Pet Teacher: Five Tasks


"Scout's honour," he said.

"Ok, I will do it. What time?"

"I will text you the details, Mrs. Walker."

"OK," I agreed and left the store, a ball of rattled nerves. I reached my vehicle when I realized I had left the toy I had purchased in the room. I cursed and waited until I saw Kane leave the store.

I quickly returned to the store where the young man smirked, "Back for more already?"

I ignored him, went into the room, grabbed the bag and rushed back out of the store. I drove home in a daze, unsure if I was able to handle this complicated predicament I had got myself in.


I didn't put the toy in me or bring it to school. I was so worked up over yesterday's incident, I just didn't have it in me to follow through.

Julie arrived expecting me to hand her the remote but instead I told her about my horrible predicament. She listened intently before responding. "Mrs. Walker, don't get too stressed over it. It happened for a reason. Just like you submitting to me was fate, so it seems was you sucking an ex-student's cock. You recall from Mommy's earlier conversation you would be fucking other guys, don't you?"

"Yes, but...."

"So although we didn't plan this, it works out pretty well. It happens after your final task next Wednesday."


"Unless you are saying you don't want to fulfill your final tasks to become our full sub?"

"I don't know, I am so confused," I said, tears beginning to form in my eyes.

"Didn't I tell you last week, I knew what was best for you?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Well always remember that, Understood?" she asked, although it wasn't a question.

"Yes, Mistress," I responded, knowing that all this was now out of my control and unable to resist Julie even slightly.

"Good girl," she said, like I was a child before asking, "By the way is Kane hung?"

I mumbled, "Yes, but not like the guy from the weekend."

"Nice," she smiled, "I think I will join you next weekend. We could put on quite the show."

Oddly, the thought of her there with me somehow relaxed me, "You would come?"

"For sure," she said, before warning, "If you have finished all seven tasks by then."

"Ok, ok, I will make sure to wear the weird toy thing tomorrow."

"Awesome," she giggled, like the school girl she really was. "Later, Mrs. Walker," she finished and left my room.


I tested the toy in me at home and although definitely awkward, I could walk normal with it in me. I kept the toy in me before and went to work.

Julie was already waiting for me. Her voice was incredibly cheery, "Good morning, Mrs. Walker."

"Good morning, Mistress Julie," I replied.

"I assume you have something for me," she purred.

I reached for my purse and handed her the remote. She instantly turned it on. Even though I assumed she would do this, I still convulsed on contact and had to really focus not to begin moaning, the toy bringing instant sweet vibrations to me. After a few seconds she shut it off. "Task five is almost complete, my pet," she optimistically offered before turning and leaving me to my horniness. As her firm ass disappeared from view all I could think about was touching, kissing and licking my young Mistress's ass. I shook myself to reality and attempted, barely, my pussy begging for attention, to prepare for my work day.

I got through my first two classes with only slight distractions and was walking down the hallway when I felt a sudden pulsing in my cunt. I grunted "Aaah," and had many students look my way. I was mortified, but quickly recovered my demeanour and kept walking, the toy vibrating in me. Unlike last time, the toy didn't quit after a few seconds and I went to the staffroom and got a coffee. I tried to quickly retreat back to the solitude of my classroom, but ended up in a conversation with the vice-principal about a student in my last period class. I tried to listen to the conversation, but it was very difficult with the constant buzzing in my cunt teasing me relentlessly. As soon as the conversation was done, I returned to my classroom and the buzzing thankfully stopped, although I could feel a slight damp spot on my panties.

The class before lunch went well until there were only a few minutes left and they were working in small groups discussing the opening scene of Hamlet. I was at my desk writing notes for my afternoon classes when suddenly the toy began working inside me again. I looked up and was surprised to see Beth staring directly at me, a smile on her face. I smiled back, both us of adding yet another naughty secret to our growing sin. Unlike the first two times it was turned on, this time the speed was on higher and bringing me much more pleasure than the earlier teasing vibrations. I put both hands on my desk and tried to focus so I wouldn't let out any sort of obvious pleasure sounds. Luckily, the bell rang and students left. Beth stayed at her desk, her gaze never leaving mine and turned up the power of the toy. Unable to control my body any longer, I let go of my resistance and within a minute an orgasm shook me to the core. My classroom door still open, I kept my mouth closed at first before opening my mouth to let out a long breath. I still had both hands gripping my desk while I allowed the orgasm to flow through my body. Just as suddenly as it was vibrating inside me, it stopped. I looked up and realized I was alone in my classroom. I sat in my own juices for a few minutes until I had recovered from the intense orgasm Beth had forced me to have. Once feeling strong enough to walk again, I quickly went to the washroom and washed my pussy, desperate to rid myself of any scent of sex that lingered on me.

I had a couple hour reprieve before the final class of the day arrived. I assumed Julie had the remote and it was only a matter of time before she turned it on. Much to my surprise, and oddly slight disappointment, Julie never turned on the toy. Class ended and Julie, as was becoming all too routine, waited until the class was gone and came over to my desk. "So, did you enjoy your new toy?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

"I thought about turning it on during class today, but thought maybe it would be too much."

"I am OK with whatever you decide, Mistress."

"Good answer," Julie responded and handed me another envelope.

I took it and opened it.

Dear Potential Sub

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel, my pet? You are so close to your complete submission.

Your last task before the big grand finale is to go to the Le Chateau Club, an upper class lesbian bar, and eat at least three pussies.

I highly recommend you dress with class as it will make the task a lot easier. I also recommend you look shy and nervous; such a look will have the dominant lesbians there fighting to use you.

Your final training is almost complete my slut.

Mistress Candy

Once I finished reading it, I looked up and said, "It is getting really hard to make up excuses for why I am gone all the time."

Julie smiled, "Well after this task and Wednesday, your training will be complete and you will have much more freedom to choose when you want or need to submit. Well and I guess next Saturday at the frat house."

"Yeah, I have no idea what I am going to tell my husband," I sighed.

"If you want I will call you at about 9 and pretend to be a friend in crisis. That way you can use the excuse that you have to go and help a friend."

"That is a great idea," I agreed, suddenly relaxed.

"Great," Julie said, "problem solved. That said, you should start thinking of a reason to be gone again Wednesday and Saturday."

"I already told him I have a girl's jewellery party on Wednesday I had to go to."

"Good one. Now all you need is an excuse to be gone next Saturday."

"Yeah," I will have to think about that."

"Well I got to get going, talk to you tomorrow, Mrs. Walker."

"OK, Mistress."

I watched her leave yet again, her perfect ass in tight jeans leaving little to the imagination, knowing that two tasks from now I would be hers unconditionally.


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