tagIncest/TabooPerverted Indian Mother & Son

Perverted Indian Mother & Son


Vinay Ramachandra(Vinu) is a 23 years old software

engineer in a reputed firm at Bangalore, India. Ramachandra,Vinu's father is a very rich and busy businessman. His wife Anandam Devi is the headmistress of a junior college. Anandam or Anandi as she is often called is 46 and is an active leader of some religious organisations. Anandi always likes to dress very conservatively, never revealing. She always wraps herself in sarees and when going for Ashrams etc she used to wear Kavi or White sarees. Since Ramachandra and Anandi were very busy, Vinu's studied staying at Boarding schools. Ramachandra and Anandi had high status in society and Vinu is also a obedient character and is very athletic. Both Anandi and Ramachandra used to affectionately called him "Cheenu".

Beneath all this, there was a big secret. Nobody even remotely imagined the most dirty perverted thoughts Vinay's mind had about his own mother Anandam Devi Ramachandra. Vinay was very friendly with Anandi at daytimes, discussing about politics, happenings at the company etc, once he is alone in his room at night, he used to think the most dirtiest and perverted thoughts

about his own mother. Vinu had spent litres of cum

thinking about his own deeply religious beloved mother Anandam Devi. It all started while he was studying.

During his engineering course at Delhi, Vinu used to read many sex stories and a hot mother-son story which he read during his final year really fascinated him. On that night, while jacking off to that hot incest story, Anandam Devi called up Vinu at his hostel number. Vinu was so angry to be disturbed during the peak of his masterbation. Anandam Devi talked to Vinu

as usual. Vinu just managed to node as he was in the heat of passion. Once the call ended, Vinu ran back to his room. He jerked off thinking about the hot story in which son is raping his sexy mother and when he reached the climax, suddenly a sexy lady's body came into his mind. It wasn't of any actresses or girls, but of Vinu's beloved mother Anandam's. He just couldn't stop and thick semen came off from his penis

tip like a missile!! Vinu's semen splashed all over the bed after the best orgasm he ever had. He felt like going mad. It was a mix of emotions and feelings. Vinu felt very guilty and decided not to think such dirty thoughts. But at night, again the sexy body of his beloved Mother Anandi came into his mind. Vinay's Mother Anandam ia a fair plump woman, with shapely boobs, large thighs and huge sexy buttocks. She has very long hair and big sexy lips. Although his mind was saying its 'perverted', 'sin' and 'dirty', the

very thought of his mother Anandi was driving him mad. Vinu opened his suitcase and pulled out a family photo of his mother and father. Vinu's cock was throbbing and he had a huge hardon just looking at his mother in a dark yellow saree smiling at him. Vinu had never thought about his mother in such a way. But, now he just couldn't control seeing his plum ripe sexbomb mother. Vinay folded the photo to see his mother's photo alone. He just couldn't stop kissing his Mother's photo. Soon, he started kissing and licking his mother's photo and soon Vinu spurted loads of cum in a heavenly orgasm crying out "Anandeee". From that day, Anandam Devi was the sole object for all his jack off fantasies. Vinay waited for his mother's call every week and next time he went home, Vinay couldn't help noticing his plum mother with hungry eyes. Vinay licked his lips watching his mother's wildly swaying asscheeks. He masterbated so many times just looking at his mother's humoungous ass and big boobs. He innocently took many photos of his sexy Mother. At nights, Vinay had immensely satisfying masterbation sessions kissing and licking the

various photos of his Mother Anandi's.

After finishing studies, Vinu secured a job in his hometown itself. Vinu had a big collection of sex pics. He also scanned his Mother Anandam's pictures and pasted his mother's face on all the sexy pics. Vinu also had a huge collection of downloaded Mother-son stories. In all stories , Vinu changed the mother's name to Anandam Devi and son's name to Vinay while changing the father's name to Ramachandra. Vinay also started to enter Incest chat rooms and chat about his own mother. He met many likeminded people there. Vinay and his friends got heavenly pleasure while discussing about their mothers in the filthiest language possible. The dirty vulgar words about his mother gave Vinu the maximum pleasure in the anonymous voice chat sessions. Every night, Vinu used to utter the utmost obsceneties about Anandi over voice chat masterbating like crazy.

Everynight he chatted and jacked off with his Mother's dirty panties in his mouth and her bra raped over his throbbing cock.He was particularly mad over his mother's huge dancing buttocks. Vinu always dreamt about licking and sucking his mother's huge ass. Come morning, Vinu again transformed himself to the obedient loveable son of his beloved mother Anandam Devi.


One night at around 11 O'clock, one of Vinu's

friends called up and told Anandam to tell Vinu to

bring an urgent floppy to Office tomorrow. Although angry, Anandam went upstairs to inform Vinu. She knew that Vinu is connected to Internet and thats why his friend called up at the other number. Reaching Vinu's room ,she found that the room is not locked from inside but there were some big sounds from inside. Anandam slowly opened the door and she was dumbstuck at what she saw. Vinu was sitting nude infront of the

system with a Bra raped over his throbbing dick. He was sucking one of Anandam's panties and was fully involved in a voice chat sometimes kissing the computer screen and typing some message. On the computer screen was a lady's photo with her big ass completely opened up. Anandam's mouth opened in shock when she saw that the lady had her face. She realized that her picture has been manipulated by her own dear son. The words he uttered made Anandam completely crazy "Aaahhh!!, haan yaaaaar, licking, unngghhh!!!, my sexbomb mother, aahh!!,my mother is opening her big

ass...aahh, aaaahhhh!!!..my dirty mother.. ahhh..what an ass..oooh!!!". Anandam just couldn't believe herself.

Her own beloved son!!!..Looking at Vinu uttering those vulgar words, Anandam suddenly felt lusty. The concealed perverted dirty woman in her was waking up. She never enjoyed her sex life with Ramachandra because deep inside Anandam was having wild sexual desires who always

fantasised talking real dirty during sex. Also, Anandam had a deep craving for anal sex, maybe because of her bumper ass.Anandam couldn't control herself looking at her son's huge dick although she was really angry at her son for such filthy words. All her inhibitions were gone as she knew that Ramachandra is on a business tour and that she is alone with her hungry perverted son. As a Teacher, she also wanted to scold her son for doing such perverted things as she never even imagined her Vinay to be such a dirty boy. But,Anandam Devi's hungry cunt and her plum buttocks were itching as she suddenly got hold of Vinu's ears with a feeling of anger and sexual thirst.

"Oh My god!!!!!!... What are you doing?!?!?"

"Oh Shit... Mothe...r!!!"

"Oh my Ganesha!!... Why are you naked?.. WHAT THE

HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PANTIES?!?!.. Siva shiva!!! my picture as a whore!!!... That is so disgusting... You sick boy...Is this what turns you on? ... Huh?... Is it?...you bastard..dirty pervert ... Seeing your mother's...ohh.. licking your mother's ...ohh God!!

"Mother, please forgive me, I will never again do such a thing".

"But you were talking about having sex with your own mother? Me?.. Is this what you want to do?...Good Lord..Fantasizing about your mother.. My God....Your own mother... How disgusting... Well I'll teach you, you little bastard... I am going to inform your Father about this. Let

him come, he will skin you alive..mm..Let me see what you've written in Chat.."

""Mother..noooo.I'm ..but..pleassee...don't" Mom...Please forgive me... Please forgive me... I promise that I'll never do this again...Please don't tell father..don't see that..

"oh my God!!!I'm a sexbomb???..Analqueen?... your own mother?.. My God....And you want to lick inside my..dirty..my Son..such a pervert.You know about my status in society??.

Tears flowed freely from Vinu's eyes. Crying hot tears, he begged,"Oh mom please... Please don't tell dad...Please forgive me mom... Please... lease forgive me...But mother you are so..... ohhh..I just cannot control.."

"You dirty pervert..talking to others about having sex with your mother..saying things so dirty..like..smelling my ass!! My own son.. our own Mother,you should think your Mother as the most revered one in the whole world.. here.. masturbating himself and what were you telling.. Open my ass and ...oh God!!...

Anandam's description about the chat made Vinu more horny. ALthough he was trembling, his dick was still rocking in presence of his bombshell mother. Vinu looked at Anandam. The sight he saw made his mouth fall open when he raised his head. There was his own mother Anandi,standing with her saree off her blowse and her huge jutting boobs exposed mere inches from his face. Anandam was continuing her lecture.

"Wanting to fuck your own mother... My God...Kissing your own mother's ass...Who taught you all this? Aren't you ashamed boy?

Vinay couldn't control more and suddenly he pulled Anandi to him and started kissing his mother's boobs, squeezing her asscheeks over the saree. Vinay, like a hungry animal sucked

and bite his motherAnandi's huge boobs over the blowse.

".... Oh God...What are you doing?...Oh Cheenu, no... Stop. Stop it this instant... You!!!!.. I'm your mother... Oh Siva!!... .. This is incest... It's a sin...you dirty dog. You're my son... aaahhh... No Cheenu no... mmmmm... Is

this really want to do Cheenu?"

"Ohhh Yes mother, yes...I want our hot body.. mmm ...chumma...mmaaa.....You are mine my Anandeee.. aaaahh"

Vinay mouthed Anandi's boobs vigorously. Anandam Devi just couldn't control any more. She was mad with passion as Vinu violently squuezed her round plum ass and kissed her deep navel. Vinu threw away his headphone and quickly raised Anandam's saree and started kissing his mother's

exposed hairy cunt.

"Oh Noo..My own son wanting to do such dirty things to me...His very own mother... Well I don't care anymore... Suck Cheenu... Suck... Keep sucking Mother's vagina... Yes Cheenu, yes... Bite my clit...Lick it with your tongue... Yessss... Lick me Cheenu... Lick me... Lick Mother..."

"Oh mom...how long I've wanted to do this mom... How many times I've masturbated at thoughts of doing this to you...To taste your juices in my mouth... Around my cock... Around my cock mom...your son's hard cock... To feel my hard cock plunging into your ass...Your huge ass mom... Your round ass... Your tight,plum ass..."

"Oh God yesssss... Yes son, yes... That's it... Suck Mother's pussy Cheenu... Bite my clit... Eat me son... Eat your mother's pussy... Make your horny mother cum... Oh God... Yes son, yes... . Oooh God... Oooh my God..."Sucking your own Mother's cunt, aren't you ashamed you bad boy? Don't you have any family values? Aahh!! Suck harder. you bad boy, you Mother Fucker, aaahhhh!!! Suck my clit, harder, harder. Yes... Yes... Yes... Suck my pussy Cheenu... Suck your mother's cunt... Oh Cheenu,Mother is going to cum... I am going to cum son... Oh Cheenu, I'm cumming... Oh God, Oh God, Oh... My... God... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...Mother is cumming...

Vinay sucked his dream lady his own mother Anandam's sexy cunt as if ther's no tomorrow. His hands were squezing Anandam's mountain ass. He put his finger in her tight ass. Anandam cried out in approval and urged him to fuck it in and out of her asshole. Vinay was sucking his own Mother's cunt and finger fucking his Mother's steaming asshole. It was too much for Anandam Devi Ramachandra.

"Mommmmiiiiieeee is cuuummmiiinnng... Suck Cheenu, suck... Eat me... take my ass... Drink your mother's cum...finger my asshole deeeep.. faster... AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE...AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... UUUNNNGGGHHH... UUNNNGGGHHH...AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

Shouting unthinkable filthy words, his Mother came in Vinu's mouth. When he felt his Mother cumming and her cunt juices flowing into his mouth, Vinu intensified his sucking and made his Mother's cum a body wracking one. His Mother's body jerked and trembled for quite some time. Vinu cried "Oh my Mother, what a sexbomb you are..ahhh"

"Please fuck me honey... Fuck Mother's tight, wet cunt...Push it in son... Fuck your mommy like mad"

Vinay raised up and kissed his mother. The first kiss on Anandam's sexy lips was a mouthwatering one. Vinay sucked his mommy's lips and pushed his cock in his Mother's pussy.

... That's it Cheenu... Yes .. Come on Cheenu, fuck Mother harder.... I can't believe we are doing this...This is so wrong... This is so, so wrong... But it feels so good... So good This is what you've been dreaming about...To fuck your very own mother... Well let me feel your cum

shoot in my pussy Cheenu... Fill Mother's burning pussy with your cum...Yes, yes, harder you dirty boy... This is what you want to do isn't it Cheenu?... To cum in your own mother... ooo.. fingering my ass.. You are a very nasty boy... Aaahhh...Deeper son,d eeper... Yes, yes,that's it Cheenu... Ram that cock into your mother... Oooh... Oooh... Yes... Talk dirty... please talk dirty my son..... Nobody will hear talk dirty please..!!!"

All the while Vinu was hungrily licking his mother's face sucking her lips, ears and toungue.

"Yes, my sexbomb..comeon spit in my mouth.. aaah.. spit more you anal queen. Where do you want my cock now you horny bitch?...Where else Mother?...Where else do you want to feel your son's cock?"

"Anywhere darling, anywhere... I'm yours... I'm yours alone... Just please spank me... Make me your whore...Make Mother your cock fucking whore..Slap my ass ahhhh..Punish me for this sin...for not loving my son for this


"Oh my slut... I am going to slap your mountain ass, and fuck you hard, you hot bitch. Your son is going to slap your ass. its my dream..oh my mother..come show your ass.."

Anandam Devi turned around with her saree raised over her hips. Vinay immediately raised his hand in the air and brought it down on her now exposed ass.


"AAHHHH!!!" she screamed.


"OWWW... Yes Cheenu, not so slow..spank me harder...Spank Mother harder!!!"


"OWWW... Yes son, spank my ass again... Your mother is a slut who should be punished for not giving my body to you!!!


"AAAAHHHH.... Your Mother is a whore Cheenu... Mother is a dirty whore who wants you to fuck her!!!"


"AAAHHH... Spank your slutty mother before you fuck her again Cheenu... Slap my dirty ass again!!! and talk dirty..ahhhh"


"You sexbomb Anandam Devi, you're going to get it

now...Just look at you, Mrs. Ramchandra..... Letting your son do your big ass..."


"Cheenu,.. again... Please son, I'm begging you... I need to feel your cock...I want it everywhere, just give it to me again dammit... Give me your fucking cock you bastard!!!"

SLAP!!! "Tell me my assqueen. what am I going to do to my bitch? my slut mother..if the answer is wrong I'll punish you"

"AAAAHHH... In my mouth Cheenu... Mother wants your cock in her mouth... I want to suck your cock and drink your cum like those sluts in sex movies!!!"



"Mom, since you've lied to me, I'm going to punish you by making you naked and fuck you in your ass!"

"Oh God Cheenu yessss..Headmistress is accepting the punishment. just do that honey... Please Cheenu, please... I've never been fucked in my ass before...Your cock is too big, ahhh... Please honey, put in my asshole, tear your Mother's ass...cum in your mother's boiling asshole!!!"

Anandam tore off her Saree and blowse and went to

Vinay's king-size bed standing on her knees on all

fours exposing her plum watermelon ass. Vinu immediately jumped to the bed again and kissed his own Anandam's plum ass slowly spreading it.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... Oh my God... That feels so

good...smell it you dirty pervert... Smell it... Stick your nose in your mother's ass and smell it... Lick my ass you dirty little bastard... Lick it... Yes... Like that..Oh honey, you're sucking Mother's butt... You're sticking

your tongue in Mother's butt... Oh God... Suck it... Ream me...Ohhhhhhh... Oh my god...Open my ass..spit there..mmm. Just like that... Suck you bastard...your mother's ass...Oh God... Mmmmmmm....talk dirty..Yes...Yes...Yesssssssss... Oh my.. Your tongue feels so good in my ass.....oooooooh"

"Yes Mother, I'm sticking a finger in your hot ass..Licking this finger..and ahhh..mother what a smell..yes..please open your ass.. yeeees ..ya..opening your ass cheeks...likcing your asshole... Oh Goddddddddd... Mmmmmmm.... wowww..what an ass..sticking another one in... Sticking another finger in my Mother's tight ass..oooh. oh Mrs.Ramchandra..what an ass!!"

"Put that toungue deep in my ass Cheenu... Yes...Yes...Oh god!!! what a pleasure.....Your Teacher Mother's asshole... Oh God yessss... Yes Cheenu yes... Spread your Mother's spanked ass... Your mother is a slut... Your Mother

is a dirty bitch. Yessss...ahhhh. Yes... Yes... Lick my big ass you bastard..."

"Oohh. Shake your round ass mother..ahhh. I love licking your ass..more..yes..Open your ass more..wowwwwww...Open your big ass...Yessss..oh mother you don't know how many times I've jacked off thinking about your plum ass...mmm..shh..."

"Lick my asshole deep and hard until you're satisfied my boy.. Your mother's ass is yours..eat it..Fuck your mother Cheenu...Talk real dirty... Make me cumm...Make my asscheeks red ...Make Mother's asshole yours only!!! Cheenu... Please take your mother's ass ..Oh honey, nobody has ever fucked me there before, again... Please fuck me Cheenu, please quench your mother's thirst...

Spit inside your mother's ass son...then fuck me in my ass like those whores in the movies.Put it in my ass and fuck it hard... I want you to shoot your cum in my virgin asshole!!!"

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" she cried out as Vinay anally

penetrated her after spitting a load of sailva in his mother's hot ass.

"Oh my God... It's huge... It's so huge... Mmmmmm...You're so deep inside me, honey... Your dick is in my asshole Cheenu...Oh honey,Fuck Mother's asshole... split my asshole in two... Fuck me you horny bastard... You dirty mother fucker... Give it to me harder... talk dirty you fucking pervert!!!"

"Your boy is fucking you in the ass where you always wanted it, didn't you, you fucking whore? Oh mother wriggle your ass.. aahhhh..what an ass..my mother..my sexbomb...oohhh..I'm your slave Anandi..Are you my whore Anandam? Are you my dirty whore, you nasty bitch? my Ass queen??"

"Yes... Yes... Mother is your whore son... I'm your nasty bitch... Mother is yours only.. always.....Mother is your dirty, slutty, incestuous whore... AHHHHHH... Come on my

slave... Split Mother's asshole in two...ahhh... Rip my asshole apart... Tear your mother's slutty ass apart.....I'm a bitch Vinu, you are my dirty dog... Your mother dog is a dirty bitch...Fuck your bitch... Fuck your hungry mother bitch!!""

"OH Anandam..yes I'm your dog son my bitch mother..aaah. you want me to fuck your ass harder huh bitch..Now I'll call you my Anandam only..Ok? aaahhh..my wife..aaahhh!!!Unghhh!!!, how is it feeling to fuck your own son's cock, aaaahhhh!!!!, I'll tear my Mother's big ass with my cock my Mother.. Anandi bitchh.., ohhh!!!, I love you Anandiii.."

"Yes I'm your Anandi..yess... only yours.... Make me your wife.. Talk dirty..s;ap my ass,..Make my big ass feel it deep and hard you dirty bastard... Come on, Give it to your slutty mother... Give it to me... Fuck my tight ass... Fuck me harder you son of a bitch...Fuck my asshole harder... Uh huh... Fuck me harder... Fuck your whore harder you dirty mother fucker... OWWWW... Yesss...Make mother yours... Uh huh..."

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