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She kissed her husband goodbye and then said goodbye to Michael and Tammy as she headed out of the door. It was girls' night out and she was, once again, running late so she hurried down the hallway and headed for the door. Pausing for a moment, she turned around and came back into the kitchen, taking the few extra seconds to give each of her kids a kiss on the forehead.

"You look so pretty Mommy," Michael said.

"Thank you Michael, you look very handsome yourself." Glancing over at her husband she said, "Must be the makeup. They don't see me in it much."

"Neither do I," he replied, then smiling, he nodded his head acknowledging it was a joke.

Turning for the door this time she didn't turn around, she headed out of the door and over to her car. Starting it up, she backed out of the driveway and headed down the street, taking a deep breath as drove. She had done it, she got out of the house without screwing it up, without somehow blurting out that there was no girls' night out tonight. No, she was now driving to a restaurant to meet someone, someone she had known many years ago.

She had worried about making her husband suspicious as she tried her best to look her very best. Had he really been one to notice those things he might remember she never before tried so hard to look good. Normally she'd toss on an outfit, put on a bit of eye shadow and liner and run, but tonight she went all out.

The restaurant was downtown so the parking was going to be difficult. She decided to go ahead and use a valet, so she pulled up in front of the restaurant, took the claim slip from the driver and stepped out of the car. As the car pulled away she noticed a thin blond woman running towards her.

"I expected a warm welcome but not you running to me," she said, moving toward her friend.

"I wanted to get you to stop the valet."

"But why would you want to do that?" she asked.

"I was too nervous about seeing you and well, I'm not sure I am up for dinner."

"Okay, I'll just get my car back..."

"No, no, look my hotel is there just up the street, the weather is nice out. Why don't we walk?"

"A walk would be nice," she replied gesturing toward the hotel.

The started walking together and by about the fourth step, they quietly clasped each other's hand. They continued along in silence for a while, both seemingly lost in their thoughts.

"You remember how we wished we could walk like this when we were younger?" she said.

"Yeah, but now I don't know if we can do this because the times and attitudes have changed or if it is just because we are a couple of old women."

"Maybe a bit of both. So how have you been, I was surprised to hear from you? Your husband okay?"

"My ex, but yes he is okay, me just so, so."

"Any kids?" she asked.

"No, what about you?" her friend asked.

"Yes, Michael who is seven and Tammy, seventeen."


"Yes, named after someone who was... is very dear to me," she said.

"Thank you."

They had reached the hotel so she followed her friend in through the revolving doors to the elevators. The doors opened and her friend pushed a button and she noticed the five light up. She could feel a slight trembling in her hand as they rode up to the fifth floor.

The two women walked to room 521, one of them opened the door and they stepped inside. Her friend turned on a light and said, "Well this is it. Not the Ritz, but not a shack on the beach."

"You know Tammy, sometimes I miss that shack so much."

"So do I Sandy, so do I."

They embraced, both crying a bit. They backed away and then came back together in a kiss. Sandy eased her friend toward the bed, but before they reached it, Tammy pulled away and walked to the light switch.

"Would it be okay if I turned out the light?"

"Sure Tammy, if you want to."

She turned out the light, turned her back and began undressing. Sandy did the same, sitting on the bed when she was finished. Waiting for Tammy she watched as her friend turned holding her blouse up in front of her as she walked slowly to the bed. Only as she stood in front of Sandy did she let her blouse fall.

Sandy looked at Tammy, trying not to act shocked. Reaching her hand out, she gently touched the scar asking, "When?"

"About six years ago, just about the time Bill left. We weren't at our best when I was whole, but after this he was gone."

"The bastard."

"No, I was just going through the motions. I didn't love him."

Sandy slid back on the bed, making room for Tammy, who crawled in next to her. As Tammy leaned back on her pillows, Sandy got up on her hands and knees and began kissing Tammy's breast. She let her tongue circle her nipple and then sucked on it some. She then moved over and ran her tongue along the scar, where Tammy's other breast used to be.

She moved downward then, kissing down her friend's belly, noticing the sparse pubic hair as she moved her tongue to her friend's clit. As she ran her tongue over the tiny nub she felt Tammy reach out and pull her thigh towards her. Sandy moved over, straddling Tammy's face as she moved her mouth down Tammy's slit and pushed her tongue inside. Tasting her, she then returned to her friend's clit, sucking it between her lips.

Sandy felt Tammy's tongue sliding quickly over her clit, doing that thing that made her so crazy so many years ago. They continued for a short while until Tammy lifted up her hips and came, moving her mouth from Sandy's clit for a few moments. When she returned it was just a few seconds before Sandy came.

They remained in bed together, in each other's arms for some time before talking. After discussing how it was just as they remembered, but then admitting it was different, they just talked.

"You told me about your kids, what about your husband? Are you in love?"

"Charlie, well I'm planning on keeping him around. We met not long after you and I ah... well not long after college. It took us some time before Tammy, she's adopted. And then Michael, who is not adopted, was our surprise."

"And Charlie?"

"I don't know, I had a affair several years ago with a guy I was working with. Lasted a few months but nothing came of it."

"No women?"

"I've been tempted, but no, not until now. But now, I know you're only here for a few days, when can you come back?"

"Ah, well, that's just it, I'm really not sure."

"Why not?"

"Didn't you see it?"


"My hair down there."

"I thought maybe you shaved it."

"No it would be stubbly then, not smooth." Tammy said.

"Oh my God Tammy, the cancer?"

Tammy nodded. "It came back and it spread." Noticing Sandy looking at the hair on her head she said, "It's a wig."

"How long?"

"Couple of months, maybe six."

"Oh Tammy," she said, feeling the tears running down her cheek.

"I just had to see you before... well before it got too bad."

"Look, you can move here, there's an excellent..."

"I'm already set up back home. In home help when the time comes and then hospice. To be honest I think I am ready now, I mean I've been fighting something my whole life and those few years we snuck around together, they were the only good years. I am ready."

Sandy glanced over at the clock.

"Oh it's late, I know you need to be getting home."

"No Tammy, I want to stay here."

"Sandy, you need to get back to your family. Don't worry about me, I came here just to see you again, have one last incredible orgasm with you and then head back home. I don't want you to screw things up with Charlie."

Nodding, Sandy climbed out of bed and began getting dressed. When she finished Tammy said, "I'll call down to the desk, get them to drive you to the restaurant to get your car. I'd walk you back but you wore me out too much girl," she smiled.

Bending down and kissing Tammy on the mouth Sandy said, "Look, if you need me for anything, please call." Tammy nodded.

Sandy walked to the door, looked back at her friend and opened the door, slipping into the hallway. After riding the elevator down, the hotel ran her over to the restaurant in a shuttle, where Sandy got her car and headed home.

She wasn't sure what she was going to tell Charlie about tonight, she really didn't want to think about it, instead she remembered those first few times at the beach shack with Tammy. She could still hear the guitars as the group tried to learn "Perfidia," and give them all a fourth song to dance to.

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