tagBDSMPet Ch. 02

Pet Ch. 02


**Note: Readers may notice that I often use the terms "cunt" and "cock" when describing Pet's body parts; this is not meant to confuse or raise questions about gender identity. Pet is a fully-functioning, amazingly sexy male through and through with all "parts" exactly where they should be.**


"I've got something for you".

You knew by the mischievous, almost sing-song tone in my voice that "something" would likely turn out to be provocative at the very least, and was sure to lead to a most memorable occasion for you. And me.

I told you to go into the bedroom and I followed closely behind you. You noticed the door to the bedroom was closed and you paused for a moment in front of it.

"Ok, what am I going to find when I open this door?" you asked, half jokingly, but perhaps with a slight tone of anxiety.

"What? I never said something was a *what*...how do you know there isn't a *who* waiting behind that door, sexy pet?" I taunted.

The look on your face was precious. For a moment, you remained perfectly still and then I couldn't suppress my chuckle any longer.

"Ohhhh, come on...I know you like surprises, but I wouldn't surprise you like that, now would I?" I asked innocently.

"I'm not so sure..." your words dangled in the air.

"Open the door, pet. I promise it will be a very nice surprise," I offered.

You reached toward the the door knob. I placed my hand over yours for a second.

"But you do know...once we go in there, there is no turning back...." I stated matter-of-factly.

"Now you're freaking me out," you said.

"It's ok, pet. It's not so much there is no turning back as it is there will be no desire in you *to* want to turn back. Now, open the door already," I urged you on.

I love tormenting your brain and mindfucking you. It's in those little moments, when there exists even just a veiled hint...a hint of something I *might* subject you to even if you're pretty sure I'm just messing with you... there is always that tiny window that remains open long enough for you to wonder.

Of course, when you opened the door, your eyes were immediately drawn to the bed where part of your surprise lay in plain sight. Strewn carefully over the bedding was a very special outfit I had selected for you. We'd talked about dressing you up in particular fetish wear on occasion, but mostly it was something relegated to the realm of fantasy.

I came up behind you and whispered in your ear, "Surprise...sexy slut. And tonight, that is what you are going to be for me".

You held up the garmet and smiled. "I can't believe you actually did this".

It was one of those sheer, see-through, form-fitting black bodystockings we'd looked at online before. Mostly these pieces of clothing are worn by women...women who would wear these with the intent to beguile and seduce their lover.

"It looks like it will be a little small," you pointed out.

"It'll fit. It's supposed to be tight," I replied.

"Well then, should I go ahead and put in on?" you asked.

"Not quite yet," I informed you. "First we need to prepare that hot body of yours."

I asked you to remove your clothing while I left the bedroom. While you were undressing, you could hear me in the bathroom running the bath.

"Come in here, pet," I called to you.

When you appeared, I was sitting on the edge of the tub, holding a razor in my hand. There was a basin filled with warm sudsy water next to me. The bathtub was slowly filling with hot water and you could smell the sweet scent of lavender and vanilla bath salts in the air.

"Oh wow..." you said softly.

"Oh yes," I grinned at you.

I instructed you to turn your naked body around. We were going to start by making your cunt nice and smooth.

"Bend over, sexy bitch," I whispered.

You complied.

There was something so perfectly erotic about you offering your body to me so freely. Slowly, deliberately, I wet the area around your cunt with a warm, soaked washcloth and took my time sliding my cloth-covered finger in and out of your cunt hole. Your moans were just beautiful...especially as I spread you open and started to drag the razor up and down your crack.

"Such a gorgeous cunt you have...do you know that?" I asked you as I dipped the razor again into the basin.

"Mmmmm..." was all you could respond with.

I continued to gently shave in and around your cunt until I felt satisfied with your appearance. To be sure I hadn't missed a spot, I ran my index finger back and forth and slid it into your hot hole a couple of times. You couldn't resist pushing back toward my hand. I smiled and gave you another finger...just for a moment.

"Now get in the tub, pet. The water is ready," I directed.

Once you were submerged into the water, I knelt on the side of the tub and began to bathe you with a soft bath sponge. I dipped the sponge into the hot water and squeezed it over your upper body. Then I squirted some lavender scented gel onto the sponge and began rubbing it into your skin. When you were sufficiently lathered, I asked you to lift up your arms. You looked at me half surprised but at the same time slightly hypnotized and didn't question.

Again I put the razor to your skin...shaving under your arms until you were bare. After rinsing you there, I moved down a little and instructed you to lift one leg out to the edge of the tub and place your foot on my chest while I held your ankle in one hand and shaved you to your calf with the other hand. I rearranged myself and methodically worked the razor higher and higher until your leg was smooth from ankle to upper thigh. Then I had you switch to the other side of the tub and completed the process on your right leg. Finally, I asked you to kneel upright while in the tub.

The last thing left was to make your cock and balls totally smooth. How amazingly submissive you looked, kneeling, while I reached and held you in my hand. Lifting you here, shaving...moving your balls around...shaving some more.

Finally, bath time was over. When you stepped out of the tub, I covered you in a big towel and patted your newly smooth body dry. I liberally applied body lotion all over you, enjoying the way my hands felt massaging into your flawless, soft skin.

Now it was time to dress you, sexy pet.

I asked you to sit on the bed naked while I held out the sheer body stocking.

"Slide your right leg in here," I told you as I stretched open the material enough so you could find the leg opening. I let the stocking hang around your right ankle and then had you place your left leg into the other opening. Then I slowly began to pull the material up to your knees.

"How does this feel so far, yummy one?" I asked.

"Incredible," you sighed.

"Stand up," I instructed.

Carefully, I smoothed the nylon over your calves and knees. Then I tugged at the body stocking and pulled it up to your thighs. It was an interesting juxtaposition just then...me on my knees in front of you, dressing you, while you stood over me. Yet you looked down at me knowing full well that it wouldn't be long before I brought you to your knees.

Once I had the stocking almost to your waist, I stood up and continued to tug and pull upward. Reaching for your right arm, I pulled it through and then your left.

"Just...fucking...beautiful," I whispered, looking at you covered in black sheer nylon.

I took you by the hand and led you to the mirror.

"Look at yourself, pet. Look at what you're becoming for me," I said into your ear.

You couldn't take your eyes off of your reflection. I reached into my purse while you admired your new look and I took out a couple of items.

"Sit here," I pointed to a chair in front of the mirror.

I sat on your lap and took a moment to run my hands over your thighs...over your chest and arms.

"Wow...how amazing you feel...do you like the way the nylon encases your body?"

"It feels just intoxicating," you responded.

I smiled at you and then told you to hold still. Taking your chin in one hand, I put a red colored lipstick liner pencil to your mouth.

"You're going to be a good little whore for me...and you know when I decorate your mouth, it's for a reason, yes?" I teased while outlining your pretty lips.

Next, came the actual lipstick...crimson red to match the liner. I took my time filling the color in over your mouth.

"God, you are making me so hot right now," I informed you.

You laughed softly.

"I'm serious!" I insisted.

"Look at you...such a perfect bitchwhore for me! You're going to have to do something to tide me over, sexy slut of mine..." I decided.

I unbuttoned my blouse and told you to lower your face to my breast. Pulling my bra down, I told you to suck on my tits and leave a nice lipstick mark around my nipples. You took my breasts into your mouth, one at a time and slowly sucked, bit, and kissed them. I couldn't resist looking in the mirror...the image of my pet, dressed in this whorish body stocking, my hand on the back of your head...you with red painted lips sucking on my nipples...god, it was nearly enough to make me come right then.

"Ok, that's enough for now," I pushed your head away before I got completely distracted.

I got up from your lap and told you to stand.

"One more thing..." I said as I turned your body around.

I reached down and ran my hand down your nylon covered back and then caressed your ass. Then quickly I tore into the nylon, leaving a reasonable hole where the entry to your cunt was.

"Now, go to the bed and get on all fours, pet," I instructed.

You did as you were told and I turned out the light.

"Stay like that on the bed for me, please. Keep your ass to the door and when it opens again, do not turn around, do not speak, just spread those nyloned legs and offer your cunt like a good, dirty whore. And then you are to stay right here until I tell you otherwise, got it?" and with that, I left the room, shutting the door behind me.

It was a good 30 minutes while you were left alone in the darkened bedroom. You couldn't be positive, but you thought you heard doors opening and closing in other parts of the house...and you were pretty sure you heard at multiple voices murmuring from time to time. Thing was, it was difficult to tell whose voices you were hearing. You tried to concentrate and listen carefully...and that's when you heard the distinct sound of my laughter. So you knew it was more than likely I was not alone.

Suddenly the door opened and you froze. Still kneeling on all fours, you felt a chill start at the base of your spine and move all the way up.

The door shut. Someone else was in the room with you. You wanted to say something, wanted to ask who was there, but then you remembered my orders requiring you not to speak.

You heard footsteps approaching the bed.

Oh my god, you thought...your mind racing. What have I gotten myself into?

You sensed the other persons presence was very close now...and all at once, you became keenly aware of the strong, spicy scent of masculine cologne. The next thing you felt was a gloved hand moving over your body...the firm leathery strokes over your legs, squeezing your ass, reaching around to cup your cock.

Then a cold, sticky substance rubbing over your cunt hole. The gloved fingers moving in and out, stretching you and pulling you apart. As nerve wracking as this was, you were completely turned on.

The cock was pressed up against your hole now...totally hard and demanding. You were breathing so shallowly, your eyes closed tightly and then at all once, you were being penetrated. Gloved hands holding your hips and this cock pushing deeper, farther...completely inside of you. Pumping into you, with fast, short strokes. And you accepted it all, obediently, even eagerly. Right then, you knew you were merely a hole to be used and with this realization, you found yourself becoming increasingly aroused.

Almost as suddenly as it began, it ended. You were disoriented, breathless and feeling weak. The cock slowly pulled out. Your cunt hole was still aching for more, but it didn't matter. Your purpose was complete.

The door opened and shut again and you remained in place, on the bed, on all fours. You were trying to wrap your mind around what just transpired. What *did* just happen? You were attempting to process this and were only growing more confused. Did you just get fucked by a cock? Where was I, your owner, during all of this? Is this what I intended for you all along?

About 10 minutes later, the door opened again and startled you out of your thoughts. The light was still out and you remained completely still.

"You can get up now, but I want you on your knees on the floor," I commanded you.

I made my way to you and placed my hands on your face.

"Pet, how did you like being a whore tonight?" I asked softly.

"I...it was...so fucking hot," you replied.

"I understand you offered your cunt so beautifully...that makes me so proud," I praised you, running my hands through you hair.

You could feel a strap on cock toy rubbing against your cheek while I held your head in my hands.

"Now before I tell you what happened tonight, will you please suck *my* cock?" I asked.

Immediately your red painted lips went to the cocktoy. I'd had you practicing on cocktoys for some time now, and you knew how excited it made me to hear you slurp, gag and consume my toy.

"That's right, sexy slut...suck it for me", I encouraged.

You moaned and drooled all over the cock toy.

"You know I couldn't possibly have only one of your whore holes used tonight.....especially since you let me cleanse you....and shave you...and dress you...and make you up into my perfect bitchwhore," I said, breathlessly.

You on your knees like this, with a mouth full of cock, is literally overwhelming for me

"Ok...that's enough yummy pet...take a breath," I gently untangled myself from you.

You relaxed and leaned back on the bed.

"So...do you know what you became for me tonight?"I questioned, lying next to you.

"I was your bitchwhore, I know that much," you replied.

I laughed, "Oh yes...that you were!"

"I told you earlier...once we started this, there was no turning back," I reminded you.

"Yes," you answered. "But what exactly..."

I cut you off with a kiss.

"Does it matter?" I asked.

"I guess it doesn't really. This is what you wanted," you answered.

"Oh, pet....you are dying to know who fucked you...how can I continue to leave you in the dark?"

"Did you at least know them?" you wanted to know.

I smiled.

"I was worried a little...especially because you left me alone with whoever it was," you confided.

"Pet...I never left you alone."

"What? You were there?" your tone was one of disbelief.

"I left you alone initially. Then I had asked a friend to stop by briefly...and drop off some of this..." I reached around and presented a bottle. I opened the cap and told you to inhale.

It was the familiar, spicy scent from earlier.

"And these...should strike you as familar," I tossed a pair of leather gloves onto your chest.

The distant,sexy smile of recognition on your face pleased me so.

"You *were* a beautiful whore, pet. A beautiful, compliant, filthy whore...for me."

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