Pet Teacher


But just as I considered this, in came Beth, in a blue sundress and beige stockings. And... shoeless! I double and triple-checked, but it was Beth.

When I looked up at her, she quickly looked down as she sat down in her regular front row seat. Heather came in a few seconds later wearing cowboy boots and Karen quickly followed. She too was wearing boots. I sat at my desk and tried to make a connection between quiet, shy, reserved Beth and outspoken, trouble-making Julie. No matter how much I continued to try and make a connection, none came.

I taught my class, greatly distracted, as I kept looking down at Beth's stocking covered toes. Visions of her between my legs would not go away. When the bell rang, the class dispersed, including Beth. I went back to my desk, still stunned and horny.

Just as I was about to go for lunch, Julie came back in with Beth. Beth's head remained down as she followed Julie, who was dressed in a leopard skirt, with non-matching black stockings, a black t-shirt and, absurdly, running shoes. Julie asked me, "So did you guess Beth, Mrs. Walker?"

"No," I responded, honestly.

"Beth has been my personal sex toy for about two months now, haven't you Beth?"

"Yes," she responded in an almost inaudible whisper of shame.

Julie asked, her tone getting firmer, "Are you embarrassed because of me, my little pet?"

Beth looked up for the first time, with a clear look of fear on her face. She meekly replied, "No, no, no, it's just I didn't want Mrs. Walker to know."

"Oh," Julie said, surprisingly softly. She continued, "Beth, would you like to please Mrs. Walker?"

"Yes," she said, still not looking at me, her voice still barely audible.

"Mrs. Walker, would you like my pet here, to crawl under your desk and eat your pussy right here, right now?"

The question shocked me, my naked pussy damp and slightly leaking under my desk. I tried to sound confident and teacher-like as I said, "This is not the place."

But Julie interrupted, "That is not the question I asked. It is a rather simple yes or no answer, I don't need the commentary."

She paused, as my face went flush.

She spoke to me the way I might to a four year old, "So I will ask you again a very simple question and I want a very simple yes or no answer. Do you or don't you want pretty little Beth here, your straight A student, to crawl under your desk and eat your pussy? Your very wet pussy too, I am guessing."

The thought of both submitting to Julie, and of cute Beth pleasing me, overwhelmed any logical answer I should have given. I, just like Beth, meekly whispered, "Yes."

"I see," she said, "Well," she began, looking back at the open classroom door, "Beth, you better get under there quick."

Beth didn't hesitate a second as she moved around to my side and fell to her knees. Without even consciously doing it, I rolled my chair back a bit to allow Beth to be completely hiddenunder my wooden desk. I then rolled it forward again. I opened my legs as wide as possible and soon felt Beth's head between my legs. I gasped the second Beth's tongue touched my already desperate pussy.

Julie smiled a triumphant 'I knew it' smile as she said, "So Mrs. Walker, are you ready to be my pet?"

I gave another moan as Beth's tongue roamed up and down my pussy lips, teasing me. "I don't know," I said, weakly.

Julie said, "You know I should explain. I am not a dominant Mistress. I don't force girls to submit to me. I have a gift of being able to tell which women are in desperate need of my expertise."

"Your expertise?" I repeated mindlessly and moaned again.

"Yes, I take women who desperately need to be assisted in their search for sexual bliss and I get them there. Take our young Beth for instance. Her parents' extremely high expectations, have led her to have no real friends. It so stressed her that she became suicidal. While tutoring me one day of tutoring me so I could pass my Chemistry class, I knew she desperately needed my help. She is inherently submissive and with some guidance from me, found a perfect balance between her parent's expectations and her stress release."

I looked at Julie, stunned, as Beth's tongue began to concentrate on my swollen clit. Just then, Mrs. White, a good friend and colleague of mine, walked in the room. She asked, "What are you doing for lunch?"

I had to suppress a moan as I attempted to sound normal, "Oh, I have to stay for lunch and help Julie."

Mrs. White gave a peculiar look, before she said, "OK, well another time." She paused briefly, before she walked out.

As soon as she did, Julie said, "That was close. Do you think she knew you had a student under your desk munching on your snatch?"

My face, already red with a mixture of humiliation and pleasure, let out a louder than I meant to moan as I gasped, "God, I hope not."

Julie added, "Now cum for me, my pet teacher."

I closed my eyes and focused on Beth's tongue, a tongue so tender and gentle. Desperate to cum, I reached under the desk and pushed her face deeper into my ocean of juice. Beth, understanding my unspoken demand, changed her approach immediately. She began licking me faster. Then she slid a finger inside me. As soon as she did that, my orgasm began to build. In less than a minute of Beth's intense focus the combination of her clit-licking and finger-fucking caused an orgasm so intense that my juices flooded out, all over my young student's face. Not screaming as I usually do was incredibly difficult. Instead I let out a sound I could not even begin to describe.

It did make Julie laugh out loud as she chuckled, "My pet teacher, you are a screamer, I see."

"Yes," I panted softly.

Julie then looked back at the door and said, "Beth, come back to me, my sweet."

I instantly rolled back my chair and watched this cute, sweet, girl, her face glistening with my juice, crawl out from under my desk. The scene was so dirty, yet so hot, my just pleased pussy began to get excited again.

"Thank Mrs. Walker for lunch," Julie said to Beth, as casually as if I had actually taken her out for lunch.

Beth looked at me, my juice shining on her mouth and cheeks, and whispered, "Thank you, Mrs. Walker, for lunch. It was very delicious." She then gave me a smile I had never seen before from her, just slightly naughty, and added, much to my surprise, "I hope we can do lunch again."

Julie smiled and said, "Beth, how forward of you. You may go."

"Ok," she said, with a tone that seemed disappointed, and left without another word.

Julie watched Beth leave and said, "They grow up so fast, don't they?|

It seemed like a rhetorical question, so I did not respond.

Julie looked back at me and said, in an oddly cheery tone, "Well my pet teacher, see you in class." I watched her leave class as I sat in my chair, my legs still apart and my juices leaking down my leg. I sat there a minute to calm down and then composed myself and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Two hours later, I was trying to teach Julie's class again. I was paranoid through the whole period, afraid that Julie might do something during class. Luckily, she did not. When class ended, she waited till everyone had left. Still at her desk, she asked, "So my pet, are you ready to submit?"

Already knowing my desire to do just that, I tried to delay the inevitability of it. Hesitantly, I replied, "Julie, I am your teacher."

Gritting her teeth, she answered sarcastically and somewhat loudly, "I know that you're my teacher, I am here every day, for Christ's sake."More calmly, she went on," But the question is very simple. I don't want to force you, or blackmail you," she paused for a second, letting the words sink in, before she continued, "As I could, since you just allowed a student to eat your pussy in your classroom at lunch. But blackmail is not my style." Again she smiled, now standing up and walking to the door. She closed it and turned the lock. She then walked back over and explained, "But you must want to submit to me; you must need me to fulfill your longing to be controlled; you must submit willingly. That is how I want it and, if you think about it, how you want it too."

She was now at my desk, which thankfully, no one could see from the door's small window. She looked at me patiently, waiting for an affirmative answer she was clearly confident she was about to get.

I asked, nervously, "What does this submission entail?"

She gave just a small smile as she explained, "You will become my pet. You will dress as I tell you and you will obey every command of mine. Essentially, I own you, like I would a puppy dog." She then put her hand through my hair tenderly.

"But what about my husband, my kids and my job?" I asked worriedly.

"Oh, my pet," she said, as if the question was silly, "I would never do anything to harm your marriage or your job. I would just open you up sexually; make all your dark, dirty fantasies come true."

Hearing all the assurances she just gave me, my decision now came quickly and confidently. I looked into her eyes, sincerely committed, "Yes, I want to submit to you."

Julie smiled, leaned in, and kissed me gently. I kissed her back. Almost instantly all my stress washed away from me. When Julie broke the kiss, I was disappointed. She said, "On your knees, my pet."

I got off my chair and onto my knees.

"Good girl," she said, again like she was training a new puppy. "You will be a good pet, won't you?"

"Yes," I said, meaning it.

"Good girl," she said again, as she sat in my desk. She said, "Take off my shoes, my pet."

I obeyed, taking off her runners.

"Do you like my feet, my pet?" she asked.

"Yes, very much so," I said, her left foot in my hand.

"Lick my soles, my pet," she demanded softly.

I obeyed, licking her stocking feet, the taste an odd of mixture of sweat and nylon. It was not delicious, but also not disgusting. The simple submission had me wet and eager to please.

After about two minutes of this, Julie said, "Do you want to see my pussy?"

"Desperately," I responded.

"Desperately," she repeated, "That is an excellent answer, my pet." She patted me on the head; again like she would a puppy that had just done a trick. Julie commanded, "Beg to see my pussy, my pet."

I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Please, Julie, may I see your pussy?"

She kept her eyes on me, as she opened her legs and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

I looked down between her legs. I saw her invitingly ripe, shaven pussy; her hard clit saluting me, beckoning me. I answered, my pussy doing the talking, "Yes, it looks delicious."

"Good enough to eat?" she coyly asked.

"Oh, yes," I responded, still staring at the pussy just inches from me, my mouth watering with anticipation.

Much to my disappointment and shock, Julie stood up and said, "Good to know." She went to her desk, me still on my knees, and opened her purse. She wrote something down and then walked back over to me.

"My pet," she began, "This is not the place for you to officially submit to me. Here is my address." She handed me a pink piece of paper, and explained, "My Mom works till midnight, so I have the house to myself all night. I expect you there at seven sharp."

I looked at her a bit surprised by yet another turn of events. I said, tentatively, "I think I can be there. Just got to make sure my husband can watch the kids."

She pulled me up and whispered, "Make it happen, my pet. Tonight I will release you from your restrictive barriers."

"OK," I said, without even thinking.

She kissed me softly for only a couple of seconds. Then she simply turned and sauntered out. I stood there, paralyzed, before I could gather my things and start home.

At home, I made supper, helped my son with his homework, and dropped off my daughter at a birthday party. My husband had no problem with me going out, once I explained it was to help a friend who was going through a tough time. So at 6:40, I drove to Julie's house, still in the same outfit I had gone to work in.

I arrived a couple of minutes early. As I knocked on the door, I noticed her rather rough-looking neighbourhood. It wasn't the poorest in the city, but it sure was not the wealthiest either. I waited over a minute, long enough for me to have second and third doubts about this whole adventure. Finally Julie answered the door. She, too, was wearing the same outfit she had worn all day. She welcomed me in politely.

I was escorted to the living room area. And asked me to sit down. She then grabbed a clipboard and said, "I have a few questions for you to answer, so I can assist you in reaching pure sexual ecstasy. Please answer all questions honestly and remember there is no reason to be embarrassed in front of your Mistress. Understood, my pet?"

"Yes," I answered, now petrified of the questions she would ask.

"OK," she began, "Question One. What toys do you currently own?"

My face went flush as soon as I heard the question, but I answered, "I have one small butt plug, two vibrators, a vibrating egg, and a wi-vibe, which is my favourite toy."

"A decent selection," she said, approvingly. "I need to get a wi-vibe, I am told they are amazing."

"Oh yes," I said, explaining, "It pleases your clit and your g-spot. Plus, you can use it alone or while getting..."

"Getting what?" she asked, knowingly.

"Fucked," I said, embarrassed by saying the word to my 18 year old student.

"No reason to be embarrassed here, my pet," she said. "Ok, question two. How often do you masturbate?"

"Almost every day, sometimes twice," I answered.

"I see," she said as she wrote down my answer. "Question Three. How often do you and your husband have sex?"

I though about this a moment before I answered, "Well it depends. He is often gone for a week or two at a time, as he works in the oil fields. When he is home, we make love every couple of days, give or take."

"Hmmm," she said, in a curious tone that had me confused by her intent. "Question four. How often do you have sex with a woman?"

"I haven't had sex with a woman in years," I answered, my tone slightly regretful.

"Really?" she said with a mocked shock. "I assumed that. A better question is how many women have you been with in your life."

"Oh," I said, going even a darker shade of red, "Lots."

"Can you be more specific?" she probed.

"Well over 40," I said ashamedly, and then tried to lighten my answer by explanation, "College was a crazy time."

"You slut," she accused, mockingly. "Tell me the dirtiest thing you have ever done."

I paused as I reflected on that, before asking, "With a guy or girl?"

"You are a slut, aren't you?" she teased. "Guy first."

"Well my ex-fiancé desperately wanted a threesome, so I gave him one," I explained, pausing for dramatic effect "with his best friend. I ended up being DP'd for the first, and, so far, only time."

"Did you like it?" she queried.

"Yes," I answered, "the opportunity just has not presented itself."

"Well that can be arranged," she said, with a devious smirk on her face, "now how about your dirtiest thing with a girl?"

I sat there thinking for a while before saying, "Well today at lunch would have to be up there. But in college during sorority initiation, my final task was to please all six of the sorority leaders all night. I ate each of their pussies at least twice and was fucked in both my pussy and ass all night."

"Did you enjoy that?"

I paused, unsure how to answer, before honestly admitting, "It was the greatest sexual experience of my life."

"I see," she said, jotting down my words. She wrote for a while, before finally speaking, "You are even more complex than I thought." A long silence filled the room before she added with confidence, "You need me even more than I thought."

I finally gave in completely acknowledging she was right when I said, "Yes, yes I do."

This brought a genuine smile from Julie who said, "Just a few more questions. Well, this next one seems redundant, as you clearly have done anal and like it, correct?"

"Yes," I answered, not as ashamed as I should have been from such an admission.

"Do you like to be called names?"

"It doesn't bother me and when I am really horny it actually turns me on," I answered, before adding, "although, I have no idea why."

"Oh that is easy," she explained, "You have an extreme sub personality. Thus you don't feel worthy of the love and attention you get. Terms such as slut and whore justify that you are indeed just that and not worthy of the respect of other people."

I reflected on this quietly as she added, "But true sexual bliss is a give and take. It isn't really about names; it is about finding each person's sexual personality and enhancing it. I, for example, don't get off from being fucked. I get off from the pure and complete submission to me, freely given by beautiful women. I can't explain it, but it is who I am. Just as you can't explain why you are so wet right now and have juice dripping out your pussy and down your leg."

I looked down and indeed, a small, small stream of my juice was dribbling down my right leg.

"Last question," she announced amused, "What is your ultimate fantasy? What do you think about when you play with yourself?"

I paused for a long time, as Julie waited patiently for me to answer, until I said, "My fantasy isn't too far from what is actually happening right now, I suppose. I often think about being seduced by my female students. Of being blackmailed into becoming their submissive sex toy."

"Really," she said, overly dramatic, "any girls in particular?"

"Well, Ashton Kissenger, is my most constant fantasy Mistress," I answered, shamefully.

"The Reverend's daughter?" she asked, for the first time shocked by me.

I felt empowered being able to shock Julie as I added, "Yes, I imagine her dominating me and making me continually repent for my sins."

"Wow," Julie said, still surprised by my disturbing fantasy. "Well that was hot. Now take off your dress, my pet."

I stood up and with an attempt at sexy, slid my dress down my body.

Julie looked me up and down, admiring me. "Show me your breasts, my pet."

I unclasped my lace bra and allowed it to drop to the floor, my small, but still firm, 34B breasts, now free for her to see.

She looked at me. Her eyes lingered over my naked body for a long time. She did not speak. I felt more uncomfortable standing there naked than I did when Beth was between my legs in my classroom. Finally, the awkwardness of the situation was changed when Julie said, ever so gently, "Get on all fours, my pet."

I obeyed, instantly less self-conscious than while I was standing naked.

She complimented me in a delicious purr, "Good pet, you're such a good pet." She then slid off her skirt, sat at the end of her couch, opened her legs and added, "Crawl to me, my pet."

I instantly obeyed, slowly crawling on all fours to my 18-year-student. When I reached her legs, she said, "Ready to submit, my pet?"

"Yes," I instantly answered.

"As soon as you lick my pussy, I am your Mistress. You will obey every command I ever give you, understood?"

With only a slight moment of hesitation I answered, "Yes, I understand."

She asked, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," I responded.



"You understand I know exactly what you need to reach pure orgasmic bliss?"


"I plan to take you places you have never even imagined," she continued.

I looked up into her eyes, confused.

She smiled, "You fantasize about being taken by a group of boys, don't you?"

"Yes," I admitted, looking back down.

"Fantasize about sucking cock after cock?"


"Being a lesbian slave to me and all my friends?"


"Those and more will all come true, very, very soon, my pet," she announced to me.

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