Day One - Chapter One

My keys jingled as I flipped the lock to our apartment. Friday, finally. I eased the door open and stepped in setting my purse down on the dark wooden bench at the entrance. I double checked the time, 4:45, enough time to start dinner, drink tea, and read before my husband would be home.

I took a few steps into the entrance way shrugging off my jacket, hanging it on the heavy decorative hooks the lined the wall. I turned, facing the mirror over the bench taking in the sight of myself. Even after a days work, I admittedly looked pretty good. My hair was down in its typical bouncy curls, skillful makeup masked a few marks of aging, but never more than needed. I wore my usual red lipstick, understated eyeshadow, and bold lashes. My attire was simple, black patent heels, sheer pantyhose, a steel-grey pencil skirt, and a white blouse. Monochromatic for the office, formfitting, and honestly, sexy as hell.

I rested my hand against the wall as I shifted my balance to take off my shoes.

"Leave them on and don't say a word," a masculine voice cut sharply from down the hall. My husband's shape materialized as he stepped around the corner. His slacks and dress shirt highlighted his broad frame. He wore a deep red tie I'd never seen on him before.

"Fuck!" I yelled my body tensed, pulse racing through my body. "You scared me. I wasn't expecting you home yet love."

"Leave them on and don't say a word I said."

He lifted a finger to his lips in a rather vain attempt to quiet me. His footsteps bringing him closer and closer.

"Seriously, love. You okay? What are you doing h--"

Quickly reaching me, he moved his finger from his mouth to mine. My eyes flared.

"There are a few simple rules for this weekend. First, you will refer to me as 'My Love' unless directly told otherwise. You may respond with 'yes, my Love.' Do you understand?"

My throat was dry as he removed his finger from my lips. I glared at him indignantly but swallowed and breathed, "yes, my Love."

"Second, I've made plans for the next 48 hours. Each of them will proceed with your consent. Only with your consent. I think you'll enjoy them, but I would never ask or expect you to do anything you don't wish to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Love."

"Third, you will follow and obey everything I ask you to the letter, without hesitation or there will be consequences. Unless the second rule applies and you are not comfortable proceeding. This applies to my earlier request that you keep your shoes on and be quiet, which you have already disregarded. Twice." he punctuated. "There will be consequences. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Love," I replied, heat already building up between my legs.

"Beautiful," he said staring into my eyes. "Lastly, a safe word. 'Pineapple'. Do you understand?"

A safe word? The thought blazed through my mind, as "Yes, my Love," left my lips a third time. We enjoy some bandage now and then, but we've never discussed or required a safe word.

In the instant I took to process this he broke into a shit-eating grin.

"Beautiful," he whispered.

I looked at him awkwardly. Having seemed to reach an accord, I was unsure of what to do next. He didn't make me wait long. His hands drifted to my waist as he took the final step, our bodies just out of reach. His grin faded to a focused passion as his fingertips trailed up my body. They grazed my ribs, softly contouring the outside of my breasts, tracing my collar bones, finally resting under my jawbone as he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. A shaky breath escaped me. His hands moved to my shoulders as the kiss ended. Abruptly he spun me around to face the mirror.

Surrounded by his strong arms he slowly began to unbutton my blouse as I watched without moving. I felt heat rise to my face. The flush appeared on my cheeks as each button was released. A look at my husband showed a mix of joy and sexual pleasure as his gaze followed his hands down my torso. He reached the final button eased the fabric from under the belt of my skirt. As he slipped each shoulder of the blouse off my frame he left a trail of light kisses. I kept my breathing steady as I reveled in the savoury treatment. He gently folded and placed the blouse on the bench in front of me.

"I love you" he whispered.

I smiled back at him through the mirror, "I love y--" I started reflexively and stopped with the look of chastisement that crossed his brow.

Oh fuck.

"Tsk tsk. Love," he grinned slyly. "That's three times now you've spoken without permission. Due time for you to become acquainted with the consequence for speaking out of turn."

I gasped as he finished, cold metal slid up my inner thigh.

"Hands on the wall," he ordered firmly. "Either side of the mirror."

I did as told. Quickly.

The cool metal switched thighs as it slid back down. I felt a tug on my skirt as I heard the first snip. Snip, tug, snip, tug. He was cutting off my fucking skirt. Admittedly, I had shared this fantasy with him months ago. Fuck, it was amazing in reality. I could feel moisture building between my legs. My nipples were straining against the soft white lace of my bra. He threw the shredded skirt down the hall as he took in my body. He let out a sigh.

"This," he said snapping the waistband of my pantyhose, "won't due."

He rolled the waist down to my knees and bending over made a cut in the front and the back rendering them useless.

"Garters and stockings, only. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Love."

"Good," he said with finality.

He moved slightly bitting the soft flesh of my thigh right below my ass. Air hissed passed my teeth.

His scissors snipped twice more cutting free the sides of my lace underwear. He pulled them down and off, tossing them down the hall towards the skirt.

"This will have to go for the weekend," he said tapping my trim pubic hair.

My cheeks reddened once more under his scrutiny. I did what I wanted with my maintenance, but under his direction this weekend, I nodded my consent.

"Oh, and try to stay quiet for this next part," he said taking a step back. "Feet a shoulders width apart."

The second I complied spreading my stance his hand connected with the bouncy flesh of my ass, hard. Slap. I sucked in a fast soundless breath and shut my eyes. His weight shifted, slap, connecting with the other cheek. I steadied my breathing and body. His hands were on my ass, firmly massaging the offended area. I pushed back into the comfort and warmth of his touch.

"That was for the first infraction," he informed me.

He released the clasp on my bra shifting the cups. My breasts fell free underneath me. He pushed the straps up my arms. Taking each hand, in turn, removing and slipping the straps off, and placing my hand back on the wall a foot lower. I stood at a nearly ninety-degree angle, ass jutting out towards my husband. I could see my breasts sway beneath me. My stomach, hips, and pussy were just in my field of view from this angle in the mirror.

"You are perfect, Love. Now, open your eyes. Watch your beautiful body wiggle and tense for me. Take it in."

Without any further hesitation or restraint, his hand landed on my ass four more times each only a second or two apart. I forced my eyes to remain open rather than flinching closed and watched as ordered. My stomach and hips gently reverberated with each contact. I watched my breasts bounce violently in time to his hands. My poor free nipples, relishing the air, sat rigidly and begging for attention. I was wet. I was hot. My clit responded to the treatment of my ass with tingling electricity.

"Good Love. So good," his voice was dripping with want.

I'm glad he's enjoying himself, I thought while my ass was aching and hot.

I didn't receive the same tender massage as the first two slaps. Instead, he quickly grabbed my breasts squeezing the soft mounds firmly. He pinched my nipples hard. I had to bit my lip to keep from moaning, lest I earn two more spanks.

Fuck, my eyes wanted to roll back in my head. He knew how much I loved to have my nipples tweaked during sex. He lifted a hand and offered a finger to my lips and I opened my mouth. He traced my lips before slowly letting the finger fall into my mouth. I locked my gaze on him and sucked it instantly, swirling my tongue around its tip. I could have sworn his pupils dilated. His free hand grabbed my hip and he pressed the impressive erection straining through his pants against my warm ass. The finger left my mouth and trail-blazed a straight line between my breasts, down past my bellybutton, and deftly between my folds. The damned finger practically swam in the moisture it found.

"I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself," his husky voice lent to my current state.

I already wanted him to put that magnificent dick to good use. I watched that finger tease me. He lazily parted my labia, slow circles caressed me, grazing against my entrance without entering, not once connecting with my clit.

Fucking asshole, I thought.

I'd have him take me from behind, right now, just as we were. I'd watch him slide in and out of me from my place at the mirror. I'd watch my breasts bounce and his fingers sink into my skin with each thrust. I'd fucking love it.

"Wanting sex so quickly? I know you enjoy when I am in control, but we've barely begun."

He withdrew his finger and dragged it back up my body. The moisture from my arousal left a chill on my skin. He brought his finger back to my lips. Taking the hint I dutifully opened my mouth for him. He traced my lips as my scent filled my nose. His finger fell into my mouth once again and I delivered the same swirling, sucking treatment. I hope he understood I would do the same to his dick in a second if he asked. Instead, he withdrew the finger and stepped away from me. My body was already aching in the absence of his warm body. My clit throbbed in neglect.

"We're going out," he grinned sensing my dismay. "There are clothes laid out for you on the bed. Have a shower, freshen up. Meet me in the living room in thirty minutes."

He started down the hallway picking up the discarded clothing and stepping towards the kitchen. I took that as permission to move and stood up.

"Oh, and love?" he called down the hall with a mischievous note to his voice. "No orgasms without my express permission."


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by Anonymous11/24/18


Needs a second part:(

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by Anonymous08/24/18

Excellent story! I need a man like this in my life.

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by Anonymous05/31/18

Well that's hot.

Honestly this is the sort of thing I want someone to do to me. I was wondering if you wrote this with experience or just fantasy.

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by Anonymous05/26/18


Best story I've read on this entire website. Looking forward to more of this story.

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Sooo good pls write more!!!

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