tagErotic CouplingsPersonal Trainer Ch. 01

Personal Trainer Ch. 01


Here I was, sitting in my office hard at work. The day has been busy, but frustrating. Random personnel seem to keep coming in, wanting their every need handled like they were the most important people. And just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, in walked the new lieutenant. Every time he comes in, it is always some menial task that he could easily accomplish. Already irritated, but careful to not show it, I stand up as he enters the room. He says, "Sergeant. How is the weight loss thing going? I know you have mentioned it before."

Clearly surprised that he would remember talking about it or even be interested, I responded, "Not the best. Having a hard time staying motivated."

He said, "Sorry to hear that. I guess that leads into why I am here." I think, 'Oh no. Here it comes. Some crazy request that he thinks will help me out.' He continues, "So, my wife is working to become an athletic trainer and for her final school project or paper, she is working on something special. I am not exactly sure what is involved, but she ask me if anyone in the office might be willing to help her out. I guess she is doing some sort of test or something, she really hasn't told me much, but she would need to interview you first to determine if you would work for her program. When she asked me, a few names came to mind, and you are one of those names. Would you be interested?"

I had already a good idea the direction of his question was going. I didn't know if I really wanted to, but I also didn't want to come off to the lieutenant that I was better than his wife's help. Before I was able to answer, he said, "If you are even thinking about it, she is already planning to come by later today and could probably accomplish the interview then, if you have time."

I smiled and said, "Sure, we can give it a try. Maybe we could help each other, she could help me with weight loss and I could help her with her project. I will be around all day."

He said, "Great. I will have her come by when she stops in. Her name is Mindy."

I said, "Thank you sir."

The lieutenant turns to leave and says, "Thank you. Have a good rest of your day."

After he left I thought to myself, 'That has to be the strangest request I have ever received. Oh well, a few minutes won't kill me. Maybe she just has a few basic questions.'

Three hours later, in walked a girl wearing a very nice white dress that hugged her body with rhinestones going down the front center. The dress was something that you would probably wear to the club, or maybe to a formal event like a party. In addition to the sexy dress, she had lightly colored brunette hair, a pretty face, and long sexy legs with heels; she had my full attention. She smiled at me and said, "Sergeant Smith? I am Mindy."

I had already stood up when she entered the room and when she said her name and recognized it, I reprimanded myself for checking out the lieutenant's wife. I replied, "Nice to meet you Mindy."

She replied, "Like wise. My husband said you would be willing to work with me on my project?"

Previously, I was unsure. But after seeing her, I was just about willing to do anything. I said, "Sure. He didn't mention much though."

She quickly replied, "I have not told him much. I need this to be confidential for now. First, however, I need to interview you, to see if you would fit into my idea for a program. Just need to ask a series of questions, basic ones and then a little more personal. Depending on how you answer the questions, will determine the next step. Would you have time to do an interview with me now? It may take only a few minutes, or maybe an hour."

Once again I reminded myself that she is married to the lieutenant that works down the hall and I reminded myself to behave. I said, "Sure."

Smiling at me, she said, "Perfect. It would be nice to go somewhere else. Somewhere more private where no one will bother us."

I replied, "I don't really have a place. However, the other side of the building is un-occupied. Not many people know there way around over there."

She said, "But you do know your way around?"

I said, "Of course."

She said, "Sounds great. Lead the way."

As I led her through the hallways her heels made the sexy clicking sounds as we walked around to the other side of the building. All the lights were off, but usually shortly after you entered a hallway or room, they would come on. They were kind of dim and creepy feeling, but they did come on. She said, "Looks like no one will bother us over here."

I then stepped out of a hallway into a room, and then led her through a few more behind the first room. I said, "You are right, but a little further back will be even more out of the way." One of the rooms the lights did not work, as I knew they did not, but continued leading her through. I finally reached the room I had in mind, a back corner room, with a few office chairs and a large desk. The office building was old, it looked like it came from the 70s.

She said, "This works. Do you mind if we close and lock the doors, just in case?"

I said, "We can do that, if you want."

After we locked the doors on both ends, she said, "Ok. Let's get started. First things first, this is a confidential interview, and everything you discuss with me will stay between us. No one else needs to know the happenings of this appointment, unless I tell you otherwise. I need you to agree that everything that goes on here stays between us. Do you agree?"

I answered, "Sounds good. I agree."

She said, "Now let's begin, what is your full name?"

I answered, "Nathan Smith."

She said, "Your age?"


"Married? And if so, how long?"

"Yes, almost 11 years?"


"Not yet."

"Trying or want children?"

"Yes, but I have recently found out that I cannot bear children."

"Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Um, wow. Just curious, what does that mean?"

"It means that I do not have any sperm. I don't even shoot blanks."

"Wow. I am really sorry to hear that. So, you cannot get her or anyone else pregnant?"

"That is correct."

She sincerely replied, "I am sorry. Let me get back to the subject at hand. So, do you work out often?"

"I play basketball on Mondays, walk the dog twice a week, and trying to motivate myself to do more."

"How about eating habits?"

"Up and down. I get frustrated when eating healthy and not seeing results, which makes me eat poorly for a few weeks or so before I am frustrated again and start eating healthy."

"That is a bad cycle to be in. What motivates you? Is there an idea, or person, or something that strives you to be healthier. Why change?"

"I guess there are lots of reasons. For one, the Air Force. Another is I love to play sports, and due to my weight, I am not as able to compete at the same level I used to."

"Those are good reasons or possible motivations. How about motivation to be a better, healthier husband or sexier husband?"

"That comes to mind too, but I am more of a reward kind of guy."

"So, like hot sex with your wife as a reward."

I blushed a little and said, "Yes, but she...how do I say this? She doesn't really have the body right now to motivate me. She has improved, but she....well, she doesn't really do things that turn me on, like dress up how you are."

She now blushed a little before smiling and said, "So, if she did dress up like this, maybe go out on a date, and have some hot sex for a reward for losing weight. Would that would motivate you?"

Blushing, I said, "I doubt she ever would, but yes. Definitely yes.."

She said, "Ok. So what happens if you lose all the weight you want to, and those milestone rewards are not there?"

"Hopefully it will be a habit or a need for both of us and we would continue."

She smiles and says, "Ok. Um...let me see here." A minute goes by with her reviewing her notes and my answers. She finally says, "You may be what I am looking for. How heavy are you, and what is your goal weight?"

I answer, "I was my heaviest at 214 a few months back, but I have lost a few pounds. I actually check the scale this morning, I am just barely above 210. I would like to be between 175 and 160. I haven't been less than 180 for almost 10 years."

She said. "A few more questions, but I think we could work together to obtain than. However, if I decide to work with you, would you be willing to work with me?"

In my head a few dirty thoughts came to mind, but I said, "Ya. I would be willing to give it a try."

"Ok, so would you mind doing some movements for me to test a few things?"

"Sure. What do you want me to do first?"

"Stand up, bend at the hips and reach as far as you can, and hold until I tell you to come up."

I stood up, bent over and did as she asked. She circled me once and then said, "Ok, can you do ten sit-ups for me?" I proceeded to lay down on the floor and she asked, "Do you need me to hold your feet?"

I replied, "Yes, please." She kneeled down on the floor, firmly grabbed both feet and bent over towards me just a little. I had a hard time not to stare at her chest as I accomplished the sit-ups, but did anyhow as I always look ahead when I perform sit-ups.

After I barely did the ten, she stood up and said, "10 flutter kicks." I proceeded to place my hands under the base of my ass, and begin the flutter kicks. As she began to walk around me, she said, "Slower." I slowed down and stared straight up. She walked around me from my feet to my side, and around past my head. When she walked past my head, she stopped to watch me. This gave me a great view of her legs, and even just a little under her dress. I smiled and she said, "Good. Ok, now one more test. This may seem a little un-orthodox, but I have my reasons. Stand up and massage my shoulders."

This request was indeed strange, but I couldn't refuse her request, or the opportunity to touch her skin. I quickly stood up, walked behind her and began massaging her shoulders. She stood about a foot ahead of me when she said, "That feels good. Now my lower back." She bent over at the waist and I stepped closer to her. I placed my hands on her lower back and my crotch was now mere centimeters from her ass, and began massaging. She said, "You do have strong hands. I like that. Now, work your way slowly back to my shoulders." With that, she began to bend over further, which pushed her ass up against my now stiff dick. As I worked my hands now up her back (which was now downward), she bent further over and I had to bend as well. This pushed her ass in even closer against me, and my dick pushed back between her ass cheeks. She said, "That feels really, really good. I think you are my first subject, if you would like to continue?"

I replied, "Yes, I would like to very much."

She smiled a knowing smile and said, "Good, now we just need to work out one thing. Have you ever considered kissing another woman?'

Smiling I said, "Yes, in my dreams."

She stood up, turned around to face me and said, "Here is your opportunity to make a dream come true." Without thinking, I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her in for a soft romantic kiss. She kissed back just the same, but opened her mouth and our tongues met each other's tongue. We continued to kiss and I took the liberty to slide my right hand from her hip to her left ass cheek. She never pushed me away, but instead pulled back, tilted her head to the side exposing her neck to me. I immediately began kissing there. Another few seconds she stepped back and said, "Ok, now here is the deal. I am going to give you my cell phone, and you are not allowed to call me until you lose five pounds. When you do loose those pounds, I will give you your reward. I can assure you that it will be far better than this. Now remember our agreement, no one knows about anything here. If my husband or anyone else asks you can tell them that I have am going to be your personal trainer. Tell them that I am working with your lifestyle and exercise habits. Here is my card, with my cell phone on it." She then kisses me on the lips again, turns and walks away.

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