was her strength. Now she beautifully, no, she was perfectly toned in muscle. Her statuesque figure gave her strong figure and seductive curves.

She was just fixing herself in a mirror. She brushed her hand through her blonde hair, and it gleamed like a water-fall of liquid gold.

Only just able to rip away my sight from her, I focused on the bunker. The bunker itself looked more tidy yet trashy. It was a clean place yet littered with useless objects and canned food, sort of an apocalypse version of teenagers' apartment. Maria then glanced up and saw my reflection.

"You look tired." She exclaimed, her voice so sweet and gentle.

"Don't know the half of it." I moaned. "What's there to eat?" I asked.

"Not much, just, old canned veg." Maria said disappointedly.

"I'll give that a pass." I commented depressingly.

She slowly walked up to me with a smile. I admired every aspect of her. She had alluring, elegant, serene eyes which twinkled like crystals. Her face was faultless and her body without imperfections. I placed my hands around her lower back and slid them down to her ass slowly and gently.

"Look, you've been on look-out duty for the past six hours," she complained, "and I think you deserve a treat." She whispered seductively with a twinkle in her eye.

Our relationship had grown so much since we had first met. I was always a dark and gloomy figure but being with Maria had made me to be a more positive person. Actually it was Maria that made me happy, before, I was alone, but with her I felt as if I had a partner, someone to watch my back and take care of me when I needed it most. She had become much stronger, physically and mentally, her scared and weak traits had now been replaced with attributes of fearlessness, and I absolutely loved her.

She then gently pushed me down onto the mattress behind and then walked a few paces back. She wore nothing but skin-tight blue jeans and a white tank-top. Slowly she moved her hands around her body to remove her top. She slowly pulled off her top to reveal her breasts and they ached impatiently in her pink, thin, lacy bra. She hip-swung a hundred-and-eight degrees around and bent over to touch to the ground. Her ass looked as if it wanted to burst free from her jeans, as she shook her body to another hip-swing as her ass cheeks bounced up and down. She then brought her arm up and slapped her ass cheek to set off a 'snap' sound.

Maria then turned to face me again and did so with a wicked grin; her blonde hair flew over her face with a flick of her head. Her hands caressed her breasts as she undid her bra-strap and after a click, it fell off. Bare, voluptuous, perky tits then emerged and popped out free. Her rosy, diamond tipped areolas stood fully erect. She slowly squeezed and fondled her tits and then moved to her jeans.

She undid her button and zip and slipped out of jeans to reveal a very tight, black thong. She turned away from me again and bent over herself to show off her ass. Her long, elegant legs stood firm, and her ass pointed out beautifully. Curved and rounded, it was still firm, tight and perfect. Sexually, it was the greatest part of her.

She strode up to me and sat on my lap. She never kissed me, but placed her mouth only inches from mine. Slowly, like she did hers, pulled off my shirt, and unbuttoned my jeans. Her scent was like roses, so sweet, so crisp, and so intoxicating. I leaned into kiss her lower lip, just like other times, her lips were as smooth as silk and as sweet as cherries. Eventually, I fully removed my jeans and boxers. She then placed my hands on to her breasts, slowly and gently I kneaded and caressed them. Slowly I worked my way down; first I kissed her long, elegant neck. I then laid her down fully on to the mattress and kissed her nipples, now redder and harder. Maria then shivered and jumped, her breathing now became faster and shorter. I then went further and fitted as much of her breast as I could in my mouth. I kneaded her other breast harder and faster as well.

After a Sensuous massage of her breasts, I went up and kissed Maria again, this time my hand wondered further down. The front of her thong was soaking wet, I moved my fingers slowly up and down, and then gently massaged her pussy from outside her pants.

Maria than moaned "Ahh, it feels so goo-"

She was cut off. Heavy footsteps pounded the ground above. Continuous echoes of disturbing whines and grunts bellowed through the bunker.

"Look through the eye-piece." Maria suggested.

During the winter, we had installed an intricate, small mirror system which ran from the bunker door up the old oak. It gave a perfect three- hundred-and-sixty degree view of the area. After placing on my clothes I ran to lens. The view that I got was that of absolute horror. I stared in shock and anger.

"What is it Roman?" Maria asked, "Roman?!" She repeated, sounding worried.

"You might want to take a look for your self." I said quietly.

Moving aside, Maria gave me her hand and I pulled her up, then angled her to face the correct mirror. Her face also went blank but her expression gave her a look of fascination as well as shock.

Hordes of infected roamed the wood, large, stocked and evolved. They weren't the same, they had changed. Two, three metre arms jutted out from the sides of the body, with completely blood-stained skin, at the end of the arms metre long talons, easily capable of ripping a tree in one swing. Their height also justified their dominance, most now stood above seven feet and some towered over those. Four serrated pincers now jutted out instead mouths. These were not just zombies or even infected, they were mutations. The virus was starting to adapt and evolve in nature.

These new creatures were, however, not the reason Maria and I looked shell-shocked. In the centre of the hordes of mutations, towered a staunch and stocky figure, covered in a cloak and had a face concealed in a black hood. He stood no less than twelve feet in height and was as wide as two huge men abreast. In his right hand he wielded a large battle-axe, the handle was black metal as long as four feet, the black iron head of the axe looked about ten inches thick and long. In his left hand he carried a large brown sack. This was new.

I turned to look at Maria. She glared back at me in silence. After getting both fully dressed we stocked and readied our weapons. All my blades fully sheathed, hung of my belt. All knives were strapped in each pocket. The glaive set in its own pouch. And bow and arrow were at the ready. Maria had also scavenged weapons over the winter season, she carried light, but was as swift and deadly as me now with just one blade.

"What are they?" She asked, this time with less fear and even more fascination.

"I don't know, possibly mutations of the virus," I replied simply.

"Ok, then what the hell is that big mother-fucker?" She retorted.

"Again, maybe a mutation, perhaps something more. I said bluntly, "But don't you get it?" I asked, "The virus is evolving in nature!"

"SO?!" She shouted.

"So, if the virus can mutate and evolve in nature to make them more deadly, nature could maybe mutate the virus to be destroyed!" I explained.

Maria then nodded her head. "Well then, if there is a cure, we have to find it after we build our settlement, but first, I think we have a few neighbours that we have to welcome."

I had loved how Maria had changed. When I first found her she was just a scared girl, now she was no less than a warrior.

"I love you," She said sweetly to me.

"I love you too," I replied. I held her hand and drew her close to kiss her, "But after we've greeted the neighbours, I think I want to see you without your pants on."

"Mmm, can't wait." She replied sweetly and seductively.

Unlocking the padlocked door, we burst out the bunker and rampaged the hordes of infected and mutations. Swarms of enemies turned and looked at the onslaught caused by two humans. They all turned into full rage mode and screams were echoed throughout the forest. Within minutes no less than a hundred mutant creatures had been carved open. Bodies littered the wood, more mutant creatures advanced, I easily dispatched a group of six mutants by severing their heads with one throw of the glaive, and their heads met the ground with a 'thud.'

Maria was in a chaotic blood-lust. She sliced and carved any foul creature that came near to her. A band of six mutants approached her, with a neat swing of her blade she decapitated three. One almost caught her with a talon but she ducked and stabbed the beast in the eye. The other two were killed by two throwing knives being lodged in their necks. Killing these beasts was now the main priority of human life, that, and survival. We both continued to fight, each creature was getting even more difficult to kill as our strength waned. Bodies of the now-fully-dead littered the landscape. I could see Maria was also starting to tire, her breathing was quickened and her movements became limper. These creatures were nothing like the infected before.

But what faced me now looked like no beast, more like a creature dragged from the depths of hell. He faced me, and smashed at least twenty mutant creatures with his axe. It clearly had no love for others and simply wanted to kill those who stood in his path. The figure had to dispatch at least two hundred mutant creatures just to get to me, and it did. A few swings of his axe and he was through. Towering over me, it gazed down, it's face un-recognisable under its hood. Even though his eyes were invisible to me, it looked as if it was staring with anger and hatred at me, for its breathing had become long and full. The body reeked of an unspoken stench. Looking down, I saw the very Earth he stood on decayed, all life simply died and decayed around him. I twitched. It reacted. In one smooth, elegant yet swift swing, the figure brought the axe from his side to on my head. A side roll just saved my life. I slid forward and withdrew two side blades, in one motion I brought them up and down to carve half its legs open. Its legs gave way as it suffered a severe blow but it didn't give up. Hours of relentless fighting proved inefficient, we fought and fought, however it never seemed to tire or lose its breath. I brought my sword down to severe its hand from its arm. Bad idea. It intercepted the strike and caught me with the tip of his axe. My entire left shoulder was carved open now. Now weak, limp and life-less I lay in a puddle of my own blood. Pain radiated through out my body, each ache felt like a grenade going of in my face. Through a distorted and blurred vision, I saw the axe coming down on my face. Before it made impact, I blacked out.


Pain radiated through my body. I awoke in a dark room, tied to a hard, wooden chair. The walls just dusty, ancient, grey brick, the ceiling had but a little light bulb attached to it by a tiny rusted chain. The smell of the room was that of decaying matter. In the corners of the rooms bodies of decapitated infected lay lifeless. The room was silent, until I started to move. I yanked my hands only to feel excruciating pain, my wrists had been cut and stabbed in several places, I found my large open cut caused by the insane behemoth to be healed and just a scar in its place.

My cuffs simply tightened as I moved my hands. The room was silent, ghostly even, until the rattling of the chains issued several growls in the room. The growls grew louder and heavy running footsteps came towards me.

Flood lights burst on. The entire room was now illuminated brightly. The sight which met my eyes was absolutely terrifying. Strapped on a chair in the centre of an old room was I, and surrounded by four mutant creatures which had their necks chained and strained to each wall. They all pulled towards me but couldn't beat against their restraints. Growls of desperation and hunger emitted from their mouths -not really mouths but, more like pincers and fangs- and their eyes stared unblinkingly.

"Well, it's nice to see you awake there my young fellow!" A voice shouted with happiness.

Suddenly, more flood lights switched on. The wall facing me was now fully visible and a glass cut-out separated it-self from the walls about fifteen metres from the ground. On the other side stood three men clad in black suits. Hair neatly groomed and faces full of fascination.

"W-where a-am I? I managed to squeal. My voice was hoarse and sore. Every syllable that emanated from me made my throat feel as it was engulfed in fire.

"I'm afraid I cannot reveal any answer to your questions," He said deeply, "yet," he said more lightly. "First, what is your name?" He asked.

No answer came from me but a stare which suggested 'FUCK YOU!'

"Disappointing" the man said with a sense of anguish. "If we can't ask you for information, then we must take it by force."

"Do what you like, I won't say shit to you!" I shouted.

"Ohhh, no no no, I didn't mean we'll do anything to YOU" he said with a menacing voice. He jerked his head to his right and flicked his head to his associate.

Lights blared on to my right to reveal, an unconscious, fully naked Maria, chained and strapped to a wall five feet of the ground. Around her mutants were inches away from her skin.

"You see, the infected mutants shouldn't be your main worry about her; your main worry about her SHOULD be moi." he said.

A beam of blue energy erupted around the man and he appeared with two hench-men right in front of me. The two men shot the infected surrounding me with their assault rifles. Looking with shock on my eyes the man knew what I was thinking.

"Teleportation beam, with no government or rules or thinking of public safety our scientists have started a new era of technology." He explained, "but none of that should concern you, now again tell me who you are!" He demanded.

Saying nothing again, he took out a gun from a holster on his belt and shot the infected surrounding Maria.

"I didn't want to do this but, you leave me no choice." He then nodded to one of his men who then went up to Maria, drew out his knife and rested the blade against her wrist.

"I won't kill her fast, but slowly, first we'll cut her ever so slightly, then get more aggressive, after that Josè and Kevin here'll have a chance to get rid of their urges, if ya get what I mean?" He said menacingly, with a wink.

Clearly this ass-hole was suggesting that hey were going to rape Maria. I couldn't let that happen. So I buckled.

"Ro-Roman H-Hazard," I grunted.

"Better, now, who is she?" He questioned, gesturing to Maria.

"Maria V-Velenka." I answered again angrily. My voice still searing with pain.

"Good, now we're getting some where," the man commented, "I am George Anderson, leader of the 'Bio-hazard containment facility' and your interrogator, call me Mr. Anderson."

"Great, now let us go! I demanded.

He laughed, "Let you go, I don't think so, first I need to know all 'bout you, and guess what? We have all the time in the world."

"No chance!" I said firmly.

His smile turned to anger, swooping his face down to ear he whispered "you say 'no' to me one more time BOY, and I will make sure you'll regret it!"

"Bring it BITCH" I spat. That was my worst mistake, and I couldn't say how much I regretted it.

Mr. Anderson then scrunched his face and darted towards Maria, pulling out his gun he shot all four restraints binding her wrists and ankles, and she fell to ground. Her unconscious body then came to life. A weak, limp life. She moaned from pain and couldn't even move her muscles.

"Brave little one this is" Mr. Anderson commented pulling her up by her hair, "doesn't squeal a word of information, until we started to cut you of course." he then turned her around to reveal cuts all over her body.

Anger and rage just flooded my head "Let her go, you can do anything to me, just let her go!" I said helplessly.

"What is it my friend? Love?" I think its love" he said. "Well I hope it is, because if it is love, then I'm going to you angry as ever," he signalled his two men to hold her and bend her over, one of them had brought a table from the other side of the room.

"Please don't do it!" I yelled.

"Too late son, now here's the deal, your gonna watch and after I'm done, your gonna be asked a few questions, if they're answered and I'm satisfied I'll let you go, if not, I'll do a lot worse! Do you get me?" He didn't expect an answer, but I didn't care. All I cared about was Maria.

I saw that he walked over to Maria' face and tilted her head to meet his gaze. He then pulled her mouth open and stuck his tongue down her throat. The more Maria resisted and squealed the more forceful Mr. Anderson got. Slowly he pulled his mouth away and then held her face up, his smile turned to anger as he slapped her in the face with the back of his hand. I just wanted to walk up to him and slice his head in two.

Again, I saw that he bent over to her, this time he shouted towards me: "If your little whore does anything to my jewels, I'll rape her for eternity and, cut off your dick! We have ALL the toys down in the basement, from pleasure to pain and massage to blood, Do you get me?" He asked Maria. I could see she nodded with tears streaming down her eyes.

"Excellent!" commented Mr. Anderson. He then ripped of his belt and un- did his zip. He made Maria suffer so slowly, I saw that he just circled his cock head around her lips, after he opened her mouth he made her suck his head before deep-throating. He rammed his cock down Maria' throat, even though she gagged and chocked he still put more of his member down her. He then forcefully face-fucked her by placing his hands around her head and shoving her head up and down his rock hard cock until he came. The bastard released all over her face till it was covered with his cum.

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