tagInterracial LovePerfume Ch. 02

Perfume Ch. 02


AUTHOR'S NOTE: *Blushing* I am truly astounded by all the positive feedback from you all! I never thought Perfume would get this sort of response(no pressure)! I really do appreciate every one of you...even the ones who don't care for the story.

This submission is split into two parts: Chapter Two Prologue and Chapter Two. I had originally submitted them separately, but the site rejected the prologue because it was too short...so I combined the two.

Please check out my Biography page as I will post updates on there. And as always, throw in that feedback!

I give you Chapter Two...


Chapter Two Prologue

Just as Eric opened his mouth to say something to the beauty in front of him, he caught a movement from the corner of his eye. As he strained to look outside the window, he was stunned. Was that -- couldn't be!

His heartbeat kicked into overdrive. What the fuck should he do??? He looked over at the decrepit security guard. No help there.

Eric didn't have much time to lose; and if he made a scene, people would definitely get hurt. He was sure of it.

Looking down at the woman in front of him, Eric felt possessive of her, and compelled to protect her. He wanted to keep her safe from what he was sure was about to happen.

"Ma'am," he said urgently. "You have absolutely no reason to trust me, but it's imperative that you do just that."

He didn't wait for a response but grabbed her hand and pulled her in the direction of the restrooms.


Wynston didn't have any idea what was going on. She just knew this guy was extremely bold...gorgeous, but bold. As he dragged her to only God knew where, she wondered why the hell she didn't call to the security guard for help.

An article she'd read a few years back sprang to mind. It had said that attractive people were trusted most and were considered to possess the best personal qualities, even if they really didn't. People didn't typically associate danger or bad behavior with a beautiful face.

While reading the article, Wynston had scoffed, wondering how people could be so ignorant that they would judge others solely on their appearance.

Apparently, she was just as naïve! This man could be a rapist and/or murderer; and look at what she was doing. She was following him without so much as a peep!

But more than that, she had sensed the urgency in him. One minute she was standing behind him, trying to get a look at his face. The next, he was turning around, pinning her with his unwavering gaze. He had just been about to say something to her when he looked over her head and tensed.

This guy had said she needed to trust him. For what? What was going on???

Just as they made it to the restrooms, a commotion made Wynston look behind her. What she saw made her heart stop.

She watched as four figures entered the bank. They were all dressed in black, wearing masks and toting guns. The bank was going to be robbed.


Chapter Two

Octavia Hall gave a big, fake smile as she finished a transaction for another customer. Once again, she thought of how much she hated this fucking job as a goody-two-shoes bank teller.

She found succor in the fact that today she would be out of there for good.

"You made it this far, girl. Don't blow it now," she mumbled to herself as she prepared to receive another customer.

Octavia looked out at the long line of patrons.


As if reading her thoughts, Andrew, the other teller turned to her as his customer left.

"What is up with all these people here so early? Is today payday or something?" he asked.

"I have no idea," she muttered.

Andrew was right. Any other morning, the bank would've seen less than a handful of customers.

Of all days for this place to be packed!

It was more of Octavia's "luck." She was used to it.

An orphan, she was the 21st century's Annie, hard knocks life and all...except, no bald-headed millionaire had bailed her out. She had run away from her aunt's home when she'd turned eighteen, and had learned how to scrape in order to get by.

But she was tired of eking out a living with odd jobs here and there; and she was tired of the bullshit life handed her.

Octavia had learned early on that money ruled the world. It could buy anything...including an 18-year-old girl's body, she thought bitterly.

She closed her eyes against the darkness of her past. None of that mattered now. She was here for a reason, and nothing was going to stop her from reaching her goals. She had come too far.


Every day for the last year Octavia had come to this bank faithfully. She had dressed like a boring, goddamn librarian, wearing no make-up. She'd pulled her hair back in a bun, and wore phony bifocals to complete the look.

She pretended to be shy, quiet and sweet...even her alias "Angela Reed" was uninteresting. Octavia had not used one day of leave time and had earned the bank manager's trust, which had been paramount.

She'd done it all for two reasons. The first one was money.

Her boyfriend Greer had devised a plan for them to make millions.

At 30-years-old he was damn near a genius; and pretty much a nerd. He was a couple inches shorter than her with a medium build. He wasn't muscular as he didn't work out.

Greer had blond hair and blue eyes, and often reminded Octavia of a big kid. There was nothing spectacular about his appearance; he was a typical White guy.

More often than not, he was socially inept because his face was usually buried in a tech magazine or glued to a computer screen. So he didn't interact much with other people.

He was always talking about some new gadget and how technology was advancing blah, blah, blah.

But Octavia didn't mind, because she wasn't with him for his looks or social graces.

Greer made a decent living fixing PCs, and he paid the bills and took care of her. Plus, she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

When they'd first met, she had warned Greer that she wasn't the faithful kind. She wouldn't be staying home to squeeze out a couple of brats; and she definitely wouldn't have dinner waiting.

Octavia knew what she wanted, and it didn't involve being shackled down to one man.

Greer had accepted her as she was.

He was grateful to have a gorgeous Black girl like herself on his arm. So he did what he had to in order to keep her.

This went along perfectly with their unspoken pact. She would play the part of loving girlfriend whenever they were together. Apart...well, all bets were off. She came and went as she pleased; no questions asked.

The truth was, Octavia lived and breathed for dick.

She was what most people considered a "slut"...she knew it and loved it. She didn't understand why society looked down their noses at women who loved sex.

Men screwed whomever they wanted all the time. Why did she have to pretend to be a prude when she knew full well that on any given day, cock was more than likely going to be on the agenda?

She didn't discriminate either. She screwed the Corporate dick, the Blue Collar dick, the Thug dick--you name the dick...she fucked it.

For the most part, her arrangement with Greer worked; except for those rare occasions when he beat her home and she came in smelling like sex.

Then he would fly into a tantrum.

Octavia would then slide down to her knees, unzip his pants and blow him. After a few minutes, he would begin to shudder, coming into her mouth. All the while, Greer would carry on about how much he loved her.

She would smile to herself and daintily wipe the come from her lips.

Crisis averted.


Octavia and Greer's relationship had been pretty boring until a year and a half ago.

He had shocked and exhilarated her when he walked into their apartment one particular evening, and told her about his plan.

If they were patient, used a little smarts along with some of those same high-tech gadgets Greer always talked about, they could pull off a huge heist.

But it couldn't be just any bank. This one had to count. They would have to hit one of the giants...The National Bank of Baltimore.

At first Octavia had thought Greer was kidding. But the almost manic look in his blue eyes as he quietly charted his strategy had given her goose bumps.

He was serious!

She'd never seen Greer so hungry before. It both frightened and enthralled her; and it made her pussy wet.

According to Greer, much of their success would hinge on her ability to get a job at the bank. That way, they could get all the information they needed like armored truck arrivals and departure times, surveillance camera positions, security guard info, police patrol car schedules, maps of the bank...all of it.

As he continued to speak, Greer mentioned a few other people he wanted to get involved with his plan.

"Listen to what I'm saying, Tay," Greer had said, using her nickname. "If we can get my boys from the neighborhood to finance this, we're gonna get PAID!"

Octavia looked at him askance. Greer could be very naïve and trusting.

"How do you know we can trust them, baby?" she had asked skeptically. "I mean, I understand you grew up with them, but people change."

He shook his head adamantly. "Nah, baby, you don't understand. These aren't just anybody I'm talking about. They're like family; and pulling these kinds of jobs is what they do. I helped them a couple times and got a small cut. But this time is different. This time is going to be big," he said passionately.

"Rob is the oldest and sort of like the leader. If I can get him to bite, we're home free, Tay!" Greer's excitement was infectious.

She hoped he was right.


A few weeks later, she and Greer drove to Rob's home to go over their plans. As Greer maneuvered the car through the quiet neighborhood, Octavia's jaw dropped with delight.

It was obvious that this part of town was exclusive. Green, manicured lawns led to sprawling homes. Two, three and four-car garages housed luxury cars and SUVs. The place exuded money.

As they pulled up to Rob's beautiful, traditional brick home, Greer glanced at Octavia, taking in her look of amazement.

"Now you see what I'm fucking talkin' about, babe. This right here is what I want for us. We pull this shit off, first thing I'm doing is buying you one of these houses," Greer said.

Octavia leaned over and ran her fingers through his hair and smiled.

"You're too good to me sometimes," she said softly.

Too bad she didn't love him, she thought, wistfully. She cared about him, but more than anything else, she simply tolerated Greer.

She wasn't about to tell him that, though. Octavia wanted in on this job; Greer was about to make her a very rich woman.

As they got out of the car, a tiny, older Black woman greeted them.

Greer gave her their names.

"Yes, Mr. Robert is expecting you," she said in her thick Island accent.

As the maid led them inside the grand entry, Octavia looked around at the opulence of the place.

In the foyer, they walked on exquisite marble flooring. There was recessed lighting everywhere, giving the house a soft, ambient glow.

Big, expensive furniture perched on top of plush carpeting beyond tall French doors.

The maid had gone to the left of an elegant, circular staircase, into a study of sorts.

Octavia and Greer could hear her announcing their presence.

"Show them in, please, Sonya," a deep voice instructed politely.

As they were led into the study, Octavia thought about the irony of it all. This place definitely did not look like the home of a bank robber.


Things had started off well enough.

When they had walked into the library, Rob stood up and came around his large desk to greet them.

Octavia couldn't have been more surprised.

He didn't look anything the way she pictured. He was handsome, but had the look of a businessman...not a thief. She had expected him to be more--scruffy.

When Rob shook her hand, he stood a good few inches above her, his muscular physique impressive. His hair was a sandy brown and cut low. The gold stud in his ear seemed to sparkle.

His hazel eyes were direct. Under his gaze, Octavia felt exposed like he knew all her secrets.

There was no smile, no hint of friendliness; Rob was very brusque and no nonsense.

His younger brother Ethan was handsome as well. He had the same brown hair and golden-green eyes, but was the exact opposite in mannerism. He was much more personable and very quick to smile.

Ethan was maybe about 20-years-old and was very flirtatious. When he had introduced himself to Octavia, he winked at her playfully. She liked him immediately.

As they all sat, Greer had tried to reminisce about their childhood, but it was obvious that Rob wanted to get to why they were there.

"So tell me about this plan," he'd said abruptly.

Greer stuttered, thrown by Rob's curtness.

"Uh, y-yeah. Sure thing, Rob," he said, wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans.

"I've done a shit load of research on this. Basically, even though NBB is as big as it is, it sucks when it comes to security. I'm surprised it hasn't been hit before now; but I think people figure since it's so large, security must be tight."

Greer placed his portfolio on Rob's desk and began removing pictures, articles and blueprints, which all outlined how frail the bank's safekeeping was. It was practically an invitation for a robbery.

God bless the Internet.

As the men talked, Octavia took the opportunity to study Rob's face. He definitely was stern. Something about him turned her on, though; but she instinctively knew that he wouldn't be a pushover like Greer. This man was powerful, and was obviously used to being in control.

She was caught off guard when Rob suddenly looked up at her. She quickly lowered her eyes.

Shit! No man had ever made her cower like that before! What was it about him?

"Octavia here has worked for a couple banks. So if we can get her on the inside, we get all the information we need to pull this off," Greer was saying.

"I have a friend in HR at the bank who owes me a favor. I can ask her to pull Octavia's application and get her in for an interview. Once that's done, I'm sure Octavia will be in," Greer said confidently.

At the mention of her name, Rob looked at her again. Her nipples immediately puckered under the heat of his scrutiny.

Greer continued talking, repeating some of the things he'd already said. Octavia tuned him out. That was another thing she didn't like about him; he talked too much and never knew when enough was enough. He often embarrassed her with his lack of sophistication.

For the third time, she looked up to find Rob's eyes on her. This time, she stared back, boldly challenging him. Rob raised an eyebrow and gave a slight nod.

One point for her.

Octavia could feel herself becoming wet, and wanted to climb on top of him right then and there and ride him until they both exploded.

He began to speak, interrupting Greer's rambling yet again.

"Let's cut to the chase," he said in his quiet demeanor. "What's the pay off?"

Greer dropped his Ace card. "Ten million dollars...apiece."

The silence in the room was deafening. Octavia hadn't even known that much money was involved!

Rob sat back in his chair, quietly thinking.

"This all sounds very interesting and lucrative," he said. "We actually have been considering NBB, but you're right. We didn't know their security system was this vulnerable. You've brought another dimension to the job."

Greer beamed at the rear praise from Rob.

"I'll have my people research this. If everything is as you say, we'll make it happen," Rob said.

Greer was elated. "I'm telling you, man. Researching this has been my life for months. Your people are gonna see what I'm talking about," he assured.

Rob turned to his brother. "Ethan, tell Mike that we've spoken with Greer and I want to see him at the house."

"Gotcha," Ethan said as he took out his cell phone and began flipping through his contacts.

"Greer," Rob said. "Once Mike gets here, I want you to explain everything to him the way you just did me. If he agrees this is a good investment, we're in."

Octavia silently prayed that this Mike would get on board. She believed Greer had mentioned that Mike was the middle brother. Whoever he was, she didn't like that her life was in his hands! What would they do if Mike wasn't interested?

"There's a well-stocked bar out there," Rob was saying. "I want you to drink and enjoy a cigar while I get to know Octavia. If we go forward with this plan, she'll need to know what's expected of her."

Rob's gaze narrowed on her. "I want to be sure she's willing to give me everything I want."

Octavia didn't miss the double entendre.

"Ethan, would you show our guest to the bar, please?" Coming from Rob, it was more of a command than a request.

Ethan rolled his eyes and led an oblivious Greer to the bar, closing the study door. He hadn't missed the double meaning either: keep this dense prick busy while Rob fucked his girl.


As Ethan and Greer left the room, Rob got up and walked around to where Octavia was sitting. As he sat on the edge of the desk, he folded his arms.

"How old are you?" he asked.

Octavia smiled impishly. She knew she looked much younger than her twenty-seven years.

"Old enough to know that you don't want to talk to me about any plans," she replied.

Rob nodded his approval. "Smart girl. Stand up," he ordered.

Octavia immediately obeyed. She couldn't contain the wave of excitement that washed over her. She didn't know why, but she felt compelled to do whatever this man told her to do.

Goose bumps peppered her flesh as Rob's gaze roamed over her body. She was glad she'd decided on the tiny, red halter dress that only came mid-thigh. The deep color was a sharp contrast to her almond skin, and showed off her small waist and gently rounded hips.

Her dark brown hair was straight, and fell to her shoulders. Gold, hoop earrings adorned her ears. She'd chosen her gold, strappy heels that made her already long legs seem endless.

And then there were her boobs. They were small but perky; and she was proud of the way her nipples hardened like little pebbles when she was cold...or aroused.

Right now she was definitely the latter.

Rob snaked his arm around Octavia's waste and pulled her between his legs.

Flattening his right palm between her breasts, he slowly moved upward and around where he loosened the string at the back of her neck.

He buried his fingers in her silky hair, and without warning, he yanked her head back.

Octavia gasped with pain. But her discomfort quickly turned into pleasure as Rob squeezed her breasts with his left hand while biting at her neck. He released her hair and roughly jerked down her dress to expose her small, bronze globes.

He chuckled at the sight of her dark, hardened nipples. She definitely wanted him.

Rob licked each nipple, and groaned when Octavia slipped her hand between them and squeezed the outline of his dick through his pants.

She laughed delightedly when her hand circled around his incredibly thick member.

"Suck it," he commanded.

"With pleasure," Octavia whispered.

She slowly sank to her knees and unbuckled Rob's belt. As she pulled down his pants she wasn't surprised to see that he was wearing some expensive-looking, silk boxers. She reached in and pulled him out.

At the sight of his thick, long cock, Octavia salivated, wetting her lips before taking the head into her mouth.

She worked her tongue along Rob's length, licking him like a lollipop until it glistened with her spit. He sank his fingers into her hair and began to pump in and out of her mouth.

He pushed until his dick was in the back of Octavia's throat, watching the veins in her neck protrude. It was as if he was mesmerized.

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