Performace Art


A few years ago I discovered something about myself. I was a total exhibitionist of both the body and the mind. It started with a few sexy photos on an adult meeting site. It then moved on to cam shows. I'd sit there watching the room count grow; 200, 400, even to 1000. With each additional number my arousal increased exponentially. I enjoyed accommodating the requests of the viewers (within reason). And after the cam show had finished I lavished in the complimentary mail from men thanking me for my show. It gave me great pleasure to know they had been getting themselves off while watching me perform.

Then there was an incident; a meeting with someone who quite honestly I never expected to see a second time. I felt the need to record the events of that encounter so that no detail would ever be forgotten. I wrote my first piece of erotic "fiction"...except for the fact that it was an entirely true tale. He became my muse, constantly invading nearly every fantasy to ever transpire in my head. Writing that first story started something for me and I began writing the erotic fiction. Even more satisfying than the comments from my pics and my cam shows were the comments and emails that I received on my writing.

Today much had changed. It was no longer an experiment. Exhibitionism was something that I loved. I started dancing (stripping) and that experience fueled new inspiration for my stories. It was good timing too because the two and a half year tryst with "my muse" had finally come to an end.

I was somewhat discreet about my new career however, sharing that information with select individuals in "real life" although on the site I announced it proudly. I had only been at it for about two months when a male friend of mine (fully aware of my exhibitionist tendencies) approached me with a tantalizing proposition. In fact, the mere suggestion sent me home to spend some quality time with my favorite dildo.

He was planning some entertainment for a friend's bachelor party. But what he had in mind was perhaps more a treat for me than any of the men that would be in attendance.

It was a loft apartment. I showed up around 8:00 pm. Upon entering the door the kitchen was to the left and the bathroom straight ahead. The space to the right was huge and open. Furniture had been pushed to the outer sides. In the center of all that space there was a mattress, maybe queen sized? Another friend of his had already arrived and stood at the other end of our stage. She was incredible, probably about 5'5 with nice curves. She was petite but not without shape. Her long, straight blonde hair fell almost to her waist. I had met her once before but she had been dressed casually. I had thought her attractive then but she looked ten times as hot standing there dressed in a pink and white chemise with matching thong. I couldn't take my eyes off her as I changed into my light-blue lace babydoll and 6-inch white stripper shoes.

The three of us sat on the bed drinking wine and chatting for the next half hour or so until the guests were to arrive. My friend went over the plan with us one more time, again assuring us that nobody was allowed on the "stage" with us unless we invited them and that he'd personally assure to it. It was a little tense. He and I had fucked several times months ago and I was pretty sure he had fucked her too. Now that I knew she was bi, I wondered why we had never had a threesome. But that would be a question for later as the guests would start arriving any minute.

As the guests started to arrive they all reacted to the "stage" with pleasant surprise. They had all been told that there would be entertainment but this was clearly a little different.

We started out with some kissing and some playful touching, but still fully dressed in our lingerie. As more people arrived and gathered near the mattress to watch, we turned up the heat a little by making our performance more passionate. But it wasn't for about a half an hour that our friend gave us the signal that everyone had arrived. That's when we would really get started.

We had another glass of wine. I took the empty wine glass from her hand and set both hers and mine to the side of the mattress. Kneeling slightly over her I placed my hand to the left of her face and drew her in near for a kiss. We lowered our bodies to the mattress. Kissing her passionately I slid my left hand down to her shoulder and brought down the strap to her chemise, finally sliding my hand underneath and on top of her firm breast which I then exposed. I kissed down her neck and down to that exposed tit before delicately sucking on her nipple. I looked up briefly as the room had grown quieter. I caught the wide-eyed look of amazement in one young man's eyes. I loved that look. It turned me on immensely and it fueled my performance.

She sat up and pulled my lace babydoll over my head. Aggressively she fondled my tits with both of her hands as we kissed, intentionally leaving enough space between our lips that our audience could view our entangled tongues. I slid my right hand up her smooth leg, over her thong and then between her legs. Rubbing her I felt her grow damp through the satin. The men started to cheer and shout instructions. I pulled the chemise off from over her head.

I don't think I had ever been so horny. The combination of being with another female while being watched by multiple men was about as hot as it got. We had moved to the position of kneeling while facing each other. We were kissing and rubbing each other through our thongs. I slid my hand down the front of hers. As soon as I did that she grabbed both sides of mine and pulled them down. She immediately knelt down, her hands grabbing my hips. She took my pussy in her mouth. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt her push her tongue through my lips and across my clitoris. The audience was going nuts. I opened my eyes to see their excitement as they watched. I looked down to her and ran my hand through her soft blonde hair. She looked up and smiled. I couldn't take it any more.

I pulled her up and moved behind her. My hand traveled first up her body and over her tits before I moved them back down to her hips and around to her ass. With one hand on her back I pushed her down to all fours. With my other hand I pulled her panties to her knees and then finally all of the way off. I got in between her legs. The men in the room shifted position to view from the other side. She looked so good. I rubbed my hand over her pussy which by that time was incredibly wet. I could wait no longer. I leaned it to her, pushed my tongue flat to the bottom of her pussy lips and licked up towards her ass. Mmm...she was so sweet! I had longed for this moment for so long. The men loved it. They had no idea how much more I was probably loving it than them. I spread her perfectly firm ass and teased her hole with my tongue. She was moaning loudly. I pushed two fingers in to her pussy sliding them in and out as I continued to eat her, switching back and forth between those luscious lips and her ass.

She came. I wanted to keep going. But she raised from her position and whispered to me that we should really pay some attention to the guys. Indeed, we were to perform bed dances for them. So we took them by the hand and lead them one by one to the "stage". Laying them down we crawled on top of them, sometimes singly other times as a pair. We pretended to fuck them, kissed their necks and rubbed their cocks through their jeans. We took dollar bills from their mouths with both our tits and pussies. Several of them asked to buy blow jobs. We declined.

Normally, that all would have turned me on. I loved having multiple men touching me in one night. I loved their hand on my ass and their mouths on my tits. I loved bouncing up and down, grinding their cocks and feeling that bulge press into my pussy. But this time all I could think about was getting back to her.

When we finished the bed dances, the show was over. Our friend walked us to the bedroom where we could change. I wanted her so bad. Had it been just about the show for her or had she been as truly in to it as I had been? He shut the door and she pushed me against it while kissing me. (YES!!!) We went wild. We were on the bed and 69ing within seconds. It was fucking amazing. I never came so hard and so many times. I couldn't get enough.

We went at it for like an hour before our friend knocked on the door to ask if we were alright. We giggled and yelled back, "Yes". The door opened. He saw us on the bed and smiled. He came into the room and closed the door behind him. Nobody needed to say a word. We took turns sucking his dick. I ate her pussy again while he fucked me from behind. I was incredibly spent by the time we finished. I fell asleep there, we all did. He slept in the middle with us girls on either side. I only wished we had taken pictures. But hopefully there would be a next time!

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