Persuading Shy Mom to Pose


I pulled the thong down to her knees, where it was stretched between them, and left it there. Looking right at her pussy, I could see it was wet, very wet, with her lips standing out. God it looked gorgeous. 'That is so sexy Mom, sooooo sexy, can I get the camera and get a few close ups of ..ehhh... it...??'

'Well, I guess that is OK' She said a little breathlessly.

I grabbed the camera and pointed it at her pussy, close up. 'Mom, can you ehhhh... can you spread your arse open for the pic please??'. Quietly, she obliged, spreading it wide, opening up the view of her gorgeous cunt and tight arsehole. I snapped a load of pics, then I asked, 'Can I hold my finger against your... ehhhh... your pussy Mom for a picture??'

'Pussy??.. ' she said in shock at the vulgar term, but regaining her composure, 'OK, but just one or two'.

I watched through the camera as I reached for her clit, I deliberately pressed it and gave it a small circular rub. My Mother arched her back at this, but remained silent. I snapped the pic. Then without asking, I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and held the there..

'DAN!!' she shouted, 'That isn't what we said we would take a picture of.' but she made no effort to move and she kept her arse cheeks spread for me.

'Sorry Mom, I was just taking pics of what I thought would look good' as I spoke I was very slightly pressing her g-spot and fucking my fingers in and out slowly. I snapped a few shaky pics. Pulling my fingers out of the soaking hole, I heard her moan a little. 'Do you think we could do something like the blowjob pics again, but this time I'm going down on you??... Just pretend, not for real.

I was already putting the camera in a good vantage point for see it, and putting it on automatic when she said 'OK... it is just pretend for the pictures I guess.'

I knelt down behind her and moved my face very close to her holes. The smell of sex filled my nose. God I was horny now. She still had her arse spread for me, bent right over, her face on the couch, looking back at me. 'I'm gonna tip you with my tongue Mom... OK, and hold it for the camera'. I pressed my tongue out and pushed her clit lightly and held the pose, but slowly pulsed my tongue on her clit as I held it there...


I kept my tongue where it was. I could feel her breathing quicken. I slid my tongue upwards to her pussy hole and dipped it in slightly. Simultaneously, I started to touch her clit with my thumb, and began to rub it. I pressed my tongue into her cunt, and started to tongue fuck her as I rubbed her clit.

'Ohhhh... DAN!!' She gasped, 'will the camera catch all this??'

'MMM-HMM' I groaned with my tongue up her, the vibrations of the groan making her clit tremble...


I pulled my tongue from her pussy and while still rubbing her clit with my thumb, I slipped two fingers into her cunt, up to the second knuckle. 'Mom, does this feel OK' I asked, knowing she was enjoying it.

'O...OOH.. yes, it's fine' she said, trying to compose herself, 'I just hope the pictures turn out well'

'Oh they will, I guarantee it.' I said as I began to slowly finger fuck her hole as I rubbed her clit.


'Mom, I want to try something that I gave seen in other sexy pictures. Remember it's just pretend for the pictures.. OK'

'OK Dan, if you say so. What is it you want to try?'

Before she had finished the question, I had started it. I was lightly licking her arsehole as I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit.

'OH... DAN, NO... don't lick me there' She said, but I responded by pressing harder on her clit with my thumb and harder on her rosebud with my tongue. 'Ohhhh... Ohhhhh... DAN, this is so dirty... I have never done this.'


I press hard into her arse with my tongue... she is squeezing it shut.. but slowly it loosens, and she relaxes as I an fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit. It slips into her tight hole.. and I start to tongue-fuck her forbidden place.

Still holding her arse cheeks open, she is slightly rocking against me. Riding my fingers and tongue.


'OH.. OK DAN... we.. we have to stop this now.. '

I pull my mouth away, and say 'I just need one or two more in this pose Mom'. As I say it, I start to rub a finger on her tight hole, she tenses up, but says nothing. I press it into her asshole, up to the first knuckle.

'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' she groans, 'OHHHH, DAN, No... no, no, no, You shouldn't have your finger in my arse.' As she speaks I press in further, to the second knuckle. 'OOOOOOOOOOO.. OUCH... OH God DAN No,'


I pull my fingers from her arse and pussy and stand up. 'Sorry Mom, I just knew that would make for seriously hot pictures...are you OK??'

Still bent over her arse spread, she says, 'I suppose I am, but you shouldn't have been touching my arse... even if it is just pretend for the pictures'. Slowly she stands. I was expecting her to ask if we were finished, but she didn't.

I decided to press further. 'I have a cool idea Mom, can you kneel on the rug in all fours facing the camera. and I will kneel behind you, and put my... ehhhh... cock under you, but the camera will think it is in you, and we can both make sexy faces like we are doing it... it would be funny'.

'I guess that is OK. It is just pretend I guess.'

The camera flashed as she was getting on the rug. I knelt behind her and holding my cock moved closely. She was looking at me over her shoulder as my cock neared her soaking pussy and finger fucked arse. 'You be careful mister' she said looking me in the eye. I pushed my cock down, and under her. It was rubbing in her pussy hair and I let my hands fall on her hips.

'OK, look at the camera Mom.. and make a face like you are really slutty... like you are loving getting this young cock up your cunt'.

'Ohhhh, that's quiet a mouth you have on you young man' she said, but I could tell she was liking this charade.


We continued like this for a short while.. both of us slowly mock-fucking for the camera. I decided to try my luck. 'Mom, can I get a close up of you in this pose from behind, with my cock in shot.. like it is close to going in??'

'I don't know Dan.. well, OK, but be careful... this isn't like my mouth... OK!!!'

'OK' I say as we both giggle a bit. I get in position, holding my rock hard cock, a mere inch from her pussy. I snapped a few pictures. I moved a bit closer, my cockhead lightly touched her clit...

'DAN, be careful' she said, looking back at me, her hair flicking, making her look sexy, but as she did it, she pressed back and my cockhead popped into her cunt. God it felt incredible.

'OHHHH Shit!! DAN, NO!!!' she shouted looking back at me, but not moving off my cock. I played along.

'Damn, sorry Mom, I got too close... but since it is already in you, can we get a few pics of it??' I suggested breathlessly.

Looking back at me, 'annoyed'.. 'OH, if you must' she said.

I snapped pics, summoning all of my strength not to fuck her but hold still. The flash showing my cock up her cunt in all it's glory. But something was happening, she was moving slowly.. back and forward on my cock... slightly, but definitely fucking me. We worked into a silent rhythm, until my cock was very slowly sliding in and out totally... all eight fat inches. I composed myself enough to take pictures. I didn't want to miss a thing. But I wasn't nearly finished, I wanted to get her to do the sluttiest nastiest poses possible. I pulled my cock out reluctantly. She gasped when I did. Neither of us said anything about the few minutes of fucking we just did.

'OK Mom, I have another sexy idea, can you hold the same pose, but this time make faces like you are ... ehhhh... taking my cock.. ehhhh...up your arse.... that would be soooo sexy. Like a proper sexy photo set.'

'OH God, I'm not sure... I have never done that before' she said, looking back at me, 'I don't know what kind of faces I would make.'

I was already setting up the camera, and her eyes followed me as she spoke. 'Well, If it would help, I could rub it on your arsehole, and see what facial reactions you get, and the camera can catch them. Kinda for real, but still just for the pictures.. like a method actor' I added with a laugh.

'If you think so, but be very careful... I have never... ehhh... done anal before... I don't want you to hurt me. So make sure you don't stick it in.'

I was already kneeling behind her, holding my cock. Her entire pussy arse-crack and arsehole were covered in pussy juice from her excitement, so lube was no issue. Both of us were breathing heavy, as I touched my fat cockhead against her asshole. She moaned and faced the camera.


'We need some more realistic faces Mom, so I'm gonna press a little harder OK??'

'OH.. OH..OK..' she gasped. I pressed forward... first feeling her arsehole open slightly to my cock... 'aaannnnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhhh' she groaned and tightened her hole pushing my cock back.


'I... I think that will look great Mom...let's get another one..' I pressed again, this time she started breathing heavier, and her hole opened a bit more to my cock.

'OOOHHHHHHHHH GOOODDDD!!!' she screamed, and tightened her hole again pushing my cock back. God this was hot!!!


'OK Mom... let's go again..' this time she looked back at me, watching me. Our eyes held as I pressed into her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her arsehole opened even more, then her face turned to the camera, and through gritted teeth the moaned/screamed, keeping her arsehole as relaxed as she could. Then it happened. My fat young cockhead 'popped' into my mother's tiny tight back hole.

'AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' She screamed, and looked back at me, her eyes half full of pleading for me to stop, and half full of pleading for me to continue. I held my cock steady, just the tip in, letting her get used to it for a few seconds. She was breathing heavy..' UUHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH'.

'OH Jesus Christ Mommy' I shouted, 'My cock is in your arse. Do you like it??.. Do you like your son's cock in your arse???' I started to press my cock in all the way slowly, all the time she was moaning in that mixture of pleasure and pain that makes ass-fucking so hot.

Then she spoke... and they were the sexiest words I ever heard..'OH fuck Dan... fuck me.. FUCK me up the arse... arse-fuck your slut mother... I love it... I love having my son's cock in my arse... OH fuck it hurts.' This just made me fuck her harder, as I held her tits...all the time the camera flashing... taking pictures of me fucking my Mother in the arse like a whore. I pulled my cock from her tight hole and lifted her up. I sat on the couch.

'Suck my cock Mommy...go ass to mouth you nasty whore'

She knelt down between my legs and slurped the whole cock into her open sexy mouth. The camera catching both her newly fucked arsehole and her son's cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, sucking as hard as she could while I held her hair.

'Sit on my lap Mommy... legs open and your sexy heels on the couch... I want my cock up your arse again... with your legs open for the camera to see it all.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and while wanking it looked me in the eye and said. 'It hurt so much. It's such a thick cock, do I really have to??'

'No you don't have to, but do you not want your young son's hard cock up your forbidden tight hole again like a nasty slut???'

Her eyes wide open, and full of wanton lust, she put my cock in her mouth for one last quick suck, and then turned around, feet on the couch, in her heels and stockings, and grabbed my cock, holding it at her arse.


She started to sit, I was holding her tits. My cock started to sink into her tiny hole. Fuck it was tight. I reached down and started to finger fuck her cunt as my cock head popped into her arse for the second time. 'Oh My God Dan... OH God... Of fuck it's sooo big... OOOOOWWWWWW... OHHHH.. My arse... Oh fuck me... fuck me, FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME UP MY SLUT ASSHOLE DAN... ohhhhhhh fuck Mommy's arse...... ' She had started to ride me now...


'God I hope the camera sees it all' I said between grunts.. she now had half my cock in her asshole, and I started to fuck up into her until the whole thing was up her arse and was sliding in and out the whole length with every one of her bounces..

Her mouth was full of nasty obscenities as we fucked. 'Ohhhh, I have my son's cock in my virgin arse.. OH My God... ass-fuck me.. ass-fuck me... I'm a dirty, nasty slut... a son fucking whore... I want it up my tight arse... ass-fuck me...'

It was then I felt it start to build in my balls... the largest load of cum I have ever had. I managed to say. 'I'm gonna cum Mommy... have you ever had cum shot on your face and tits???'

'No... No.. never.. that's so slutty... OH God... cum on my face Dan... cum on my face son..' she said as she jumped off me and knelt on the rug.

I stood quickly, and pointed my young cock at my Mother's now slutty face. She was holding her tits for me to cum on. 'Open that whore mouth Mommy... let me shoot some in there' I grunted. She dutifully obliged, sticking her wanton tongue out too.


I wanked my cock hard. The first long rope hit her face, on her left eye, into her hair and down beside her mouth, some also landed on her left tit. The second rope was just as long, and my aim was better, most shot into her mouth and some on her nose and down to her chin, and a large amount between her tits. The third was a bit smaller but it got her face again, and her hair. After the third shot, I plunged my cock into her mouth and face fucked her a bit... then pulled out and shot three more ropes of cum on her tits. Collecting the cum on her face and licking if off her fingers. She then raised herself up and put her son's young fat cock between her gorgeous tits and gave me a tit-fuck until my cock was hard again, But then the camera flashed waking her from her sex-daze, and she quickly stood gathered her clothes and left the room.

On her way out she said, 'let's take a look at the pictures when you're ready, and remember, this is our secret'.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/02/18

I Agree

Best ever Mom and Son post I have ever read.

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by Anonymous03/08/18

Best ever

Extremely erotic story and buildup, innocence, wanton abandon, slutiness and lust, lust lust, lust!!!!

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by calibamma12/12/17

Oh My Word

Oh My Word this author is the bomb! Man this one was Hot. Man you have to do more than just this series...I’ll be looking for more work from you.

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by playfuldophin10/14/17

great story, wish it were that simple, but very sexy

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by ROCKY7009/19/17

5 STARS++++++

Could any mom be that easy, if yes let us know......................... good read thanks

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