tagSci-Fi & FantasyPerverted Shapeshifter Ch. 02

Perverted Shapeshifter Ch. 02


Author's note: While this story is set in a high school, all sexually active characters are 18 year old seniors.


The controller vibrated in my hands when I squeezed the trigger. The alien in front of my reticle collapsed in a mess of his own blood.

"Nice shot," said Mike.

"Thanks." Unfortunately, I did not notice the alien behind my character, who proceeded to assassinate me. It was my last life, so I sat down the controller and warned Mike of the sneaky alien. I turned to Laura, who was sitting on the floor in the corner. "I guess it's your turn."

"After this level, yes." Laura sat crosslegged, with baggy pants and a shirt that masked her perky tits.Her dark hair hid her ears and ended right above the collar of her shirt. I wanted to see her naked again. It wouldn't be that hard. All I had to do was turn into the cheerleader and sneak into the locker room like I did last time. Well, maybe not exactly like last time, since I nearly got caught.

Laura stood up and walked past me to pick up the controller after Mike beat the level. Her pants made it difficult to check out her ass, but my imagination and memory filled in the blanks. My cock started to stiffen.

"I can't believe high school is almost over," said Mike. "So many people we'll never see again."

"All three of us are going to the same college though, so no worries there," said Laura.

"Right, but I feel like we should go out with a bang," Mike said.

An idea popped in my head, and I considered coming out with my ability. Laura glanced at me and smirked as if she knew something.

"What kind of bang?" asked Laura. She gave her chair a pelvic thrust to emphasize the innuendo. Mike was too busy shooting stuff to notice.

"I mean, it's spring break next week, and college starts in the fall. None of us have really done anything."

"I won a chess tournament," said Laura.

"I beat an RPG without using weapons," I said.

"That's not what I meant," Mike sighed. "I meant we haven't been to a single party and we all still have our virginities."

"We're nerds, Mike," Laura said. "We don't do parties. Just like how I don't wear shirts to show off my tits."

"What tits?" Mike said.

Laura punched him in the arm. I grinned to myself. If only Mike had seen what I had seen. The bulge in my pants became more noticeable, and I was glad I sat behind both of them.


"A local wizard was found dead today, hanging from a tree and with third degree burns covering his body," said the anchorwoman. "His house was nearly burned to the ground, and his autopsy reports severe blunt trauma to torso and head in addition to hanging. No eyewitness testimony has been given."

I sighed. People were very intolerant of magic, and anybody that used it openly usually ended up like that poor wizard. There went the prospect of me coming out with my ability, even if just to Mike and Laura.

"Try not to get into too much trouble next week," said Dad as he came home from work.

"Why?" I had no idea what he was getting at, and the paranoid voice in me said he knew about my ability.

"Your mother and I are leaving tomorrow for our anniversary trip. We figured that since you were 18, you're old enough to be home alone for a week."

"You mean, I don't have to awkwardly find something to do on the ship while you shag Mom?"

"That's exactly what I mean, son." My dad laughed.


Beer, vodka, and rum lined the bottom of my buggy as I pushed it through the store with pride. Nobody questioned a fifty year old man putting this stuff in his buggy. Which is exactly what I looked like when I took the form of my dad.

The last of my money that I saved from working last summer went to the booze. I took it outside and loaded the drinks into my backpack. The fifty year old man stuffing hard liquor and beer into his backpack and then straddling his bicycle got a few stares. Nobody stopped me though. The extra weight on my back, coupled with my father's bad knees made the ride miserable. So many times I wanted to turn back into myself to get rid of the knee pain, but the image of that dead, scorched wizard hanging from a tree was burned into my mind.

Finally, I was home. I locked up the bike, put the drinks in the fridge, and called Mike. The phone rang, and I almost forgot to morph back into myself.

"I got the alcohol," I told him proudly.

"What? How?"

"Don't worry about it, just start sending invites. I'll call Laura."


Mike, Laura, and I went through school inviting people to the party. Most people laughed in my face and some thought that it would be some sort of nerdy gaming party. When I told them there would be alcohol, nobody believed me. This wasn't cutting it.

During my lunch break, I went to my locker to put away my regular backpack, the one with notebooks and such. I took out my other backpack and headed for the stairs. I waited for the foot traffic to die down before I went under the stairs and unzipped my backpack. This had to be fast.

I pushed my shoes off and pulled up my shirt. I looked both ways before pulling my pants and boxers down in one movement. My mind went black and I saw the people I could shift into, and I chose Nikki, the cheerleader. My body parts moved and shifted. When I opened my eyes, my chest was replaced with a nice set of tits, and my pubic hair was nicely trimmed above Nikki's vagina.

I reached into the backpack and picked the pair of panties first. It was uncomfortable wearing something that tight, especially since I preferred boxers, but they looked amazing. It took a lot of practice to hook the bra behind my back, but they pushed Nikki's already perky tits up nicely. The skirt and top were easy to get on and I stashed my boy clothes into the backpack before heading back out.

Boys were sneaking glances at my chest in the tight shirt I bought. As I passed them, they craned their necks to stare at my ass. Lunch break wouldn't last forever, so I stopped one of the guys eyeing me up.

"Hey, Nikki, what's up?"

"Got any plans for this weekend?" I asked him.

"Not really." He sounded excited. Perhaps he thought I was asking him to a date.

"You should go to Steven's party." It was weird to refer to myself in third person like that.

"That nerd? Why?"

"I have it on very good authority that the party will be a blast."

"Is this a date?"

I grabbed his hand and guided it to my right breast. His hand felt great as it squeezed. "You'll find out when you see me there."

He frowned when I put his hand back his side. "I want more than that."

I winked before turning around. Being sure that he was still checking me out, I pulled my skirt up in the back. He cheered, and I chuckled before moving on to my next victim.

The cheerleaders were in a circle chatting together. I started to approach them, until I saw the real Nikki. She glanced at me, but I quickly turned away before she could tell that I was her. I power walked across the quad, far enough to where she would not see me.

Amanda walked by me, and I waved to her. "Hey Nikki, what's up girl?"

"Oh, not much. Say, got any plans this weekend?"

"I think my boyfriend is taking me out this weekend."


Amanda nodded. She said nothing else.

"Where are y'all going?"

"We're gonna catch a movie."

"You should come to Steven's party while you're at it."

Amanda cocked an eyebrow. "That nerd is throwing a party?"

I nodded.

"I bet it's going to be video games with milk and cookies or some crap."

I shook my head. "His parents are away, and he managed to get his hands on some liquor."

Amanda raised her eyebrows. "Hmm, the little nerd actually managed something cool. Alright, we'll check it out."


"Wow, we have a lot of people showing up to the party now," said Mike. "Before lunch, hardly anybody wanted to come. Now we're the talk of all the school."

"Somehow I got the attention of the popular group," I said.

"I wonder how," said Laura.

"I'm just charismatic, I guess." I chuckled, but Laura continued to stare into my soul.

"It's almost as if you became one of them during lunch or something," said Laura. My face turned red and I had a difficult time wiping the nervous smile off my face.

"I think we're gonna need more drinks," said Mike.

"We're gonna need better music too," said Laura. "Your collection of videogame soundtracks ain't gonna cut it."

"Hey, I like it," said Mike.

"Yes, but Amanda won't." Laura turned to me and looked me straight in the eyes. "I don't imagine Nikki will either."

I gulped. Her statements were getting more and more specific. Laura shrugged while I stood speechless. "But don't worry, I have a vast library of songs downloaded."

Mike clapped and rubbed his hands together. "Awesome. So, we use your music, and we pool our money to give to Steven so he can buy more liquor."

"Right." My voice cracked slightly.

"I really think you should share the secret of how you got the alcohol with your buddies though," said Mike. "I mean, is it fake ID or older brother or cousin or something?"

I stuttered for a bit and told them I just winged it. That the cashier just believed I was over 21. Technically it was true, and seemed to satisfy Mike. They pulled out their wallets. It would be enough for a couple more bottles of liquor and two more 24 packs of beer cans. After thinking it over in my head, three trips on my bicycle would make it possible. I sighed. The work I do to have a cool party.


Laura and Mike arrived before anybody else to help me set up. Laura brought over about ten pizzas and several 2 liter soda bottles. She claimed to know someone at the pizza place, yet each pizza box was from a different place. Regardless, the pizzas smelled amazing and all three of us helped ourselves to the first slices.

My heart jumped into my throat when the first doorbell rang. A man with a rag on his head and a wife beater shirt stood at the door. We stared each other down awkwardly until he asked if this was the party. After I told him it was the right place, he rubbed his hands together and walked in.

"'Sup I'm Zach." The man who called himself Zach popped open a beer can and began gulping.



"Kind of a sausage fest in here with just one chick."

"Don't worry, the rest are coming." I slapped his muscular shoulder and a tingle went through my fingers. "Have a seat and make yourself at home until they do."

A few more minutes passed until Amanda and her boyfriend showed up. Her top was cut low to show ample cleavage that jiggled with practically every movement she made. Many times I thought, and really hoped, her nipples were going to pop out. They never did though. She made herself a girly drink while her boyfriend insisted all the present guys do a shot of tequila. The stuff burned my throat all the way down, and I had to fight not to throw it back up. Mike did not win his own personal fight in that regard. Zach and Amanda's boyfriend laughed their asses off while we cleaned it up.

The doorbell rang again, and this time it was the cheerleaders. Nikki looked very annoyed to be here. Zach cheered when he saw them and offered to make each one a drink.

More and more groups trickled in as the minutes passed. The guy that groped me while I was Nikki was very eagerly hitting on her. Her face showed complete disgust while she sipped her pink drink. I giggled to myself, but also hoped nothing serious happened. Laura played her music through my parents' surround sound speakers, and several of the cheerleaders started to dance. The groups intermingled and formed circles of their own. Several groups made different drinking games. The jocks played beer pong while the cheerleaders just got into a group to talk. As I walked by them, I realized they were playing truth or dare. Laura had gotten into that group. They saw me looking and told me very firmly that it was girls' only, even if I was the host. Mike had redeemed himself in the eyes of the popular kids since he was playing a drinking game with Zach, Amanda, and her boyfriend around the coffee table.

"Fucking awesome party, Stevie!" shouted Mike.

"Are you drunk?" I asked.

"Hell yeah!"

"Wanna join us?" Amanda asked.

"What are you playing?"

"Quarters," said her boyfriend. His speech was already slurred.

They explained the rules to me after I sat down since I had never played before. If you make the quarter in the shot glass, the person to your left takes the shot. Otherwise, the person who tossed the quarter takes the shot. Several rounds passed, and I discovered I was downright abysmal at this game. Sitting next to Amanda's boyfriend, who was very good at this game, I drank shot after shot of whiskey. Zach was getting annoyed at the sudden lack of alcohol. Mike wasn't doing much better, and his mentality steadily went down until he just fell asleep where he sat.

"Haha, look at this guy," said Zach. "He's done."

"I'd say one more round of this, and I'm out too," said Amanda's boyfriend. I frowned. That meant that Amanda was leaving too, and that meant no more staring at her titties.

Amanda flipped the coin at the table. It landed almost perfectly in the shot glass, and her boyfriend took the shot. He exhaled a cheer and declared he was out of the match. He shook hands with Zach and I before standing up wobbly. "I gotta piss, where's your bathroom?"

I gave him directions and he made his way there. Luckily, the game ended just in time for me to turn around and see the cheerleaders take their tops off in the kitchen. The truth and dare game was getting interesting. Nikki stood there stark naked. Even though I could turn into her and see her anytime I wanted, it still brought great joy and an erection to see her true self nude. Taylor shook her dark breasts for everybody to see. Man, would Mike be mad he was asleep for this.

"What is taking so long?" Amanda said while looking at her watch.

Being that it was my house, I volunteered to check on him. I knocked on the bathroom door, and when I got no response, I pushed my way in. The boyfriend was passed out with his face on the toilet seat. Vomit filled the toilet bowl, which I kindly flushed for him. For a second, it was funny. Then, it became a moment of opportunity.

I lugged his heavy body into the bathtub and took all his clothes off, except for his boxers. He was completely unconscious and my fingertips tingled when I touched his bare skin. Fortunately, no vomit got on his clothes. I stripped and let my mind go black. The number of naked people I could turn into was getting longer. I focused on Amanda's boyfriend and felt my body shift. I couldn't help but flex in the mirror before stumbling out of the hallway to see Amanda.

She greeted me with a kiss and my dick hardened. My lips also tingled upon acquiring her form.

At first I put my arm around her, afraid to make a move, but I had to remind myself that I was already her boyfriend and met her lips with mine. My tongue pushed through her cherry flavored lips to rub against hers. Whiskey mixed with her saliva made me even more lightheaded. My heart pounded in my chest. "Let's go upstairs."

She nodded and I held her hand while leading her straight to my room. I threw her onto my bed and took off her boyfriend's clothes. Her fingernails raked against my shaved, muscular chest. I pulled off her top to expose her gorgeous tits. My tongue swirled around her large nipples until they were rock hard and I got to work on her jeans. Tight jeans, while sexy to look at, are a mood killer to pull off while both people are intoxicated. After much struggle we got them off. The mood was back on when she sat there fully naked in front of me. It was better than the locker room. This time, she was all mine.

Amanda lied back on the bed with her legs spread far apart. She looked into my eyes and smiled. "Fuck me, Jonathan."

My dick was hard in my hands and I guided it to her pussy. Her entrance was warm and already wet. Slowly I pushed it in, almost afraid my big dick would hurt her. She closed her eyes and sighed pleasurably until I was balls deep inside her. Warm, wet walls of her vagina engulfed my cock and I exhaled upon officially losing my virginity.

Her arms wrapped around my back and her fingernails dug into my flesh as I thrust into her. It took several thrusts for me to get the hang of it, but we were both drunk, so she didn't notice my virgin skills. Gradually I sped up in her and her hands went down to squeeze my ass. Our nipples rubbed against each other as her breasts pushed against my pecs when we held each other closely. Our mouths connected again and our tongues tangled. Moans came from both of us and I squeezed those large tits I had admired so many times before.

My balls tightened and I felt a tingling sensation travel up my dick. Her vagina squeezed me and she moaned louder. I blasted into her pussy and she writhed while holding me tight. There was no way people downstairs didn't hear her shouting her orgasm, but neither of us cared. We fell asleep in each others' arms.

My head felt like it was in a vice when I woke up. It took my hazy mind several minutes to realize I was in my parents' room, Amanda was nowhere in sight, and I had no memory of coming into this room.

My head whipped around the room, looking for anybody who might be in the room with me. Nobody was around, but the slightly ajar door shut itself. Two foot sized indentations were on the carpet and they were approaching the bed where I was laying. My heart raced in my chest when I tried to think of something.

Laura materialized out of thin air. I was too startled and hungover to appreciate her nudity. "What the hell, Laura?"

She giggled. "We have a lot to talk about, Steven."

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