tagBDSMPet Ch. 01

Pet Ch. 01


I am addicted to the erotic elegance of his pain, specifically when he offers it to me so willingly. If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd draw such immense pleasure from inflicting pain onto another, I'd have questioned their sanity. I'm the same person who feels a little remorseful after swatting a fly with a rolled-up newspaper; yet I have no qualms whatsoever about tormenting my Pet's body with my hands, teeth, fingernails or any implement I can get a hold of. It never ceases to amaze me the way my cunt drips uncontrollably to bear witness to the way he will suffer for me.

His sighs of agony are so completely bewitching and persistently compel me to want to push Pet harder, farther, more fiercely. The sight of him displaying his beautiful flesh before me, both of us knowing full well I will do with it whatever it is I wish is practically an aphrodisiac. Oh, how my head spins with the possibilities of such an exquisite offering!

The first time I realized this desire happened almost unexpectedly; I recall it with such clarity. Pet was naked, on his knees, his cunt plugged, and in a rather suggestible state of mind as often is the case when his whore hole is filled. On this particular night, we used one of the smaller plugs in my Pet's sexy ass—just enough to take the edge off of his longing, while fueling his need to be used by me even more. It's such a seductive dance, tapping slowly and delicately into Pet's desires but holding him just in front of that line he so aches to trip over. Sitting on the floor mere inches in front of him, I looked closely into his eyes, gauging his readiness to surrender further. Pet returned my gaze, gently rocking back and forth, attempting to get the maximum sensation from the toy lodged into his cunt. This caused a smile to play across my lips as even in this tiny moment of silence, I was most aware of the growing need in me to use and hurt the one who was wordlessly begging me to own his flesh.

"Look at what a slut you are," I teased my Pet for squirming around, almost fruitlessly, over that small butt plug.

"I am your slut," came his breathless reply.

"I know you're my ass slut. But there are so many, many other ways I need to whorify you, Pet," my hand skimmed over his bare thigh.

"I want you to whorify me; I'm begging you to do it. Please make me a better slut for you," Pet pleaded.

Ahh, there is nearly nothing that drives the fundamental core of my energy like the delicious way my Pet begs me to, well, to do anything to him. There is nothing desperate or shameful about begging, not with Pet, as far as I'm concerned. Rather, it is more of a signal, a way Pet communicates that he is approaching that most malleable line. And I thrive on being the one to nudge him right over that line.

"You are such a beautiful slut," I whispered, my pulse was quickening as I thought about the way I wanted to mold my Pet's beauty even more to my liking tonight. My hand reached behind me and felt underneath the chair I was leaning up against. I scooped up the tool I had been saving to work Pet's body with for this occasion. Pet's eyes were fixed on my cupped palm.

"What do you have there?" he asked his curiosity so delicious.

"Close your eyes, baby," I instructed.

Pet did as he was told, and I leaned forward, my free hand roaming over his smooth chest. I loved appreciating Pet's body, his skin, in this pristine state just before I torment it. Next, I moved my head down so my mouth was at his left nipple. I could hear his breathing become shallower as I started sucking and biting on his flesh. First the left, than the right nipple...I wanted them nice and erect.

"God..." Pet moaned as my tongue played over his skin. Then a gasp escaped from his amazing lips as I deliberately let the cold, hard chain in my other hand dangle over his throbbing cock.

"Ohhh, well, what do I have here?" I feigned surprise, rubbing the chain up and down his shaft.

"Mmmmm, are those the nipple clamps, baby?" my Pet asked, eyes still shut, and a sexy little grin on his face

"My, you're an inquisitive one, aren't you?" my fingers pinching his already hard nipples.

"In fact, I think you talk too much," I stated matter-of-factly. "Stick out your tongue."

"Oh god, Ava," Pet knew what was coming next.

"Shhhh, sweet, chatty pet, "I coaxed, pressing the chain of the clamps against his cheek.

The anticipation was palpable. Pet looked slightly nervous, but his excitement was obvious, just the same. As was mine; my panties feeling damper by the moment. I slid my index finger into my panties, relishing the wetness that was seeping from me.

"Now, stick our your tongue for me, please," I instructed my Pet once again.

Pet obeyed, his tongue poking from his mouth.

"Farther," I ordered.

Pet stuck his tongue out as far as he was able. I rubbed my newly coated index finger over his upper lip.

Pet groaned at his plight.

"You want to lick that, don't you?" I whispered into his ear, opening one of the nipple clamps in my hand.

He nodded and made a sound like, "Uh huh".

"Oh, well, that's too bad...no licking for you, just yet, sexy bitch", and with that, the clover clamp was fastened onto my Pet's glorious tongue.

He cried out and that made my clit quiver. God, what was it about hurting his man that made me so hot?

I told him to open his eyes and as he did, he was treated to the sight of me leaning back, with my legs spread over his. My eyes burned right into his, as my right hand lazily was rubbing over the front of my panties.

"Do you see what you do to me? Do you know how hot and sticky my cunt gets when you let me hurt you?" I asked him, delighting that he could only mumble unintelligibly as that clap bit into his soft tongue.

"You said you want to be a better slut for me. Well, right now I want you to be my pain slut, baby. I want to get off on hurting your flesh...and make you take more pain for me so that I get wetter and wetter," I moved my panties aside so he could tell exactly how oozy I was already.

Then I sat up again and held my sticky fingers in front of his mouth. He'd started to drool a little from the pressure of the clamp holding down his tongue outside of his mouth, the chain hanging over his chin. He looked so fucking beautiful and vulnerable right then and his vulnerability only served to strengthen my resolve.

I dabbed my sweet cunt juice above his lip, playing all around his mouth and cheek. Pet squirmed and whimpered.

"Do you have something to say to me?" I asked earnestly.

Pet's eyes were locked onto mine. It sounded like he was trying to say "wicked", but I couldn't be sure.

I laughed softly. "Oh, my poor, speechless little pet. Do you want the clamp somewhere else?"

He mumbled again.

"I'm sorry, I can't understand you," I told him.

"Yes," he responded, more determinedly.

"Ahhh...ok then, "I grinned and unclasped the clamp from his tongue.

Pet groaned agonizingly, albeit relieved to be able to feel his tongue again.

I kissed him hungrily then, making sure to suck on his tongue in the process. Pet's cock was beginning to weep with pre-cum.

"Touch me," I ordered, spreading my legs slightly to give him access.

My mouth traveled down to his nipples again, nibbling and pulling at them with my teeth. The moment his fingers found their way inside of me, I immediately applied the clamp to his right nipple and then to his left. His breath caught in the back of his throat for a second, but that didn't stop him from working his fingers deeper into my steamy cunt.

"Yes, that's right, feel how much I love to hurt you...what that does to me, baby," I egged him on, my mouth pressed to his forehead.

I pulled away slightly so I could admire the lovely symmetry of the nipple clamps dangling across his chest. My fingers deliberately flicked across the chain and I loved hearing the way Pet grunted in that mixture of pleasure/pain.

"I need you to hurt more for me," I gasped as his thumb pressed against my ever hardening clit.

"Oh god, hurt me...do whatever you want..." Pet moaned.

I leaned once again against the chair, and reached behind it, this time, producing a 3 foot length of purple satin ribbon.

"Put this on the clamps...loop one end through and tie it right in the center of the chain," I handed the ribbon to my Pet.

I slipped out of my soaking panties and opening my legs wider. Then I pointed to my cunt and obediently Pet crawled into place between my thighs.

"Give me the other end of that ribbon," I ordered. Pet obliged.

"Now lick my cunt and make me come," I said softly.

My Pet needn't be told twice; he so expertly does whatever it takes to get me off. And on this night, I was going to be using his mouth and his pain to get me off. A most potent combination.

I held the ribbon attached to the clover clamps. The deeper Pet's tongue dove inside of me, the harder I pulled the ribbon, tightening it between my fingers. His moans turned louder and more fervent as I tugged harder and harder upward.

"God...baby..." he mumbled into my cunt, the vibrations from his words sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I yanked the ribbon sharply and repeatedly.

"Fuck..." Pet called out.

"Yes...that's right, you sexy pain slut...hurt for me," I could feel my wetness seeping out of me and Pet rubbed his face, anointing his skin with my stickiness.

I was in near ecstasy. I was so close to coming, but I still wanted to push my Pet harder. I wanted him to truly feel what his offering of his flesh, his pain did for me. So, I leaned upward and reached down, grabbing hold of the actual chain of the clamps that were piercing his nipples.

"Don't stop..." I told him, pushing my cunt into his mouth. Pet's tongue, that same tongue that only minutes earlier was torn into with the clover clamp, was working my clit like that was the only thing that mattered in the world at this moment. And actually, that is a pretty accurate depiction.

I was on the verge of an orgasm and Pet could feel my body tensing around him. I started to pull on that chain, gripping it tightly and slowly upward again as if this toy were the key to unlocking my orgasm. Pet practically cried out and right then I tore the clamps from his nipples, abruptly and without warning. His screams of pain and my screams of pleasure blended together until it was nearly impossible to decipher where one began and the other ended. I came so hard into his sobbing mouth, pulling at his hair and shoving his face into me.

Pleasure/pain. As I said, a most potent combination.

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