tagLesbian SexPet Training: A Journey 2 Submission

Pet Training: A Journey 2 Submission


Summary: A bi-curious MILF doctor submits to a young seductive nurse.

Note 1: This is a 2012 Halloween Contest Story.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 and LaRacasse for editing.


Breanne's mid-life crisis hit in September, two weeks after her forty-first birthday, one month after her youngest, Addison, moved away to college. She had been single for a few years, her husband having cheated on her with his secretary (cliché, but fucking true).

Years of failed dates with single men who were single for a reason had her questioning if she would ever find love again. Then fate had her considering other options. A night out with friends, a drunken kiss with a much younger girl on the dance floor at the bar, stirred in her feelings she had never considered before.

The girl, whose name she never learned, complimented, shocking me, "You are hot."

Breanne stammered surprised, "W-w-what?"

Before Breanne could say more, she was kissed by the pretty younger girl. She stood frozen and paralyzed by the sudden kiss. After a brief moment, Breanne returned the kiss, with a sudden hunger, a sudden urgent passion. She melted into the younger girl and was disappointed when the kiss was broken and the younger girl sauntered away with a smile on her face. She stood there with a dazed look on her face while her colleagues teased her with jokes about switching sides and isn't she too young for you. Breanne feigned it was no big deal even as the young girl's strawberry lipstick lingered on her lips.

One kiss and Breanne began to wonder about her sexuality.

One kiss and Breanne began to crave more.

One kiss and Breanne began to notice women in a way she never had before. Oh sure she could tell when a woman was attractive, but that was it. Occasionally she was jealous and wished she had breasts that impressive or an ass that perfect, but mostly nothing more, nothing less.

One kiss and Breanne became curious.

One kiss and Breanne began noticing other young girls, especially the candy strippers and nurses at work.

One kiss and everything changed.

After a couple weeks of denial, where suddenly she noticed a woman's large breasts, long legs or firm ass, Breanne couldn't ignore her growing curiosity. She ended up online and reading advice columns about coming out, being bi-curious and so forth. The more she read the more she became confused by her growing feelings.

Breanne began watching online porn and reading lesbian erotica. Although she enjoyed all the stories she read, the ones that focused on younger seducing older really got her wet. She imagined herself being seduced by a young nurse or a patient's daughter. The more she read the more she also began to wonder if she was submissive. She had never considered herself as such, being a doctor was one of the most aggressive, but always in control type of jobs anyone could have and she was very good at her job.

Yet, as she reflected back on all her relationships, she recognized a pattern. She liked men who took control; she liked men who knew what they wanted; she liked men who demanded things from her in the bedroom; she liked men who made her their fuck-toy. Yet, once sex was done she felt ashamed and promised herself she would not allow herself to sink to such submissive extremes again.

Also, in retrospect, Breanne had changed herself many times for men. She had worn her hair the way her men liked; she tried to enjoy the insipid sports her men enjoyed. Lastly, she started wearing stockings for one of her ex's back in college because that was his fetish and she continued wearing them to impress other men ever since. Wearing silk stockings made her feel sexy and she still wore them almost every day, even under her scrubs at work.

Breanne couldn't quite get the idea of submission out of her head. She obviously had been submissive with her men and had always been one who liked to make people happy.

One kiss had changed everything for Breanne and made her reconsidered everything. The more lesbian stories she read the more and more curious she became. She began to notice women's breasts, stared at women's asses and noticed women's legs in nylons, especially while at work.

So after a month of fantasy, a month of questioning her sexuality and a month of being distracted, it all came to a climatic clash during Halloween.

On the October 30th, a fairly new young nurse, who had worked the same shift as Breanne only twice, was on again. Ever since Breanne met her, she felt the urge to kiss her, something about her drew Breanne to her. Breanne cursed the sexual Gods who were probably amused at the temptation they had placed before her.

The young nurse was named Zandi, with a 'Z' she told her when they first met, as Zandi brushed her long red hair out of her model-like face. Her green eyes would make any man melt and Breanne's legs actually gave out a bit when they first touched, a simple shaking of their hands. Unlike almost all nurses who wore practical white sneakers or flats, Zandi wore three inch heels. When they first met Breanne's first thought was to look at her feet and wonder what color the young nurses' toenails were. Breanne was clearly becoming more and more obsessed with the thought of submission to a younger woman, as she couldn't even remember the last time her fantasies included a man and she was having frequent naughty fantasies at work.

All day when Zandi was in Breanne's peripheral vision, she was distracted by her. Usually at work she was always in control, yet on this day she stammered when talking and couldn't focus. Her pussy was dripping wet and right before lunch, she was working the 6am-2pm shift, she did something she had never done before, she masturbated at work. Her orgasm was intense as she imagined the young red haired nurse taking her to this very bathroom and making her submit to the young hot nurse. The thought of being on her knees, in the bathroom, to a younger woman who was technically there to assist her made it more humiliating and thus the orgasm more intense.

Once Breanne recovered from her orgasm, she shook her head at her weakness and reprimanded herself, 'Get a hold of yourself.'

The rest of the shift was better for Breanne, although the wetness in her panties was uncomfortable and a constant reminder of what she had done.

Just as Breanne's shift was ending, she saw Zandi again leaning on a desk, her foot slipping in and out of her heel. Breanne watched the young redhead beauty's foot like it was a hypnotist's watch. Breanne caught quick glances of Zandi's purple toenails and imagined herself kneeling at them. Her pussy tingling again, she was brought back to reality by a colleague.

"You are still dressing up as a nurse tomorrow?" Breanne's colleague asked.

Distracted, but turning to look at Dr. Wilkes, Breanne babbled, "Um, y-y-yeah." All the doctors on the morning shift of Halloween had agreed it would be ironic to all dress as nurses, although potentially confusing patients and visitors.

"You ok? You seem distracted," the early thirties brunette doctor observed.

Breanne recovered quickly. "What? No, just tired I guess, I didn't sleep well last night." This was very true as she woke up a few times in a sweat from consistent naughty dreams of lesbian submission.

"You look exhausted, go get some shut-eye," Dr. Wilkes advised.

"That is the plan," Breanne replied, realizing she had forgotten to borrow some nurses' scrubs from one of the nurses. Suddenly an idea popped into her head. Looking up and seeing Zandi still chatting with another nurse, Breanne decided here was a chance to have a conversation with the luscious redhead.

As Dr. Wilkes went her way, Breanne walked over to Zandi. "Hi, Zandi."

Zandi turned to Breanne and replied with a polite smile. "Hi, Dr. Waters."

"I hate to be a nuisance," Breanne began.

Zandi, her tone seemingly flirty to Breanne, interrupted, "Oh, you are never a nuisance, Dr. Waters."

Breanne could feel the heat in her cheeks, but soldiered on, "Well, you heard that all of us doctors are dressing up as nurses tomorrow."

"Yes," Zandi nodded, listening intently to the doctor.

"Well, I-I-I forgot until just now and was wondering," Breanne asked, sheepishly.

"If you could borrow one of mine," Zandi finished Breanne's sentence.

"Yes," Breanne confirmed, her cheeks feeling warm, as was her pussy.

"Sure, I am off now if you want this one," Zandi said with a smile that to Breanne implied the redhead knew of her inner angst.

"T-t-that would be great," an excited, but nervous Breanne stammered.

"Follow me," Zandi instructed. Breanne took it as an order and followed behind the beautiful redhead, the wetness in her panties squishing together with each stride.

Once in the locker room, Zandi with no shame at all pulled off her scrubs top and tossed the stunned Breanne her worn outfit. Zandi now in only her bra, skirt and pantyhose asked, her smile playful, "Do you have any white pantyhose?"

Breanne realized she didn't, all she had were thigh highs. Realizing she had an opportunity to hint at her own sexiness replied, "No, actually all I have are thigh highs."

"Oh my," Zandi's smile widened, as she slipped out of her skirt, before adding, "there is more to you than meets the eye Dr. Waters."

Attempting to be flirty, not really Breanne's strength, she replied with a cliché, "You can't judge a book by its cover."

Slipping out of her heels, her perfectly manicured toenails now in view, Zandi replied, "Very true, but most of the time you get what you expect."

Breanne could feel herself being judged as a prude, which she supposed she was in theory, but she desperately wanted to break that perception. She confidently said, "Trust me, I am a completely different person when I am not at work."

Zandi sat down and said forebodingly, "Oh that, I believe."

Breanne wondered what she meant by that and asked, trying to make it a joke to hide her own insecurities, "You do, do you?"

Zandi looked at Breanne and to Breanne it felt like the young nurse looked through her and could see the sexual deviant that lurked inside her; a deviant that was begging to let loose. After a pause, Zandi asked, "So you are wearing thigh highs now?"

Suddenly feeling confident and desperate to impress the luscious redhead she admitted, "Of course, like I said it is all I wear."

Zandi lifted her ass up to pull down her pantyhose and challenged Breanne. "I don't believe you."

Breanne, a new confidence brimming in her, the one she always had when working on a patient, lifted up her skirt enough to show the top of her lace stocking top.

"Hmmmmm," Zandi purred as she pulled her pantyhose off. Tossing them to Breanne, she added with a naughty smile, "In case you need them for tomorrow."

Breanne caught them and had to resist the urge to smell the crotch of the redhead's pantyhose which had Breanne involuntarily shake her head in disbelief at herself.

"What?" Zandi asked, standing up in only her bra which showcased her small, but perfectly round breasts.

Breanne distracted again looked at Zandi's grandma style panties.

Zandi shrugged, seemingly embarrassed, "I know, I know, it is laundry day."

Breanne stammered, "N-n-no, I wasn't judging."

Zandi opened her locker and pulled out her clothes. Turning back to Breanne, she asked, "What are you doing tomorrow night, Dr. Waters?"

Breanne had no plans, but didn't want to be pathetic. "Actually, call me Breanne and no big plans. I have never been a really big Halloween fan."

Pulling jeans on, Zandi said, with a wicked smile, "I love Halloween. I get to dress like a slut and I am not judged."

"Isn't that the truth?" Breanne said, critical of a society that judged women so harshly, yet at the same time idolized and used the same female beauty to sell.

Pulling a t-shirt over her perky breasts, Zandi said, "Well, you must come with us tomorrow night then."

"I must?" Breanne asked, trying to act coy, when really she was bubbling with possibility.

"Yes, you must," Zandi said, her tone shifting slightly to more authoritative. Zandi slipped back into her heels and closed her locker, before walking towards Breanne. She added, her tone syrupy sweet, "Trust me; I will make it worth your while."

Breanne's cunt literally gushed at the inferred sexual implications of the sentence. Breanne realizing she may be getting in over her head was non-committal. "I-I-I don't know."

Now directly in front of the excited and rattled Breanne, Zandi said, "I do know. You are coming."

The way Zandi stressed the word coming, Breanne automatically thought about the potential implied sexual connotation of the word. Rattled by the sudden aggressiveness of the redhead, Breanne continued to blabber, unable to finish a complete thought, "I-well-um."

Zandi put a finger to Breanne's lips. "Ssshhh, don't disappoint me, Breanne. I hate being disappointed."

Before Breanne could respond, Zandi walked past her and out of the room, leaving the bewildered and excessively horny doctor alone.

Breanne stood paralyzed for a moment as she tried to make sense of the bizarre conversation she just had. Was it just playful banter? Was Zandi hitting on her? Was Zandi a lesbian? Bi? A dominant? What about work? All these questions and many more ricocheted in her head.

Breanne was again brought back to reality when the door opened and Zandi reappeared. "I almost forgot," the sexy redhead said, walking back to Breanne and handing her a ticket. "These are hard to get so don't you dare think about ditching out, Breanne."

Breanne took the ticket.

"The festivities start at nine," Zandi said, before adding, "so I would get some sleep after your shift tomorrow and get yourself a costume. A nurse costume is ok for work, but for this club you need something more," she paused, "something sluttier."

Again, before Breanne could respond, she had not said a word during the whole surreal exchange, Zandi was gone and again Breanne was standing paralysed, her heart beating a mile a minute, her pussy leaking out of her panties and her mind a muddled mess of the unknown. Breanne looked at the ticket and gasped. It was a ticket to the Le Chateau Club's Halloween Bash. Breanne's pussy gushed again, recalling from her online searching that Le Chateau Club was the hottest lesbian club in town, one she had considered going to but had not gotten up the nerve to actually go (what if someone she knew saw her there?).

Quickly, she went to an open stall, pulled up her skirt, yanked her panties down and quickly began to rub herself to a second earth-shattering orgasm as she imagined Zandi making her a lesbian slave. Taking Zandi's pantyhose, Breanne moved them to her nose desperate to smell the scent of the exotic nurse. Surprising strong and tangy, it was all Breanne needed to reach sexual euphoria as her juices flooded out of her like a dam bursting.

Breanne stood frozen allowing the orgasm to cascade through her, the used pantyhose still in her face. Finally satisfied, Breanne again was mortified by her weakness. She removed the pantyhose from her face and caught her breath. She left the stall and was thankful no one was there. She grabbed Zandi's scrubs that she had put down at some point she couldn't remember doing and went to her locker. She quickly unlocked it and shoved the pantyhose and scrubs in her bag.

Shame overwhelming her and yet an unexplainable calm as well, Breanne quickly left the hospital and decided she needed to go shopping. She not only needed a costume, she needed a bigger toy.


Breanne went shopping and added three new toys to her collection: a nine inch long five-speed vibrator, a toy called a rabbit and a vibrating egg that could tease her all day, as recommended by the sales woman.

Breanne followed her toy additions with Halloween costume shopping. If she was going to meet Zandi, she was going to make sure she WOW'ed the young girl. She spent an eternity looking through outfits. What does someone wear to a lesbian club with hopeful expectations to submit to a younger woman? She checked out school girl uniforms but felt that wasn't too slutty, she wanted to look hot and desirable, but not like some cheap whore. She considered a police outfit thinking of all the witty comments she could make, but realized she was way too shy to be that aggressive. She loved Disney princesses and tried on a Snow White outfit and a Belle outfit, but she felt dirty potentially tainting her fond childhood memories. She looked at a plethora of witch outfits from conservative to completely slutty, but thought none made her look sexy. She tried on a Supergirl outfit that made her feel super-sexy, she loved the boots and was about to buy it when she saw the perfect outfit.

Breanne reached for the red devil outfit that seemed to showcase all her assets: her firm 36C breasts, her perfectly toned midriff, her tight ass and her long legs. Red was always the color that accentuated her beauty the best, highlighting her strawberry blonde hair and her aqua blue eyes. Breanne bought the red devil costume, it not only made her look deliciously naughty, but also represented the hidden side of Breanne...her dark submissive side craving to get out. Breanne wanted it all, both her professional career and her sexual submission and the red devil outfit was the perfect outfit to exemplify that need.

Excited by her choice, Breanne drove home and immediately logged online and searched Literotica for lesbian submission stories. As Breanne read story after story she pulled out her new long vibrator and started to fuck herself. Closing her eyes she imagined a plethora of potential submission scenarios to Zandi.

Breanne imagined being forced to lick Zandi in a patient's room while the patient slept.

Breanne imagined being bent over an operating table and being fucked from behind by Zandi wearing a long, wide strap-on.

Breanne imagined being blindfolded and bound to her desk and used as every nurse climbed onto her desk, lowered their cunt onto her face and being forced to please pussy after pussy after pussy, all the while her body being molested. Her pussy fingered, her clit sucked on and her breasts pawed.

Breanne imagined going to the lesbian club wearing a collar and crawling on all fours while Zandi paraded her pet on a leash.

Breanne suddenly remembered Zandi's worn pantyhose in her bag and holding the vibrator in her fevered pussy reached down and pulled out the pantyhose. So desperately yearning to taste Zandi, to create the most vivid submission possible, Breanne pulled Zandi's pantyhose over her head so that the crotch was directly over her nose and mouth. Breanne leaned back, allowed the slight scent of Zandi's pussy to linger as Breanne furiously pumped the long buzzing toy in and out of her fiery pussy. Obsessed with curiosity, she extended her tongue and licked the pantyhose crotch eagerly searching for just a sample taste.

Breanne's orgasm exploded out of her for a third time that day and like the other two brought her a euphoria she had seldom felt. She laid there for an eternity the toy still buzzing in her cunt, and the used pantyhose still on her head. Finally, she pulled the pantyhose off her head and the toy out of her still wet, leaking pussy and curiously, did something she had never did before, she tasted herself. She cleaned all her juices from her new toy and was pleasantly surprised by her own taste. Exhausted from the early morning shift and the triple pleasure pulses of perfection she gave herself, Breanne fell asleep, not waking up until her alarm went off almost twelve hours later.

Breanne woke up, worked out, showered, dressed in Zandi's nurse scrubs and after brief consideration put on the pantyhose Zandi had given her, hoping it would be one more subtle hint to Breanne's willingness to submit. Breanne also wore three inch heels, something she never did, too replicate Zandi's usual look.

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