tagNonConsent/ReluctancePerverted Old Men Ch. 2

Perverted Old Men Ch. 2


-I want you to come over now.


Sigh, its been a few weeks now since the old man first called me. I still don't understand how he could have taken those pictures of me and my biology teacher, my boyfriend... But now I'm at the mercy of these two old perverted men across the street. Ever since I was a walking sex toy, whenever they called, whatever they told me to do - I did it. I had to. There is no way anybody can find out about me and my teacher.

So far, its been ok. They are old, but I must admit, they're very experienced too. Once I get past the old-man smell and the gnarly hands groping me, I almost always find some pleasure too. And so far, its been pretty tame - just the basic afternoon screw or morning blow job. Sometimes I'm told to keep my drapes open as I change at night. Whatever.. perverts.

As I walked into the house that night, I saw Mr. Morgan, my “employer” as my parent knew it. To them, I come over here so much because these nice, gentle old men needs someone to take care of them, to cook and clean, read them stories. I guess I do.. with a perverted twist. But they are so NOT gentle.

Mr. Morgan looked me up and down, remembering the last time he had called me over. Damn viagra, I remember him fucking my mouth, pussy, and anus until all three of my holes were raw and sensitive. For an old guy, he could really fuck. I mean, when he really wants it, I don’t do anything – he forces my head down on his cock, or leans me over the couch for a hard fuck. Even when he makes me cum with his mouth, its so forceful. He eats me out like a starving man eats stew. But when I’m in the right mood though, damn it feels good to be ravaged like that. I sighed as I closed the door behind me.

-You called..

-Sure did, my cock starved cunt. How’s your pussy today, still red from last week?

-Its.. fine.

-Good, good. I want you to meet my nephew. Henry! Get in here!

I was shocked. Nephew?? I blushed as I thought of whatever this old pervert had in mind. I got even more agitated when this skinny, pimply guy came into the room. He looked so creepy! He looked at me curiously. Like grandfather, like grandson, he undressed me with his eyes – so eerily like the first time Mr. Morgan took me.

-Yes, gramps?

-Henry, I’d like you to meet Susie, she’s lives right across the street.


“Hey,” I replied, wondering what Mr. Morgan had told his grandson about me. He sure looked at me like he knew the things I did..

-Susie here is grandpa’s little sex toy. (Henry’s eyes widened in surprise) Yes, she’s a little cock sucker that lets grandpa and your uncle hump her whenever they want. Would you like to see?


-Ok Susie, you heard the boy. Come over here and unzip me. You know what to do.

Flushing, I started to come over.

-No, wait. I would like you to remove your shirt and your bra, and crawl over to me.

Not looking at the two, I started to unbutton my blouse. I could feel the guy's lusty eyes boring into me. Licking his lips like his grandpa no doubt. Disgusting old man. I wished so badly that this wasn’t happening. Damn pictures. With my bra off, I went down on my hands and knees. As I crawled, my breasts swung, no doubt giving both men a hard-on. Once I was between Mr. Morgan’s legs, I kneeled up and unzipped his trousers. Taking out his hardening cock amidst his gray pubic hairs, I sensed Henry moving in for a closer look. I closed my eyes to shut his presence out as I took the old man’s cock into my mouth. I heard the old man sigh as I started stroking up and down. For once he didn’t grab my head.

-Go ahead, Henry. Touch her tits. Pinch it hard, she likes that, you know. Horny little bitch.

I felt his eager, horny hands groping at my breasts. I let out a grunt as he squeezed them and played with them roughly. Easy, man. Of course, with a cock in my mouth it came out as little mumbles.

-Stop Susie. I want you to kneel up in front of Henry and ask him if he would like you to suck his dick.

How embarrassing! It was bad enough I had to be half naked in front of this pimply 18-year-old and have his hands all over me – now I had to suck his little cock! Shit! I was red with anger and embarrassment as I turned to Henry. I looked up into his already-gleaming eyes and asked,

-Can I suck your dick Henry? -Be more convincing. (Mr. Morgan) -(grrr) Please, Henry. I would love to suck your cock. I love sucking cock so much. Can I take you into my mouth? Its so soft and wet, it’ll feel so good, I promise. -Suck.

I guess he couldn’t believe his luck. I unzipped his jeans and pulled down his boxers. His hard cock was bulging unbelievably. I bet he masturbated 4 times a day looking at internet porn. Bastard. I took him deep into my mouth and started stroking. He gave little grunts of pleasure as my head bobbed in and out.

-No, no. That’s too soft. Sit down on the couch Henry. And Susie, take off the rest of your clothes, stand in front of him and bend over to suck his cock. We both went to our positions. No sooner did I have Henry's dick in my mouth, I had the old man behind me. He grabbed my ass with his hands and pushed himself in hard with no warning at all. I choked on Henry’s cock as my face was forced gruffly into his lap. I guess he liked this. Mr. Morgan started fucking me in deep, hard strokes, each time, forcing my head into Henry’s lap and swinging my breasts hard. Henry reached up and took hold of each nipple, stretching them. Soon after, Henry came with a grunt. I was forced to swallow, since Gramps was still working me from behind. As I kept swinging, Henry rubbed at my breasts. His limp cock was still in my mouth, getting hard again. What a brat. I wanted to stop, but Mr. Morgan wouldn’t let up til he was good and ready to. Finally, when Henry’s cock was hard up again, Mr. Morgan came in me with a grunt.

-Okay, Henry. Do it just like I showed you. We’ll switch so this nasty girl could clean off my dirtied cock. Eat your pussy juice, girl.

So we went again. Round 2. I leaned over the old man’s cock again as Henry mounted me from behind. I guess it kind of lost the friction from his grandpa because he slid in easily. Mr. Morgan noticed.

-Try her asshole, son. Its tighter than her pussy, and just as smooth. Try it out. Just wet it a little first.

As Mr. Morgan’s cock hardened in my mouth again and he idly played with my tits, I felt Henry exploring my anus. Gawd, how humiliating. His first time, he sniffed my rear like a little dog. With his fingers he rubbed my pussy, went inside. Getting some lubrication, he brought it up to my ass and rubbed around. His finger then pushed in, started fucking my asshole with his pointer finger. Satisfied, he mounted me, rubbing at the entrance with the head of his penis.

-Thataboy. Show her who’s boss. Give her cock like a true Morgan! Go at it, Henry!

With the encouragement, Henry didn’t need any further prompting. He jammed his cock inside me to the hilt in one stroke and proceeded to hump me like a dog humps a leg. It was kind of humorous and annoying at the same time. But alas, I was the one being fucked... As his humping became more and more vigorous, Gramps was getting close as well. He grabbed my head and started to push his cock deeper into my mouth until I was kissing his balls.

-That’s it, swallow my cock. You like being fucked like that? Henry, you can have her anytime you’re over here. Just give her a call and she’ll come right over. Won’t you, Susie. -Mmmph -That’s it… I swear this bitch can suck cock. You likin’ that Henry? -Y-yes… mm.. I’m cumming! - me too, son, me too….

Henry pushed his cock inside all the way and held it, while at the same time his grandfather pushed my head all the way down on his cock, and my head swam as both grandfather and grandson started cumming into me from both sides. When they were both done filling me, I was left crumpled on the rug.


Mr. Morgan threw Henry my underwear.

-Wipe your dick on these panties.

Wiping his cock clean, Henry then threw the panties at my face. With a grin on his face, he winked and said,

-I’ll give you a call later tonight. Get ready for some more, you cock-hungry little slut!

Humiliated and at a new low, I dressed and went back home. I guess now, I’m to service three pussy-hungry Morgans. Sigh..

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