tagFetishPeriod Play - Perverse Pleasure

Period Play - Perverse Pleasure


This story is concerned with menstruation as a source of erotic pleasure. This is a specialised form of sexual practice, with minority appeal. Unless you find such activities appealing, you will not wish to read it.

About me

My name is Catriona. I'm a successful businesswoman, in my thirties, and my professional life could keep me fully occupied, if I allowed it to. Because of my inordinately high sex drive, however, I choose to place strict limits on the amount of time that I spend on work and related matters.

I consider myself a rather enigmatic figure. I can appear sophisticated and aloof, and yet I'm easy to relate to, and I have absolutely no sexual inhibitions. I like to think of myself as an "up-market slut": I look stunning, dress expensively, and choose my companions with great care. I'm educated and articulate, with a rather deep, rich, velvet-smooth voice. Childhood elocution lessons have proved a valuable investment.

Behind closed doors, however, I reveal extensive knowledge of an altogether different vocabulary. I get very aroused by obscene talk, and I love to provide my own foul-mouthed commentary on the more extreme forms of sexual perversity, talking myself into ever more depraved behaviour.

As to my appearance, I have no hesitation in saying that I'm attractive. I'm well built, and very well proportioned, of average height, with large, firm, natural breasts, an ample bottom, expansive thighs, and impressively smooth skin.

My circumstances just now are that I'm single, solvent and completely independent. I take full advantage of my single status, to enjoy intense, short-term liaisons with men of all ages and backgrounds.

As to my sexual preferences, it will suffice to say here that they are wide-ranging, and I am always open to new experiences. I have a fascination for the more unusual, extreme and perverse forms of erotic encounter, in both one-to-one and group settings. I'd describe myself as a "switch", as I can move easily between dominant and submissive roles, as the mood takes me. I can be gentle, but I'm at my best when things get kinky.

Today's session

Today is a red-letter day for me, quite literally in fact, and I've been looking forward to it for a while. I called you yesterday evening, to let you know that I'd started my period. I know how much you enjoy seeing me at such times, and I've agreed to see you in your hotel room this morning.

This is a privilege for which I know you are willing to pay generously. We have met several times for this purpose, and every session has been a huge success.

You'll recall that I was the one who showed you that menstruation didn't have to be a barrier to sexual contact. When I told you that I was always especially horny, during a period, you immediately became curious. Once you'd tasted me for the first time, in that situation, you became addicted. You told me that, for you, there was no more intense and intimate form of erotic encounter, than this.

I know that you'll have been awake early this morning, and you'll have had an impressive erection, ever since. Your cock will soon get even harder, though: as I like to say to you, "it's rock hard now, but I want it granite hard".

Your cock is a very nice shape and size, ideal for a nice rough ride when I'm on top - as I usually prefer to be - and I know how to keep it hard. Interestingly enough, it tastes especially nice as well.

You'll be wearing a light dressing gown, that I can remove very easily. There will be several large, thick, soft towels covering the bed. Most importantly, the Do Not Disturb sign will be in place, on your door.

I know that you consider yourself privileged to know me. I'm a very experienced, highly sophisticated whore, and I work hard to ensure that each client's individual requirements are fully met, however bizarre those may be. I'm pleased to say that I'm totally reliable, too.

Exactly at the appointed time, I knock at your door. Your whore has arrived. You open the door, and just for a moment, I simply stand in front of you. I want to let you appreciate the way I look.

I'm wearing a short, light belted overcoat, and neat, tightly-laced shiny black ankle-boots with high heels and pointed toes. My dark lipstick, sharply edged, gives the finishing touch.

I love this style. It's chic and expensive, giving just a hint of the wanton depravity just beneath. As always, I've had a lot of interested looks, on my way here, and not just from men. Sometimes I like to imagine that they can guess what kind of woman I am. As I said: a sophisticated whore.

I smile warmly as I enter the room. I'm aware that you're not seeing me at my very best. I know I look pale, and a little tense. Still, you would look that way, too, if you were in the middle of a heavy period. I've had a lot of pain, and I haven't slept well.

As we exchange greetings, you help me take off my coat. Underneath my neatly tailored outfit, I'm wearing ... almost nothing! As well as my ankle boots, I have on a pair of sheer, open-crotch tights. That's all. That's all I need, though, to show my fit, well-rounded body to perfection.

My ample, natural breasts are firm and need no support. The tights bring a tantalising sheen to the smoothness of my magnificent legs and thighs, while leaving my ass and pussy fully exposed. The boots give me an assertive, dominant look. Oh fuck, I feel full of self-confidence, as you gaze at me in awe. The ultimate whore, indeed!

The formalities completed, I don't say much, but then, I don't need to. I know the procedure, and so do you. I undo your dressing gown, and let it fall to the floor. Then I reach out and grab your cock, and lead you into the bathroom. Your cock is proudly erect, as I knew it would be, and I give it a nice hard squeeze. I stand facing you, feet slightly apart, looking you straight in the eye. You're literally trembling with excitement.

You kneel before me, gazing up at me, expectantly. You poor little fucker, you know you're about to get badly messed up. I'm standing very still. Then, deftly, I reach between my legs, and slip a blood-drenched tampon out of my cunt. Holding it between my fingertips, I squeeze it out over your face, and then smear it across your cheeks. As I do so, a couple of drops of blood fall onto the pristine white tiled floor, and you lick them up.

There's even a drop on the toe of one of my boots, and you gladly lick that up, too. Then I drop the tampon into your waiting mouth, for you to drain dry. You start to suck on it eagerly.

Meanwhile, you are clearly delighted to see that I have more of these freshly-used tampons, in a sealed plastic bag that I take from my handbag. Slowly and carefully, I lift them out between my fingertips, one by one, and stuff them into your mouth. Your mouth is filled with my lusciously rich, sweet, thick, dark blood, and I can see that you're savouring its taste as you struggle to swallow it.

While you're draining every drop of blood from the tampons, I take a pair of silk knickers from my handbag, and slip them inside myself. You discard the tampons, and take the blood-drenched knickers into your mouth, so that you can gorge on still more of my menstrual fluid. I love to see my blood oozing from your mouth and dripping off your chin.

As you're gulping it down, struggling to breathe, I step towards you, standing with a foot on either side of you, and I hold your head back. Before you've realised what's happening, I release a powerful stream of hot, crystal-clear piss over you.

I'm pissing onto the knickers stuffed in your mouth, and immediately you look as though you're going to drown in blood and piss, right there on the bathroom floor in front of me. You're loving this, though, and so am I.

By now you can hardly breathe, yet somehow you don't seem to mind. You're a greedy little bastard, aren't you? Even though your mouth is full to overflowing, the blood pouring off your chin, and you can barely swallow, I know you're still desperate to gulp down more of me. The front of your body is covered in a bloody, pissy mess, and the mess is all over the floor as well.

I can see that it's a huge relief to you when I finally pull the knickers from your mouth. I wring them out in my hand, over your pleasingly upright cock, and as I toss them into the sink, you move to lick some of the mess off the floor.

I've had enough of this kind of play, though. I slide the toe of a boot under your chin, to make it clear that it's time for you to get to your feet. I grab your cock - now fiercely erect - very firmly, once again, and lead you across the room to the bed.

I sit down on the edge of the bed, and then I lie back across it, spreading wide, "welcoming you with open legs" as I like to say. You look as though you've never felt so excited. You bury your face between my wide, smooth thighs, and push your tongue into me, as deep as it will go.

As far as you're concerned, the most delicious meal in the world couldn't taste this good. I can feel you savouring my exquisitely sweet, fresh menstrual blood with every stroke of your tongue. Up to now, I've maintained a convincing show of aloofness, but now I'm starting to get seriously aroused. There's blood everywhere.

You are covered from head to foot in my dark, sticky crimson mess. You slip your fingers inside me, and still the blood flows. You have nice slim hands, and I take four fingers easily. You slip a hand in, palm upwards, and my blood starts collecting in a little pool in your hand, so you eagerly lick it all up. Even with all that blood around, I know you can tell that I'm starting to get very excited. My cunt feels delightfully receptive as you work it expertly with your fingers and tongue. I want your cock inside me, right now.

I shift position, proudly offering you my ample round ass. You give my lusciously inviting asshole a longing look. I'd love you to fuck my asshole right now, but you have other things on your mind today. You slide into my pussy, and quickly get into your stride, with some long, smooth, vigorous strokes.

By now, I'm really starting to enjoy myself. You slip your cock out again, so that I can take you into my mouth. By now I reckon I'm as eager as you are to taste my blood and juices. I suck you enthusiastically, coating your cock with saliva and taking it very deep. You poor horny little fucker, right now it's all you can do to keep yourself from reaching the point of no return.

You can sense my mounting excitement. You slide your fingers back into my pussy, and smear my face and breasts with more blood and juice. I smile approvingly. I can tell you're close to the limit now, and you slide your cock back into me, as I lie beneath you.

I'd love you to settle into a nice steady rhythm now, sliding in and out of my slippery, blood-drenched cunt, fucking me deep and hard. You've simply become too aroused for that, though, and within seconds, you shoot a very generous helping of hot semen deep into me. Oh, fuck, yes, I love that feeling. All that lovely warm spunk, filling my cunt. Another broad smile tells you that I fully approve!

As you ease yourself gently out, you look well and truly drained. The fun isn't over yet, though. As you lie back to rest, I shift position again, to squat over you, in the 69 position, pressing my pussy firmly down onto your open mouth. This is the best part, for both of us. Once again, you're struggling to breathe, as you gulp down the warm syrupy flow that's oozing from my flooded cunt.

As well as all the delicious fresh blood, sweat and juices, added into the blend is now a generous shot of your rich creamy spunk. The thrill of savouring this lush, warm, sticky mess as it dribbles from between my plump, succulent cunt lips will be truly amazing for you, I'm sure. You'll lick and suck until you reckon you've cleaned me right out.

There's still another treat in store for you. I ease myself off your face by an inch or two, and take another piss, all over your face, and into your mouth. The relief is blissful. I hear your muffled moans of delight as you lick the last drops of piss from my dripping, swollen cunt lips.

Meanwhile, all your energetic tongue work has got me heavily excited. What a fantastic feeling as I grind myself down heavily onto your face, and slither around on top of you, smothering you in my blood and piss and juices, and of course your own semen, too, as it oozes out of me.

I'm very aroused now. All it takes are a few finger-strokes across my swollen clit, and I'm gushing furiously, all over you. I squat back onto your face, pushing down hard again as you work your tongue back into my blood-drenched, juiced-up fuck hole, giving it another thorough working over.

I love to feel your tongue as it burrows ever deeper into my squelchingly wet cunt. You're trying to lick me completely clean, but it's not going to work: the more you lick and suck, the wetter I'm getting! Meanwhile, all this pissing and gushing, licking and sucking has got you very excited indeed. Your cock has risen from its repose, and it's pointing directly at my face, poised like a gun that's about to be fired straight at me.

Your cock is twitching excitedly, and I can see you're ready to give me another shot of your semen. I work the tip of your cock between my fingers, and your body shudders as you shoot more thick creamy spunk onto your blood-smeared belly. I love to see it glistening on your skin. I collect some on a fingertip, and wipe it over my tongue, savour it for a moment, then I dribble it into your mouth. I give you a gentle kiss on the lips, and then it really is all over.

Utterly drained now, you're lying flat out on the bed, unable to do anything except stare at the ceiling. You're coated all over in my gorgeously rich dark syrupy mess, and as you lie there, you feel it drying on your skin. When I've gone, you'll probably lie there all day, smeared and coated, thinking about me.

I make my way back to the bathroom, to take a nice long shower, and generally sort myself out. I'm in no hurry. When I'm finally ready, I look as composed and confident as when I arrived, though with perhaps just a little more colour in my cheeks by this time.

Understandably, given the state you're in, there's no goodbye kiss for you today. I touch you lightly, somewhere on a clean patch of skin on your shoulder, and give you a knowing smile. I let myself out.

Sooner or later, you will have to go to the bathroom. My blood-drenched knickers and tights are in the sink, a parting gift. There's something else, though. On the shelf beside the sink you'll find a small sealed plastic bag, containing a tampon soaking in my thick dark blood. You won't be expecting that, and I know you will appreciate it. With the bag there's a note, saying simply,

See you in a month!

Kat X

Written by Kinky Catriona, submitted July 2012

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