"Come, sweetie, come to Molly. I'm sure you left poor Lisa too sore to do anybody for a few days but those potions should still be good. Come here and pound me into the mattress, Monty, and welcome to the family."


Montgomery woke up late the next morning, a warm body pressed against his back and an arm wrapped around his chest. He looked at the hand on the end of the arm and saw the wedding bands. Last night really had happened. Molly woke up with him, sat up and stretched.

"Good morning, Sunshine. Are you rested after your heroic efforts?"

"I—I'm hungry."

The older woman's laugh was like bells. "Well, it is late enough that the others should be up. I believe Lisa had plans for breakfast and I'm sure the Christmas Parade is on the TV. Here," she reached over to the night table and tossed the lad a pair of tiger striped pajama bottoms and a superman tee-shirt. "Put these on. You've certainly earned them." She stood up and wrapped in a quilted dressing gown, ran a brush through her hair. With a fond smile, she picked up a comb, took Monty's face in one hand and parted and combed his hair just as she had done for years. "Sweetie, our dear little boy has turned into a man to be reckoned with. Lisa's going to be so happy with you and she'll make you happy, too. Now, let's go."

On a loveseat in the living room, Gwendolyn Kingsford was wrapped around Frank Leupold, looking content. The sound of Lisa's singing rose above the clatter of pans and bowls out in the kitchen.

"That's quite the smile the boy's put on your face, dear." Frank chuckled and gave Gwen's bottom an affectionate squeeze.

"The meds hadn't worn off when he got to me," Molly grinned in reply. "I remember looking at the clock just before I fell asleep. It was one thirty! Now you," she turned to her young lover, "off to the kitchen with you and no thinking. Just do. Understand?"

Nodding, Monty strolled into the kitchen and walked up behind Lisa. He wrapped his arms around her middle. "Hey," he whispered.

"Hey, yourself. Are you after breakfast or nooky?"

"Breakfast! I don't remember when I last really ate and I'm starved though a little nooky afterwards sounds good."

"Then you better let me go so I can fix it. And if you want to fuck later this morning you better talk to Mom. I'm sore, you beast, from your pounding."

"Yeah, well, so am I, kinda. Whatever all those things you dosed me up with last night were, please don't do that again? I'm sure I can be a spontaneous stud without them."

The reply began with something half-way between a giggle and a snigger. "Well, not all of them at once, I suppose. But maybe one at a time now and again would be fun. Now go away. I'm busy."

With breakfast over and the television off, the group sat around the living room. "Monty," Gwen began, "you need to go through your room and decide what things you absolutely can't do without. Lisa is going to do the same and we're putting the two of you in the main guest room. The bed's bigger. I've already marked what heirlooms and sentimental items are to be moved in and all the rest will go to auction."

Monty blinked in surprise. "We're moving in here?"

"Merry Christmas, Monty, we certainly are. I've waited nine years for this, dear. When your father died I was stricken. He was so young and you were just getting to the age when Daddy should have started being really important. Over the next few months I turned to Frank and Molly for comfort, company and support. They were so warm and affectionate that when, about a year after your father passed, they gently suggested a three-way I only thought about it for a moment before agreeing. It was the best decision I can imagine making. And now that we can pair you and Lisa up, we'll make our triad permanent and more-or-less official. And remember what I said, I recommend every night. I'm certainly looking forward to getting a lot more, now."

Lisa looked dubious. "Well, maybe every night after a few more days. Right now I'm too sore from this animal you unleashed on me."

"Piffle!" her mother responded. "Cheerleaders are famous for blowjobs. Just because you've got a slightly bruised pussy shouldn't stop you."

"Not this cheerleader! I always wondered about the girls who did that. I mean, what's in it for me—besides a mouth full of goo?"

The older women looked startled. "Well," Gwen began, "you make your man feel very good and a woman should be happy about that."

"Besides," Molly continued, "that smooth head really feels sensuously good sliding around on your tongue, lips and face. And as for his cum, as soon as you feel him starting to squirt, just take him as far down your throat as you comfortably can. It will shoot right over your taste buds and you'll swallow automatically. And even if you get some in your mouth, it's just a little salty. Of course, if giving head isn't your thing, there's always your other tail . . . ."

"No way! You really do that? How can you stand it? I tried once with a dildo and it hurt so bad . . . ."

Gwen looked stern. "Honey, if it hurts, you're doing it wrong. Hmm, Frank, dear, go get the lube and some condoms. And while you're doing that I'll go wash. The young folk need an object lesson."

"Mother!" Monty was horrified.

"Oh shush! I'm a sexual being, Monty. If I wasn't you wouldn't exist. You need to start getting used to it and now is as good a time as any."

Before Monty could continue his protest, Molly clapped a hand over his mouth. "Young man, this is a lesson. She's not suggesting incest, she's teaching you (and you, my girl), how to do something properly. Shut up and pay attention."

When both parents returned moments later, Gwen had changed from her comfortable plush robe into something in black fishnet. She turned to Lisa. "When a man wants to sodomize you, dear, you need to be really aroused and the best way I know to do that is rimming. And Monty, when you're having anal sex, a condom is essential." Then with feline grace she got down on her hands and knees on the coffee table, arched her back and said, "Frankie, I'm yours."

The scene was decadent almost to the point of obscenity. Frank Leupold sat on a low stool behind Gwen and spreading her buttocks with his hands began a slow wriggling lick up her perineum and around her anus. Slowly up and then around and around, he licked her and each time his tongue hit the target Gwendolyn sighed with pleasure.

Ohmigawd, Lisa thought, I'm sitting here with my mother and my boyfriend watching my father get ready to buttfuck his mother. He's licking her ass and she loves it. This is insane. I shouldn't watch—but I can't look away

At last Gwen shuddered slightly. "Grease me up, Frankie, I'm ready."

Frank spread gooey gel all over his fingers and began to massage Gwen's anus, pushing the lube inside and spreading the muscles wide. Finally he stood up and continuing to massage with one hand, stroked himself hard with the other. He opened a packet with his teeth and unrolled the latex sheath over his hard-on. Then he covered it with more gel.

Molly turned to Lisa, "Now, dear, when he starts to push against you, you push out, like you were trying to go. That will relax your outer sphincters. The inner ones may try to constrict so Monty, you only just push in the head and then wait until she finishes relaxing. Then, my girl, all you have to do is enjoy the sensations. Some women don't but that's because they weren't properly introduced to the art."

Frank pushed in, making Gwen gasp slightly. With his hands on her hips he waited while she took a few breaths and finally murmured, "Do me." A little at a time, small thrust by small thrust, Frank pushed in until he was buried to the hilt in her ass. Then he withdrew and began to thrust. Slowly at first and then with increasing speed, his pelvis slapped smartly against her bottom. The two younger people watched wide-eyed and open-mouthed as he began to slap first one butt-cheek and then the other keeping time with his thrusts. Finally, he groaned, spasmed several times and withdrew.

"See, that wasn't so hard." Gwen sat up on the table. "Molly, will you supervise these two while your darling hubby and I go shower?"

"I'll be glad to. Lisa, go wash! Gwen's right. You two should be having sex every day and if your pussy's to tired, use the other hole."


That night Lisa lay with her head on Monty's chest, her arms tight around him. He stroked her hair and her face, kissing gently and murmuring to her.

"So, are you okay? I hope you aren't even sorer than this morning."

"Actually, I'm fine. Yeah, you stretched me out good but once I relaxed it wasn't bad. A little weird feeling, maybe, but I'll get used to it. I suppose tomorrow I'll have to learn how to give a good blowjob."

"Not if you don't want to. I don't care what Mom says, I can wait more than one day."

"Oh, I know you would. Really, Monty, the parents are right. I can't imagine a sweeter man to be paired with than you're turning out to be. But remember the periodic orgies that happen here. You might be happy with plain vanilla sex but some of our parents' friends are pretty kinky. I have to get used to it 'cause they'll expect it. And you'll have to get used to it, too."

"What do you mean?"

"Mom doesn't know I know this, but in the bottom drawer of her nightstand is a dildo harness and several fat, silicone dongs. There's a big tube of KY jelly in it too. You can't tell me she only uses them on your mother. I have this sneaking feeling that sooner or later she's going to introduce you to the delights of anal sex."

"Oh, shit!"


In the morning Monty roused slightly, feeling very 'married' with Lisa snuggled against his back. Eyes closed he felt her hand pull the covers down and began caressing him from the chest on down. It felt wonderful and he lay there happily taking in the attention until the next time the hand came up. He opened his eyes and saw his mother-in-law-elect's wedding set. He came awake with a start.


"Shhh . . . Frank's gone to the airport and I sent Lisa to your mother. Female sexuality is much more malleable than the male's and she needs to start learning how to play with other women the way she plays with men. So it's just you and me this morning, baby. You relax and Molly's gonna make you feel wonderful."

Monty skooched back a bit and wiggled his butt experimentally. As he feared there was something behind him besides Molly's bare skin. A cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

"M—Molly, you're wearing a harness, aren't you?"

The answer came back in a chuckle. "That I am, my sweet man—that I am. And now that you have figured out what's to happen this morning, you go down the hall, dump, shower, and shave. If you aren't back in twenty minutes, I'm coming after you and you wouldn't want me to be disappointed in you, would you?"

Swallowing nervously, the young man swung his legs over the side of the bed obediently and headed out the bedroom door. When he came back, still slightly damp but clean, cleaned out and clean shaven, Molly smiled approvingly.

"Very good, sweetie, you got back with six minutes to spare. Now lay down next to me just the way you were." Monty complied, an entire butterfly collection in his stomach.

"I—I don't really want this, Molly, please?"

"Baby, I'm sure your default love-making mode is sweet, gentle, considerate and patient. I think that's wonderful. Lisa will adore you. And Friday night showed that you can also put a rutting stag to shame and that is so much fun. But Monty, men don't always have to be in charge. You can be luxuriant, even passive and it's perfectly okay. Now Lisa hasn't learned to take charge, yet, but she will. And when she does you need to know how to lay back and take it. And that's what today is about."

"Do—do I have to?"

"No, Monty, but once I'm done, you'll want to." She continued to stroke him all over, calming him down and sending him back into a near doze. She pushed him over face down and then straddled his thighs. Now she stroked with both hands, and massaged and manipulated—until she leaned down and brushed his back with her nipples. That felt good. That felt hot.

"Uh! Molly, what are you doing?"

"Getting you ready, baby. Remember yesterday? Frank got your mother all hot and ready before he buggered her? And then I had you do the same thing to Lisa so you could pop her anal cherry? Well, guess what, sweet man—you're next!"

She nibbled his shoulders and worked her way down his back. Nibbling, kissing, licking and biting, Molly made her way down Montgomery's body until she could take a butt-cheek in each hand, spread them wide and blow hot and gentle on his pucker. He whimpered a little until she stuck out her tongue and circled his anus. The licks grew longer, faster and more intense until the young man was moaning with pleasure. Molly grinned to herself. He was ready.

From the nightstand she pulled out a big tube of KY jelly and a Feeldo. She stuck the bulbous end in her mouth, covered it with saliva and slid it into her pussy. It was big and filled her, pushing on all the right spots. She shuddered happily. Then she covered the phallus end with lubricant.

"Spread your legs, Monty. Wider. Good sweetie. Now remember what I told Lisa about pushing out . . ." and she took him.


"Relax, Monty, take deep breaths and relax. Better now?"

"I—I guess."

"Good, now just lie there and enjoy."

Lisa was right. The feeling of a large, smooth object sliding in and out of his rectum was a little weird but surprisingly erotic. And every couple of strokes, the end of it would make contact with his prostate gland and that felt even more erotic.

"Molly, are you—gonna make me— cum?"

"If I can, sweetheart. I'm sure gonna try. I've got about a week to turn you into a sophisticated, experienced lover who is happy to both dom and sub before New Year's Eve. See, most of the ladies who come to these things are going to consider you fair game, since you're new. Roll up on your left side a little. I need to stroke that wonderful cock of yours. You're just gonna explode, Monty."

Her hand was amazing, tickling him in all the right spots an experienced woman knows and the dildo kept driving in and out of him. Monty started to whimper, passion rising with each stroke. As he approached the point of no return he opened his eyes to see Lisa and his mother standing in the bedroom doorway watching him with eager grins and flushed faces. No matter. He was too far along for the shock and surprise to scare his desire away now, and with an anguished cry he came, squirting all over Molly's hand until he collapsed and she withdrew.

Their audience applauded politely.

"Gosh, Mom, do you do that to Daddy a lot?"

Molly cleaned off her hands and removed the harness. As she slipped into a caftan she answered, "Not a lot. Just if I'm in the mood or I think he needs a nice surprise. He does appreciate it. Really Gwen, I need to take both of you shopping at the Glistening Cucumber for two more. I see Lisa in something pink or lavender and you in bright red—maybe with matching boots and mask. The feeling of dominance is so satisfying, sometimes."

Lisa went into the bathroom and returned with a wet washrag and towel. "Roll over, husband-to-be, and let me clean you up. That lube is messy stuff."

Gwen looked thoughtful. "When everyone was watching you two at the party, Myra remarked that she thought it was time we initiated Darla. The girl seems well on her way to a kind of sluttiness that she isn't enjoying so she may as well join the big leagues and feel better about it. We'll just put the three of you in different bedrooms and the guests can circulate as they please."

Molly grinned. "What a delightfully decadent idea, the older generation in carnal dalliance with the compliant flesh of the next. I think we need to get this organized so that by the Spring Equinox all the kids are properly broken in and docile—they'll be so surprised. Monty, you need to learn to be multi-orgasmic. And as for our young Miss Leupold, you, dear, shall become an expert fellatrix—starting right after breakfast. Bacon and eggs, everyone?"

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