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Performance Appraisal


A couple of months ago we hired some new recruits one of them a young woman named Elsa.

Elsa was petite, with boyish hips and a boyish haircut, and an enormous set of breasts.

Although Elsa was in another department, I noticed her eyeing me every time we passed each other in the hallway. Eventually I found out from another manager that Elsa had communicated to the manager's secretary that she dug me.

Now I usually prefer tall women, but I also adore large breasts and I couldn't resist thinking of how it would be burying my face between those enormous Latin tits, sucking on those protruding nipples, and having Elsa's sultry lips obediently suck my cock and swallow my cum.

So I took the opportunity to "run into" Elsa close to the water fountain and we hit it off immediately. I invited her to lunch, she agreed, and before we knew we were in my Jag speeding towards my house.

Upon entering the house we landed on my couch and I impatiently unbuttoned her blouse, forced down her bra cups and buried my face in her chest inhaling deeply her feminine aroma.

I spit between her tits and started tongue bathing her chest area moving quickly from one mound to the other and applying quick licks from her neck down to her navel and back up again. I forced as much as I could of her gorged breast in my mouth while my tongue lashed out on its sensitive corona, making circular motions around her halo. My lips begun to suck eagerly on her love gland and when I nibbled its ripening tip, Elsa squealed and moaned as her nipples stood erect in response to my love advances.

By this time my pulsating cock was rock hard and bulging out of my pants.

I undid my belt, zipped down my fly, unbuttoned and lowered my pants and underwear revealing to her my tower of love. Elsa let out a sweet moan and without another word dove down and lustily began to suck my cock. She briefly moved up and looked at me with a smile while her hand stroked my dick, and then placed her head above my cock and methodically started sucking me inch by inch until she was able to take the whole thing in, deep throat style. While she was orally indulging on my member and sucking me from the root, her hand was doing overtime under my cock rubbing the area between my balls and anus, gently caressing my loins, then lightly scratching my anal ring and tingling my balls with her fluttering fingers.

Having lubricated my dick with her spit and throat juice my little Chihuahua – always firmly stroking my shaft with one hand - proceeded to "eat" the area between my nuts and anus by first spitting and licking firmly until it was all wet, and then puckering her lips around her tongue and mouth rubbing starting from my penis' base up to my scrotum and back down to my anal rim. The quick hand strokes along with her eating actions resulted initially in a light tingle right under my balls that transformed into a magnificent pleasure which intensified with each tongue lick, quickly making its way through my penis shaft up to my throbbing crown.

Elsa feeling that I was about to climax, quickly took my dick in her mouth -the tip of her tongue lightly licking its slit- while her hands reached under my scrotum and started massaging my balls and surrounding area.

I then took hold of her head with both hands and begun to face fuck her, pumping rapidly her mouth. As my shaft slid smoothly like a piston through her tightly wrapped lips my crown was banging somewhere deep inside her throat, the pressure quickly building on its bulging head until I finally exploded.

Elsa's eyes widened in surprise at the sheer volume of hot fluid that was being ejaculated and she started swallowing quickly, gulping each squirt while anxiously anticipating the next. Elsa stayed with me until I was completely drained. She then licked me clean, and slowly lifted herself away and crawled up the length of my body pressing herself hard against me. She looked at me with pride, the kind of look a woman has when she knows that she has satisfied her man beyond all measure.

"Gracias" I said.

"Para servirle" she responded, and we both cracked up.

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