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Perverted Old Men!


It was during the break of day one Saturday morning that I received the call. A little upset at having my sleep interrupted, I answered the phone in an irritated voice.

- Hello?

- Good morning, Susie. How are you doing?

- Mr. Morgan?? Uh.. I'm ok. What's up?

I was a bit surprised. Mr. Morgan is like a fifty year old man that lives with his brother across the street. I had no idea he even knew my name, but I guess we are neighbors so we say hi or wave sometimes. Still, this was weird.

- Well, I just wanted to say, you have a package at your door.

- Uh... Its probably for my Dad. He'll get it when he wakes up..

- Oh no, this package is for you. And I think you'd better get it now before he wakes up. I mean, unless you want him to see you fucking your boyfriend like the slut you are…

I was shocked. I stood there stunned with my phone in my hand, just shocked. I raced downstairs to check. Sure enough, there was a manila envelope on my doorstep.

- Do you see it?

I had forgotten about the phone in my hand. I quickly opened the door, got the package, and ran back into my room. I ripped the package open, and inside were large black and white pictures. Pictures of me, and my boyfriend, who happened to be..

- Well, I guess you're looking at your pictures now. You have such nice big tits.. I'm jacking off looking at them right now..

- You perverted old freak! How did you get these pictures?!

- That's not important you little slut! If you don't want everyone to know you're screwing biology teacher, you'd better listen to me. You wouldn't want to ruin his career and your reputations, would you?

- No.

- Good. I want you to come to my house today around 1:00. Tell your parents that I have hired you on as a caretaker, to clean my house and cook my food on the weekends and some afternoons. This should be fine with them, I've already spoken to your mother. Remember, I have these pictures and the negatives in a very safe place, so don't try anything funny. I will be expecting you. Good bye.

With that, he hung up the phone. I sank down on my bed. How did it get like this? How did he get these pictures? What does he want? There were so many questions in my head. But I knew.. I have to do as he says.. Anything.. Everything….

I was nervous all afternoon. When 1:30 came, I was almost relieved. I walked across the street and rang the bell. The door was open, and I walked in. There was Mr. Morgan, sitting on the couch with his wife beaters, boxers, and a bathrobe on. He had tufts of gray hair all over the place, some sticking out of his top. He wasn't an unattractive man, and he was a lot more fit than most old men I knew. Fifty's not that old. But still, thinking about things he might have me do made me shudder in disgust.

- Ah. Hello Susie.

- Hi Mr. Morgan.

- Lock the door.

I locked the door and turned back to him. I was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. But I knew before he opened his mouth…

- Take off those clothes.

Licking his lips, he stared at the curves of my body. Disgusted, I pulled off my top, my full C-cup breasts bounced in their cups as I lowered my arms to unbutton my jeans. With jeans off, I was down to my bra and underwear.

- Stop. Come here.

I reluctantly walked over to where he was sitting. He reached up and felt my soft skin above my cups. His old gnarled hands ran over my breasts and down my flat navel. Down my legs, and up my inner thighs. With his thumbs he rubbed at the outer lips of my crotch, which sent a surprising shiver of pleasure up my spine. He pulled me down across his lap. I was surprised by his strength. He reached his hands around me to unclasp my bra. That off, my breasts were offered to his full view. He lowered his head and started to nuzzle at my breasts. His grisly beard scratched at my delicate skin, but as he put his mouth over my nipple, I started to breath heavily. He rolled his tongue over my nipples in such a stimulating way, and nipping them once in a while made me yelp. As he devoured one breast, his other hand mauled the other. I leaned back against the arm of the couch as he worked my breasts over with his hand and mouth. Softly, then roughly. I have to admit, it was still gross letting an old man do this, but it felt so good.

His hand found his way to my crotch. I was dripping wet by that point, so when he slipped his hand in to cup my naked crotch and then slipped 2 of his thick fingers in, there was absolutely no resistance. He shot his fingers all the way up inside me making me gasp. He rubbed me on the inside in such a way I had never felt before. I was writhing and so close to cumming with his mouth on my breast and his hand working my pussy when he suddenly stopped and told me to kneel down between his legs.

- Take out my cock and start sucking.

I pulled his boxers down with his help and his full cock sprang into my face. It smelled of old men and I was turned off once again. But I felt a hand press on the back of my head, and I had to open my mouth to accommodate. I started slow, moving my lips up and down his pretty thick cock. The balls were heavy underneath with fuzzy white hair all over. I started moving more earnestly as he stroked my hair. I paused a little, to get a breath of air, but no sooner had I inhaled, the hand on my head pushed me down to his cock full force. The thick cock was shoved all the way down my throat, bumping at the back of while I writhed, trying to get off. His strong hands kept me impaled this way on his cock until I felt liquid trail down my throat, causing my to gag, but it wasn't until he was done pulsing in my throat, squirting the last of his cum in that he let me go. Coughing, I glared up at him as he sneered.

- You like that? Little cocksucker, go make me a BLT. No, don't put your clothes back on.

Angry and frustrated (I hadn't even cum), I went into the kitchen. He followed me in and sat down at the table. I got all the ingredients out and started to cook the bacon. After a little bit, the grease started to sizzle, and it hit my naked body.

- Shit!

- Keep working. You're just gonna have to take it. Make the fire higher, I'm hungry dammit.

Swearing under my breath, I grit my teeth as the grease started splattering even more with the added heat. I was almost in tears by the time it was finally ready. I put it on a plate and set it on the table.

- Get on the table.

- What?

- Get on top of the table. Sit your ass down and spread your legs in front of me. I don't have a TV in here so you're just gonna have to amuse me.

Groaning, I did as he asked. I exposed my pussy to him as he ate. I smelled like pussy juice, but whatever. Crazy old man.. But even this was torturous, every now and then he would do something like pouring some of his ice cold lemonade over me, letting it drip down over my pussy, or playing with me with his fingers. He would stroke my clitty, poke his fingers in, and then flick it, causing me to jerk. It hurt, but yet… By the end of the meal, I was more frustrated than before.

- Clean up.

With that, he left to watch tv. I was so angry. But I cleared the table, wiped off all the pussy juice and lemonade, and started doing the dishes when I felt hands on my breasts, kneeding them as he kissed my neck. The surprise caught me off guard, and I forgot where I was. And then it hit me, who is this? I turned my head to see, Mr. Morgan's brother, Tim. Mr. Morgan was standing in the room as well.

- Ah, I see you've found her.

- Yeah, you been having fun with our new maid here?

- She's got such a firm body. Tits like honey, and a cunt that flows like it too.

- Well, sounds intriguing.

Mr. Morgan's brother got down between my legs and shoved his face up into my crotch. Man, he's so whimsical. But suddenly feeling his mouth sucking on my clitty and licking up my slit, I couldn't help but arch my back. I nearly fell over, but his hands caught my hips, bringing it closer to his face that was immersed between my legs. Just as suddenly, he came up, the lower half of his face shiny with pussy juice. He pulled at my arm and brought me to the couch. He kissed me, making me taste myself in his mouth. As he made out with me, I felt Mr. Morgan starting too. 2 wet, sucking mouths and four wrinkled, yet firm, hands was such a new sensation, I wanted a cock inside of me so badly. I was so thoroughly aroused, I didn't know what to do with myself. But soon enough, they bent me over the back of the couch. Tim got in front of me and Mr. Morgan got behind me.

- Now to try out this young, tight pussy. Her throat is great. She took my whole cock in, just put a little pressure on her head. She's like a damn vacuum, but wet and soft inside. Mmmm..

Before I could object to having a cock shoved down my throat again, they were in me, pumping in and out, the two brothers working both ends of me. Tim wasn't nearly as rough as Mr. Morgan had been. He slowed when I started gagging. Mr. Morgan on the other side was grating his hips into me. I felt his heavy balls swinging into my ass as he fucked me from behind. Soon, they started bucking more furiously, faster and harder into my gaping holes. Grabbing my ass Mr. Morgan propelled himself deep inside me, hitting a sensitive spot at every stroke. Every once in a while he slapped my ass, stinging my cheek. Tim started moving deeper as well, but somehow it was easier for me this time.

- Uhn… I can't… hold.. much… longer…..

- Me too…. Groan…. Let her have it! She loves all this cock in her, look at her! Fucking slut! Take it!

With that, both my holes were filled simultaneously with balls tensed underneath them. As I felt them throbbing in my throat and in my pussy, I felt the tip of a finger press on my clit. This pushed me over the top and my pussy started pulsing too, and I came as I felt the brothers' sperm gush into me from both ends. Spent, they took out their dicks and told me to get dressed and go home. Still shaken by my orgasm, I slowly dressed and headed out the door. I guess they'll call me the next time they need a fuck.. But I must admit.. I was kind of looking forward to it.

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