Perfection in the World of the Dead Ch. 02


He then turned and walked behind her and smiled, "well, well, well, what a lovely thing we have here, I hope you like anal."

He eyed her asshole and bent over so his face was almost touching, he then spat in her ass. Mr. Anderson then, without hesitation, smashed Maria' ass. She let out a giant scream of pain. He penetrated her hard and fast with out any respite. Maria' screams kept erupting from her. Tears now flooded down her red cheeks and her face was now scrunched in agony. I turned to look at Mr. Anderson, he just had a toothy grin on his face and he bashed Maria mercilessly. He then shoved his hand around her body and immediately started to fist her. I could just manage to see, his fingers rubbing against her clit for a few seconds before he rammed his entire fist up her. Maria' reaction was that of quiet, painful sobs, I could see that she had clamped her hands on the table and was quivering in agony. With his second hand he launched his body at Maria' chest and grabbed one of her breasts. He squeezed her breast tightly in one hand while fisting up to his elbow in her pussy and fucking mercilessly at Maria' ass.

My heart wept and I did all I could to stop tears cascading down my face, knowing that if I cried, he would know how to break me. I couldn't even imagine to feel the pain that she was baring, for my stupid error.

Maria then arched her back in pain. I could see as much as she didn't want to cum, her body couldn't resist then urge. Her voice quivered and her body shook rapidly as she came. Her juices dripped down from her pussy to her legs. Mr. Anderson then withdrew both his hands and placed them on her hips, now he smashed Maria's ass with hard lightning fast thrusts. As his body clenched he came right in her ass and his cum dripped all out, and over Maria. The two guards then threw her to the floor as Mr. Anderson withdrew from her. As she fell, her head hit a wall with a loud 'thud' and I could see that she had blacked out.

There was nothing but rage, anger and hate within me. Mr. Anderson, when fully clothed, walked up to me with a smile.

"Well, that was fun!" He exclaimed with glee. "Now, where are you from and what's your story?" He quizzed.

Simply because I didn't want him to touch Maria again I answered. "I'm from Merseyside, my family died when I was young, in the world before I was an assassin and blade-master, now I hunt and kill the infected with her." I said through clenched teeth, gesturing to Maria' unconscious body.

"Intriguing," He said in response.

"Hardly!" I said deeply, "now let us go!"

"You call them infected do you?" he asked with raised eye brows. I simply nodded in response. He laughed a short laugh and said "follow me."

My restraints were cut free and the two henchmen pinned my arms to theirs as they forced me to walk forwards. "What about her?" I asked angrily nodding at Maria. My question wasn't met with a reply as s huge burst a blue energy shot out from around us.

The blue energy shot up right up to the ceiling and I felt my body get lighter and lighter until I felt as if I had no mass what-so-ever. The images around were distorted and in low resolution. My vision went white. The barrier of energy faded and my body had regained all of its former mass. We walked a few hundred metres and a question lingered in my mind.

"How did you save us?" I asked.

"The same way we just got here, a scout party of ours were following the horde and we found a disruption," he looked at me and then said "you, before our enemies could finish you off we teleported you here, and we didn't even get a thank you."

By the time we approached our 'destination' my vision was perfect again, however, with the sight that greeted my eyes, I would have wished I was blind.

Out of the window a luminous glow wavered and I erupted in shock.

To be continued...

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