Pet Training: A Journey 2 Submission


At work, she didn't see Zandi for the first couple of hours of the shift as it was one crisis after another. It wasn't until break that Breanne saw Zandi dressed in a Snow White costume, which had Breanne feel her panties dampen.

Zandi smiled and beckoned Breanne over to the table, where two other nurses where dressed as Disney Princesses too: Mulan and Belle.

"You look good in my scrubs, Breanne," Zandi said.

"Thanks, but I don't pull it off like you do," I replied, trying to be subtle in my flirtation.

Zandi announced, "Breanne is coming with us tonight."

"Really?" Mulan said, her tone showing clear surprise.

"Really, really," Zandi said, playfully, standing up and saying, "See you ladies later. Breanne walk with me."

Breanne obeyed already beginning to play the role of submissive. Once out of ear shot, Zandi asked, "Are you wearing my pantyhose?"

"Yes," Breanne blushed.

"Interesting," Zandi replied with a slight smile on her face. Before Breanne could say anything, Zandi asked, "You got yourself a costume for tonight?"

"I did," Breanne replied.

"What is it?" Zandi asked.

"That is for me to know and you to find out," Breanne replied, trying to show a bit of control.

Zandi shook her head. "You are going to be a bit of work, aren't you?"

"What does that mean?" Breanne asked.

"Oh nothing," Zandi replied her tone suddenly all sing-song. "See you tonight," she added and was gone.

Breanne could feel the dampness in her panties again but ignored it as she grabbed a quick snack and went to finish her shift. She didn't see Zandi the rest of the day and ended up working four hours longer than scheduled dealing with a major car accident.

Once home, Breanne completely exhausted, she collapsed into her bed and fell asleep instantly, forgetting about tonight's party she was to attend with Zandi.


Breanne woke up to her cell phone ringing. She groggily woke up and grabbed her phone. "Hello?"

"Where are you?" a voice asked.

Breanne was confused briefly before she realized it was Zandi on the phone. "W-w-what time is it?"

"9:30," Zandi answered, "were you sleeping?"

"Yes, I guess I was more tired than I thought," Breanne replied with a yawn.

"Well, get your costume on and get your ass down here," Zandi ordered clearly annoyed and hung up.

Breanne looked at the clock, confirmed it was 9:30 and couldn't believe how great a sleep she just had. Having noticed Zandi's perturbed tone, Breanne quickly got undressed, jumped in the shower to wake up and replayed her earlier conversations with Zandi. Her pussy began to tingle instantly as the memories came flooding back. She considered quickly getting herself off, but decided against it as she prepared for a potentially naughty adventure. Any lingering doubts she had if she needed to try being with a woman were long gone, as all she could think about was Zandi.

Breanne put on her red-hot devil outfit that was tight enough on her chest she didn't need to wear a bra. She slipped on a pair of her favorite mocha colored thigh high stockings that would be evident to all at the club because of the very generous slit on the skimpy dress. She pulled on a pair of sexy red panties concerned that going commando could be a disaster, as she was a flooder and her juices would literally leak down her leg without panties. She put on her sexiest heels, a pair of open-toed four inch red heels she had not worn in three years. Breanne called a taxi, assuming she would have time for a few drinks to loosen any last minute trepidation before the cab arrived, as she quickly did her make-up and hair.

The cab seemed to hit every red light, dragging on the inevitable excitement Breanne was feeling. Her pussy was already damp as she arrived at the La Chateau Club. She took a deep breath and prepared to continue her journey of sexual self-exploration. Her desire to submit, to explore, overcame any insecurities she used to have. She handed a large black man at the door her ticket and entered the renowned lesbian club.

Breanne really had no idea what to expect as she entered the lavish club. Once inside she was handed a glass of wine by the prettiest girl she had ever seen, wearing an Ariel the Mermaid outfit. Her long curly red hair came all the way down to her ass, her hazel eyes seemed to draw you in and a smile that made Breanne go weak at the knees.

The Little Mermaid's British accent only enhanced the wet dream already spinning in Breanne's head when the redhead said, "Welcome to Le Chateau Club, I hope you enjoy yourself."

Breanne, confident in her new environment, replied flirtatiously, "That I hope to do."

"Bitch, get over here," a voice called out.

Breanne startled turned to see Zandi dressed in a crazy all leather outfit that screamed dominatrix, a whip in her left hand and a leash and collar in her right hand.

Breanne walked over to her not smiling redheaded co-worker, stunned at just how similar the hostess and Zandi looked. "You ready?"

"For what?" Breanne asked, not realizing yet that the collar was for her.

"Don't be dense, Dr. Waters," Zandi said, "you know why you are here, don't you?"

Breanne tried to act casual, "Because you invited me."

"Because I instructed you to," Zandi corrected.

"Well, I," Breanne began.

"On your knees," Zandi ordered.

"What? Here?" Breanne asked surprised, even as her panties dampened.

"Now," Zandi demanded, her tone powerful, impatient.

Breanne looked around, a few others were watching, but most were doing their own thing. The dance floor was packed and every woman here seemed to be dressed in some slutty outfit.

"Slut, fucking get on your knees," Zandi snapped, as a few others now watched the scene of submission as she took Breanne's purse.

Breanne startled, quickly obeyed the order, surprised by the harshness of the usually sweet Zandi.

Zandi, her tone changing instantly, purred, "Good girl." Breanne watched as her colleague put the collar on her. Many watched the humiliating submission as Breanne's face went beet red.

Once the collar was on Breanne's neck, Zandi gave a little tug and said, "Follow me, my pet."

Breanne fell onto all fours when tugged and had no choice but to crawl like a dog past the many women now watching amused. The degrading walk of shame seemed like an eternity to Breanne, but was only thirty seconds in reality until they reached a table near the dance floor.

Zandi sat down and tugged Breanne so she was partly under the table before she ordered, "Carissa, check to see if my pet is wearing underwear."

"I would love to," the voice said.

Breanne from her position couldn't see anything, but felt hands on her dress as it was lifted up, leaving her back end visible to the whole bar.

"The slut is wearing panties," the voice said disgusted.

"Take them off," Zandi instructed.

"Of course," the voice agreed, roughly yanking the panties down Breanne's ass and down her legs.

Zandi explained, tugging the leash a tad, "Sluts don't wear panties, is that understood?"

"Yes," Breanne replied, her submissive nature taking over, her eagerness to please bubbling up.

"Her panties are soaked," the voice from behind assessed.

"Of course they are," Zandi replied. "She is a hungry slut who came here to become a submissive little cunt licker, isn't that right, Dr. Waters?"

Breanne hearing her professional name only added to the shame and excitement as did the young nurses bluntness. She replied, getting into the domme-sub relationship, and allowing herself to let go completely. "Yes, ma'am."

"You want to be my pet, right Dr. Waters?" Zandi questioned.

"Yes, ma'am," Breanne admitted, referring to the younger woman with great respect.

"And you will obey completely?" Zandi asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Breanne agreed, not fazed by the fact that her ass was sticking out completely uncovered.

"Now sit there like a good pet while the adults talk," Zandi said, continuing the training and humiliation of the sexy doctor. Zandi explained to the others at the table, "You see the doctor here is a classic case of a submissive woman. She probably has been in only long term relationships with men she loved; men who loved her too much to treat her as she needed to be treated. Because of her high pressured job and the stress that goes with it, she desperately needs to let go, to allow others to make decisions for her."

Breanne couldn't believe how she was being assessed as if she wasn't there and also couldn't believe how right Zandi was.

"But how did you know?" one of the girl's asked.

"It is as obvious to me as the sky being blue," Zandi replied.

Breanne listened as the girls, there was three of them in total, they finished talking about her and then chatted about a variety of topics as if she wasn't on her knees, on a leash, half under the table for the next twenty minutes before Breanne felt the chain tug her completely under the table and between Zandi's legs.

"Smell my cunt, Dr. Waters," Zandi demanded.

Breanne obeyed. In the closed quarters, the scent was powerfully strong.

"Do you want to lick my cunt, Dr. Waters?" Zandi asked.

"Desperately, ma'am" Breanne replied, wanting nothing more than to taste her first woman. "So you are a cunt licking virgin, Dr. slave?" Zandi asked.

"Yes," Breanne confirmed.

Zandi pushed Breanne's face away from her cunt and Breanne backed up again leaving her ass vulnerable to any passers-by. "You have disappointed me, Dr. Waters."

Breanne resumed her position of shame, bewildered wondering what she had done wrong. As she replayed the humiliating last few minutes she realized her error, she had not referred to her as 'ma'am'. Frustration grew in her as she wondered if she would never get to submit to a woman like she craved to.

Breanne was about to speak and apologize when another voice came from behind eventually and Breanne heard the stranger ask, "May I?"

"Go ahead," Zandi agreed.

Breanne suddenly felt hands on her ass and fingers slide inside her cunt. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. On the one hand, her whole body was easily giving in to the humiliation, yet on the other hand she couldn't believe she was allowing herself to be pawed by a complete stranger and loving it.

Zandi warned, as she gave a firm tug on the leash, "Don't you dare come, my slut."

"Yeeeeees, ma'am," Breanne moaned, as two fingers pumped in and out of her pussy. As the stranger's fingers fucked her, Breanne had to focus on not allowing the growing pleasure to overtake her.

The stranger said, "This slut is soaking yet."

Zandi replied, "She is a lesbian virgin."

"Fuck off," the stranger said, before adding, "are you willing to trade?"

Zandi replied, "Not today, she is still in training."

"Well, If you reconsider, I would be willing to give you my daughter," the stranger said as Breanne's mouth dropped open.

Zandi replied, bargaining with the stranger, "Tell you what, you can have her later, but your daughter is then mine for the whole upcoming weekend."

"You drive a hard bargain," the stranger joked. "Brittany has wanted you for awhile, anyways."

"She has, has she?" Zandi asked playfully.

"Yes and she is very obedient," the stranger added, her voice vaguely familiar.

"I will send her over once I am done with her," Zandi promised.

"Looking forward to it," the stranger said.

Tugging Breanne's chain, Zandi ordered, "Are you ready to get back in my good graces, Dr. Waters?"

"I will do anything you wish, ma'am" Breanne replied, desperate to please.

"I noticed you have no tail on your devil outfit, why is that?" Zandi asked.

Breanne never thought about it. "I don't know, it didn't come with one."

"Well, it clearly needs one," Zandi said, "don't you think girls?"

"Of course," one of them agreed with a giggle.

Zandi warned, "This may hurt a little, Dr. Waters."

Breanne had no idea what was about to hurt.

"Carissa, put this tail in Dr. Waters' ass."

Breanne's eyes again went wide.

"I can't believe you have turned Dr. Waters into such a fucking slut," Carissa said.

Breanne was trying to place the voice and face. It was surely one of the nurses from earlier today, which just added to her humiliation, but except for Zandi, Breanne pretty much ignored the nurses and very seldom fraternized with them.

The third woman seemed to have noticed Breanne's I-am-above-them attitude as she said, "It is fucking awesome to see the stuck-up bitch put in her place," as Breanne again felt hands on her hips,

Breanne felt like she had been slapped in the face. She wasn't a stuck-up bitch. She just saw work as exactly that and usually conversed mostly with fellow doctors or interns because they had similar interests. She definitely didn't disrespect nurses, but in retrospect maybe she did treat them more as employees below her than equals, although not on purpose.

Zandi laughed softly, "She has always been nice to me, haven't you Dr. Waters?"

"Yeeeeeeees," Breanne replied, as a sharp burning pain filled her ass, an ass that hadn't been filled in years, long before her husband left.

"Fuck that is hot," Carissa said from behind Breanne.

"I want to see too," the other voice said.

Breanne stood frozen, trying to get used to whatever was stuck in her ass.

Zandi stood up. "Let's dance ladies. I think it is time to take my pet for a walk." Tugging the chain, forcing Breanne to follow, the dominatrix asked in a voice like she was talking to a brand new puppy, "Does puppy need to go for a walk?"

For Breanne this was the epitome of humiliation and her whole body burned in shame and yet she could feel her pussy leaking as she began to crawl like a dog. Breanne could feel every set of eyes on her as she followed obediently, the burning in her ass still lingering. Of course, the collar around her neck and the leash pulling her along gave her little choice but to follow along. Breanne kept her eyes down, avoiding at all cost the looks, smiles and laughter of the women witnessing the humiliating servitude. She saw every type of shoe, open toe heels with stockings, mesh stockings, runners, girls in their stocking-clad feet, but none on all fours like a dog, it seemed she was the only one.

As they reached the dance floor, a path seemed to just open up like the red sea and soon the three girls were dancing to some electric beat song she had never heard before. She watched Zandi dance in her five-inch heel boots; Breanne strangely wishing they were open toe so she could see Zandi's cute perfectly manicured toenails. The other two were both in much more practical two inch heels, one in black closed toe and the other red open toe, with two cute pink painted toenails in view to stare at.

"Dance, puppy," Zandi demanded.

Breanne wasn't sure if she was being given permission to finally stand up, but hoped so.

Breanne began to get off her weary knees and Zandi scolded, "Bad doggy. Sit back down."

Breanne immediately obeyed and as she looked up at the smirking Zandi. Breanne took a deep breath and began to shake her ass while on all fours.

"Good doggy," Zandi purred and continued dancing.

The humiliation continued as Breanne on all fours, something in her ass as a tail, and a leash around her neck was wiggling her ass on the dance floor. How had she sunk so low so fast? And yet, why was it getting her so fucking hot? She could feel her juices slowly trickling down her leg as she wiggled awkwardly wiggled her ass.

Over the next ten minutes Breanne's humiliation of continued as others commented about her to Zandi. "Oh, what a well-trained pet you have," and "Holy shit, I want my own doggy," and "Where can I get my own submissive?" and "Where did you get her?" Each time Breanne was ignored as a person as they talked about her, but not to her.

Zandi answered all the questions with an amused, smug confidence. "Why, thank you, she is still in training actually," and "Actually she has been a very bad doggy," and "I got my doggy at work, she is actually kind of my boss."

Suddenly, a voice asked, "Does she do tricks?"

Zandi's smile got wide and she replied, "Well, let's find out."

Breanne got nervous again as she looked up at the powerful redhead.

"Beg, doggy," Zandi demanded, her tone no nonsense and her glare implying you better do as you are told.

Breanne briefly thought back to her own puppy as a child and how it begged by leaning back on its hind legs and lifted its paws up. Breanne recalled calling it the puppy dog look. Mortified at the task expected, yet fearful of Zandi's tone, she tried to replicate her puppy from her childhood. The tail in her ass still was awkward, but she leaned back on her legs, lifted her arms up a bit and bent her hands, enhancing her begging puppy look, she actually whimpered like her puppy would when it was begging for attention.

Many who were watching oooooooooed and aaaaaaaawed at the ridiculous sight. Rewarding her pet for obedience, Zandi bent down and patted her pet's head.

What should have been humiliating for Breanne was actually exhilarating; to get the approval of her Mistress for her obedience excited her.

Zandi ordered, "Role over puppy," the tone of her voice again like she was talking to a puppy in training.

Craving more of Zandi's approval, Breanne didn't even hesitate; no longer caring about the obvious humiliation of her treatment as she lowered herself back onto all fours and then onto her belly. After a brief pause, she did a 360 roll to her left yelping as the thing in her ass plunged deeper in her. Back on all fours, a searing pain burning in her ass, she looked up hopefully to her Mistress's approval.

"Good girl," Zandi purred as others clapped, bringing a warmth of joy to course through Breanne's eager body at the constant approval.

"Chase your tail?" Zandi ordered, reveling in the audience that had grown as she trained her pet.

Breanne, looked behind her and realized it was Zandi's whip in her ass, as she tried to catch her tail, spinning in circles.

Laughter echoed through the dance floor at the ridiculous scene.

Zandi again followed Pavlov's theory, rewarding her pet with constant approval for obedience. Again, talking like she was speaking to a brand new puppy, her voice high, she complimented, "You are such a good girl, aren't you?" She again bent down and instead of patting her pet's head; she rubbed her hair like she was petting her.

Breanne was so drawn into the world of submissive, becoming one with the obedience, transforming into the puppy she was being treated as let out a little woof like a puppy would do. Instantly, a gush of juice leaked out of her and she could feel it running down her leg.

Several gasps echoed around her.

Breanne woofed again and another gush flooded out of the eager submissive.

"She peed herself," someone yelled out.

Breanne shook her head no.

Carissa bent down to Breanne's ass and said, "No, she didn't. Apparently, this dog is in heat."

Laughter again echoed throughout the dance floor.

Zandi smiled, "I think it is time for your reward," and tugged Breanne off the dance floor and back to the table, as bystanders watched another crawl of shame. Sitting down she unzipped her right boot and ordered, "Lick my sweaty foot, doggy."

Breanne could still feel the eyes watching her but was so immersed in her submission to the younger girl she didn't hesitate leaning downward and licking Zandi's beautiful stocking-clad foot. The mixture of nylon, sweat and leather from the boot, was not overly appealing, yet the humiliating act continued to turn Breanne on.

"May I?" someone asked.

"Go ahead, my pet would love that," Zandi's replied.

Breanne's eyes went big and she began to turn around to see what she supposedly would like when she was severely reprimanded.

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