Persuading Shy Mom to Pose Ch. 02


'OH fuck Gwen, OH fuck... this is so dirty... lick my pussy honey' Then she hungrily returned to sucking her son's cock again.

I sat the camera on the TV stand.. facing the couch. It was on automatic for the second time in its kinky life. I stripped naked. Only Sean saw me doing it, and he smiled at me as I walked behind my mother. She was kneeling. Licking Catherine's pussy. I lifted her up to the same stood up bent over position as Mrs. Kelly. The same position I had had her in before. She kept her mouth and tongue on her bitchy friend's clit. And I knelt behind her and did the same. She was soaking wet already, and moaned as loud as I had ever heard into my friend's Mom's cunt. We stayed there for a long time. Licking and sucking, both clit and cock.

Of course I couldn't resist it, and I licked her asshole. She moaned, but then I got a nice shock. I heard Catherine say, 'OH yes, lick my ass Gwen, mmmmmmmmmm, God that is naughty honey'. My Mom was copying what I was doing to her. I slipped two fingers into her cunt, she did the same to Gwen. I pressed my tongue into her ass, she did the same. This continued until I was fucking her arsehole with two fingers and sucking her clit hard, and she was doing likewise to the other mommy. 'OH Gwen, mmmmmmmm, I've never done this before... never been with another woman, this is too much... oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' she screamed as she orgasmed. A minute later my mother came too, soaking my face.

All of us panting, I said 'Mommy, suck Sean's cock, I want Mrs. Kelly to suck mine now'.

'mmmmmmmmmmmm, good Idea' Catherine replied, but she didn't know I wanted to bitch fuck her and teach her a lesson. 'OH wow,' she said when she saw my fat cock. 'It's so thick' She knelt and started to lick it, while rubbing her own clit. The she opened wide and took the whole fat head into her slut mouth. If felt great. I looked over at my Mom and Sean on the couch. They had fallen into a 69, with my Mom on top, deep throating my best friend. It was hot. Catherine started to suck me harder now, taking more into her mouth. After a few seconds I realised that this older superficial whore had a lot of talent. She was a better cock sucker than my Mother.

I started to slowly face fuck her. I held her hair, and forced my cock in deeper each time. But she just moaned in sexy appreciation of this. Eventually I was ramming her throat as she gagged and spat, all the time fingering her pussy with abandon. 'OH God yeah you young stud. Face fuck me like a whore!'. Music to my ears.

I lifted her up and kissed her deep. This lady had been a masturbation fantasy my entire teenage life, and now I was about to put my young cock in her. In front of my own mother and her son. I broke the kiss, and turned her to face her son and my Mother in a 69 on the couch. 'mmmmmmmmmmm, Oh yeah Gwen, you nasty slut, suck my little boys big cock' she said as she bent over. her face beside my mothers. My mother pulled the cock from her mouth and kissed Catherine hard, then Catherine sucked her son's cock into her mouth for a while, before offering it back to my Mother again. All this time I was rubbing my fat cock on the bitch's pussy. then, when she again had her son's cock in her mouth I pushed my cock into her soaking hot snatch. It was heaven, pure slut-hole heaven.

My Mother orgasmed again when she realised I had my cock in her friend's pussy. She stood up and faced me. Kissed me, and then bent over to see her son's fat cock stretching her friends well fucked whore hole. She spread Catherine's arsecheeks, and peered in. Then she quickly looked back over her shoulder and moaned loud, 'Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck!!!'. Sean had slipped his cock up her pussy.

All four of us fucked in that standing position for a while. Once in a while I would pull out and plunge into my slut Mom's mouth. letting her taste her friend's pussy. Sean was doing the same. The flash kept filling the room every few seconds.

'God this is awesome Mrs. Kelly' I said as I rammed her shaved twat. 'Sean, do you wanna fuck your Mom??, Cos I wanna fuck mine!'

'God yes Sean, Fuck me now' Catherine said as she pulled off my fat cock.

Sean and I both sat on the couch, and our Mom's spread across our laps. I sucked my Mom's tits and held her ass as she sat on my cock. She moaned again. My cock was fatter than the previous one she had had. Catherine was already riding her little boy like a porn star. My Mother's cunt was tighter than her friends too. It gave me the fondest memory of the first time I felt it on my cock.

Both mothers began to kiss and fondle each other. 'Mom, finger her arse again for me while her son's cock is in her twat'.

'OH yeah Gwen.. finger my dirty little arsehole you slut' Catherine said before sucking on my Mom's nearest nipple while still fucking her son who was now trying to rub my mom's clit. My mom held my gaze again while she sucked two fingers and then moved them to her friends back hole. 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, OH Jesus, that is nice Gwen' she gasped.

'Now you do the same to her Mommy' Sean added. Catherine complied. Two manicured posh bitch fingers slipped up my previously shy and proper Mothers arsehole. These two rich, sexy mothers were riding their own son's cocks while finger fucking each other's tight anal holes. It was incredible.

I reluctantly lifted my Mother off my cock. and said 'Mrs. Kelly, you stand up too'. She slipped Sean's cock from her cunt. It was glistening with her juice. 'Do you think you can sit on his cock now, facing me??'

'OH Sure I can' she replied.

'How about with his cock in your arsehole??'

'OH, I don't know.. I have never done that properly. I was always too sore to go through with' she answered rubbing her own nipples.

My mother stepped to her side and slipped a finger to Catherine's clit and rubbed it. 'You should try it Cathy... it's nice once you get the young cock up there'. Her other hand was now fingering Catherine's ass again while she rubbed her clit.

Catherine lowered herself slowly to her son's rock hard cock. He held it in place for her. It touched her arsehole. 'Ohhhhhhhhh' she moaned then she lowered a bit more. it started to slip in.' Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh' she started to pant 'OH God it hurts' she said...'FUCK ... it HURTS... OWWWWWWWWWW' Sean's Cock was now half way in her anus. My mother plunged her face into her friend's cunt and licked it. I fingered both of my mother's holes while she did this. Soon Catherine was riding her son's cock. Up her forbidden hole. She was in pain, but also in lust, just like my mother had been a few weeks ago.

'Ride his young cock up your tight ass Cathy you fucking whore... let your son's cock slide up your arse... ' My mother said.

'Yes... YES YES... fuck me up the arse Sean... fuck Mommy up her dirty arse... you dirty little mother arse fucker... owwwwwwwwwww... OH my asshole... fuck it... FUCK my arse!!!'

That was all I could take. I moved my mother from Catherine's pussy and started to push my cock up her cunt. She felt much tighter this time. I could feel my friends cock through the thin membrane between the two holes... I slipped into her wet hole.

'OH Jesus Dan, OH Sean.. double fuck her.. double fuck Cathy the slut' my mother said as she sat on the couch beside us, playing with her holes.. and finger in each one. We double penetrated Cathy for a few minutes, and then I pulled out. She was soaked with sweat, and had orgasmed three times during the DP. 'OH God will someone fuck my arse now please??' My mother asked.

I lifted Mrs. Kelly off her son's cock, and my mother quickly sucked it into her mouth. Then she said, 'Fuck my arsehole Sean!!!... NOW'. She got on all fours on the floor and Sean began to press into her tight hole from behind. 'Aaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhh...Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh... OWWWWWWWWWW... Fuck...' Sean was not gentle.. he pressed in hard and fast.

Catherine had now dropped to her knees and started to deep throat me again, tasting the mixture of her cunt juice and my Mothers. I put her on all fours beside my mother, and slipped up her pussy again. It was loose now, because Sean's cock was no longer up his Mom's arse, but my mother's arse. I pulled out and placed it at her brown hole. 'OH Jesus, No Dan.. I couldn't get that up my ass.' I didn't care. Even if she was hot and my friend's Mom, she was still a superficial bitch. So I pressed forward fast and hard to get my cockhead into her already fucked arsehole. 'OUCH..OH OUUUUCCCHHHH...OWWWWWWWWWWWW, take it out, take it out... NNNNNNNN, NNNNNNNNNNNN, Uhhh, Uhhh... oooooooooooo'.

'Ooooo, relax Cathy, Uhhh' My mother said with Sean's cock in her ass 'It's gorgeous once you get used to his fat monster up your arse. He fucked my arse good a few weeks ago... '

I was now half way up her tight hole, and she was beginning to press back into me.. looking back at me... the sexiest bitch Mommy ever. And I had my fat cock up her arse... I started to fuck her harder. Until all four of us were in a side by side ass-fucking rhythm. Both Mother's mouths filled with obscenities.


I pulled from her asshole and swapped with Sean, driving into my tighter mom's arse. 'OHhhhhhhhh. Dan... it hurts so good... fuck me... Arse-fuck Mommy... Mommy loves it up her arse now... do it.. do it'

Sean was back in his mother's ass now too. holding her tits as her rammed her. He started to cum first. 'I...I'mmm.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm gonna cum Mommy.'

'Ohhh Ohhhh, pull out baby... cum on Mommy's tits... ' she said. He stood up and she knelt facing him. He came immediately. First it hit her face and open mouth and dripped to her fake tits. The next heavy ropes of cum landed in her open mouth and hair, then the last ones on her tits. The Camera catching it all.

It was too much for me too, combined with my Mom's tight arse fuck. I pulled out and pulled Catherine's face to my cock as I stood, and made her go ATMFM (Ass To Mommy Friend's Mouth), and fucked her face while my mother knelt beside her, and licked Sean's cum from her tits and face. When I started to cum I shot my first load into my slut Mom's mouth, the second into the bitch Catherine's, then I watched as they swapped mouthfuls and I came on their hair and faces and finally tits.

The camera flashed again as I fell into the couch, exhausted, but still rock hard. While the mothers swapped the cum cocktail of their son's. What a pair of Mommy Sluts.

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Magnificent debauchery

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