The living merchandise called a sex slave, or PET, sits on his knees in front of his nude Master. He has been purchased for a night to test his abilities, and he works to fulfill his Master's expectations with all of the breeding and training that has been engrained into his genetically bred body. His mind is as focused and dedicated as deeply as his body is to the genitals presented to him to favor. He's gentle as he licks the length, moving carefully to ensure that he gives Master pleasure. His tongue flicks forward to caresses the soft hot flesh. It has only taken a few of these carefully placed touches to bring this Master into His full heat, and it pleased the PET tremendously that he himself could perform so well. Each slow and gentle caress of the tongue is repeated: a flick of pink, a long, gentle wet touch on heated flesh, then back into the moist mouth all done in a few spare seconds, making for quick strokes that while gentle still allowed for Master's stimulation to accumulate to a painful degree.

At one point as he licks his eyes flick to the face connected to the object he tastes, curious as to the expression on his Master's face, but he does not get to study it long before he is reprimanded. "Don't look at me," the Master orders him. "When I give you a task, don't look up from it until you're finished or I command you to. I know this is your first time. I paid for such, but I'll punish you if it happens again."

Understanding his position clearly with no regret whatsoever for the correction, the PET looks away from the light brown eyes that are watching him from above and back to the swollen organ owned by those eyes. His tongue resumes touching each inch in gentle strokes all over once again. Only when he is certain that he has licked every bit of the warm skin does he kiss it, letting his lips feel how hot the flesh really is. Laying another kiss on another expanse of the now reddening flesh, his lips part slightly and his wet warm tongue flicks out between them, hidden, sealed, and lavishes itself upon the surface before retreating, drawing back as the lips close in the soft smack of completion. When his lips touch another place he feels a vein pulsating. Curious, he kisses longer with a wider mouth than he has with the other kisses, savoring the too fast pulse throbbing against his sensitive mouth. New yet experienced, he explores the length with this manner, making it moist with his saliva as he lays one wide kiss after another with soft lips and wet delicate tongue.

He realizes that there's moisture running down the underside that he has not put there. He looks at it, eyes curious with an almost child-like light as he rises slightly higher on his knees to see where it comes from. There's a unique smell to it that he has only glimpsed when in the midst of his treatments or by watching such sessions to further his education. Inquisitive, he licks its flavor into his mouth and onto his tongue: faintly musky, salty, ever so slightly acidic, but not unpleasant. His eyes close as he runs his tongue along the jumping large vein on the underside in a long sweep all the way up to the swollen tip of the organ he has been pleasuring. Brilliant golden eyes open just enough so he can see where to push his tongue into the hole at its soft center, the source of this liquid. The substance is very hot here, warm, muskier, less acidic, still salty. He kisses the small opening, flicking his tongue inside the dip held in the closure of his lips and pulling it deep into his mouth as it seeps forth. He wants more. It's addictive for him, and awakens a part of his breeding that demands he drink it from his Master.

So he forms a tight seal with his lips over the soft smooth head as the tongue within licks up the fluid with swirling flourishes. The head presses more firmly to his lips, eager and wanting under the will of the Master. So the PET opens his mouth wide, careful and gentle, and attempts to take it in. He suckles wetly and loudly, eager for more of his new drug. Moving down over the head, he keeps going so very slowly down until his lips touch an inch of the saliva moistened length before he comes all the way back up to make a tiny seal on the very tip of the organ, his tongue twirling within the binding of his puckered lips. The second time he goes further taking more into his mouth before pulling back, again playing with the hole that bleeds the clear drug that excites every cell in his whore-bred body. Bringing his mouth down again slowly, sucking loudly and harshly until his whole mouth is filled. Only after a short time like this, remembering that he must please his would-be Master and not just himself, does he come back up it, keeping his lips wondrously tight, drawing away with the soft smack, a sticky string of fluid connecting his lips to the penis's tip.

That small pink tongue licks his mouth, breaking the chain of fluid. He feels much bolder than before. Not so timid of the strange yet known thing before him anymore he goes down open-mouthed onto the length, taking it in until it touches his throat. Wincing, he draws back, slathering his tongue thoughtfully on the swollen head resting between his moist lips. He tries going down again, getting a bit further but must back off, his throat virgin to invasion and rejecting his breeding's commands. With the third try and the large end softly bumps the back of his throat twice before he has to stop, drawing back with a light intake of breath. Multiple strings of the pre-cum and saliva connect his mouth to the organ and waver upon his gasp.

Relaxing his throat as much as he can the companion being brings his mouth once more upon the swollen flesh of his Master. Further... further... further...! Finally it's all down and pulsing within the depths of his throat, his lips brushing the base, his nose tickled by pubic hair. Swallowing harshly, he moves his lips and tongue and is excited to hear a gasping moan. Encouraged, he moves back slightly, then back down, feeling the length move in the tight passage it rests in.

"Damn... you're breeder was right about your programming...!" the Master praises, His body trembling with the delight of the attention. "It's like you're a natural."

The PET starts moving now. Up and down with increasing depth until he is fully swallowing the cock in steady bobbing nods. The pace is even and controlled. Even though this is his first time performing the act, he knows exactly what he is supposed to do. Because of his genetic breeding as a PET, oral sex feels wonderfully good to him. For him it's even better than to one who simply enjoys oral. He savors the strain on his throat and lungs and the feeling of the throbbing flesh moving in and out of his tight throat. He hardens and moans with his own pleasure and the sound is echoed by the Master as the vibrations tease him and taunt him.

It feels like it should have been longer before his Master took over, but he doesn't mind. The Master is now the one moving eagerly in and out of his mouth in deep thrusts and he allows it, only keeping his mouth open and tongue working between each motion and each tiny gasp of breath. The PET can feel his own arousal, firm and hot in response to all of this but he doesn't touch himself. He is meant to please, not be pleased, unless it is what the Master wants of him. Rough hands come and hold his head as his Master begins to fuck his mouth faster with more desperation, no longer relying only on his muscular hips. Still the PET moans and gasps, wanting more of the rough treatment that excites him, his own length starting to leak with its own anticipation from the actions.

The PET has to fist his hands at his side to keep from grabbing the Master or his self. The struggle to obey his training and reflexes while fighting against his newly awakened primal urges makes him harder and want all the more to touch and be touched. He whimpers from the mental strain in the battle of mind against body, eager to cum but more eager to obey, and further aroused by the conflict of both.

The entire cock that has bruised and abused his mouth and lips suddenly swells filling his mouth and throat even more than ever before. The would-be Master's hands pull him down all the way when this happens, pressing the PET's face hard against the his pelvis. The slave tenses as his lungs scream for air, his pleasurably tight and convulsing throat being the final thing to top the scale of ecstasy for the Master. He can feel the load as it travels up the shaft, past his lips, and further until it exploded out of the cock to dive down his unresisting throat, the gag reflex already passed.

Several seconds pass, the PET feeling light headed from lack of air when the softening organ is finally pulled free of his lips. He gasps loudly for the precious air that has been denied him with strings of sticky white fluid dangling off of his chin from the overflow. Weakened and dizzy from his first act, he sinks onto his folded legs, panting, fighting the urge to relieve his own still burning erection that stands ever firm, it and his balls slick with the same pre-fluids he has only moments ago tasted upon his Master.

The Master looks down at him with thoughtful eyes, contemplating what he has felt and the after appearance of his toy. Still not saying anything at all, He kneels before the artificially created male, reaching forward and touching the PET's moist length. The PET shuddered wildly at the simple and brief contact, his cock actually twitching slightly as his muscles tensed from the action. Liking the reaction, the Master gives the hot length a couple pumps of His hand, easily coating all of it in the other's pre-cum. Letting go once His hand is thoroughly wetted by the moisture secreted by the other, He holds the hand He used before the PET's face.

"Lick," he commands. "Clean it for me."

The PET leans forward, his eyes momentarily flicking from the wet fingers to the face past them before his tongue darts forward, touching his own juices. Submissive and obedient like the best PET one could buy, he does as instructed and licks deeply at the fingers presented to him. He is slow at first, nervous at the first flavors of his own substance, but it is not long until his tongue becomes bolder and cleans each digit with firm strokes. He lets the lids of his eyes fall with a heavy and glazed look to their golden depths. He knows that he is being carefully watched, and likes being so carefully watched as he completes the task presented to him with dedication and longing.

When the hand tastes clean he still runs his tongue along each curve and bend. He takes each finger into his mouth, going up and down on them a couple times before the next, purposely imitating the motion he has just done to please his Master's cock. He then takes the first two deep into his throat, up to their knuckles, and holds them there as his tongue reaches out from his lower lip and caresses the sensitive palm beyond them with a skill he had only been able to show for a short time to his Master.

"Enough," the Master orders, His voice hot with new need that the PET is pleased to hear.

He obediently stops the moment the words are uttered, opening yellow eyes full of heat and lust and awaiting further instruction from his dominant. The hand he has thoroughly wet from his attentions caresses his cheek, leaving a cooling moist trail on his hot face, traveling down his neck, then across his collar bone before falling away.

The Master contemplates him a moment more before his eyes show he has come to a decision. "Get on your hands and knees. Present your rear." The words are full of an all too longed for promise and the PET complies with new eagerness. He turns, doing as told, and lifts his rear with an arch of his back while crouching on hands and knees.

Warm, large hands part his cheeks, exposing him. He feels the air for a moment brush upon the flesh that has been exposed before the new and strange sensation of a tongue licking his small opening makes him gasp. It wets his anus, passing from it down to the small sensitive bit of flesh between it and his balls before going back up again.

He shudders as a finger enters, the tongue still slurping at the small place just below, just a tiny bit away from his sack, as the digit moves. It burns, but that's expected. He knows that much. Then the finger starts caressing the place in him, that makes him grow even more firm and he can feel the pulsation of his shaft as more fluid seeps from it as at the same time its color deepens. The sticky substance dribbles from the opening of his cock and as more strokes are made and another finger added it begins collecting in a puddle on the stone floor.

"Don't move yet," the Master growls against his sensitive flesh, adding a third finger. "Let me be the only one moving."

He whimpers, trembling with the effort not to move, but knows that his very existence is meant to obey and to please. The fingers touch him, stretching and teasing him with twists and pumps that hurt between each caress within but steadily grow more pleasing as his opening there begins to accept the invasion.

Soon he can feel it coming, feel it trying to flow up out of him, and he can't fight it as he feels his body start to shake as he tries desperately to hold back the climax that suddenly tries to spill out of him.

"No, don't cum yet, slut!" The fingers pull away and the same hand hits the cheek of his rear hard enough to make him yelp. The other hand grabs his length and squeezes, cutting any flow that may have come out, only a small dribble escaping. "I didn't say you could cum yet." He gives the PET five more painful cry inducing blows to his rear. The pain is intoxicating and makes him want to cum harder than before even though the agony makes him realize he is being punished.

"I... can't stop," the PET whimpers, feeling his balls pulsing with the urge to release but being unable to because of the painful grip of the large hand on him.

Another smack is laid on his rear and the PET cries out, feeling tears threaten even as he feels more pleasure.

"I will keep hitting you until you can stop, PET," the Master says. "Count and ask for another if you still think you'll cum."

"Yes, Master," the PET whimpers.

The hand lands much harder than before and this time the PET can only derive pain from it. However he still feels the pressure in his cock and is full of regret that he must report it as instructed.

"One. Please, Master, punish me again."

Another hit, this one on the other cheek lands hard enough to rock the PET, making his would-be Master pull on his shaft painfully, but the sensation of need is still there.

"Two. Please... Master, I must be punished again."

The next hit lands on his leg, a place that hadn't been touched and the male PET yelps, some of his aroused need abating but not all.

"Three!" he gasped through tears that blurred his vision. "More, please, Master. Punish me again."

Instead of the other leg like he expected his side was smacked hard right against his ribs, making him shout out loudly and knowing he would bruise for a time until his body accelerated his healing rate in response to it.

"Four. Please punish me again, Master...!"

It took another fifteen such varied strikes before the PET was sure he wouldn't cum anymore, his mind too filled with the pain the human male had given him.

"Ninteen... I... I am... done, Master," he manages to paint out.

Almost reluctantly the Master lets go of the shaft he has held until this moment. A small dribble of opaque essence flows out, but it isn't a climatic one, merely being left over of what his body had tried to do a few minutes ago.

"You take punishment well," he comments with praise, caressing the sore cheeks that have been turned a deep red from the abuse the PET endured. "Does it please you?"

"...Some, Master," he replies slowly, the thought of what had happened restoring the former hardness of his organ.

"Look at the floor between your legs."

He does so, leaning his head down between his arms to look at his bobbing length and the sticky pool his need has made him create. A thick string that bulged at times with another globule of moisture connected his opening to the puddle he had made on the floor.

"Lap that off the floor."

A little disappointed that he is not going to be pleasured again, the PET scoots back stiffly and bends his head down, leaning on his elbows, and starts licking up and swallowing the cold pre-cum. The position places his rear high in the air and parts the cheeks of it without any effort. He can feel the Master studying that area of his body as he continues to drink the mess on the stones.

"You are an incredibly good slut," the Master says more to Himself than to the PET in a thick voice. "I can't see why you haven't had a permanent sell yet."

The PET says nothing, knowing that if his Master wants him to talk, to stop his task, that He will say so or signal such.

He does not, but instead gives a quick warning before he takes his next action. "Stop. I don't want you biting your tongue," he says airily as the youth feels the hot tip of something moist and firm pressing against his saliva slicked opening.

The PET only has a moment to fulfill the command before the man shoves into the body beneath him. The PET cries out from the pain and the excitement, his muscles contracting tightly and burning from the first intimate contact with something so huge and alive. His body was still prepared, but the muscles had been given enough time to readjust their firmness and this brought a great burning agony more to the PET's virgin opening. Once again he cries out as his Master gives a small flex of His hips, testing that tightness He has discovered.

"Oh fuck!" He swore, trembling with the wondrous feel of the hot body that so far could only accept an inch of His shaft and the fullness of his swollen cock head. "You're a tight little whore." He flexes again, this time a little stronger and another extra inch of shaft sinks into the ass accompanied by the PET's pained whimpers and shivering frame.

"Stay relaxed, you tight little fuck," He demands of His submissive. "I can't get in if you don't." He gives another thrust and another bit of His thick flesh makes it inside accompanied by more pained gasps and trembling.

Closing his eyes the PET concentrates on remaining slack, his need to obey overriding his fear that his body is going to break from the human's rough treatment. Now each thrust is able to sink a little deeper, and in doing so fills him a little more with each one but the pain remains.

"That's it," the Master encourages, feeling the resistance beneath Him lessen. "I promise it will feel good for you, too, soon."

It burns. It hurts. His body shakes from the shock of such an unusual form of pain so very different from the beating he has endured. He wants to refuse, but knows he never can. It is against the fibers of make him what he is, and even as he does not want it his body says otherwise. He is throbbing with desire because of that pain, the feeling of stretching, the promise that there will be more pleasure once the pain is gone. He moans with both carnal hunger and raw pain as a final thrust seats his Master fully into his body.

He can feel the length, throbbing gently within him now, the burning calming so that he has more sense of the object that caused such a sensation. Each time his Master moves now he feels the pull get less and the length slide with increasing ease against the walls of his passage.

Then the angle hits just right, caressing that special spot of flesh much deeply than the fingers from before could ever have hoped to be able. The PET groans loudly upon such a deep touch, savoring the feeling as at last the pleasure begins to overpower the pain of his virginity getting taken.

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