tagErotic CouplingsPersonal Training Ch. 08

Personal Training Ch. 08


"It's the most common STD out there," the doctor said, "and unfortunately most people don't know they have it. Only thirty percent ever develop symptoms and most of them are the women."

The doctor kept his tone dry and professional but there is nothing impersonal about a cotton swab put your dick. I didn't feel so lucky then that the doctor's office had me come in the same day I called.

"Fortunately, it's one of the most treatable STD's."

The doctor turned his back to me as he packaged the swab up.

"I'll be back in a minute. You can dress."


Dressing was no more than pulling up my pants. I waited for the doctor to return. There is nothing more embarrassing as having to discuss your sexual history with a total stranger even if he is a doctor. Supposedly he had heard it all, but me? It's something I've never had to do. Up to and after Lynn I was always careful. I told the doctor this, and he nodded. "Still," he said, "anyone after should be checked out, just in case."

And I nodded and agreed though it killed me that I would have to have that talk with Annie. And getting in touch with her wouldn't be easy, but I didn't have her phone number.

The doctor returned and gave me a prescription.

"No sex for at least a week."

I nodded my head.

"Many single men," he continued, "don't see a doctor for much of anything. It's usually married men I see because their wives get them to come in. But we probably should do a full work-up on you; get some baseline tests. It might not seem more important now. However, you are heading into your forties. It's good to get that information now, so if something crops up we have records to compare it to."

"Yeah, thanks," I mumble. The oh-so-subtle hint that I wasn't getting any younger was exactly the thing I needed today.

"See the receptionist on the way out to schedule a physical."

I thank him again, and I pay the bill with my credit card, but I don't make that other appointment. The doctor's little chat only reminded me what I hadn't done during my thirties. Most of my old friends were married and had some kids, a couple on their first divorce. Me? I never saw myself as the marrying kind. Lynn was all up in her career and hadn't wanted to interrupt it with marriage or children, anyway. But finding yourself suddenly homeless unsticks your thinking. I find myself mulling over what might have happened if Lynn and I did make things permanent. Maybe we wouldn't have fought as much, or said some of the things we did to each other. I'm not stupid enough to think our break-up was all Lynn's fault. It's just in the end she acted more stupidly than me.


I look up Annie's account in the customer database in the gym to get her number. Hopefully it's her cell. Standing at the desk I dial the number. I get it wrong a couple times and I curse at myself. A guy answers.

"Hello, can I speak to Annie?"

"She's not here."

"Um, it's important I get in touch with her."

"Sorry. I can take a message."

"Tell her Abel Williams, from the gym, called." I give the guy my number.

"Okay, when I speak to her I'll tell her."

"Thanks." And shit. I don't know who this guy is, but it sounded like he has no interest in getting the message to Annie. And I had no idea when she'd be back.

Carl came up to the desk and looked over my shoulder.

"What's up, Abel."

I shrugged. "Nothing much."

"Uh huh. You want to get in touch with Annie, that guy's business is called Coldwell Industries."

I stared at him.

"Gena told me about what happened at the restaurant. It's a small town, Abel. Word gets around."

"Annie won't like that."

"She's used to it. And she's a big girl. And no one blames her for having a little fun, not with what she's been through.

I must have given him a look because I didn't like what he said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"It's nothing, Carl. I'll go take a look at that machine that's acting up."

"Yeah, do that."

A bit of fun. That ground my nuts. It's always like this. Younger guy, older woman. No one takes it seriously, like there couldn't be anything real. It was like that when I was with Lynn. She'd bring to me to company parties and her girlfriends would coo over me. She'd just smile. Her girlfriend's husbands would be passing polite, maybe afraid their women would get a wild hair to try it with a younger guy. The men she worked with wouldn't talk to me at all. It got so I wouldn't go to the things. In the end it didn't matter, because she started that affair with another guy in the office, an older guy, proof positive I wasn't worth her time.

Shit. What did I know? Who was that guy at Annie's condo? Or what was up with this Jack guy?

Well, it didn't matter much. What I had to tell her would pretty much blow up things anyway. I was screwed no matter what.


"Annie, that conference call starts in five."

"Yeah, Jack, I'll be there." Today was Thursday, and I'd been here four days preparing what I could for the auditors scheduled to arrive Monday. This was the preliminary call with auditors, where they would tell us what documents they would look at first. It was important because it would set the tone for the week ahead. At least I hoped it would only be a week.

The phone rang.

"Annie Lloyd," I said. I didn't have an official title. I was a consultant.

"Annie, it's Abel."

"Oh hi, Abel."

"I need to talk to you Annie."

"I'm real busy right now, Abel."

"Yeah, and I'm sorry, but this is important."

"I'll be home in a couple weeks."

"It can't wait that long."

"Is there something wrong?"

"Yeah, no, well, yes," he stammered.

"Annie!" I heard Jack call.

"Look, I gotta go now. I'll catch up with you later."


"Sorry, bye."


The call with the auditors went like I expected though Jack looked distinctly unhappy.

"Shit, Annie," he said, "It sounds like they plan on being here a while."

"They always sound like that. They bill by the hour. Remember, in the end, we are paying the bill. But you know, I'd like to get to know your board of directors. What would give them the idea to audit the company anyway? It's not publicly held, so it's not as if you have to worry about the SEC or Sarbanes."

"I tell you what. I'll set something up."

"Okay." At least I could get an idea of what Jack was dealing with.

Jack got called out to the production floor then, so I went back to my, or rather JuJu's desk. The woman was a mess and a half. I spent my first hour here cleaning up her desk. Jack was gone a while, and I dug back into the financials. You would think that finding where the money went would be easy. But it wasn't. But then again, I had years worth of deposits to go through, and match to billing. Yeah. That was fun.

Jack came back into the office, went into his and closed the door. The little lights on the PBX phone on my desk lit, so he was making calls. The afternoon passed like that, Jack working on whatever, I working on the books. It was getting close to quitting time when my cell phone rang.

"Hey, ma."

"Hello, son. What's up?"

"There was this guy, Abel Williams, I think? He wants you to call."

"Oh, did he leave a number?"

"Yeah, got a pen?"

"Silly question. I'm sitting at a desk."

"Here goes then."

So I get Abel's number.

"Um, ma. There's a problem at my place. They found some black mold, told me I had to stay somewhere else until it's fixed. It's okay if I stay at your place?"

"Why are you even asking?"

"To let you know I'm staying there."

"It's okay. Just don't "liberate" any of my furniture for your apartment."

"Oh, ma."

It was an old joke. When Teddy moved out of the house he took a fair amount of things without asking.

"Love you too, son."

I knocked on Jack's door. He held up his hand and finished his call.

"I'm heading out," I said.


"I'm beat, Jack."

"All right. I'll call you later." He picked up the phone again.

"Okay, then." I had no idea why he would call me but I didn't have to answer. On the way to the hotel, I grabbed a fast bite through the Mickey D's drive thru. When I got in, I took a shower, and wrapped in my robe, my hair in a towel, I called Abel.

"Hi, Abel? It's Annie."

"Hey," he said.

"Is this a bad time?"

"No. I'm just sitting here watching TV."

"An old movie?"

"Yeah, The Maltese Falcon. Here, I'll pause it."

"So what's up?"

He sighed. "There isn't a good way to say it, so I'll spit it out. I didn't know it, but when we were together I had an STD."

My heart thumped.

"Which one?"

"Trichomoniasis," he said.

"Oh, okay."

"Okay? I thought you'd be upset."

"It's not the worst thing in the world, Abel. Inconvenient, but not earth shattering. I'll get it checked out."

"You know what it is?"

"Yes. Like I said, no big thing."



"You're wonderful. Thank you for not making this a big deal."

"Perils of the dating world," I said.

"Annie, I know I've gotten off on the wrong foot, but I don't want this to be a one time thing with us."

I didn't say anything for what seemed to be long time.


"Abel, I've just come through a long year. I'm still churned up about a lot of stuff. Let's talk when I get back."

"Sure, Annie."

Someone knocked on my door.

"Okay, then. I'll call you when I get back."

"Okay then. Sweet dreams."

"Goodnight." I clicked off and pushed myself out of the bed. I looked through the peephole, swore and opened the door.

"God damn it, Jack. I see you all day. What are you doing here now?"

He kissed me on the cheek, not at all repentant. He held up a bakery box.

"I thought after the day you had, you deserved a reward. Cheesecake."

"Oh, Jack." I didn't know whether to be miffed or pleased. The bastard was aware I loved cheesecake.

"I've been watching my weight," I said.

"And I've been watching it too."

"That joke is so bad I can't even smile at it."

"Are you going to let me in, or what?"

I stepped aside and he walked into my room.

"Oh, and nice look."

I pulled off the towel on my head.


"I love when you mutter sweet nothings."

"Do you want to leave now?"

"Okay, okay, I'll behave."

"Better," I said. He sat at the little table.

"Shit. I don't have anything to eat it with," I said.

"No problem. I have sporks." He pulled out a couple of the plastic wrapped utensils and handed one to me.

"So," he said. "I've arranged for you to meet the board of directors." He folded the sides on the bakery box and took a bit of the cheesecake from the piece closest to him.

"Good," I said following his example.

"This weekend."

"What?" "Why on the weekend," I thought.

"At my father's house. I thought it was good for the family to meet you, so I arranged a picnic."

I groaned. "Oh, Jack. I swear if you call me your fiancé to these people I'll strangle you."

He smiled. "Too late. Why do you think we're having the picnic?"


I really did want to strangle Jack, or at least yell at him a bit, but I was too tired. After a brief wrangle at the door where he tried to kiss me, I flopped into bed and fell fast asleep. The next morning my desk held surprise, a floral box with a dozen red roses. Immediately I thought they were from Jack, but I was wrong. They were from Abel.

"Thank for being so wonderful," the card said. I melted a little then. How can a woman not like roses?

I found an old vase in one of the file cabinets in which to put the flowers. I was hard at work when Jack breezed in. Immediately the flowers caught his eye. He stopped at the desk.

"Nice flowers. From one of your kids?"

After Jack's little stunt of arranging a picnic for his family to meet his "fiancé" I wasn't inclined to kind or chatty.

"Nope," I said, my eyes not wavering from the computer screen.

"Your dad sent them for your birthday?"

"If you ever remembered my birthday, you know it isn't anywhere close to my birthday." This last bit a dig because of all the times I've remembered Jack's, but he never reciprocated."

Jack scowled, looked the flowers again and walked into his office. The door closed with an audible "thump."

I chuckled. The flowers were going to drive Jack crazy all day and if I was lucky, next week as well.


One of the other guys called out sick and Carl had me close for a few days. It meant that I had to cover some long shifts, so as not to miss any of my client's appointments.

Before I locked the doors I checked the showers warning anyone in there that the gym was about to close. A couple guys filed out the men's but I heard nothing in the women's so I locked the door. The lock clicked loudly in the empty gym, and I tested the door to be sure. I ran an X tape for the cash register, counted down the cash, and added the credit cards and the couple checks. Geez, who used checks anymore? The money checked out so I Z'd out the machine, resetting it. I shook my head. This cash register was so old it was older than me. I prepared the deposit slip, processed the finally tally through the credit card machine, and stuck everything in bank bag. Going into the office I tossed it into the safe that Carl left open and closed the safe door.

In the office I was about to turn off the lights, and thought I heard something. Crossing the gym floor, there were noises coming from the women's locker room. The sound of running water greeted my ears. Strange, I hadn't heard that before.

Giggles came from the shower stalls.

"Hello?" I said.

More giggles. Looking under the shower curtains I found the stall with water pooling at the bottom. Two pairs of feet were standing in that water. And the pairs of feet were pointed at each other.

The curtain slid open and there stood Jill and Terry. Terry was sucking on one of Jill's ample tits, grabbing her ass with her hands, grinding her crotch tight against Jill's hand. Jill's fingers were buried in Terry's pussy as the water beat down on them leaving trails of beads on their skin. I swallowed hard.

"Hi, Abel," said Jill. She squealed as Terry pulled off her tit with a loud pop.

"Hi, handsome," said Terry. "Want to join us?"

"Um," I said. Nothing more coherent came out of my mouth.

"Oh course he does," said Jill. "Look."

Terry's gaze fell to my shorts that tented from my growing erection. She sighed and smiled. Jill reached out and grabbed the waistline of my shorts. She pulled and my legs, however unwilling, followed.

"Come here, lover," she said.

"Now, wait a minute," I said.

"We've been waiting long enough," said Jill. "All night in fact."

"Not that we didn't have fun waiting," giggled Terry.

"But we'll have more fun now," said Jill. With two hands she reached in a pulled down both my shorts and boxers and they fell around my ankles onto the wet floor. Quickly she grabbed my cock, and with her slick, wet hand, the one that had been buried in Terry's pussy a minute ago, stroked my cock. She pulled on it again urging me to get in the shower, but I stood there. This wasn't what I wanted, but my cock wasn't co-operating with me. No, he was agreeing with everything Jill was doing. Terry stepped out of the shower and moved to my back, massaging my ass with her hands. Then I felt something warm flick between my butt cheeks finding my hole. Oh shit. She was rimming me. Jill stepped out of the shower, water sliding her breasts, beading at her nipples, and got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Terry clutched my hips tight with hands her tongue moving around my hole. I couldn't move and my cock was doing my thinking for me.

Jill's head bobbed up and down my shaft, and I may have whimpered. My balls were now pulled up high and I felt ready to blow.

"Fuck. I'm going to cum."

"No," said Terry, and she pulled down hard on my balls. Pain shot up me with the roughing handling, but Jill kept sucking, pain and pleasure mingling through my aborted orgasm.

"Shit," I said.

"Jill," said Terry in a serious tone. "Ease off. We aren't done with him yet."

"So right," said Jill. "Abel, darling. I want you in my ass." She turned and leaned hands against the wall, pointing her ass at me. Her pink, smooth pussy slick stared up at me. Jill continued her relentless rimming, tingles shooting up my spine.

I stood paralyzed by my lust while my head screamed "no." The last thing I wanted was another complication, this time with regular gym bunnies that I saw several times a week. It hadn't been a week yet since I started the medication and the doctor said to abstain for at least that long.

I shook my head.

"Sorry, ladies, your timing couldn't be worse." I moved to the side away from Terry and Jill. My erection looked up at me angrily as I pulled up my wet shorts. I reached in and turned off the shower while the girls gave me disappointed pouts. I reached for their towels and tossed one to each.

"Get dressed quickly." I said sternly, leaving no room for protests. "The alarm company is going to call Carl if I don't have the system on in," I checked my watch, "ten minutes." This last part wasn't as serious as it sounded. All I needed to do was call the alarm company and let them know I was still in the building. But they didn't know that. At least I hoped they didn't.

With grumbles they went into the locker room, and pulled on some clothes. I herded them out of the locker room and unlocked the front doors.

"Another time," said Jill with a smile.

"Yeah," I said. The two women slid by me and into the dark parking lot. I was about to leave when I put my hand in my short's pocket and didn't feel my iPhone. That was probably a good thing, considering the shorts were on the wet floor a few minutes ago. I went in, locking the door, and looked around the counter and found my phone sitting there.

Hearing the click of the front door lock, I started. I saw Carl at the door.

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